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Ben & Jerry's


Love it! Especially the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! :) The Vanilla has a very creamy texture, and well-balanced chocolate chip to cookie dough ratio.
ben & jerry's is the absolute best!
Currently eating a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk. Best ice cream you will ever eat. I live in Vermont so I've been to the factory like a million times and will never tire of the taste. If you've never had Ben & Jerry's you haven't tasted heaven. That is all.
It was very very hard to choose between this, and Haagen Daaz but I vote Ben & Jerry's because it has a delicious variety of flavors. There is probably over 200 Ben & Jerry's flavors of ice cream. I love Strawberry Cheesecake the most and there are so many other amazing flavors. Some that you can't even imagine in your head. Now excuse me, I must drive to the supermarket for anonymous reasons.
With such a large variety of flavors and cones as well as having an astonishing factory in Vermont that can be fun for the whole family, Ben and Jerry's deserves to stay the clear winner.
Nothing else even compares. They have the best tasting and most creative ice cream flavors in existence. The only thing I hate about it is how easy it is to eat an entire pint in one sitting. Best flavor: Half Baked!
Creamy and delicious, Ben and Jerry are my homies. They've a wide variety of flavors to get your grub on with. Plus the fillings are huge. They don't give you chocolaate chips they give you chocolate CHUNKS! The same goes with the rest of their fillings.
oh my friggin God this stuff is delicious!
Amazing flavors my favorite is caramel chew chew I can eat the whole pot in one go even being conscious about not consuming too many calories
The Vermonter is awesome
Ben & jerry's is bomb holla
Ben & Jerry's new core ice creams are the best. The have a middle core of deliciousness to go with the best ice cream.
My favorite is fish food my mom ate it when she was pregnant with me all he time and I still love it now. #yummy
People here in Australia think that Baskin Robbins is the best and I used to think that myself. My Dad gave me Ben and jerrys and I was stuck on it forever. It's more nice got more flavours and the flavours actually have more than one thing in them. I truly believe Ben and jerrys is the best.
One of the tastiest ice-cream I've ever eaten! Chocolate brownie and peanut butter are the best!
Best ice cream in the world what about when they made the ice cream with potato chips awesome!
Phish phood is the best. Its my number one. If I go to the store for ice cream, its gonna ben & jerry's
Ben and Jerry's is the most perfect ice cream company. The Strawberry Cheesecake is the best.
Strawberry Cheesecake is the best ice cream I have every had period without question.
Even I'm fond of it like other people but I never expected it to be in the first position
Peanut butter cup! Love it! I love the huge chunks of anything in every flavor!
Best ice cream in the world.
Enough said.
We have it at work, and I swear I'm responsible for most of it being bought!
Ben & Jerry's ice creams should be #1. The best I've ever tasted till today

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