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Which Jesus movie was the coolest, most influential and most touching?

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1The Passion of the Christ

I love this movie, it shows that how He suffered for our sins. But I want to tell every viewers that, Love Him not only because He suffered but love Him because He loved us first and because of that love He suffered for us. So love Him, Obey Him, be faithfull to Him... amen.


I really loved the movie after watching it I really feel that he is the king of all kings and had really changes my view on god..

The most influential and impacting movie, ever!

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2Jesus of Nazareth

This is my favourite movie about Jesus, as it covers his whole life (^^ death ^^ resurrection) in great detail. It shows his relationship with his followers, his mother, and his disciples. It's great for kids to watch too! A great family movie to watch leading up to Good Friday ^^ Easter Sunday.

It focuses also on the teachings of Jesus and his words of wisdom as well as his miracles instead of just his death and resurrection. It may be a bit long but it's well worth the watch. :D

This film is amazingly true to what Jesus must really have been like. The spirituality, gentleness, goodness and compassion that Robert Powell projects are spellbinding. In scenes like the feast in Matthew's house, where Jesus tells the story of the Eight Beatitudes, and in the Sermon on the Mount, it is like seeing and hearing Jesus himself speak. Throughout the film, the casting is excellent - I think particularly of Peter, John and Mary Magdalen but even the lesser parts are played with absolute conviction. This is one of the best films made, by any standards, and for a Christian, watching it is a truly religious experience.

I think Robert Powell did the best representation of Jesus that I ever saw on film. There are other films that follow the scriptures much better, but I feel the other actors fall much shorter in what I perceive Jesus to be in person. I am sure when I meet Jesus he is going to be different than the Jesus of the

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Although this film has some good points, it is ultimately blasphemous. I've watched it twice now, and have been sufficiently shocked to determine not to do so again.

Jeremy Sisto is well chosen: he looks the part and is sweet, gentle and loving; but he is at the mercy of mistaken directing and a trivializing script in which words from the bible which everyone knows, are abbreviated and modernized, losing much of their meaning in the process.

In trying to present Jesus as an ordinary man, the film goes too far, and the result is that he appears as a downbeat, hippy type, who is even capable of committing venial sins. It is very wrong to show him as capable of petty irritation, as when he wrestles with tools and throws them about after the death of Joseph (as opposed to his driving sinful traders from the Temple, which is done in a spirit of righteous anger). More than once, he is also shown dancing wildly, which is incompatible with the dignity of Jesus. The invention of a fancy for Jesus on the part of Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, is gratuitous and embarrassing; but by far the worst episode is the portrayal of the Sermon on the Mount, where Christ announces (or rather tries to announce) the Eight Beatitudes. He doesn't get very far, because he is interrupted immediately by silly jokes and inappropriate retorts from the crowd who fail to take him seriously, and Jesus is shown to laugh with them! In other words, he doesn't take his own role seriously, in his most important statement to mankind!

I have no complaints about the acting. Jeremy Sisto does what he can with a difficult role; Jacqueline Bisset is a wonderful Mary, and John the Apostle is also beautifully portrayed. Ultimately, however, the film trashes Jesus's message and utterly fails to convey any sense of his divinity.

This has to be the worst of the Jesus movies. Jesus was not an insecure airhead as depicted in this totally flawed film. Couture must have read the Gospels backwards to have so mangled the story of Jesus. This goes far beyond "artistic liberties", and is closer to premeditated assault. I'd like to press criminal charges against everyone culpable in this production.

I really enjoyed this movie. They showed him as a real person.

I believed most of all this is my best pick

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4King of Kings

Had hoped that you were making the king available for download! What good is it to vote if we can't see it?!
This is the greatest time of the year to get your Top 10 list viewed and responses. A listing of names only gets things started! How about following up now with downloads?! Thanks!

I love king of kings! Wait a minute... Where. Is. Godspell?

God bless you all for making such a film that inspire everyone god bless in jesus name amen

Is it me or does the poster look very similar to that of ben hur?

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5The Greatest Story Ever Told


A truly moving film.

I would love to watch this movie because it don't only tell us how JESUS have suffer for us but it gives us courage and it let us know that we are never alone. AND most importantly
It let us know that JESUS LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT.

Greatest actor depicting jesus

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6Visual Bible: Gospel of John

This is the greatest story and movie ever told about our Lord JESUS CHRIST, The LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS and true lover of all mankind. The movie was the only verse by verse of the greatest book in the bible, the book of John. The actors were anointed. Truly Lord JESUS is the SAVIOR and LORD of the world.

awesome movie! just love the way the actor portrays jesus' character

I think the actor did well on this. Same actor was nominated sometime in 90s.
Not looking for the best graphic but the performance makes up for it.
Love it.

This movie is a great movie & for me it's a tie between the Gospel of John passion of the Christ & son of God for the number one coolest & closer to what scripture tells us. & number 2 is greatest story ever told. & Jesus Christ Superstar. I gotta see Jesus of Nazareth 😊

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7The Last Temptation of Christ

the only movie to focus on jesus as a person, so we may understand him rather than just see him suffer on and on like in the passion which had no chARACTER DEVELOPMENT

This movie is disgusting. It is not about Jesus the Lord and Saviour of all men. It is made by men who wish to slander all of His meaning.

I tried to watch this movie with an open mind. Nothing against the actors, and despite the fact this is movie is a poor representation of Jesus, this was just a bad movie. This would would have been just as bad if the same writers did a story about any other person. I watched it through just to get an honest assessment of this film. Just really bad.

Anyone who is offended by this film obviously wasn't paying attention. Before the movie even starts, text on the screen informs the viewer that the film isn't based on the gospels. It's a fantastic film if you can leave your preconceptions at the door.

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8The Nativity Story

The nativity Story is a great movie if you haven't seen it I suggest you rent it

Wonderful movie loved it learned a lot from it

9Ben Hur

If you people don't know what this movie is, then you've been living under a rock. This is one of the biggest movies of all time which has won 11 oscars.

Despite Heston being in it, this is a great biblical-era movie.

Ben hur must be in top 3.

10The Miracle Maker

This movie has really helped me to catch the reality of the person of Jesus and helps me to relate to Him today as He is a resurrected man that we are to actually have a relationship with.

This was definitely the best, closest to the Biblical account, and most accurate in terms of what the people might have looked like. I wish it could be shown on network T.V..

Straightforward telling of the life of Jesus as recorded in the Bible. I loved the different animation techniques used to illustrate flashbacks. The stop action animation was very impressive.

This movie is so brilliant crafted in the stop motion animation world I give it a rating of 1 million stars & thumbs up. It is a film all families can sit down together an watch.

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The Contenders

11The Gospel According to St. Matthew
12The Visual Bible: Matthew
13Jesus Christ Superstar

This is an incredibly brilliant film. The story of Jesus is told through music with passion you feel to your core. I loved it as a kid and I still watch it every Easter now with my own children. The music is some of Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rices best. This is definitely my choice as the best Jesus movie ever made. I love it!

It's a great movie and its music was too good... more of that composition with modern world is fabulous... that claim that Jesus was also relevant in now days.

I have only watched a minuete of it and I didn't like it. In one part for example, They were singning in a garden before Jesus was arrested and crucified and seemed to make fun of the heavy emotions Jesus was probably really going through. This movie doesn't seem biblical/truthful and I don't like the downplaying message it sends to viewers like me about someone whom I care greatly about.

Where is Godspell? The above film's music may be Broadways best.

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this has to be one of the best. otherwise it wouldn't be on this list of best works of art on a mythical shepherd

15Mary, Mother of Jesus
16Jesus Camp
17God's Not Dead

Abysmal performances and harmful stereotypes are riddled throughout this painful movie from start to finish. - TheRiceKing

This movie was great because God's NOT dead. And if he was, everything would be possible. Athiest please listen I pray you find the light.

God cannot die, yes this is true. This movie speak up my mind.

I just love this movie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I Love that talks about that God isn't dead, that he is alive.

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18Son of God

It shows the life of Jesus, his love and teaching. It goes a little more detailed than Passion of Christ. It really shows that Jesus had love for every single person and even for the ones that wrongfully mistreated him even down to the time of his death on the cross. This movie is inspiring.

Jesus, he loves people more than himself.. He is the SON of GOD

This movie is not long... BUT NICE!

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19Monty Python's Life of Brian

I don't know how Christians are gonna react when they see this movie on the list.

This is a funny movie about a guy named Brian; that's all.

I'm a light Christina and this is hillarious.


This musical is based on the life of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of St. Matthew. However, what makes this movie special is that it is set in modern times. It shows us the teachings of Christ in a way never done before. Excellent songs, entertaining story and a powerful message.

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