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21Monty Python's Life of Brian

I don't know how Christians are gonna react when they see this movie on the list.

Controversial and funny on its release. Not so funny today. Often comedy dates, so does Brian.

This is a funny movie about a guy named Brian; that's all.

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22The Jesus Film

The most viewed, most translated film (more than 1200 languages) in history, this docudrama has every word Jesus speaks come directly from the Bible.

This has been the movie of my childhood. By the time I was 4, I had already watched it several times. It deeply moved me and I think it should have had a higher place on the list.

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23Jesus: He Lived Among UsV1 Comment
24The War Room

It made me realize I need to clean out a closet and have a prayer room

Loved this movie it made me a better and understanding person

25The Encounter

Great inspirational movie period!

I watch this movie twice it is a hearthwarming story also makes me cry

26The Robe

Should have received one of the top five spots

Should of gotten one of top five spots!

27The TestamentsV1 Comment
28The Young Messiah
29Killing JesusV1 Comment
30Quo Vadis
31The Last Days in the Desert

Jesus being tempted by the devil and an unusual run in with a family

32Heaven Is Real

This is an excellent movie and will touch the hearts of many

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