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OneRepublic forever! Do not let society fool you. This band is the most unique band there is. From lyrics to instruments to genres to anything. OneRepublic is that! The frontman of the band, Ryan Tedder wrote a lot of great songs that plenty people didn't know he wrote. He even writes for Maroon5 too, so when you hear a song from Maroon5 and thinks that Adam Levine (the singer of Maroon5) wrote it, well think again! Maroon5 don't always write their own songs, although, on the other hand, OneRepublic always have in the past and always will write their own songs. This is what makes them so different from all the others. They use a wide variety of instruments like a cello, bongos, or even a glockenspiel which is like a xylophone in fancier terms. They use different fusions of genres, which shows that they bassicly don't have a genre. Once it sounds good to them, they will make it. They're lyrics are just the best. Hey talk about life, love, and other things that are really worth a listen and worth of time. Try listening to OneRepublic f you don't listen to them or if you don't know them. Their music is life changing!
OneRepublic always has the best songs! They combine their songs beautifully, and fluently. Ryan Tedder has one of the most underrated voices. He can hit notes perfectly. The whole band has such an impact on how pop rock is looked at now days. You can't find a song off Native that you won't like. Okay maybe that was a little too much, but really they have great songs. If you haven't heard Feel Again, or Something I need, I'd advise you to check them out. I'm sure you have already heard If I lose myself. Their songs put you in a great mood if your in the worst. Easily the best pop rock band and personally my favorite as well. I use to be really big into Rap, but after I began to listen to OneRepublic I couldn't stop! It's amazing how much you can really love songs after you listen to them. Great band, none of the lower bands or singers compare! GO ONEREPUBLIC!
Onerepublic is one of the few bands that have brought something new to the pop scene.
Vocalist Ryan Tedder is charismatic singer that any band would want. Her vocal range is very large and he also has very charismatic voice and good sense of rhythm and he also have the ability to pull out falsetto with ease. I like Onerepublics music because they combine different elements from different genres of music like rap and classical music for example and you can see that in many songs. Also another band that should be on the top in this list is Imagine Dragons. Their music is kinda similar to Onerepublic but they have more electro, arena rock/pop sound with huge drum sounds and VERY powerful vocals with great diversity on their sound
[Newest]OneRepublic is the band who sang it's too late too apologize. That song right there makes them number 1!

2Maroon 5
Maroon 5 has such a unique and pleasing style of music they should definitely be number 1#. This list is outrageous Maroon 5 is such an amazing band an Adam Levine's voice is absolutely stunning.
I love the way they have their own unique sound that suits them very well. They don't try to copy any other band because they have their own way of showing the world their own sound.
It's very surprise to me that the mighty "Maroon 5" is can't even break top ten they should be on #1. They are one of few Pop Rock Star who could breaking into mainstream music. VOTE
[Newest]There the best in pop/rock genre

3Fall Out Boy
Their new album Save Rock and Roll is very pop rock, but I'm okay with that, cause it's really good :D
They so deserve higher
Okay really people FOB rocks!

4The Script
I CANNOT believe that anyone would think that Maroon 5 is in any way, shape or form better than The Script ( and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Maroon 5 too). The script should be Number 1 or at least 2. They're just amazing and so consistent in their delivery of the most beautiful and soul touching songs ever. They also write and produce all their songs themselves so you know when they pour our their hearts on a track, that's really what they're feeling at that time. The way I like to think about it is: whatever situation you're in, there's a The Script song for you. come on people, these Irish guys are incredible.
Are you kidding me? #35? Dang you should listen to their songs like The Man Who Can't Be Moved or Breakeven. They are awesome!
Come on guys--you know you love "Breakeven"

R5 is just not a new teen pop Disney group. They worked so hard and from the beginning and never gave up and look where they are now. Some people may say that they don't have talent, I respect their opinion because I'm not a crazy fan girl, but just so you know they learn to play the instruments they play right now they aren't just some pretty boy (and girl) who sings and people like that I could make you a list right now beginning with 1D. And to the person that says that they can't write songs, it's just because you have listened to the new songs. The new are not completely written by them but the old ones like Keep away from this girl, always... are good songs and some are better than the ones right now. About the fact that they write only about love songs may be true but you know what they say, you write what they know and sorry if R5 doesn't write about the effects of drugs like others band do. And lastly some people really need to stop saying that R5 is a Disney band because they are not, only Ross is acquainted with them and A&A is near the end.
TOTALLY LOVE THIS BAND! Not only is the band a family, but their fans are part of the #R5family and they're all treated like family too. They taught themselves how to play their instruments and they're just so talented! R5 started as a family of young kids with dreams and look at them now!
Just another teen pop group who's meant to appeal to teen girls based on their looks. EXACTLY like 1D in sound and genre. Talent wise, at least 1D has good looks to justify their fame. R5 doesn't even have that. And the fact that their fans treat Ross like God, claiming he is a better singer than Freddie Mercury and a better guitarist than Jimi Hendrix--R5 fans, learn what music is. Their songs are just autotuned pop that only has a catchy synth beat, the lyrics have no meaning except to be a generic pop song. If you want real music, listen to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. If not, keep listening to your Disney music.


[Newest]I love r5 they are amazing went to a concert and it was the best day of my life

6Imagine Dragons
They deserve to be on top simply because they have a unique style and because they're just. The best
They really deserve to be on top because everyone of their songs has a different style
They have the best style and I think they should be before fall out boy

7Avril Lavigne
Yes! Avril deserves to be at least in the top 5 if not the first. She is such an inspiration to all the kids worldwide and my parents love her music too. It has such a deep meaning in almost everything she writes. She is my idol-the best artist in the world! I grew up listening to her songs without knowing that they were by her. When I really started to listen to music, I figured out that avril was the rock goddess behind all of it. Now, I truly admire her, for she is so amazing. She never disappoints her fans, ans always comes out with great music. I love you Avril!
I'm 12 and I already know that avril lavigne should be top because she isn't a poser and fake like some of the other artist in the world. She also won't resort to drugs like other artist, she is a huge role model for me as
I thought, she would be number 1, maybe 3, but 31?!? I don't really listen to pop rock (normally rock and metal) but Let Me Go brought me to her music because of Chad Kroeger. Then I listened to Complicated, Girlfriend, What The Hell and it was just perfect. She's definitely the best with the Beatles, BUT One Direction is not pop rock!
[Newest]Avril is the best~ The End... No more argument

8Bryan Adams

I have never heard one of their songs that doesn't have emotion. Definitely my favorite band
They are the best pop rock band of all time
love them so much they are best
pat voice is the best EVER!
I am a huge fan of train. I have listened all of their greatest hits and the best selling ones..
Patrick is really a great singer...
[Newest]Their just so musical and talented

10My Chemical Romance
I love My Chemical Romance although they changed their image after Black Parade. Still an awesome band. Its a massive shame that they had to break up after being together for so long


Just amazing love em, they gotta get back together, awesome songs, dead, I am not okay, love their albums and stuff
Welcome to the black parade is the single best song ever!
[Newest]They are absolutely my favorite band ever, it's so sad that they separated :(

The Contenders


12Simple Plan
Best pop rock artist by far is duran duran... I mean I love simple plan but duran duran is classic! My top three are
1 duran duran
2 simple plan
3 pink
Those are THE BEST! Screw the jonas sisters and miley pukis:/ pick the classics first and go from there... Vote even though its not on the damn list
They're the BEST! You'll never find better than simple plan these days!
They must be at the top 5 if not the first cause according to me this is the best band of all time SP forever!
[Newest]This Band Saved My Life..

13Robbie Williams
There isn't another Artist that comes close to Robbie Williams, he's done some awesome rock songs and he is the king of pop-rock.
The Kings of Pop-Rock

14One Direction
I really don't know why this is even on this list, one direction is a crappy boy group that used to have five members but now is four. This group is way overrated. I mean, everything about them sucks. Their songwriting, their songs themselves and a lot more that makes them highly overrated. I suggest you check out OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons or The Fray instead because they are way better bands. Face the facts, One direction is crap. If you believe in those foolish teenage girls, get a life, seriously. As I said, their are a lot of other bands that have way more talent than one direction. Don't listen to those stupid teenage girls listen to the more experienced people who know what real music is. I am sure that if you want to be successful you shouldn't listen to this. Sorry to say that to all of the fans out their but its true. People have to move on in life than just listening to one direction. I suggest you listen to better music. Listen to real bands who actually know how to play real instruments and write way better songs. Not a fake WANNABE band who pretend to play instruments and write horrible songs. Hell, even Just in Bieber was better than these guys. At least he can dance and sing exceptionally well although his writing wasn't really good. Please listen to other bands who make real music and write meaningful songs like:OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, The Fray, Train, Paramore or Coldplay. Not this stuff by one direction we get today called music.
What the hell is wrong with this list? One Direction above the Beatles? One direction isn't even near rock!
To all the ignorant fools out there, they ARE pop-rock. Anybody who's listened to Midnight Memories knows that... Half the songs in MM are clearly classified as POP-ROCK. And they DESERVE to be in the top 5. They are THE most talented singers in 30 million girls' opinion.


15Katy Perry
It does not say "bands" what are you guys talking about?


Yeah on things that pops up on my mind! Is she a band? Laugh out loud
Oh come on. Up there, it says 'BANDS'. Not musicians. Have nothing against Katy Perry.

16The All-American Rejects

17The Fray
Why isn't this band higher on the list? How to save a life and Over my Head were huge hits back then!

18Forever The Sickest Kids
Yes man awesome band thes will be the top soon
There name says it all

19The Beatles
To be truthful, They are number one, only followed by Maroon Five, Pink Floyd, Rolling stones, Kiss, and Aerosmith. Speaking of that, HOW ARE ALL OF THESE BANDS BEHIND THE JONAS BROTHER. THAT IS LIKE SAYING THAT A HEART ATTACK IS BETTER THAN UNLIMITED JOY.
There isn't another artist or band that comes close to the Beatles. Greatest musical innovators ever while always maintaining mainstream appeal. Simply brilliant and have left a legacy that will likely never be matched.
They created rock music! And what is One Direction doing in front of them? They are not the new Beatles! Like Paul McCartney said, it's the kiss of death, if you are called the next Beatles, then you are expected to do what they did - change the world. One Direction will never change the world...
[Newest]How are they not number 1.

20Bee Gees
Great songs and harmony

Pink is one of the best pop rock singers, pink at least at top 10
The queen of pop rock. This goddesses needs to be number 1!
The queen of pop rock

22Tina Turner

23Every Avenue
I love this band! (: they are great

24Blink 182
Best Band? That's no question, because all know that the best band is Blink-182.
Better than anyone else on this list by far, but not pop rock, they're pop punk. Plain and simple.
The best there was, the best there is, and the best there will be... Blink 182

25All Time Low
I love all time low. best band everr
ALT low are the best. Ever.
Whoa why's All time low 30 it should be 1st or 2nd, come on they are cool


27I See Stars
! I see stars has got to be one of the best bands ever!
I See STARS. I love them!

28Michael Bolton

29Boys Like Girls
Boyslikegirls is modern pop rock bend with smooth pop rock songs. They guys are very popular in Croatian too.

30Icarus The Owl

31Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is like the best country musician ever, but isn't this a pop-rock list?
Yes because taylor swift can sing pop rock...


I really don't think that Talor swift is pop rock but more country but still her music is ok...

Coldplay are the single most commercially successful alternative rock band of the new millennium, and there's a good reason for that. If you love music in general, I know for a fact that you love or will love at least a huge chunk of Coldplay's. Doesn't matter what genre you like the best.
NO WAY this band must be in top 5!
How the heck is Jay-Lo ahead of this band?!?
[Newest]Haters gonna hate! #Coldplay_forever

33Demi Lovato
Aside from the charities she does, Demi is one of the best pop artists out there nowadays and she has the best vocals of her generation, regardless live or studio. Definitely underrated for a great singer like her.
I loved Rocker Demi when she released Don't Forget and her Here We Go Again album! Not that I don't like her music now, though! :P
I love her she is my idol! Shes an inspiration!

34Owl City
This Band is amazing.
This is just one big joke. How the hell a Synthpop artist be on pop Rock? Anyways, Owl City is amazing, and fireflies is a great song.


36Gwen Stefani

37Duran Duran
They are the classic pop rock band! They have inspiring lyrics, great music, and very good combination between rock and pop! Plus john taylor and all the others are cute and beat bass guitarist of all time in this band! Screw jonas brothers

38Adam Lambert

A super awesome band with a great many hits which were popular in the charts- 'Africa', 'Rosanna', 'Hold The Line'. Not only have they sold 35 million records but are inspirations to budding young musicians and veteran performers everywhere. These guys were not just pop stars, they were the musician's musician; the cream of the crop from the session playing world, having played between them on over something like 6000 albums in sessions. If you can think of a popular artist from before 1990, these guys will have played and recorded with them.E.G. these guys were practically MJ's band for the entire 'Thriller' album.
... Of course, not that I'm biased being a musician by trade haha

40Let's Be Honest

Surprised to see Fun. Here.


43The Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers are amazing. I don't think I could live without their music anymore. They have great, clean music, and they are great role models (all in a way that's not lame like some other stars)

44Hello Ramona

45Motion City Soundtrack
This is one of the bands that are underappreciated in the music industry. This deserves to be one of the greatest music people of all time.
This should be no. 2 (only behind the beatles)

Are you out of your minds? Kiss are the gods of pop rock and you don't really need to think it through.

47A Rocket to the Moon
Arrttm is simply the best. The rest are all crap

485 Seconds Of Summer
Great new band; I love their music. I know they aren't known that well at the moment but they deserve to be further up this list, especially considering several of the ones sitting towards the top aren't even "Pop Rock".
Ugh, they are the worst among all the posers, they aren't pop punk at all, they aren't even pop rock, they make me wanna laugh. Pathetic band for pre-adolescent directioners that want to be special.
New band, really good! "Don't stop", "heartbreak girl", "she looks perfect"
[Newest]! Amazing... no Extraordinary there is no way to describe them as bad I love 5sos so much!

49Kelly Clarkson
10 years in the music industry and she is still on top, and unlike most artists out there her songs have actual meaning and are powerful and just amazing to listen to! This woman is wonderful singer and an incredible songwriter! By far the voice of our generation
Kelly is the best, I must say... Both sorrows n rocks r being exposed so good through her songs. She makes our eyes fill up with tears n also make us the rock... Its really great that both of these suits her voice just perfect... :-D
Maria Thomas. ;-)
Kelly clarkson is simply the best. That's it

Queen isn't pop rock, they are rock and one of the best rock bands that this world has seen. They are simply gods.
They were amazing and I mean, come on... Who doesn't love Queen
"We will rock you I guess on everyones lips"

51Sum 41
Sum 41 is one of those bands that you can just relate to
Pleaase! "Fat lip", "in too deep"? Seriously anybody?

52Bridget Mendler
She is awesome! Should e higher than 15.

53Miley Cyrus
She is crazy, but I think she had boring music till now. Her songs are better. Miley is not little girl any more and I think she don't nead to be on the first place but 39 really... She shold be at least in top 10.

54First Things First

Don't forget this band!
This band is amazing! My nr. 1

56Michael Jackson
How the hell is the King of Pop No.96. This is absurd, I'm going to call the music police about this


The King of Pop, Rock and Soul
ALL hail the king of kings

57Hilary Duff
I love her she should be on the top of the page

58The Rocket Summer
Seriously? no one has added the one man band himself? Bryce Frickin Avary has go more talent in his pinky than a third of the bands/artist on this list


59Bruno Mars
He deserves to be on the top ten


61Alanis Morissette
All you really want

62Geri Halliwell

63Good Charlotte

64Faber Drive
The are the best. Best songs ever heard.

65Blank Pages

66Breathe Carolina

67Artist vs. Poet
Amazing band with amazing tracks! I really recommend giving them a listen, if you are looking for some tracks to start out with try:
"Car Crash"
"Favorite Fix"

68Goo Goo Dolls
They are THE pop rock bands, with their multi-platium album Dizzy Up the Girl, that had SO many top 25 hits. They at least deserve a mention in this countdown.


70Enrique Iglesias
This has to be a joke

71Cobra Starship


She deserves a higher position in this list.

74Lindsay Lohan
She isn't superb but still much much and much better than trashy Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers or Hilary Duff


76Kate Bush
A real musician with real talent, not of those fabricated, talent-less nonsense listed here.


78Passion Pit

79Lets Get It

80Metro Station

81Alive Way
I think they definitely qualify!

82Dead by April
Just the best band in the world! They know how to rock, they always bring something new. Zandro Santiago is the best singer, his voice is just amazing, I also like Stoffe's screams. Pop fans searching for a little heavier music? Answer: Dead by April. The techno/electro sound gives it the best sound with the heavy guitars and drumming, a great blend of Metal with Pop. No other band makes it even near Dead by April. It's just that Dead by April is SO underrated. People wake up! Vote for this band right now. Haven't heard of Dead by April before? Check out the songs "Losing You" and "Mystery" (my favorite :)). And you know what, Dead by April knows how to write lyrics. They are not the ones that sing about drugs and other crap, they sing about love, relationships, society. All of their songs have a deep meaning and message in it. Vote for DbA! Dead by April is the best and you know it!
This is a perfect band. Pop, rock, metal, everything is in this band. Its just that people doesn't know about this band. Calling, Losing you and what can I say are their top songs. Just listen to their songs and in an instant they'll become your favourite. Please vote for them
People don't know what Pop ROCK is. People should talk about Dead by April when it comes to Pop Rock/Metal. They are the only one that blend Pop music so good with Rock and Metal. They use synths, electronica and the catchy poppish vocals which gives their Rock songs a Pop taste. Dead by April has tremendous amount of talent, better than almost every Pop artist. The real Pop artist are led to shame if you compare Dead by April who aren't even full Pop with the real Popstars. People should learn from this band, they're just awesome. Just listen to the song "Calling" and you'll see what they are. The awesome clean poppish singing with the screams and heavy guitar riffs that make this song perfect for the Pop Rock title.

If you hated busted you needed to get a real life.

84Shania Twain
One of the best selling artists, she should be on the list. Please include her

85Thirty Seconds to Mars
"Closer to the edge" = life

86The Vamps
The vamps are cool if you have a wild heart vote the vamps

87One Ok Rock
Yes! One Ok Rock are a really good band! Deeper Deeper is definitely my favourite song by them! I also like No Scared
A Japan band, but guys, it's reaaally good. List en "the beginning" or "deeper deeper" you will love it

88The Downtown Fiction

89Far East Movement
The best group that should be no 3

90Avenged Sevenfold
How come they weren't nominated?! I expected better from you guys...

91Twenty One Pilots

92Lady Gaga

93The Byrds

94Hot Chelle Rae

95Big Time Rush
Their songs are great! I don't like their video, though

963 Doors Down

97American Authors
I can't believe that they aren't at least top 25.


98Neon Trees
Neon Trees is one of those dance rock bands that are not really popular but you might know them for their singles animal and everybody talks
Neon Trees should be at least in top 40. Animal and everyvody talks were big hits! Do you remember the song that that goes like " It started with a whisper..."? That's their hit single everybody talks in 2012. So please, people vote for Neon Trees please!

99Daniel Powter
Because you had a bad day...

100New Politics
Just another young pop rock band. They're famous for their song 'Harlem'. Search it, you might know it.

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