Top Ten Best Indie Rock Bands

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161The Faint
162Broken Bells

I'm a huge fan of this band, I thought it could be in at least the best fifty. I think that if try to listen to some of their music you could love them.

I'm Spanish so sorry for the spelling

PLEASE listen to this band if you like indie, or music in general in for that matter. A great band with James Mercer from the Shins and Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley.

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163The VaccinesV1 Comment
165Glass Towers

Probably the only one listening to them in India

Love them!

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Went to their concert, pretty bad. Wasted 25$ to see an untalented boy band.

Amazing band, high hopes is the best song I've heard

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Grouplove are simply the best thing that happened to this world in music! LOVE every song of theirs

They have awesome songs and the way the music sounds, the beats, the singing, fits really good.

This band is excellent! One of the best around right now.

They are very experimental and passionate, most of all.

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168Born Ruffians

Low key canadian band. Listen to Kurt Vonnegut and Barnacle Goose for a meaningful and deep trip.


Great band. Not nearly famous enough, they should be way high on this list. Its sad to see I have to add them

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170Red House Painters

Beautiful melodies matched with beautiful lyrics. A massively under-rated band.

171Clones of Clones
172St. Lucia

Every song is amazing I promise u will love

173The Avett Brothers
175Dear And The HeadlightsV1 Comment
176The Starting Line

Aaron Marsh has the most beautiful voice in the world. He could be singing about a ham sandwich and leave you in tears. - Luvaddict77


Really impressive catchy band... So underrated!

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179Dirty Pretty Things
180The Jealous Sound
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