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Blaziken might not be the greatest defender but it's attacks are so high that even the regi's are jealous. It has the second highest attack of all starter pokemon (emboar is number 1) and the second highest spec attack (taken by empoleon) and average speed. Forget about defense;he rocks;but he is no 2 in my list. Emboar is number 1.
While there ARE many other Fire/Fighting type starter Pokemon, Blaziken just seems like a more reasonable choice. It was a big help in Emerald, and it has a cool design. Plus, Charizard just gets killed right away by Rock-type moves. Blaziken, however...
Blaziken should be number 1 on this list! He is the original Fire/Fighting starter and can destroy the elite four! I beat the elite four with just this Pokémon in Pokémon Ruby! He would beat Charizard in a flash.
blaziken is so cool its just got the best moves and its types are the best. skyuppercut and blaze kick are just the best. also, its atack and defense are great, but its speed makes it dangerous as well.
I vote blaziken because he may not learn may fire moves but he can learn a lot with TMs iv beat a challenge just
By useing him and if he's battleing a flying type he's got a sky upper cut to knock out a flying type useing fly!
He's a op Chicken mortal combat fighter with a punch! He's my number one favourite pokemon ever!
Defiantly the best carizard is first because he is a classic blaziken is amazing from the cute little torchic to a sick looking combuskin to... BLAZIKEN

It's sprite is great, it looks so... AWESOME! Blaziken is part fire, and part fighting, and that is really awesome, it also seems better than an other fire starter, and their evolution. He is also very, very strong!
He could erase Charizard's ass, due to charizard's poor little defense. I beat my cousin's charizard lvl 100 and also my blaziken is lvl 100. yeah, I can pwn him using brave bird.
Blaziken is my superduperultrahyper pokemon it esily beated elite four in pokemon ruby he's leve 100 he's only my pokemon I don't know how to
Undoubtedly the coolest looking fire type with the deadly double kick. Arm him with his dream world ability and watch infernape get left in the dust
blaziken should TOTALLY be first!
good looks AND powerful!
what is she doing all the way here in THIRD!
Not only do I love Blaziken's design (a beautiful, powerful and majestic butt-kicking bird), it's also one of the most powerful starters. It's not hard to own someone else's team just with Blaziken alone. Blaziken rocks
He can learn good moves such as sky uppercut and blaze kick and he has speed attack and ultra defense
blaziken storgest move is blaze kick he burn any ice pokemon that therats your team vote blazkin
The best moment of my childhood is when pokemon emerald said, "Congratulations! Your combusken has evolved into blaziken! " I had never beaten the eliet four with just one pokemon before blaziken came along.
Blaziken totally deserves the number one spot over the "dragon" Charizard. Blaziken was so aawesome that they used him typing for the next two fire starters. The only other Fire-Flying type are legendaries and Charizard did nothing for that.
He is the pokemon of the house with super speed and S. P attack. He definitely
My favorite fire type Pokemon is Infernape but Blaziken is definitely the best, he is consider Uber, and he is extremely powerful. He knows brave bird, which can counter other fighting type Pokemon. Blaziken was my starter in the second Pokemon game I played and he is immortal.
blaziken could esily destroy arcanine or charizard.
blazieken can learn blaze kick, brave bird, flareblitz, sky uppercut-andFOCUS PUNCH!
Blaziken rules he should defentally be top of the list not charizard because Blaziken would clearly defeat charizard in any battle with his amazing typing.
OMG! Blaziken is so beautiful!
can kick grass, steel and fighting type pokemon's ass
Blaziken can take all that charzard can't and everyy thing else. If he/she challenge every pokemon at level one hundred he would do so much better than the rest that even the unova pokemon would quit ahead of time. Ace Sweeper period, infernape you miss of fail to ko blaziken's having fried monkey tonight. Watch out charzard he/she is comming for YOU!
Blaziken is awesome, there is mega blaziken, and on the episode blaziken fought charizard and won. Blaziken is a fire and fighting type Pokemon, it's cool that it can learn a flying type move which is the strongest, BRAVE BIRD
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