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Mareep is the best Pokemon ever, she is a lighthouse

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Rayquaza is the strongest Pokemon in the world...well 2nd strongest

This guy is a beast why is he here

Why the hell is rayquaza at 42 he is obviously the best electric type Pokemon even if not at least top 3

He's not even electric

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All dose Resistances And An Immunity To Poison Magnezone Is my favorite electric look how cute it is dedenne and Togedemaru are the best pikachu clones

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Just not in the top 10 an Gogoat and Rayquaza aren't electric types

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Gogoat is not an electric Pokemon

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I like how it lives on the floors of bodies of water, but it isn't water type.
That's what makes it awesome.

Hey it will just defeat a electric Pokemon with a ground type move. So it deserves first place.100 times better than a electric mouse (pikachu) and a evee evolution

Very better at using ground attacks! Because pikchu doesn't learn earth attacks and means stunfisk<3 can toake down
AL other electric Pokemon with its ground attacks because electric is weak to earth

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