Top Ten Best Indie Rock Bands

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The Top Ten

Arctic Monkeys
They are just amazing! I can't stop listening this band!
Arctic monkeys is the best band forever... Alex turner create a genius lyric!
Wow I love this band, they never get old, and they never will! Alex Turner has such a great voice, and the guitar and bass riffs are just amazing!
[Newest]~ nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day ~
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2The Strokes
Oh my lord god in heaven I cannot believe that this blessed band is not even mentioned in this list. You haven't heard good indie rock unless you've heard The Strokes. I'm speechless, honestly
These guys are basically the 21st century revolution of indie music. Come on, now! If you like Arctic Monkeys, there is no possible way that The Strokes don't come before or after the Monkeys on your favorite's list.
You can't have a top ten indie bands list without these guys! Like every Arctic Monkeys song sounds like a carbon copy of the last and Kings of Leon; are you kidding me?
[Newest]You haven't listened to good music until you've listened to The Strokes.
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3The Killers
The Killers are my favourite band! I have so much respect for them and their music inspires me more than any other thing in my life at the moment. I respect the fact that Brandon is not afraid to sing about his religious views and his beliefs although I am not a Mormon, I can relate so much to them. The Killers are my idea of perfection and when Ronnie announced they are currently writing new music my heart lifted! The may be number 8 on this website, but to me they will always be number 1!
Hot Fuss is indie insanity, indie rock at its finest, Sam¬'s town is also pretty good. I¬'d also recommend listening to the Christmas singles ¬®A great big sled¬® and ¬®Don¬'t shoot me Santa¬®. Really good songs.
The Killers are actually the most AMAZING band ever created! The best part is they are such great people and they are AMAAZING live! And their lyrics are just so meaningful! The I'd recommend their albums Sam's Town and Battle Born <3 they are so much better than the Arctic Monkeys!
[Newest]When I listen to the killers I feel like a spaceman, but I'm really Human, on the Brightside you don't have to just listen to them When you were young but can for the rest of your life!
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4Arcade Fire
They have the audacity to make some of the most original sounds that work so incredibly well when incorporated in their music. Intelligent meaningful music that should be recognized in the indie hall of fame
There are few bands that I truly love. Aside from Modest Mouse, Radiohead, and Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire holds a special place in my heart.

And unlike most of the bands in this list, Arcade Fire is one of those few bands composed of artists, in the truest sense of the word.
Brilliant band and awesome songs! and albums =D
[Newest]Perhaps the greatest modern band

5Imagine Dragons
Is there a greater indie rock band anywhere? I love practically every song and I find myself singing the lyrics all the time. Imagine Dragons has songs that will always be some of my all time faves including Hear me, Round and Round and Amsterdam. They are just purely amazing!
Radioactive is the best song I've heard in years, they're really underrated. Also very good songs: It's time, Demons. Love them!
This must be the best of all NIGHT VISIONS
[Newest]I love this band because they don't stick to just one type of music, they like to add some variety to their songs, and I often find myself liking it.
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Just one question, why aren't they Number #1, and mostly why are they behind Coldplay when they have taken so much from this band? So much more to be said.

Paranoid Android!
Genius, good music, good lyrics, and original. Enough said.
Top 5:Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Modest Mouse, Queens of the Dark Age, and Muse. Peace out amateurs!
A band with this much potential deserves more recognition, however I applaud Radiohead for stepping out of the lime-light and into the realm of dreams, creating what is obviously hidden deep beneath what the human mind initially perceives. All I need, House of cards, separator, Videotape, and anything from kid A. <3 10/10
[Newest]The best band on the list. One of the only bands that evolves making music just as good as always.

7Two Door Cinema Club
I love them best indie rock ever... Peace, love, rockets
[Newest]Two door cinema club have that thing that make you can't stop listening to them. They are incredible I think they should be at least 5. They are real indie rock

8Modest Mouse
Considering more than half of what's on top is not indie rock, it isn't that surprising. Really, it's filled with overrated "famous" Alternative bands. I was surprised to see the Hoosiers up there though. I really think they're a great band, but I didn't know they were considered in that high of a regard. Really, up in the top ten, Arctic monkeys shouldn't be even close to where they are at. Oasis isn't indie. The Killers aren't indie. Kings of leon. For me, the strokes are awesome, but they aren't really indie. All good bands (maybe except for kings of leon), but not indie. I can't actually believe that Blur or The script is even on this list. Also, why isn't pavement higher? Why isn't Built to spill on this list? Well there are plenty of indie bands that need to be on this list that's for sure, but a lot of the best ones are on here of course they aren't in the higher spots they deserve like Modest Mouse here.
I have to say, I've only recently discovered this band, but I was definitely grateful to have done so. Modest Mouse is one of the most literary yet overwhelmingly deep and meaningful indie rock bands out there who use lyrics that will blow your mind. And I've grown to love them in such a short amount of time. Go ahead and listen to their songs. Take it from me, you will not be disappointed.
The fact that Modest Mouse is 23rd currently is surprising since they're regarded as Indie legends -. -
[Newest]This is definitely my favorite indie group, and my second favorite overall behind Elliott Smith. Their lyrics are insightful and their music is innovative and emotional.

9Foster the People
This should be at the top!
I mean, Foster the People is a great band with awesome music.
It's the best of Indie-pop music!
I think foster the people should be #1 because of their innovative music. Their "Torches" album displays creativity in vocals & rhythms. Their new album "Supermodel" expands on creativity in a variety of moods not on the first album. Watch this band's fan base grow.
Nice album, they are the future
[Newest]Mark Foster is a musical genius. Foster the People has everything. Good vocals, messages, instrumentals, albums, members, rhythm, and they're extremely creative and talented. Better than One Direction, for sure.

10The Black Keys
The Black Keys return to what got rock started in the first place - BLUES! Tired of hearing post-grunge indie rock that still hasn't overcome the 1990s? Try these guys, using the roots of rock that were so prevalent in the 60s and 70s.

Their new album, Turn Blue, is a little bit of a disappointment because it's got too much pop, but hopefully they'll get back on track to what brought them here - check out their older stuff.
How this band is so low, I don't know. Their music consist of insane guitar solos, beautiful lyrics and melodies. Every album is something different and their new album, in my opinion, is the best one yet. Just Listen to Weight of Love off their new album, and let Dan and Patrick blow you away
You don't know about bands if you don't listen to TBK, they're amazing! LISTEN to Lonely Boy and love them and of couse welcome to the fanbase
[Newest]Its hard to believe their a two person band.

The Contenders

There will never be any other band that can compare to Oasis.
You know how almost every other band Is a 2000s band right? We'll these guys made indie rock pretty much. If you haven't heard the whole what's the story? Morning glory your missing out on songs like don't look back in anger.

Top 10 songs:
1. Live forever
2. Don't look back in anger
3. Stop crying your heart out
4. Champagne supernova
5. Morning glory
6. The master plan
7. Supersonic
8. Slide away
9. Hey now
10. Wonderwall
If you haven't heard songs like live forever and don't look back in anger your missing out.
[Newest]Come on guys! They're legends!

12Florence and The Machine
Way under recognized on American radio, I don't know about their status in the UK, but way underrated in US. I mean it's so much more than Florence Welch, the band itself (the Machine) is some of the finest music I've heard from the 21st Century. I especially love the way they incorporate the harp in their music, so rarely do you hear harp in popular music anymore. My favorite song is "What the Water Gave Me" but I also really like "Shake it Out", "Seven Devils", and their covers of "You've Got the Love" and "Addicted to Love". Extremely talented and unique band. I'm waiting anxiously for new music from them.

This band absolutely deserves to ve in top 10! The first song I ever became to know was "Never let me go" and always made me feel somehow freezing. One of the best decisions I had ever taken was to look for some other songs. "No light, no light", "What the water gave me" and many others made me fall in love with this perfect group even more!
Cosmic Love, shake it out, dog days are over,
[Newest]Gotta love the machine

13Death Cab For Cutie
If you talk indie rock... Dcfc is the first band that comes to my mind...
Soul meets body, I will follow you into the dark, someday you will be loved... and the others have been so beautifully written... It's difficult not to love the band...
Absolute favourite indie rock band...
beautiful lyrics, beautiful music


I love this band! There's so many good bands in this list which made it hard to decide, but personally speaking, this is by far my favorite. Their music is filled with meaning and heart, a work of pure genius pressed into every song!
[Newest]They are literally amazing and should be in the top ten

14Vampire Weekend
First time I heard STEP, I fell in love with them, they are unique. So I decided to purchase their latest album down at local disc shop, listened to it and absolutely love it, found out they were touring the next month, begged my family to but me tickets to the concert and heard so many of their other songs and loved them even more, now I own all their albums! In a space on 1 1/2 months from hearing that one song on radio.
A fun indie band that somehow mix classical and world influences and make it work! The last two albums take a bit more risk and need a little time to grow on you (but when they do, you'll be hooked! )
I suggest: oxford comma, a-punk, holiday and white sky
[Newest]They are mazing they should be on top for sure

THERE IS NOTHING THAT WILL EVER REPLACE THEM! Honestly, they are musical gods disguised as hipsters. They will change your life. PLEASE find your love for them! You won't be sorry. I <3 MGMT!
They are my other half. They changed the way I feel about music forever. I love Andrew VanWyngarden's voice and the way it flows beautifully with their psychedelic music style. They are one of my everyday obsessions. I won't even date people unless they like MGMT. It was love at first listen when I heard the song Electric Feel on the album Oracular Spectacular.
I love them as much as Spiderman loves Mary Jane. They can have fun yet meaningless lyrics and real deep lyrics that captivate and harness the soul. They give me EARGASM!
[Newest]Their new album is out and it just keeps adding to their everlasting phenomenon! I'll never forget Oracular Spectacular, but it's time for a new sound. Artists experiment and grow at their own pace, so let's sit back and watch them bloom.

16Mumford & Sons
They are the best band ever and I cannot believe people have really put such rubbish before them, however many are total critics of this bands folk sound, but that just makes them more EPIC!
Only 24!? That makes me want to scream. They make such quality music and all the members are so down to earth. I love the folk sound and Winston's banjo. Amazing band, best I've heard in a long time.
They have a folk sound to it.
[Newest]Oh Jesus, more mainstream bands. Give me a damn break

17The Kooks
This is truly a unique band. Not only is Luke Pritchard's voice soothing yet exciting, but the sound from the band intertwines into sheer perfection. Their constant experimentation is also a plus!
They're amazing! I really like their songs, especially See The Sun and Seaside, everyone should listen to their music!
Don't think they're the best but still should be further up. Naive is one of the greatest songs ever. My list : 1. Arctic Monkeys 2. Oasis 3. Kaiser Chiefs 4. Killers 5. Kooks 6. Wombats 7. Imagine Dragons 8. Arcade Fire 9. Fratellis 10. Vampire weekend. THE SCRIPT ARE NOT INDIE ROCK.
[Newest]Hey... I like all songs the kooks

18The Smiths
How many bands have been influenced by these incredible musicians wouldn't be surprised if all that came after them on this list were
I'm almost sickened of the fact that the smiths are at 53...
The Smiths were the sole creators and promoters of indie music- their low ranking is another sign of the ignorant youth who refuse to listen to beautifully aged music which has caused their favourite bands to exist.
[Newest]They were the ones who started it all

19Franz Ferdinand
First album (franz ferdinand) is one of the best albums in history, so in the indie-rock area they are awesome as well
Franz Ferdinand is mostly known for "Take Me Out". However, my favorite song by them is "Dark of the Matinee", which starts out with a genius guitar rift. Also, "All My Friends" is a powerful song with a deep meaning.
Amazing band. How they are able to create such interesting music is beyond me. "Ulysses" is by far one of my favorite songs ever, so deliciously dark. All their songs has something special about them - definitely worth checking out.
[Newest]No competition, franz hands down.

Heck, Pixies are an incredible band. Their music is weird, imaginative (and often rude, I know), but groundbreaking too. Pixies are a major influence to so many of the really famous bands everybody knows, yet their contribution is shamefully unseen. These guys deserve to be No. 1; way better than all those listed above (and I am a fan of some too), especially better than Arctic Monkeys, and just... Yeah. Incredible.
69?!? Come on!? Pixies are one of the best rock bands ever!
This is one of the most important bands in rock history, most bands on this list owe a lot to Pixies, and somehow this is at 50.

Pixies may not be the best band in the genre, but they still deserve to be WAY higher.
[Newest]Simply AMAZING. Stop, no objection

21The Shins
Some of You people don't understand what indie means.

Coldplay, while is a totally awesome band, does not qualify. Nor do The Killers, The Script, or Kings of Leon.
The mere lack of The Pixies on this list makes it null and void.
I am a shins man myself.
Shins are top 5 INDIE, no doubt.

All the bands on this lists are, if not awesome, very good. But as some already has said, they aren't all indie.

New Slang is for every human being to listen to.
Awesome band. Yeah, Coldplay and The Killers are NOT indie bands. Along with Kings Of Leon, they both are pop bands.
.. Did you ever listen to a kings of leon song? How can you say they're pop? Have you got ears?
[Newest]The Shins are comfortingly not well-known, so it is like a secret stash of mountain dew after school.

22The 1975
Every time I listen to one of their songs I get a feeling I can't explain It's the most beautiful yet painful feeling I've ever had and I never wanna stop feeling that way while listening to their music. Their music is real art. You can literally feel the passion.
One of my favourite bands ever! I really love the songs Girls, Sex, Chocolate and Money :) check them out
Honestly The 1975 should have been in the top 10 but I'm glad that Arctic Monkeys are because they changed my life and helped me but The 1975 also should have been

Maybe not true indie, but makes amazing songs with great lyrics and beautiful music.
They are amazing, great music, good lyrics... When you listen to them you find yourself in peace... Excellent band, love them
I personally love coldplay. They have meaningful lyrics with a story and they speak to so many people world wide that's why they are the best indie band.
[Newest]Not exactly indie, and I love Imagine Dragons too, but they're already at #3 so I'll vote for Coldplay

24Kings of Leon
Pretty much everyone knows this band because of Sex On Fire and Use Somebody but they have been making good music for a while now.
The first band I've become obsessed with and the only band that never disappointed me. I've been a fan for more than 5 years now and they can surprise me, while they are also true to what they believe in and play the music they want to, not paying the music they are told to play. BEST BAND EVER
UNREAL band. Their new stuff is good but their old stuff? Unbelievable. Knocked Up, On Call, Arizona, Fans... And that's just off Because of the Times!
[Newest]The bands is amazing. People only know them for sex on fire and use somebody but they have so many songs that are better. If someone is looking for indie material listen to the album come around sun down.

25The Wombats
I don't understand why The Wombats are ranked as the best indie band! They've inspired me to play guitar.
Arctic monkeys, the killers are undoubtedly talented, but are too overrated. I mean come on, the wombats? 23? Are you kidiing me? THIS IS THE BEST INDIE ROCK BAND TO EVER EXIST ON THIS PLANET! They are the reason why I listen to this genre. everyone should give em a listen because they are truly talented and define perfection.
The Wombats are secretly gods sharing their mother f-Ing awesome music with us. They deserve at least top ten!
[Newest]Honestly so underrated, kinda good though because it keeps them underground. Deserve more attention though, latest album is absolutely amazing.

26Neutral Milk Hotel
Neutral Milk Hotel always did their own thing, which is the true meaning of an "independent" band. They released only two albums, but that was enough, and they continue to tour because they love their music. They don't release album after album of tired, boring and forced material. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is one of the best albums ever made, and it is impossible to argue otherwise.
Every one of these lists is disgusting and voting for Neutral Milk Hotel is the only way to salvage this one. Indie means independent, plebs.
10/10 by Pitchfork magazine and really the only indie band on this list. Coldplay are NOT indie seriously they're on major record labels
[Newest]Disgusting list. Absolutely terrible website, but it's not their fault, it's people being ridiculously stupid

These guys should definitely be closer to the top. Alt-J was the #1 touring band in the world last year, the vocalist, like many indie-rock artists, has a very unique sound but even more so than the majority. The Instrumental structure in their music paints imagery to most every mood you could possibly imagine.
Such an amazing band, one of very few bands to break new ground with their music. An Awesome Wave is my favourite album of the last decade if not all time, if you haven't listened to it you haven't lived...
How is Alt-J so far down the list?! One of the best indie rock bands around, their debut album is just brilliant start to end, their particular style of music makes them irreplaceable, a favorite. must-listen.
[Newest]One of the greatest and most memorable debut albums ever. Hooks you from the first tune - they deserve to be higher up - Top 5 at least

Muse WERE Indie, but they became commercial (too mainstream) after Black Holes and Revelations. Anyways, you can always find some of their good songs on the internet. Happy search, and long live Muse.
Umm why are muse down here and not in 1st some would say that they aren't in this genre but muse are so good that they should be top of lists for folk, country, classical, rock heavy metal and pop.
How the hell are the this far down, they are so inspirational and produce songs like plug in baby and muscle museum, om sorry but the script can not compare and muse should be no1
[Newest]They aren't indie, but they're still very good

29The Script
I agree that The Script is not an indie rock band but lots of fans of true indie rock bands like The Strokes and The Fratellis like The Script as an alternative choice. People who listen to radio music think they're hardcore when they listen to rap. Indie rock fans think they're bad ass when they listen to The Script :D
My most favorite band! Once I only listened to their music just with my ears, and I already fell in love. Then I saw their love performance, went line by line of their lyrics, damn, those are lethal combination. Plus, I love their personality... They are very nice people...
One of the top bands in the UK these days (although they're Irish), they are mainstream but it doesn't really matter since they make some good stuff.
[Newest]I love The Script. One can sense the passion, honesty and sincerity with which they write their song. I feel that they should be number one on this list.

All of their music is amazing. Each and every album. They should really be A LOT higher and they have a very original sound.
The best indie rock music around these days, they are amazing at everything they do, the music its incredible, the vocals amazing and when all comes together its just epic every time you hear a song, one of my favorite band of all time. Just plain awesome
Each and every of their songs is my favorite! Not only the well known ones but also less popular like butcher blues which is probably the one I like the most... Number 1 is way under the place they deserve!
[Newest]They won me over with 'empire " music video to be honest. Kasabian owns my ass

Their new album may not be indie at all, but wolfgang amadeus phoenix was the best album I heard in years!. I think the lyrics are the greatest part. At least top 10 would make it!
So good! Diverse, great lyrics and vocals, Bankrupt is one of the best albums out right now! You won't regret listening!
Phoenix is the BEST INDIE BAND just people with knowledge about art and music will agree
[Newest]These guys are great I've never heard a bad song by them but we all know who's the best indie band is am

32Young the Giant
Awesome Band!
Just recently found out about them, and honestly I can't stop listening to their music:) I can't believe it wasn't on this list until now.
Amazing band, tune, lyrics, vocals, it had everything you could ask a band to have and more!
I don't know how these guys aren't more popular by now! Better than 90% of the crap that's popular today.
[Newest]BEST BAND EVER. Their album "Young the Giant" makes me happy every time I listen to it!

33The Fray
Maybe the band has lost popularity since their self titled album, nevertheless many of their songs define indie. Love them!
My favorite piano rock band ever
I absolutely love them. Can't get enough of them. They should be higher on that list.

34Bon Iver
Not only "Skinny Love" but all his other songs, all are amazing. People should listen to them as well, they are just as good!
Skinny love. Best song of this era.
"For Emma" makes me want to faint, it's sooo good!

35The Libertines
I absolutely love The Libertines. Although they might not be 100% indie rock, I'd say that they're in the genre enough to be on this list; in fact, their musical style should bring them up higher on the list. Just listen to "What Became of the Likely Lads" and "Music When the Lights Go Out" to understand how great they were. The Libertines opened up a path for so many other bands. Babyshambles was also really good.

That being said, one of my favorite, if not my favorite, band on here is probably Vampire Weekend. I love their newest album, Modern Vampires of the City, especially for its subtle lyrical intellectuality (just listen to "Hudson"). However, I voted for The Libertines because they completely deserve to be higher than what they are.
The libertines will go down as the greatest Indie Band of all time, mainly because of the fact that they sung about their own relationship and daily struggles.

Things we can all relate to.

Also if you don't get the libertines yet, then you haven't listened to them enough. Sometimes you need to put the effort in to appreciate a band...
One of the greatest songwriting team of all time. They never get old and basically opened the door for all the british rock bands that followed (arctic monkeys, palma violets etc) Plus, the black keys are amazing but they're blues not indie...
[Newest]Scrolling, and scrolling, and here we are Libertines. libertines should at least top 10 or 5. and why is the script in this list?

36Kaiser Chiefs
I think that kaiser chiefs should be in 2 place beacause they're shows are amazing! 2 place to kaiser chiefs after arctic monkeys
The band is awesome and the live performances are outstanding! I can't believe that they aren't on top 3!
This band is awesome! I love this band since 2005. Their songs and concerts are amazing! Kaiser Chiefs forever in my heart!

37Built to Spill
There would be no Modest Mouse, Death Cab, or many of theses other bands without Built to Spill. The only other bands on this list who have had as much influence are the Smiths, Pixies. Built to Spill was a giant influence, and still rock today! Can't wait for their new album to come out this next year!
Perfect From Now On is one of the few albums that truly amaze me. In awe of this band.
Built To Spill is a great band.


38Bombay Bicycle Club
BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB SHOULD TOP THIS LIST IF ARCTIC MONKEYS ARE number 1. I'm not a hater of the mokeys however I feel that if we are talking true indie bands that bombay suit this description more then any of the others on this list. Their extraordinary third album " A Different Kind Of Fix" is a modern classic in the genre of indie music today. I reccomend for new fans that they listen to bombays unbelievably catchy singles such as shuffle, lights out words gone, always like this, magnet, evening/morning, ivy and gold, as well as flaws. All three of bombay's albums are beautifully crafted masterpieces of sheer talent in its rawest form. BOMBAY for number 1 is what I say, a true band!
SERIOUSLY! Bombay should be at least in the top ten. Kings of Leon and Coldplay aren't even indie (this is a bad list).
Bombay bicycle is the best band ever, why is this number 47?
[Newest]True indie rock! Superb songs

39The Fratellis
Killers and kings of leon do not deserve to even be in the top 50! The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys, Strokes, Wombats, Libertines, and Vampire Weekend are true indie bands!
Go listen to youth and young manhood, aha shake or because of the times ( but even the new one mechanical bull) albums by kings of leon ;) and remember, you don't know a band only if you listen to their first songs on wikipedia's list
Best band ever! I've been a fan for years, they totally deserve this spot!
How are the Fratellis so far down this list? These guys are fan-bloody-tastic. Absolutely brilliant, they deserve to be higher up this list.
[Newest]My favourite band for years!

40The White Stripes
They are genuine indie, and I love how it's a husband and wife band. You rarely see that.
Come on this is a great band
Grooving drum and Guitar
[Newest]JAck WHite is a genius!

41Sonic Youth
My gosh. They are way too far down. Most of these bands aren't even indie. The more commercial success a band has, the higher it gets voted. Simple as that.
This band is amazing, their sound was at least two decades ahead of their time, which is incredible! A really rare unique band. Listen to Teenage Riot and Goo and you will know what I mean. Sonic Youth is the definition of Indie-Rock.
The best alternative band ever.
Great and influential band
[Newest]They are the best.

42The xx
The best band of the universe
The XX is so eccentric. This band describes Indie perfectly!
Their songs are so calming. Intro is ingenious and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!
[Newest]Absolutely love this band! Deserves to be in at least top 20, if not top 10!

43The Neighbourhood
This band has some awesome songs. Especially Sweater Weather! And the lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, is so sexy! My all time #1 favorite. Band of all time
The Neighbourhood is one of the best indie rock bands out there! They should seriously, at least, be in the top 20! Need convincing? Listen to these songs by the neighbourhood: Sweater weather, how, wire and afraid. You'd fall in love with them in no time!
This band is just perfect, nothing more to say
[Newest]Why are they at the bottom... MY FAVORITE BAND!

Pavement are not only hands down the greatest indie band ever they are also one of the greatest bands of all time, period.
Pavement, The Smiths, (early) Modest Mouse, Elliott Smith; these (amongst others) are examples of TRULY indie bands. Whilst I love the likes of The Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club, anyone who knows what they're on about will realise that they are not actually proper indie bands.
I understand why they're at 68, (they're not popular) but I still think that they and The Smiths are the two greatest indie bands of all time.

Early Interpol easily crushes any of Arctic Monkeys album. The thing is that AM is overly hyped, though in reality Interpol should be on top (together with Joy Division, which is so underrated here as well).
I don't know if they are indie, but interporl is one of the best band I'd ever heard
Once you get into Interpol their songs will stay with you forever. Along with The National they are in my opinion the best Indie rock band.

How to Fight Loneliness

47Brand New
No one has ever made music like this ever before with this amount of musicality and this much emotion. Jesse lacey might as well change his name to Zeus, a god of gods because indie is the best music genre their is and he is the god of it. Just listen to play crack the sky live in Seattle and you'll all know why they are the best. Plus, Andy hull can be his co god. And Justin Vernon(bon iver Is so good). I hope brand new isn't done making music together. No one has or ever will make music like them.
Though arctic monkeys is one of my favorite bands, I gotta say brand new needs to be number 1 or t least close to it. They are so unique with a variety of song styles. Whether its one of their happy songs or sad ones each and every one of thm is full of meaning.
Clearly people don't know this band or else they would have been easily #1
[Newest]It is a sin not to have this band in top 5 of this list.

I LOVE BLUR! They were one of my first tastes of indie rock back in the 90's, and I've loved them ever since I was little.
Couldn't decide between these guys or the White Stripes
I love their style, they made the britishpop what else did I can say?

FOals are just one of the best indie rock band and one of the most original too... Songs from the first album have math. Rock and dance punk elements. In there second album "Total Life Forever" have elements of post punk and electro rock there third album is a combination of the first two... I love this band... Start by listening to cassius and go on
Foals!... They're just amazing... I mean, Providence, Spanish Sahara, Late Night are just awesome songs... I haven't decided which one of the latest albums I like the most! Listen to both of 'em!
Listened to them nonstop for the past month, hope they move up from 71 haha!
[Newest]I can't understand, at least they deserve a higher place on this list. The sound of their guitars ist the most beautiful.

50The Postal Service
They only have one album, but it is one of the greatest albums of all time. They should defiantly be up there in the top ten if not number one. One of the greats bands of all time.
The Postal Service's chillout music mixed with calm vocals are contrasted by their breakbeat drum patterns. The Postal Service is an excellent band that everyone should check out, especially if you like Death Cab for Cutie (because the vocalists are the same person).

51Tame Impala
"Feels like we only go backwards" is amazing, one of the best songs on this whole list so far, and I've been going in order of bands and really surprised I had to go this far down for such perfection.
Just wait till they get more albums out, then people will eventually give them the praise they deserve
Really? Oh unbelieveable. Their music... Really modern psychedelic. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, can't stop listen to it

52Neon Trees
Awesome band, I love Them so much!

53The National
The National's greatness is in the details. Once you start liking their songs, you're addicted. Very personal. Very deep. Very diversified.
Amazing band everything about them is awesome!

54Never Shout Never
The best band ever, love all song, the old and the new, christopher drew is amazing ^-^
Great albums, the best indie band, love them
They are fantastic and should be number one on this list!

Perfect indie pop band!
They at least deserve top5
Best band live ever, songs that pull at your heart strings in the best way.
By far # 1

WHY THE HECK ARE THEY HERE?! The words, the words to their songs are so inspiration and motivating, I just love them.
Some great music. I cannot stop listening to Sail, my favorite.

57Bloc Party
Listen to the song Helicopter by this band then come back here and rightly vote for this band. Do it. Now.
One direction are above bloc party? Kill me now! This band is inspirational, you just have to listen to helicopter or like eating glass and you're hooked!
These guys are amazing, countless riffs that really make you appreciate real music and fantastic lyrics

58The Cure
The Cure is timeless, and I've loved their work since I was a little kid. My mom loved them back in the 80's, and it's stretching to this generation. Hopefully their music will never die after all these years of changing lives.
The Cure means everything to me, I can hear 24/24 the lovesong and surely my favourite album was the "Disintegration".
The cure is the band that prctically inspired nearly all of these group, the fact its not on this list is ridiculous, they deserve to be at least top 20. there music is amix of everything and they have never copied or been changed by whats happening in the music world at the time. they're career spanning nearly 4 decades speaks for itself.

59Mayday Parade
I love MAYDAY PARADE for the song Stay and The memory are really awesome

60Joy Division
Agreed that Love will Tear us apart is the reference for indie songs.
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" is probably the best indie song of all time. The defination of being "indie" might be to sit all alone in a dark room and listen to Joy Division.
God I love Joy Division.

61Portugal. The Man
Brilliant music. My favorite band. Every album is unique and every single song is fantastic.
Brilliant music. My favorite band. Each album is unique and every single song is fantastic.

62The Hoosiers
They were a HUGE success in the UK back in 2007/8 with their brilliant debut album. Songs such as Goodbye Mr. A, Worried About Ray and Cops And Robbers charted very well and Worst Case Scenario (their best song) is a brilliant Indie Rock song.
Take me to church is unforgettable!

63Yeah Yeah Yeahs
They deserve a way higher rank
They should be on the top
Just a great band that has trascended through time... "like the flag of indie movement"

64Bright Eyes
NUMBER 48?! You've got to be kidding. Conor's lyrics are easily some of the best this generation has seen, heard, felt, etc. Arctic Monkey's are good, but number 1? No. NO.
Why aren't there any comments about Bright Eyes? Seriously. this music is some of the best out there!
Number 58? But, how...

65Passion Pit
This band is very amazing. All of their songs are a hit they should be in first place right now, I don't see how anyone could not love this band so amazing.
They really make outstanding original songs and also great remix of songs from fellow indie rock bands and whatnot.
No other group mixes such happy and melodic music and deep emotional power with such ease, awesome group. Gossamer always on repeat with me.
[Newest]They are actually Electronic Pop/Indie, but still altogether a great band!

66Grizzly Bear
I love this track by grizzy bear, will calls. try it out! Great band, they're also a top pick for me

Outstanding! Just Hear They Are Fantastic
Absolutely amazing band. Amazing live too. Check out The Draw, Icarus, Flaws and of course Pompeii.
Amazing songs that make you contemplate a lot. Love their music and everything about them.
[Newest]They're wicked, mental, insane.


69The Temper Trap
I absaloutly live The Temper Trap! They are amazing and they have written such good songs! It's so good that they are Aussie. My Favourite song is Fadar. It is so good
One of best bands ever! Love new album... You guys rock like a master!
THe only Asian singer in indie rock history.. And and good looking if I was gay ill date him laugh out loud.. Jk is a great band

Really underrated band. Listen to them right now

71The Vaccines
Can't believe they are not on this!, go listen to them right now listen to "if you wanna" one of the best indie bands out just now, and deserve more recognition
I love the vaccines, they are amazing, I suggest these to all devoted indie rock music lovers. I believe they should take imagine dragons spot at #2!
BEST BAND IN THE WORLD! This is my absolute favorite band. This is quality music right here.

72Band of Horses
Listening to this band for years now! Their songs make me calm down and relax

73Snow Patrol
Why they were not on this list is beyond me! Such an amazing band, yet I believe The Shins are most certainly better! I don't mind the track about my country 'Australia'
Come on, these guys are awesome.. Should be top 10
Great. why aren't they near the top? Same with keane
[Newest]I love this band, come on, why aren't they higher?

74The Stone Roses

Kelly Jones is the most talented rock singer there has been for a very long time

76The Drums

77The Cribs
I love The Cribs, grew up listening to Indie Rock as that was my parents favourite genre of music and The Cribs are the ones I remember the most and I'm glad I do, they are brilliant.

78Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Such chill music, but so great. they need to be higher up on this list! Listen to 'dear believer' and 'home' for me please

79The Subways
So underrated. This is fantastic band, just listen to Rock'n'roll queen and you'll understand me

80My Morning Jacket
My Morning Jacket deserves more respect. Watch their live show on David Letterman when they set up their concert stage and performed for the audience! One song? Two songs? Hell no, My Morning Jacket performed a concert!
Want to be amazed? Listen to their remake of Rocket Man
Greatest Indie band playing. True Indie

81Tegan and Sara
AMAZING DUO. Could these two be more talented and adorable? DOUBT IT.
They changed my life. Love them. They are so much more than musicians.
Superior catalog. Way underrated.

82Silversun Pickups
Not really Indy but the first 3 albums are hard to resist. Believe you in me.

Simply the best band in the world. They are indie rock. Their vocals, lyrics and piano are the best. Listen Hopes & Fears, Under the Iron Sea and Strangeland albuns. They are perfect. I'm a big fan.
Their concert blew me away. The best concert I'd ever been too. Lovely songs, great lyrics, and Tom's voice was so beautiful, I got goose bumps.
Their first albums are truly amazing. They have songs which are full of inspiration.
[Newest]I love them... my favourite everybody's changing.. You guys rock

84Of Monsters and Men
They are one of the best bands around at the moment and should be at least in the top 10
Amazing band, Their music is just... Unbelievable, when you need an uplift, their music is the way to go...
They have nice music and such beautiful voices, sexy voices! Their music is original and makes me travel in my head. Absolutely love em!
[Newest]Crystals is just amazing

Come... This is the GODFATHER of Indie Rock and in my opinion musically in a league of his own... One of the most prolific and THE most underrated musician songwriter of our day... I guess like Nick Drake he will have to find his fame posthumously.

86Cage the Elephant
These guys are awesome, and have a nice garage band feel. They are just amazing and they should have been on this list sooner. So many good songs like In One Ear, Aberdeen, Ain't No Rest for the Wicked, Shake Me Down, and personal favorite Sabertooth Tiger, just to name a few. They Kick Ass.


Simply one of the best bands I've heard. As someone said they have that garage feel and the "Ain't no rest for the wicked" couldn't be any better.
Pretty good band and I'm a guy who is very influenced by classic rock. I'm not that much into the hole indie thing either. Still pretty good
[Newest]How are these guys not further up? Great band and the definition of indie, they're as innovative as it gets!

I was SO shocked to see that Weezer was not on this list, and it's a huge disappointment. With singles like Say It Ain't So, Island in the Sun, and Beverly Hills, I don't know why they haven't been added yet. You may think you've never heard their songs before, but if you listen to ANY of the ones I mentioned, you will quickly realize that you have.

He best Mexican rock band I've ever heard
Is the best indie rock band in spanish

A world class band, Miracle, blind, wonderful life, illuminated. Listen to it!

Midnight City is an upbeat, yet relaxing EP that I have danced to, and relaxed to.

91Asian Kung-Fu Generation
The best band ‚ô°

92Wild Sweet Orange

93Maximo Park

94Right Away, Great Captain

95Kevin Devine


97The Decemberists
Not on here... Why?
Colin Meloy is certifiable musical genius. Their songs are catchy and memorable and the lyrics are fantastic!
16 Military Wives
Legionnaire's Lament
O Valencia
Here I Dreamt I was an Architect
This Is Why We Fight
Eli The Barrow Boy
On the Bus Mall
Of Angels and Angles
This is on of my favorite bands. It's one of those things that you love so much, and you forget that nobody else knows about it, until you bring it up, and everyone quirks an eyebrow. And you have to refrain yourself from shoving every single piece of music they've ever written in your friend's face.
You know... if that's ever happened to anyone else but me...

98Fleet Foxes
Great band to follow. Great compositions. Great! Great! Great!

This is my favorite indie band but I voted for my 3rd favorite, Pixies, because I didn't even know Fugazi made it on the list!
I can't believe the list is actually devoid a Fugazi entry. Minor Threat? Ian Mackaye? Discord Records? Damn people!

100Paper Lions
Pretty Awesome band!, reminds me of The Beatles, Travelling--good song

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