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The Top Ten

This is the Best ice cream, vanilla with the chocolate covered almonds is my favorite, Haagen-Dazs is very smooth eating!
Aside from it's rich, creamy, Velvet texture and scrumptious flavours, being lactose intolerant, I can actually sit and enjoy a fresh bowl of ice cream with friends without worrying about discomfort to follow! I LOVE it!
Who doesn't love the little cups that even come with spoons?
[Newest]I love this ice cream... It's the best ice cream I had

2Ben & Jerry's
Chunky monkey my favorite.
Delicious just me even think about is like my stomach growl
YUMMY! I love ice cream especially Ben and Jerry's. I want a bowl right now! HA HA HA> I love Ben and Jerry's. >and all the people who love it too.
[Newest]Chunky monkey for the win

Baskin Robbins should be number 1 # 🍦
Baskin robbins provides variety of ice cream selection and fun aspects to the customer, so it is the best ice cream brande ever to me!
Baskin robbins for the win!
[Newest]It provides the delicious taste with more affordable prices than other ice creams!

4Blue Bell
Just like others have said, Blue Bell is the BEST! I too have tried just about every other brand, some that people bragged was the best...but no way, no how...NOTHING can beat the awesome taste of Blue Bell! Not too sweet and artificial tasting like's just simply the BEST! I'm holding off disclosing my favorite flavor, for fear that someone will discover it, and buy it all up. I actually have to drive to every Publix grocery store in our town to find my flavor. They sell out so quickly! I'm on the Blue Bell Diet and loving every bite!
Blue Bell ice cream is creamy and full of flavor! They have a large variety of flavors and each one is perfectly balanced. I have tasted about ten different brands and there is no better ice cream brand out there!
Blue is always the best in the world I love it more than any other
Its the best I've ever had I buy it all the time and its never been bad always the best never too sweat or sugury always 100% best I never buy any other
[Newest]I don't understand why this is not ranked number one, it's much better than all others above
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Awesome ice cream best French Vanilla!
I love Breyers! My favorite!
One of the best ice creams I ever had tasted and french vanilla is the best
[Newest]Best ice cream ever

mmmmmmm! its so thick and creamy! its great ice cream!


This is the beast ice cream in the whole entire world
I really like this as my grandson loves Phish Food
[Newest]It's rich and creamy

Price & quality-both favours Amul-this brand is snatching the baskin robbins customers laugh out loud.
I am a a Canadian living in Toronto. I have tasted ice creams from almost 45 countries. Ice creams belonging to different tastes, mixes and culture. I like Amul the best.
I like amul very much
[Newest]Amul is best in taste

8Cold Stone Creamery
Awesome flavors are at this amazing place! I recommend chocolate ice cream with m and ms and chocolate chips
cheese cake is pretty much the most delicious thing ever.
also, strawberry. yeah.
Most well served and best tasting I've creams in the world
[Newest]Thought most ice creams were ice creams until I walked out of that place! Wow! I'm addicted now

Chocolate Almond Chip... Creamy, chocolaty and the covered almonds add the crunch!
thier fribbles are unbeatable


Friendly's is the best especially coffee

10Natural Ice Cream
Baskin robin ice cream is the number 1 ice cream in the world
Your ice creams are really very nice & tasty.
So many flavours... Love them... !
[Newest]Your brand should be in the top 5

The Contenders

11Dairy Queen

12London Dairy
I think it taste good... :D
Good taste and quality
Very good ice cream. Please try it.
[Newest]London Dairy, Chocolate brownie delight nothing to beat it

13Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill's new All Natural ice cream is great, especially the mint chocolate chip. Another great flavor that Turkey Hill makes is Snyder's Chocolate covered Pretzel! Both of these are my 2 favorite ice creams.
Ice cream is great, a great fluorite is, I only saw it one time. Was. box of chocolate.
Lady Liberty Mint is the best version of my favorite ice cream flavor... With that being said, over all Turkey Hill makes the best ice cream because it is actually creamy and not like frozen skim milk. (Sorry for putting you on the spot Breyer's)

14Frozen Ladle

15Blue Bunny
They have some really good ice cream especially the more expensive line.
They offer great flavors other thank the common chocolate and vanilla blends!
Best chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich I have ever had!

16Kwality Wall's
Ultimate taste, once you taste this you will forget the other items in this list
It's awesome ice cream in world
My favorite ice cream
[Newest]Ultimate taste of Ice creams

17Richardson's Ice Cream

18Merri Boy
Natural flavour on icecream

The moose tracks may be the best ice cream ever
Fabulous taste. So wonderful. LOVE Hershey's.
[Newest]Mm crazy vanilla, moose tracks, play-dough... Mmm

20Good Humor
They don't sell this everywhere but, they should... Its so creamy like soft serve. Love it.
their strawberry shortcake bars are the best


Strawberry shortcake bars are so good!

21Milma Ice Cream

22Lazza Ice Creams
Best taste, best ice cream
Largest Icecream company in south India espically in kerala

probably most of you don't know what this is but it is incredible


24Arun Ice Cream
It is one of the most selling ice cream in south India
I love I cone very much. No ice cream can beat arun ice cream. arun is the best!.
Nothing can reach it

Excellent Test in reasonable price.
What a ice cream

Best brand but sadly not available in the US. Swiss chocolate is the best.
You cannot beat Mövenpick

27Cream Bell
The sach much of Cream Bell is the best in the ice creams that I have had. It is the closest to the actual fruit feel. I would love to have Cream Bell Ice Creams all day

Best bars no question
I think that MAGNUM shall be the worlds best ice cream ever because of its crunchiest taste and the awesome cream in it.
' magnum has a unique taste!..

29Home Ice Cream

French pot process making two gallons at a time. So creamy. So awesome.
Black Cherry, Chocolate Chip rocks!
The absolute best. Move over, Ben. Go fishing, Jerry!

they do good with classic ice cream flavors


Amazing can't live ad day without one]
what would you do for a kondike bar?


[Newest]Love the double chocolate one!

32Havmor Ice Cream
Try any flavor its awesome

Nice quality, and with pure milk products
Really rich ice cream...


"Gelati all'italiana": ice cream italian way!

OMORE is only good for ice lollies and then its just simple. Not the best.

Gelatissimo is the best bro!

38Tip Top
Try Hokey Pokey... Real NZ dairy... Clean, green and yummy

39Dippin' Dots
Kids like this ice cream much than any other ice cream, this is future of all ice creams

Really Very Yummy... ! Most Delicious flavors as well... :D
I love igloo ice cream butt this ice cream is vert yummy ommm.

41Top N Town

I love the icecreams of walls and the magnam icecream man just taste it

43Peters Ice Cream
Who wouldn't love Peter

He do Lactose Fre Ice Cream

(And for me that's a BONUS)


Very rich and yummy... Their cookies anr cram and coffee almonds are to die for...

46Hudsonville Ice Cream
The very best from Michigan
I live in hudsonville and you guys don't know what you are missing
Unique flavors and very delicious!

Soft, creamy and delicious! It melts in your mouth! Should be #1! :D

48Mother Dairy
This company icecreem quality very good so place try

Cheap and taste nice
I tried them on one in-flight.
Fresh tasty and good design

Candose icecreams it's taste impossible

51Dairy Fresh
It's a soft and silky and very economy

52Elephant House
Best Brand in Sri Lanka and also can compete with brands like


54Private Selection
Love the Fried Ice Cream, but cannot find it anywhere. Why is it not in more stores?

55Dairy Fun
It's a ladhani group the largest botller of coca cola India..

56Thacker's Cold Rush Ice Cream
Based in Eastern Part of India, Has delicious Ice Creams milk with pure Milk


58New Zealand Natural
What a nice ice cream

59Bellany Ice Cream
Passion fruit is best

thier special series are always good


61Cold Rock

62Heritage Diary
The best taste and value for money, with high standard of manufacturing hygene, hatoff to factory managers for maintaining high standards in manufactring.


64Kawartha Dairy
They have one white chocolate and raspberry... Yum
Absolutely the best ice creams I have ever tasted.

65Wallings Ice Cream
Try the apple pie ice cream

Croatian brand, winner of best worlds ice cream awards 5 years in a row...Hello! Do your research!
Ledo ice creams, once you snack, you never go back
The best ice creams.


68Reed's Dairy

My family loves Stewarts ice cream..
The best cherry vanilla ice cream

70Mandara Ice Cream

71Culver's Frozen Custard
Primarily in the mid-west, frozen custard is like heaven and the flavors are out of this world. You can see the custard being made and the toppings are added just as you order, which is important because the salted pecans are crisp, not soft from sitting in a freezer. Check out their website and drool at the MANY flavors of the day. I don't live near a Culver's, which could be good. I'd weigh 300 lbs. if I did. Culver's hasn't come to California yet, but when I visited friends in Bakersfield my host said he was going to take me to someplace I'd really love. I was excited when we pulled into a sign that said "Freddy's (or Freddies? ) Frozen Custard. However they only serve two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. I guess I've been spoiled by Culver's!

72Mr. Green Tea

73Jack & Jill
their strawberry shortcake ice cream bars are AMAZING!

74Fat Boy
Great Ice Cream Sandwiches. Very good, and quick!

75Dairy Day
One of the award winning brand for its taste


77Madhura Ice Creams
Superb superb suoerb texture

78Hokey Pokey
Try all the varieties. Mouth watering...


80La Michoacana Paleteria y Neveria
They are the #1 ice cream of all of Mexico and can take on the world.


82Perry's Ice Cream

83Ruggles - Smith Dairy

84Marble Slab Creamery Qatar

It's a Japanese brand with ice cream made of water chestnut. Has a nice grainy texture and mild flavour, highly recommended.


The best! If you don't live in the quad cities, too bad for you!
QCA ice cream is great..

88Sonata Ice Creams
Mouth melting and tasty ice creams

89Marble Slab Creamery
Best tasting ice cream ever!

90Solanki Ice Creams

91Sanjay Ice Cream

92Hewitt's Dairy

93McEnnedy American Way
Strawberry Cheesecake, cookie dough, so many amazing flavours!

94Joe's Ice Cream
The best of the best



97Lake District Vanilla Ice Cream

98Bachir Ice Cream

99Mighty Moo Ice Cream
Smoothest and richest chocolate ice cream I have ever had. Made in small batches with only the finest all natural ingredients.


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