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They haven't released anything but incredible albums. Halcyon digest sticks out as a masterpiece

Amazing Band, Halcyon Digest being their best work

142Peter Bjorn and John

Peter Bjorn & John bring a fresh new sound to the indie rock scene, and it's rather refreshing in my opinion.

My favorite song is up against the wall. I haven't heard a bad song from them. They are truly genius

Peter Bjorn and John make music like no other!
2nd chance and young folk is as unique as they could get!

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143Band of Skulls

There are about 15 bands on this list I'd love to vote for but when I realised Band Of Skulls wasn't on the list, I knew that I had to add them. Songs such as ' The Devil Takes Care Of His Own', 'Sweet Sour' and 'I Know What I am ' are easily as good as any Arctic Monkeys or Arcade Fire track I've heard

144Hail Social
145The Unicorns

These guys are amazing and quite unusual. Love their music. Give I Was Born A Unicorn a listen.

146Noah and the Whale

Their song, 5 years time, is beautiful. I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it. They have lots of great songs.

147The Paper Kites

They're nice. I'm gonna shove the "They're the best" speech, because, well, they're not. But they are nice, calm, and it's rather nice to listen to. It sounds like a gesture of Angus & Julia Stone mixed with Fleet Foxes.
Listen to "Featherstone" by them if you feel like giving them a chance.

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148The VerveThe Verve were an English rock band formed in Wigan in 1990 by lead vocalist Richard Ashcroft, guitarist Nick McCabe, bass guitarist Simon Jones and drummer Peter Salisbury. Guitarist and keyboard player Simon Tong became a member at a later date.

They helped shape the indie rock scene of the 90's, and that decade wouldn't have been the same without their leading single, Bittersweet Symphony.

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149Walk the Moon

Walk the moon is amazing! They have beautiful songs and so much energy in concert, I can't believe that they aren't higher on the list.

They're so good. They have that 80s vibe in some of their songs. Talking Is Hard is such a feel good album.

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150Glass AnimalsV2 Comments
151Unknown Mortal OrchestraV1 Comment
152CourteenersV1 Comment
153Cloud Control

BEST INDIE BAND! AMAZING good feeling music, hidden gem!

154The Rifles

One of the best bands nowadays!

155HelmetHelmet is an American alternative metal band from New York City formed in 1989. Founded by vocalist and lead guitarist Page Hamilton, Helmet has had numerous lineup changes, and Hamilton has been the only constant member.

Page Hamilton is a juggernaut and Amphetamine Reptile Records was just so lucky to discover and sign his outfit of the time. Amazingly Helmet exists to this day, although Hamilton remains the sole original member. Foundation-influential in the hard rock genre coming out of the early 90's and to be respected for their influence overall on the genre.


Strays into indie pop territory but has very much rock elements. I'd recommend starting with The Sophtware Slump. It's a stunningly atmospheric album, melancholic, about the fear of technology and mechanization, etc. Sweet vocals, fuzzy guitar work, dreamlike.

Awesome band if you are looking for something great that much people don't know about this is it but they're so good just not know


Lovely music by lovely people. Unique and real

I dare the UNIVERSE to bring me something better! I could never get sick of how creative their songs are and how they do everything for music,instead of fame!

158The Mountain Goats

I get why they/he isn't higher up. As was said before, only known bands make the top ten. Hell, even the smaller bands on here seem to be only known by their big songs, but the fact there hasn't been a single comment made is kind of amazing. John darnielle was short listed for the nation book award and is probably a better writer than a good percentage of the bands in here plus, for how prolific and long running they are, they've been consistently good. Plus they seem to be one of those acts that seems to get age very well.

Maybe not the best Indie band, but they are more indie than most of the items on this list.

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159Miniature Tigers

Songs like Cannibal Queen and Dark Tower, are incredible. Beautiful dreamy and haunting melodies on Dark Tower, really great to listen to at night. Cannibal Queen is unbelievably catchy and again has the dreamy fantasy element. MY FAVOURITE BAND EVER. They are what got me into Indie in the first place.

160A Silent Film

You will leave a mark is one of my all time favourite songs.

This band is amazing and deserves a lot more attention.

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