Best Cartoon Network Shows


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Ed, Edd n Eddy
This show... It's my childhood. When I was little, the only show that I can remember consistently watching was this. It made fantastic points on adolescent life and related to me in ways that most cartoons simply couldn't. I'll admit that I cried after the final episode rolled its credits, but they were happy man tears and I proudly put this show up with the best of them.
I love cartoon network a lot and there's only a few shows these days that I consider to be good on it but if there was one show that topped all of them from the start, it was no doubt Ed Edd n Eddy. This show was my childhood and I still continue to watch it because its still funny to us and I feel like it was just as much for kids as it was to teens and young adults.
The most funny show ever. The Plank is really best friend of johny. The devotion towards money of Eddy is really powerful that make show ever lasting comedy. The Kevin is perfect rival. The show that really take me back to my innocent childhood. Even today this show if my most likely show if Cartoon Network.


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2Adventure Time
Reasons why I F@cking hate Adventure Time!
-Bad Animation
-Bad Voice Acting
-Bad humor
-Unoriginal Show
-his fans are annoying
-Adventure Time games like "Hey ice king why'd you steal our garbage!? " and "Explore the dungeon because I don't know" is such a FAILURE GAMES!

This show is THE WORST EVER
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3Regular Show
Regular Show is full of both comedy and adventure/action! Even the name of the show is funny! Regular Show: It's Anything But... Mordecai and Rigby are hilarious! I've seen every episode so far! My favorite episode so far is season 2 episode 1 - Ello Gov'nor. Great work! Keep it up!
This show came out of nowhere and destroyed what I thought was possible with cartoons. Besides Adventure Time and Phineas and Ferb, all the good cartoons were from the nineties. Then Regular Show went beyond the nineties mold of greatness to prove not only that animation was still alive, but it is still improving. The idea of the main characters of a cartoon as boring, lazy, 20-something-year-old roommates at a dead end job as park custodians is the most creative and simple working concept for a cartoon. There is no funnier 15 minutes of television than "Caffeinated Concert" except maybe "This Is My Jam"


This show is most awesome to me!. It's pretty funny and it can be an attractive show to both adults and kids. This show made me think that being a slacker can have as much fun adventures as Finn & Jake from Adventure time can have. (Also, being a slacker does not really mean it's fun. I'm not saying I wanna be a slacker nor would I suggest THAT to be an option of any of your lives, but if you do wanna be a slacker then make a living by watching this show, you might feel less bad about yourself :D
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4Courage the Cowardly Dog
This show is awesome, Courage has all these dramatic ways getting scared. The story is not bad at all either. It's hilarious!
This show actually has a heart! People say it's scary, but some of the episodes are very emotional and some can be humorous as well!
Courage the Cowardly Dog show has the most subtle humor and irony of all cartoons out there. Wonderful plot, music and graphics!
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5Teen Titans
Oh my gosh I can't believe that this wasn't first. Or even in the top ten. This show is so unique: it made me rofl more times than I can count, but at the same time it has serious storylines, deep character exploration, and a level of maturity that kid-friendly shows rarely have. It deals with mature themes like loss, revenge, betrayal, and many others, and if you squint you will see parallels of subjects like drug use and racism. It is just such a good show, and the five main characters are all so completely different yet come together for a cause. There's something in this cartoon for everyone.
this show was goofy but funny and had some really good serious episode too
This show is AMAZING! It had great characters, excellent action scenes, and let's not forget to mention that it's just downright hilarious!
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6Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
This is one of the best story lines I've seen it's so hilarious. The show is really random and interesting.
This is the most awesome show that has ever graced this Earth. The most amazing humor, awesome characters, and the best art work ever. I love this show
Very weird but very entertaining group of characters. Each characters personality oddly fits well with the whole show.
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7Codename: Kids Next Door
This show was practically my whole childhood.
KND had an amazing plot, great characters, and gave kids an amazing imagination! The episodes were amazing and gripping, once you started you can't stop. The ending was probably the best finale ever, and I hope they can restart with new episodes, maybe from the children of the original characters and their adventures!
The ideas for the weapons are amazing, like turning a simple blender into a machine gun! Everything a kid could ever dream of folds out before your eyes, even if your older this show takes you back to that time you spied on your parents and sprayed your sibling with a water gun!
The show deserves a spot because it was so cool and creative of how they used simple things like candy and blow-dryers as weapons and the ideas they had were so unique
I can't even put into words the nostalgia that I feel when discussing this show. This cartoon was fantastic, funny, and perhaps most importantly, kids really could relate to parts of it, like hating homework and doing chores. This show was awesome, and the movie did it justice. Easily top 10.
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8The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
I still can't believe that people hate this show. I mean, this is nearly the Cartoon Network version of Invader ZIM (ironically, the voice of Billy was also the voice of ZIM)! Of course, that's not because it has a similar plot line, but because it has dark humor. It's funny for both kids and adults. Also, Grim teaches us that even if your friends use you, don't listen to them if they are mean, and make the best of friendship. It's too bad that this show was cancelled.
The was so morbid at times but still it was so funny it was like the first cartoon at the time that took slapstick comedy to a whole new level
I wish it would play more often, it's funny and awesome at the same time, I really do miss watching it laugh out loud
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9The Power Puff Girls
The Powerpuff Girls is probably the best cartoon network show ever made. There's funny characters, even villains. The only thing that I remembered from my childhood is I used to watch The Powerpuff Girls everday.
the powerpuff girls rock :]
This is the best cartoon it has little super heroines fighting bad guys and saving their time and going through 5 year old stuff their are a lot of positive role models like Blossom Bubbles Buttercup
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10Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes are the greatest cartoons on the planet. They are way above anything else on this list. With classic characters, admit it you can name most characters and the characters are the best Cartoon characters in the world.
This list is WRONG! Regular Show, Ed Edd and Eddy are mindless enough that I could make it on my own and it would be just as good. The new looney tunes, the Looney Tunes Show, Is very funny. Especially when Daffy does a "Daffy Move" (Something stupid).
One of the best cartoons of all time. Hilarious slapstick and witty humour makes this show AWWESOOME! The new one is not that great but it is not bad either. It is just... Okay.
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The Contenders

11Dragon Ball Z
This is the best cartoon in the UNIVERSE. It Is very Fantasy Story. My Favorite Character Is Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten.
Best. Anime. Ever. Enough said! Vegeta is the best character on the show. Love all the action and storylines!
Dragon ball z is the best anime I have ever seen in my life, and hilarious moments. Most of all my favorite characters are vegeta, and Goku
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12Tom & Jerry
I have watched almost all the programs in cartoon network and I think tom and jerry is the only one which is worth being in the first place...
It is because it is the only program that I watch even now (my present age is 18)... It is always new to me eventhough I have seen all the episodes like a 100 times..
It is the only program that is still being casted in CN...
I love this show it is really funny even it is an old show
This is Sanjana, I like Tom and jerry, but I don' t find the show regular. We insisted cartoon channel only because of Tom and jerry but I am very unhappy to say that I don't find my favourite show at Cartoon Network.
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13The Amazing World of Gumball
Yeah, this show is awesome! I like the part when miss simian and principal brown jumped off the window, it is one of the best cartoons ever made! A T-rex as the school bully, more awesome! One of the funniest parts is when Gumballs brain beats the hell out of Principal Brown! This show is so amazing that it should have its own movie and special eps.
The show is probably one of the best animated shows ever in Cartoon Network history. Story wise its a hilarious sitcom. I'm surprised its so low on the list, its well in the Top 10. The characters are funny, the music is epic, and the only problem is that its episodes are way too short.
I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! How could anyone hate this show. It's totally amazing. I watch it every time it comes on T.V..
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ALL THOSE WHO SEE THIS, THIS IS TRUE STUFF. I used to watch pokemon and I kept watching until black and white. The best to me was either battle frontier or galactic battles. All the pokemons were great until black and white. I think the creators are running out of ideas and that's when your suppose to end the show. Its had a good run for about 14 years! That's enough.
Like I was saying, black and white is awful and I have been watching pokemon since the beginning so I would know. The new characters are really stupid but. One because iris always calls ash a little kid and she is very irritating and two because cilan is always going on about how everything works out to be a perfect "recipe" and THEY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT ASH TO WIN A POKEMON LEAGUE. With all the great pokemon he has he should be sweepinng the competition like is nothing.
I heard there is a new pokemon coming and I've seen it. It seems really stupid as pokemon keeps getting worse
OK so this is the list of the WORST Cartoon Network shows, not the best. Ed, edd, and Eddy are the worst plus whoever said that the new generation of Pokemon is a total nut job Cilan is a total idiot I don't even want to talk about it cause I already typed about two pages of it on another list then ash seems to get stupider everyday and Iris sucks I really wish it was still Dawn and Brock or Misty and Brock just please get rid of these two idiots already or kill ash (I would suggest googling ash ketchum dies it will bring you to something about his kidneys exploding really good story) just end the show or add something new or ANYTHING just kill off these two new "companions" and let them R.I. P!


I loved every episode in every season in pokemon's history in anime...
I think best wishes generation is generally improving the show's quality (i think even better that the unique first seasons...
Pokemon forever!
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15Dexter's Laboratory
This show was plain amazing because it was so simple at times but still so funny how didi wrecks everything some point in the show and how dexter flips out it was plain comedy.
Alright. I just want to know why the hell this isn't number one. I mean I live E but not as much as this. This is just classic. Way better than most of the Overrated mediocre stuff in front of this. Pretty much all of them except E and Tom and Kerry and maybe fosters
Every younger brother knows why this show is so awesome!
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16Johnny Bravo
Please put johnny bravo on the top ten its better than all of them
Definitely one of the best cartoons that was ever aired. It's a shame the channel formerly known as CartoonNetwork has stepped down to low quality cartoons such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. I guess animators and storywritersjust aren't what they used to be. Johnny Bravo should be in the top ten.
What?! Johnny Bravo is legendary!
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17Total Drama Island
I love this show. It deserves a higher ranking. One of the best shows ever hands down!
This is an AWESOME show! Every character is unique and funny, and all of the plots are cool too. Total Drama World Tour is cool too.
This show is like the most amazing show possible and is too underrated
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Way better and had actual comedy, not just idiots doing stupid stuff. (I'm talking to you all things in top ten and adventure time. ) this had stuff that even adults laugh at
I like the majority of the content in this show, but the only thing I dislike about Chowder is ONE. WRETCHED. FACE.
Funnier than family guy

19Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack was a very underrated show, and you should watch it.
Best animated T.V. show I've seen for a while I think it should be at least #1
This should be #1. Hands down.
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20Ben 10
This show earned its way and should be number 1 a over regular show and adventure time. I love both of those shows but Ben 10 is a classic
More than 5 seasons and cartoon network
I Love this show please bring it back or make another movie
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21Scooby Doo
The show was really cool because of the mysteries and how Shaggy and Scooby were always scared and how their big their appetite was always brought laughs
I have all the movies. No likes it more than me.
I think that Scooby doo is funny because Scooby and shaggy are always scared which is funny hope you win!

22Total Drama World Tour
This is the best show ever! The plot is amazing, characters are awesome, and this animated "reality" show is more real than most shows these days. And most of the songs are better then the ones on the radio!
I just love the series. Never will be better.
Cody, Noah, Courtney, Lindsay, Leshawna, Tyler, Sierra, Heather, D.J., Owen, Harold, Alejandro, Zeke, Izzy, Gwen, Duncan, and Bridgette are all amazing. If you've never seen it, just try! If you don't like it, well it's your opinion. Although, I'm obsessed with Total Drama.
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23Code Lyoko
This show is amazing. It had a great story line it was interesting and it always left you wanting more. The voice actors were not the best but what I lacked in this area it made up in the action. Overall it was a great show and I was very sad to sea it leave
I don't see it getting a lot of praise which is weird because... Watch it! I get that XANA may have given kids nightmares ( I'm in the same boat, don't worry), but the idea was creative and going into a cybernectic interspace, oh I what I would do for that
This is the best french animated series I've ever seen. It has an amazing ploline a totatally evil computer program as the badguy and super awesome cgi computer fights.

24Ben 10: Omniverse
It is brilliant but it wasn't quite good enough to make it to the top 5.
Ben 10 omniverse should be the best show because it is asume
Ben 10 should be the best show on Cartoon Network adventure time suck it disapoits me
Adventurer time should go away now

25Camp Lazlo
The show was really funny because just the setting and environment was funny and how they incorporated the different attitudes or feeling in the characters makes it deserve the 10 spot
I'm not happy that this isn't at least in the top 20, this was my favourite show from 2005 to whatever, great show
How is ed, edd 'n' eddy in the top ten but camp lazlo isn't! HOW! The show is really funny and a little educative. I've been watching camp lazlo seen the day it started in Cartoon Network and I think that the show should at least be on the top five!
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hilarious there is only one show that's not funny, but it makes fun of your least favorite shows, movies, celebs, books etc. One of the things they make the most fun of is Kristen stewart's "happiness" this is my favorite show (tied with regular show) on cartoon network
Why is mad 23rd place if you liked animaniacs or tiny toons or any shows that make spoofs of shows and movies then you will like this hilarious show
I don't just think the writing is good, I think the animation is hilarious! I also love the some of the cheesy dialogue, which is also hilarious!
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Why is this not in the top 20 this show is awesome it should actuly be in the top 15 I watched every episode of this and every minute was worth my time I don't now why you guys are in love with ed ed eddy so much you put it number 1 but I say number shuold be adventure time regular show or ben 10
Ninjago is the best and it is gonna be better then chima that's for shore
I usually hate most Lego shows, why because they try to always lump some mecha into the show/movie. probably since that's what Lego usually makes. I have to admit ninjago wasn't terrible but pretty good me and my brother were watching it for a while. I like the Japanese and Asian style but the flaw is the stupid cars and robots. I can't stand mechas and trucks or even the airplanes. Sheesh do you people see any Lego movie/shows without technology.


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28Cow and Chicken
Best show when I was a kid I don't why adventue time is even in the top ten when I didn't find funny come on guys cow and chicken funnier

29The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
I love how the show uses a good setting, along with good Characters. I love the story being a Adventure, Pirate, and sea. I also Love the premise. Flapjack and Knuckles trying to get to Candied Island. It seems candy is the "treasure" in this show. Their still is a taboo about some of the characters, like "Lolly Poop Deck". But non of the matter, This Still is a Extremely Funny Show.
Okay not that good
Best cartoon ever, when it came out of T.V. I still watching it on the pc

30The Looney Tunes Show
I love The Looney Tunes Show my favorites. Are
1. Lola Bunny
2. Tina Russo Duck
3. Bugs Bunny
4. Daffy Duck
5. Speedy Gonzalez
6. Lola's Dad
7. Carol
8. Phyllis
9. Lola's Mom
Mac n' Tosh
I have a list on the top tens called BEST LOONEY TUNES CHARACTERS. Check it out sometime. ITS FUNNY I Meant to put Carol but I put Carl but luckily Carl is such a popular name there was one on the looney tunes show. He was the strongest blonde big and tall guy on daffy's opposing team, but don't worry carol's on their too.

This show is so funny. Even my dad and grandfather laughed at this show. Y did they stop making episodes. Y?
Best catchphrase ever "ain't I a stinker? Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

31Spongebob Squarepants
Dude, come on! Spongebob's from Nickelodeon, not Cartoon Network! You need to get your facts right next time!
Come on people remove this off the list! This is a nick show not Cartoon Network! Probably a troller did this!
Correctly Justin Bieber put this show on this list. thumb up, please.
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Naruto, NARUTO! Best show ever, the story of a child with a demon sealed inside him, but he controls and uses it and destroys but that's in shippuden though. It's a interesting show and really worth the time to watch.
This is the best cartoon in the universe
Hope cartoon network will put naruto shippuden episodes also soon
The show brought anime to carton network and took it a step further it was a bit more intense than DBZ and the character were more detailed and crisp it brought goosebumps at times.
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33Powerpuff Girls

34Star Wars: The Clone Wars
This program is absolutely amazing can't wait 4 season 5 to come out the storylines are fantastic and the characters are awesome this program should be at number 1
This Series Deserves To Be At The Very Top!

The Story Arcs Get Darker & More Sophisticated into the main timeline.

The Casting is Near Flawless.

The Crew Knew What They Were Doing with Animation & Rendering
Should be at least in the top 3. Better than the top 5 combined. It's not too big for the kids to grasp but it's a big enough bite for teenagers and adults to enjoy as well.

35The Batman
I don't believe that this isn't number one. The Batman had a way better story than Beware the Batman and it had more appealing designs than Batman:The Animated Series. The Batman was ridiculously deep, dark and suspenseful. Just watch the season one finale for proof of its greatness. The Edge's theme of The Batman made my childhood. Most of the shows above The Batman are sorry (Johnny Test) but some of them actually deserve a spot on this list and The Batman should be up there with them too.


36Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Very amazing. Has a lot of action and characters. Has everyday problems best of all it has fantasy.

37Xiaolin Showdown
Whenever one of them shouts "xiaolin showdown! " I would be like : here they go again. Best show ever! Cartoon network, please consider putting it up again!
This made my childhood
This actually was a great show and to be honesy many of us forgot about it, I forgot about it.
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Hello beyblade is awesome too
Come on Top 40?! Make it go higher guys!
Beyblade is best, I think beyblade is on the non. 1
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39Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

My favorite. Is Dawn, 2nd is IZZY, 3rd is Anne Maria, 4th is Mike, 5th Vito, 6th Staci, 7th Jo, 8th Dakota, 9th Scott, and Beverly. Check out my list BEST TOTAL DRAMA: REVENGE OF THE ISLAND CHARACTERS!

40Oggy and the Cockroaches
Great show ever best than zig and sharko I really love this show but it was really poor cartoon network U. S just dislike this show so its aired in asia, india, and philippines I really hate cartoon network U. S if they hate that show I'm going to break the cartoon network studios.


I love love love this show I used to watch it with my family everybody loved this I don't understand why tis isn't in the top 20 seriously!

41Total Drama Action
I like all the total drama shows but this one is my favorite because Duncan wins
Man, Beth won Total Drama Action
Duncan lost

42The Secret Saturdays

43Generator Rex
What!? Generator Rex is AN EPIC SHOW. WHY 74?!. Not cool. Anyway, I salute other Generators :) I guess this is only my opinion huh.
This should be higher in the list. This show, this was my childhood. Awesome graphics and awesome storyline. Definitely entertaining and action packed, a great show overall.
The greatest show in history
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44Sheep in the Big City
The funniest show I've ever seen

45Justice League
Damn Judtice league should be on top 10.
This top 10 list sucks
For me
Justice league, Beyblade, Pokemone, Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien Force, Ben 10 ultimate aliean should also be included they are far better than ed edd and eddy

46One Piece
In my opinion one piece is the best anime out there by far, it has such a great story, awesome characters, awesome plot, you keep asking for more and more every time you watch it, it's my personal favourite...
Great anime, love the characters and storyline. there is no competition for this show and you know it.

47Steven Universe
First of all, it has Rebecca Sugar. She is most famous for writing Marceline's songs from Adventure Time. This automatically makes it cool. Second of all, this cartoon easily made up for that piece of trash, Uncle Grandpa. Not to mention that, so far, it takes on an interesting style of animation, amazing music, and wonderful humor. In my opinion, this can be remembered along with Regular Show and Adventure Time as one of the greatest cartoons from this era.
Cartoon Network kind of had a bunch of bad shows for a while. But it looks like this is changing. From the trailers it looked like another "It's random so it's funny" type of show, but it's not. This show has a great theme song, not-annoying characters that do things besides act like idiots, and great morals. I agree that this, Adventure Time, and Regular Show are the best Cartoon Network shows on right now.
Whach any episode and try not to laugh, this show is so halarious! I feel that it's content and characters rival that of even adventure time! Show the new guy some love please, you won't regret it, Rebecca Sugar did many storyboards for Adventure Time. And for all you Chowder fans the main character is remarkably similar to him. This show also has romance. What else could you ask for?
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48Dragons: Riders of Berk
How is this not first this is the best show ever!


Its just so good it deserved a place in the top 5.
Dude this should be voted number 1. The defendera of nerk is coming up in sept.10 2013
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49Young Justice

I do like Teen Titans, but Young Justice is the best DC animated series ever from the DC Nation on Cartoon Network. Great storylines, actions and hilarious characters with great humor that will make you wanna riot the whole neighborhood.

50Totally Spies

Although I never watch this show because its girly but with action with it, the girls in spies outfit sure looks sexy.

Damn! These spy girls are hot! Great idea on making that show even though its cancelled. But at least we can watch them on YouTube!

51Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu

52King of the Hill
This is my favorite show. Dale would say: that's what they want you to think to this comment though.

53Mike, Lu and Og

54YuYu Hakusho
They should start airing this on Toonami again. They brought Toonami back to begin with, they should bring back some of the oldies too

55Pinky and the Brain
Dis is classic I loves dis. Thought this woulda been higher :(

56Captain Planet
Captain planet is one of the best shows ever! I used to wake up every morning at 6 regardless of wether or not I had school to watch this show.

57Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
This is a Disney show not Cartoon Network

58Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
I love the AmiYumi show because it embraces the Japanese culture and shows the characters speaking Japanese when surprised, angry or upset. The show is creative too.


Haves this song released k2g on this show? It should release on teen titans go and the amazing world of gumball!

59Hole In the Wall

60Roll No. 21

Bakugan definitely should be in the top ten!
Bakugan is the best and I what it to win and not dinosaurs king and it has to stay on T.V. on the English T.V. and polish


63Teen Titans Go!

64The Cramp Twins
A fantastic and creative show, close to Ed, Edd and Eddy

65Swat Kats
Very old school, but still makes me laugh

66X-Men: Evolution
Tahmid Khan Dhaka
Does this great show ring a bell. I know over the years Cartoon network has telecast-ed many shows but there are some shows which is forever cherished and loved X men Evolution is one of them.

67Inazuma Eleven
This is one of my favourite cartoons. The story revolves around mark evans, axel blaze, shawn frost, nathan and jute sharks. There is a lot of action for soccer lovers.
Once this cartoon was my favourite

Reminds me of krillin

69The Fructous Adventures Of Annoying Orange

70Tom and Jerry Tales
Honestly, the show was great, but only that the show is worst than the original. That's why they canceled it. Should it deserves a place here. Now looking forward to the new Tom and Jerry cartoon network is going to produce. If it's getting worse, I don't know


71Megas XLR

72Cartoon Planet
This Show Is Awesome! Zorak And Brak Are Hilarious! Whoever Wrote This Should Rewrite it, Because This Should Be at LEAST 9.
It Has A Variety Of Shows In It, Which Include:
What A Cartoon!
Dexter's Laboratory
Johnny Bravo
Cow And Chicken
I Am Weasel
The Powerpuff Girls
Courage The Cowardly Dog
Grim And Evil
The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy
Johnny The Oval
Evil Con Carne
Codename:Kids Next Door
Camp Lazlo
My Gym Partner's A Monkey

Unfortunately, They Don't Have:
Robot Jones
Time Squad
Mucha Lucha
Teen Titans
Mike, Lu And Og
Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
Squirrel Boy
Class Of 3000
The Cartoonstitute

Watch This Show On Thursdays, Saturdays & Mondays!
I love cartoon planet, it has all kinds of T.V. shows on it.

73Uncle Grandpa
I love this show. Pizza Steve is funny and the episode Big in Japan is so hilarious.

I love that show
This is awesome should be top ten
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74The Yogi Bear Show

75Class of 3000
The awesomest cartoon anyone could create. Until Tim Mcggee had to sue Andre 3000! This show inspired my musical life, and made me participate in band.R.I. P Class of 3000.

76Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl
The coolest of all times pokemons are cool
It has the best pokemon battles ever

77Sym-Bionic Titan
Still a better giant fighting robots and monsters show than Voltron Force.
This show was awesome! Too bad it was short lived.
CN, cancel Problem solverz and bring this show back!
This show easily the best show that was on Cartoon Network. It's way better than shows like adventure time and gum ball.

78Hannah Montana
I love this show, but one problem. What is it, oh yeah, IT'S ON DISNEY CHANNEL!
Amazing film. Lost memories. But isn't it frim Disney? Oh yh it is.
Two problems with this:
1: I hate this show
2: It's on Disney Channel


Top ten, at least, this was for sure a classic, and what about Hey Arnold? This list has got me bent laugh out loud!
Dude come on don't be dumb
This and hey arnold r nick shows r you kidding me


80Horrid Henry
This is my favourite show

81Evil Con Carne

This show is my no word to say this show

83Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Aka Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 01, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, Aqua T.V. show Show

This show has been on Cartoon Network
This plays on teletoon retro!
Its amazing!


85Sonic Boom
Haven't seen it yet but I bet it will be awesome

86Robot Chicken


87My Gym Partner's A Monkey

88The Amazing Spiez!

89The Jetsons
This is the most original cartoon on cn. How is this all the way at the bottom. Guys if you want original and cartoons that make you feel like you're in the 60's this is the show for you.
The jetsons on cartoon network india

90Family Guy
Why is this so low very good



92Almost Naked Animals
Who put this one on the list!?

93Destroy Build Destroy

94Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?
It is awesome! I like it way better than Out of Jimmy's Head!

This show is hilarious! But only one thing bothers me, in most episodes, Trina Riffin gets pissed off, makes a creepy face, and writes lyrics in her diary.
One of the best shows on T.V. today. I love it. And in no way is it a ripoff of phineas and ferb. Trina is way more evil than candice, they don't build giant machines. I love the awesome people who make this show.

96League of Super Evil

97Zatch Bell
Ooh man, I loved this show c:

98Rurouni Kenshin
This was cartoon network best show

JUDE. Enough said, plus its funny how they almost curse and then get cut off

100Tower Prep
I really loved this show. Too bad it was cancelled after one season and on a cliffhanger.
Best. Show. Ever. Enough said.
It had the best cliffhangers of all time

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