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Lullacry is the best gothic band on the planet. Especially their album: crucify my heart, track: heart of darkness! GENIUS.


Great vocals, the dual singers add a real depth to it. I'd say they are really underrated.


The best of the modern bands though they have been around pretty long. Heavy vampire influence, but the sounds is definitely more traditional gothic. There new single is very very Sisters of Mercy, Peter Murphy, impressive. Like the Sisters spirit is with it in sound.

Blutengel are truly wonderful. Goth for the 21st Century. Brilliant vocals, wonderful lyrics and catchy tunes. Just wish tgey would tour UK.

Chris Pohl has an amazing voice and so does Ulrike Goldmann. I love them so much.

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84Deine Lakaien
85New Years Day

Hell yes. Their part of the newer generation of gothic metal along with Motionless In White. Despite whatever genre you want to put them in, they're a great band.

The band should be number 1. Ashley is a really cool chick.

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86Eva O

The song One in a million I agree is ONE of her best, but I like Are You Ready To Die better. I was listening to her song Children of the light, I still think the other one better. But hey, that's my opinion not yours so...

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87Chorus of Souls

Goth goddess Post-L.A. screamster Jill Sparks gives us Whirling Dervishes, Seaside Man and Ritual, and many others. The band Tool formed in her living room.

88Yousei Teikoku

Incredible Japanese gothic band! You have to listen to this band, especially their song, "Gothic Lolita Agitator, " the awesomest song ever! They did the openings/endings for various animes, like Mirai Nikki, Seikon No Qwasar, etc. I listen to this band every day, and so should you.

89The March Violets

Awesome original post-punk with new vigour and a surfeit of great modern 21st century tunes to bolster their first wave credentials! Goth at its finest!

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90Leaves Eyes

The title saying best gothic rock bands then why the hack Leaves Eyes on 85.. And Evanescence on top... Seriously! Laugh out loud

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One of the few good goth bands! Should be at least in the top ten! Songs like Post ludium, wish, march of the dead, Dusk till dawn. All of these are execellent songs, yet gothminister hardly gets any recognition!

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Amazing band, nowhere, my dark place alone, summertime suicide all are great songs

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95Xmal Deutschland

Incubus Succubus was one of the best song of my goth times.

96The Danse Society

Surprised anyone remembers this band. Gives me hope that actual bonafide old school goth is still relevant and hasn't been usurped by the uninformed mall goth brigade so intent on calling their scene "goth". I'm all for anyone to embrace their inner and outer darkness. Thing is, kids, what you have created? Its not goth. It in no way shape or form is an extension or even a derivation of what was originally goth. And goth itself is a crappy word none of us original 80s kids liked anyway, we hated it. Maybe you can have the term after all, ha ha! Take it!

Because they are goth. And were able to create influential masterpieces and such an atmosphere. They were like no other band of the genre. Really, they contributed to it a lot and simply deserve to be in the top 10 at least.

A much admired unique band with their own style and persona


I love them it's my new favorite band

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98We Are the Fallen

I love this band. Not particularly gothic, but they still are classed as gothic metal.

If Evanescence are at no. 1, We Are The Fallen should be at least top 20! Carly's voice is absolutely amazing!
Songs to check out are: Bury Me Alive, St. John, Without You, Tear The World Down, I Am Only One.

99The Legendary Pink Dots
100Jack Off Jill

Agree to disagree very good vocally and sound is complimentary to the vocals.

I agree they was a good band until they split up... But you did not include the best... Fear of dying. The singer (Jessicka or something I guess) is way better than the other bands singers.

Why is this not in the 10's or twenties b/c this band is wayy better than the others you people need to learn!

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