Best Country Singers of All Time

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The Top Ten

Johnny Cash
The most imposing and influential artist in the history of country music. He created his own genre, consisting of the blunt emotional honesty of folk, the rebelliousness of rock & roll, and the world-weariness of country. When it comes to country music, Johnny Cash stands alone at the very top and will remain there as long as this old world keeps on turning.
Johnny has billions of good songs and is far better than all Taylor Swifts teenage heartbreak songs about whoever she just dated.
Just voted so that I could say to all of the people who voted for Taylor Swift... You should SWIFTLY kill yourselves. She writes her own music? Yes and it sounds like a middle school girl wrote it. And if you say she has a good voice then you are tone deaf.
[Newest]The Man in Black need I say more!

2George Strait
He is the king there will only be one george strait and no one can top his voice git-r-done george
With more number one hits than any other artist of any genre, there is no doubt that the king if country music, George Strait, is one of the greatest of all time.
Has the most #1 songs of any artist... Ever. Not just country. Speaks for itself.
[Newest]Cash was more iconic, but King George sings circles around him. There will never be a country artist that can compare to the greatness that is George Strait.

3George Jones
It's only fitting that the best country song in history was performed by the best true country artist of all time. George's songs have the ability to integrate into a person's soul and open his heart to all that the song conveys.
George Jones, is the voice of country music. More releases by far over any singer in the history of music for more than a half century. Very deserving of the number one spot.
First off, tim mcgraw and carrie underwood shouldn't even be on this list. Second, george is the best singer of all time... Period.
[Newest]George was the greatest country singer of all time period! Everything else is up for debate the number one spot is not even a question

4Waylon Jennings
Waylon, the official ground break in country music. He has his own style unlike any other. More recordings and releases than anyone but George Jones, which could be the only possible singer in front of Waylon. Sure Johnny Cash was awesome, but if he hadn't recorded his last album on his death bed he would not have been as popular with the young listeners and probably deserve the 5th spot. You can't take anything away from Hank Sr. except for having passed at the tender age of 27. It is mostly young people doing these voting's and how could they understand that Taylor Swift after a few years couldn't possibly make an all time list?
One of a kind singer who's career spans from the 58 to 01. Stood the test of time with ballads to hard core country, from a gentleman to an outlaw. Some of the best beats to even a simple strumming. Much more versatile from his voice to his instruments than Johnny Cash ever possibly could have been. George Jones probably deserves the number one spot, but Waylon has always been my favorite.
Absolutely the best country voice of all time. The fact that Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood are on this list disgusts me. So many much better actual country artist out there. But anyway, Waylon is in my opinion the undisputed king of country music.
[Newest]Without a doubt Waylon Jennings is the best there's ever been.

5Merle Haggard
Sorry but Taylor Swift is to Haggard what Bieber is to Sinatra, the best singer and songwriter in country (if not all American music) by a long long way. I don't even particularly like country as a genre but Merle is the complete package.
He can sing anything and he is so enthralling to listen too what a great song writer and musician he is too
Most Talented in all fields. Compositions, vocals, and a more than adequate musician (guitar and violin)
[Newest]He had no peer. Of that, there is no doubt!

6Hank Williams
Short career probably hurt hanks rating. Nobody can put the heart and soul into a song like Hank
Simply the best from "Nobody's lonesome for me" to "Your cheating heart".
Most influential country singer/songwriter of our time! There's no way he's this LOW on any list unless you're basing your list on your opinion. Hank is a member of both the country and rock and roll Halls of Fame!

7Garth Brooks
This man has such a big impact on my life, he seems to write songs that everyone could relate to and many sings could ever do that. His songs get to me even the odd time a shead a tear listening to some of his songs they just mean so much to me. Hands down the best country singer that has ever walked the face of this earth. Its great to see to that he is coming back to Ireland!
Without doubt the reason I love country music, my personal no1.
Seen him in Vegas last year and he was inspirational, I hope he tours again I would love to see him in all his glory.
Bar none the greatest entertainer in Country Music to have ever lived. Hope he makes a come back, kind of hard to do considering the popular trend in country is to be a mainstream sell out cough cough Tim McGraw.
[Newest]You've got Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Hank Williams on a list with this guy! Do I really need to explain myself here? There's no room on this list for a pop bubble gum Garth Brooks!

8Conway Twitty
Conway should be way up further in the votes: only George Strait has beat him in number one hits of all time if George Strait had to compete against the same musicians that Conway did for his number ones George Strait would not have nearly as many number one hits as he has
Conway twitty was the best country singer of all times... He was the most handsome man that ever lived and also when alive was the sexiest man alive... No one else could even touch him... He was just simply the best...
If you don't vote for Conway, you don't know country music and shouldn't be voting in the first place.
[Newest]Conway was the greatest a lot of people didn't like him because of his bedroom songs had a wonder voice

9Willie Nelson
Gotta admire a guy who has been one of the top country artists for over forty years in a musical career that began over a half century ago, and to top it off, like myself, he is a connoisseur of the finest herb.
He's one of the best songwriters ever and he's held his own for over 70 years
He's simply the best. His songwriting skills are also second to. One.
[Newest]Great the very best

10Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson Deserves to be #3 on this list. He is the best country singer to come out in the past 30 years bar none. And I might add, the only one not playing gunsel country.
Was about the last real country singer other than George strait
Something Special With His Songs
[Newest]Love his Gospel songs!

The Contenders

11Ray Price
This man is not #25, he should be in the top 3. Invented modern country music in 1956, and had the biggest voice of any singer in the genre. Has been around since the time of Hank and still going. This position in the list reflects a great ignorance.
Ray price had respect for country music and most of all his fans. Not like some of the so called new country singers. Isure hope we keep real county alive it was in my life growing up and still is every day.
He is the best singer and very easy to dance to his music also best band

12Tim McGraw
Sweet voice hell I would pay to hear him sing me the most anoying song ever and love it. Tim rocks


13Keith Whitley
If it wasn't for a short career he would definitely be top 5.
Beautiful Voice... no other can touch is voice
Why is Jason Aldean ahead of him?
[Newest]The best voice ever

14Randy Travis
A younger George Jones with a deep, rich baritone, Randy Travis breathed new life into country music, staying true to his roots and the genre while developing his own unique style. While a foray into Gospel and a series of personal problems derailed his career, he is the godfather of the neo-traditionalist country movement.
This man doesn't get the praise he deserves for some reason I don't know. If this list is on terms of who has had the biggest career then OK, but if it is on terms of the best country singer and talent then this man belongs at number 1. Randy Travis is the most gifted country singer ever and can do things with his voice that no one else can get close to.
How can you forget randy travis?
[Newest]Randy Travis is awesome!

15Hank Williams Jr.
Beside waylon, hank is the best
The true king of country
Hank jr. developed his own style of music that was hugely successful. how many of today's artists have done that? Hank jr. and merle are my 2 favorites.

16Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton is a true artist who understands music, no matter what the genre, his songs provide a wonderful experience as most of them tell stories.
My favorites are Austin and who are you when I'm not looking?.


Only country singer to go on the voice I like. Should be in the top 10.


He is an awesome singer
[Newest]WHAT THE HELL!? He should be number 1! Or at least 4


17John Denver
I have no idea why Taylor Swift is rated higher than John Denver. His songs are sentimental, sweet, and he just has an amazing voice.
He should be rated much higher
He should be on the first!

18Carrie Underwood
Carrie is one big vocal powerhouse! She reminds me a little of Tammy Wynette in the way she can belt out a song with such freedom and abandon. A gorgeous young woman who's meteoric rise is we'll justified.
She brings so much power to her songs. She has done nothing wrong in her life and she is truly amazing. As one of my friends like to say she has the song of an ANGEL!
She is real and not a fake person
[Newest]I love Carrie Underwood! Her music is outstanding I have all of her albums. My favorite song by her is still Jesus, Take the Wheel.

19Marty Robbins
Historical Western Country music Known for his signature song "El Paso"
The best female country artist of all time is Connie Smith, bar none! The best male country artist is Jim Reeves followed by Marty Robbins!
Angelic voice. Probably my favorite behind Bruce Dickinson.

20Steve Earle
The best male alternative country rock artist of all time.
The best singer, songwriter of all time.
Steve Earle should easily be in the top 10

21Miranda Lambert
No way #1 should be right

22Elvis Presley
The best singer ever

23Jamey Johnson
Jamey is a throw back a total bad ass who followed in the great Waylon Jennings footsteps this guy is the real deal
No way should this guy be on this list. Are you kidding me?!
I like in color

24Keith Urban
I just like his style
His style is unique... with all the trills and runs.. come on! He should be way up...

25Emmylou Harris
Perhaps the most multi-talented country singer ever, Emmylou can sing many different styles including country rock, contemporary country, and traditional country, just to name a few. My God, she sings with as much heart as anyone I've ever heard.
Thank you for the gift

26The Statler Brothers
Incredible songs, strange how they're not in this list - surely top 10 material if you ask me.

27Don Williams
No singer puts more emotion into each word than he does. His songs are timeless.
One of the finest singers of Country music. Best Friend is always a pleasure to listen.
Number 1 leading King of Country Music!

28Jim Reeves
Stop and listen to the voice quality of Jim Reeves. Are you deaf? He is a top five country singer on anyone's list who has an ear for great singing style and skill.
Why has no one added Jim Reeves? "He'll Have to Go". "Welcome to My World". One of the best voices of all time!

29Randy Owen
Definitely one of the greatest live country singers vocally
The fact that this guy is not even on the list yet is a disgrace

30Gene Autry
The Greatest Country singer of all time. Just see Gene Autry Movies of 1935 through 1941. No one sings as soothing, sweet and sincere. He was also a very good yodeler.

31Dwight Yoakam
He brought back the simple structured country music songs, how they were originally started out to be. When country went through the period of not being cool, Dwight brought it back with his whole new honky tonk sound under the influence of Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzel and Buck Owens
One of the few modern day country singers that stays true to the roots. True honky tonk feel and has a classic feel. Darn good actor as well.
Best simple stage moves simple songs and did not lose a wife dog or car

32Brad Paisley
Definitely the best of modern times
He has made some amazing music
What, why is Brad Paisley so low down, also Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, KENNY CHESNEY, Toby Keith and Tim McGraw should be higher. At least George Strait is up top, and what about Chris LeDoux

33Lefty Frizzell
The performers of any genre who set permanent standards that are widely imitated should be listed among the best.
All these 'modern' and 'pop' singers and no Lefty on the list - ridiculous.

34Ronnie Dunn

35Rascal Flatts

36Kip Moore
Without him, I wouldn't know " something bout a truck
What the hell, why?!


37David Allen Coe
He is one of the original outlaw country singers and a amazing songwriter

38John Prine

39The Band Perry
Chainsaw is the best song by The Band Perry


If I Die Young

40Reba McEntire

41The Avett Brothers
Wihout a doubt, my favorite country band.

42Charley Pride
Charley Pride by far is one of the purest form of country talent ever! This Man should be in the top #1
Charley pride is the best country singer every in this world the fact he is black people want white ones. This is not right.
Charley pride has made so many more songs which was on the charts.
He is a the best for a long time
[Newest]I'm not sure he's the best but I grew up a fan he is pure voice he is quality

43Danielle Bradbery
Her voice is crystal clear and pitch perfect.

44Shania Twain
One of the most skilled female Country singers in the History of Country music. Her songs hit charts that other Country singers wish they did.

45Charlie Daniels

46Martina McBride
Are you kidding me? McBride is more talented than any of the people. Her vocal ability is unlike anyone in this genre. She has more soul, meaning, conviction, power, emotion, control and technique than anyone on this list.
She is the best nothing else to say

47Glen Campbell
Just a very talented singer and guitar player. Love him!
Versatile, talented, great voice, awesome guitar playing. The full deal. Deserves a far better rating than unproven new-comers.
Just great at singing and guitar playing, a true enterteiner.

48Bill Monroe
The father of bluegrass. his music influenced many country artists.

49Kasey Chambers
I don't care if she's from Australia, she's still one of the best country singers I've ever heard.

50Johnny Paycheck

51Darius Rucker
One of the few country singers that I actually like!
And it's not ALRIGHT by me

52Patsy Cline
There is no one who touches my hart more. I love her songs but most of all I love her voice and her way of sinking
The list starts with second place. First is taken.

53Lucinda Williams
The best female alternative country singer ever.

54Toby Keith

55Kenny Chesney
Incredible! His voice, songs and lyrics are amazing!

56Stevie Nicks

57Josh Turner
If you pay attention to the voice of the singer and not how many awards and number ones they got, it easy to say that josh turner has THE best voice ever
He has such an amazing, deep unique voice and he is a true country singer.

58Little Big Town

59Travis Tritt

60John Anderson

61Dierks Bentley
Tip it on back
Come a little closer to the #1

62Guy Clark
Old No. 1 is number nine on my list, and that's not bad at all.

63Ronnie Milsap
Ronnie Milsap should be in the Top Ten, due to the fact that he's the THIRD artist with the most country hits, and mainly because he's gotta great voice.
Ronnie Milsap 4 President!
He's simply the best!

64Barbara Mandrell

65Faith Hill

66Bob Dylan
He is international personality

67Billy Currington

68Dolly Parton
Clearly none of you have seen her live. I hate country but this woman can sing.
The queen on the country music

69Vern Gosdin

70Hayes Carll

71Eric Church

72Jeremy Castle

73Merle Travis
Who could Merl's writing talent. The songs he wrote have become "classics". Nine Pound Hammer, Dark as a Dungeon, and the guitar players he inspired are many. Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, just to name a few.

74Easton Corbin
Not top ten worthy just yet, but in twenty years, no doubt he is a legend. Reminds me of George strait.

75Clay Walker

76Jerry Reed
Both my dad and I just love his songs

77The Judds

78Vince Gill
Going strong after 40 years singing, playing & writing. Still has the best voice of all of them!

79Roger Miller
"Dang Me" and "King of the Road"... enough said

80Big Smith

81Jerry Lee Lewis

82Ricky Skaggs
Had commercial success in mainstream country. went back to what he loves-bluegrass. he is so talented that he would be great at any musical genre he would attempt.

83Florida Georgia Line

84Zac Brown

85Tanya Tucker

86Sara Evans

87Kelly Clarkson

88Kenny Rogers
He's the only man who puts his mind and soul in the country music industry so does he deserve to on top period!
The greatest of them all
He 's the greatest!

89Luke Bryan
Help develop country and was good friends with Jones at his times
Luke Bryan is my idol I listen to all his songs. I literally have all of his songs on my laptop, phone, iPod. He's my favorite country singer of all time.
He is an amazing, funny, and a talented singer
[Newest]Luke bryan is the second best singer

90Lady Antebellum
These guys are really good, like really

91Mike Ward
Love this man's voice! Haunting, heartfelt, full of soul
Raw and pure soulful

92Hunter Hayes
He's a cutie with a great voice

93Kellie Pickler

94Jason Aldean
Jason Aldean should be #1he is the best singer ever where yo peoples brains at
Fly Over States that's all I have to say
Number 1 is where he belongs!
[Newest]I love jason aldean

95Kris Kristofferson
Unarguably one of the greatest country music writers on the planet, and even though he's never been known for his singing voice, Kris's special talent to make the listener feel that he is singing directly to him or her, more than compensates for the lack of a great voice.

96Scotty McCreery
He is the best though young, I love you this big, and see you tonight are enogh for one to become a fan

97Taylor Swift
ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE! Taylor Swift has won more awards in one night then Elvis Presley has won in his whole life! She is sweet, funny, and amazingly talented... When I was scrolling down looking for her I saw Tim Mcgraw's name in 7th place... I immediately started singing... When you think Tim Mcgraw I hope you think my favorite song... Etc a Taylor swift song that she wrote on the piano in 15 minuets! I mean seriously 13th place! She deserves MUCH HIGHER THAN 13TH PLACE!
Let's be honest, the reason she's down here is because she ain't country, leave the top spots for real country singers, not dissing her, it's just that her songs are pop and not country just because there is guitar in the background


I can't believe Taylor is down here either cause she songs the most lovable country songs anyone could relate to.

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