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OneRepublic forever! Do not let society fool you. This band is the most unique band there is. From lyrics to instruments to genres to anything. OneRepublic is that! The frontman of the band, Ryan Tedder wrote a lot of great songs that plenty people didn't know he wrote. He even writes for Maroon5 too, so when you hear a song from Maroon5 and thinks that Adam Levine (the singer of Maroon5) wrote it, well think again! Maroon5 don't always write their own songs, although, on the other hand, OneRepublic always have in the past and always will write their own songs. This is what makes them so different from all the others. They use a wide variety of instruments like a cello, bongos, or even a glockenspiel which is like a xylophone in fancier terms. They use different fusions of genres, which shows that they bassicly don't have a genre. Once it sounds good to them, they will make it. They're lyrics are just the best. Hey talk about life, love, and other things that are really worth a listen and worth of time. Try listening to OneRepublic f you don't listen to them or if you don't know them. Their music is life changing!

OneRepublic always has the best songs! They combine their songs beautifully, and fluently. Ryan Tedder has one of the most underrated voices. He can hit notes perfectly. The whole band has such an impact on how pop rock is looked at now days. You can't find a song off Native that you won't like. Okay maybe that was a little too much, but really they have great songs. If you haven't heard Feel Again, or Something I need, I'd advise you to check them out. I'm sure you have already heard If I lose myself. Their songs put you in a great mood if your in the worst. Easily the best pop rock band and personally my favorite as well. I use to be really big into Rap, but after I began to listen to OneRepublic I couldn't stop! It's amazing how much you can really love songs after you listen to them. Great band, none of the lower bands or singers compare! GO ONEREPUBLIC!

Onerepublic is one of the few bands that have brought something new to the pop scene.
Vocalist Ryan Tedder is charismatic singer that any band would want. Her vocal range is very large and he also has very charismatic voice and good sense of rhythm and he also have the ability to pull out falsetto with ease. I like Onerepublics music because they combine different elements from different genres of music like rap and classical music for example and you can see that in many songs. Also another band that should be on the top in this list is Imagine Dragons. Their music is kinda similar to Onerepublic but they have more electro, arena rock/pop sound with huge drum sounds and VERY powerful vocals with great diversity on their sound

OBVIOUSLY the best band on here, even though I like Maroon 5, The Script, and a lot of other bands here. They deserve to be number 1 here forever! Don't let anyone else be number 1 on this list! Only OneRepublic can be number 1 on the list of best pop-rock artists!

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2Maroon 5

Maroon 5 actually do stand out the most with their unique mix of rock, funk and neo-soul. All of Maroon 5's songs are at least co-written by Adam Levine and most of their songs are written by the band. Although OneRepublic hasn't collaborated with too many outside writers yet, there is a chance they are headed down that road (I hope not because I love them too, but Ryan Tedder's presence may warrant that.) True Ryan Tedder has written for others (including co-writing a few Maroon 5 songs) but Adam Levine has also collaborated with others in performing and songwriting including with Gym Class Heroes and Slash. Even though Maroon 5's music is now less rock than it used to be (who's music isn't nowadays? ), but it's still quality music with plenty of traces of their roots. It may be a little harder to tell under the modern production, songwriting and instrumentation collaborations, but Maroon 5 is still the best "pop rock" band out there.

OneRepublic is the best pop rock band! But I like Maroon 5 too, they are brothers. Maroon 5 have some songs written by Ryan Tedder that's true but of course Maroon's all songs aren't belongs to Ryan. Love Somebody, Maps, Lucky Strike Ryan's but other songs belongs to Adam and his songs are perfect. EX:She will be loved. One of the best songs I heard.

Maroon 5 has such a unique and pleasing style of music they should definitely be number 1#. This list is outrageous Maroon 5 is such an amazing band an Adam Levine's voice is absolutely stunning.

Why on earth is this not number 1? She will be loved, One more night, Payphone, these are some of the best songs I've heard in my life

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3The Beatles

To be truthful, They are number one, only followed by Maroon Five, Pink Floyd, Rolling stones, Kiss, and Aerosmith. Speaking of that, HOW ARE ALL OF THESE BANDS BEHIND THE JONAS BROTHER. THAT IS LIKE SAYING THAT A HEART ATTACK IS BETTER THAN UNLIMITED JOY.

There isn't another artist or band that comes close to the Beatles. Greatest musical innovators ever while always maintaining mainstream appeal. Simply brilliant and have left a legacy that will likely never be matched.

They created rock music! And what is One Direction doing in front of them? They are not the new Beatles! Like Paul McCartney said, it's the kiss of death, if you are called the next Beatles, then you are expected to do what they did - change the world. One Direction will never change the world...

They are number 1 by a landslide

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4Fall Out Boy

Their new album Save Rock and Roll is very pop rock, but I'm okay with that, cause it's really good :D

Fall Out Boy should be #1 in my opinion, but everybody thinks differently, so some people love them, and some people hate them. I like them as a boy band!

The most I can take out of the day from fighting and playing and practice for a band.I finish my day with this pop rock band.

Fall out boy is one of the worst bands of all time. Their music is straight up annoying. I cannot listen to the intro to "young volcanoes" one more time or I will go insane.

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5The Script

I CANNOT believe that anyone would think that Maroon 5 is in any way, shape or form better than The Script ( and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Maroon 5 too). The script should be Number 1 or at least 2. They're just amazing and so consistent in their delivery of the most beautiful and soul touching songs ever. They also write and produce all their songs themselves so you know when they pour our their hearts on a track, that's really what they're feeling at that time. The way I like to think about it is: whatever situation you're in, there's a The Script song for you. come on people, these Irish guys are incredible.

Are you kidding me? #35? Dang you should listen to their songs like The Man Who Can't Be Moved or Breakeven. They are awesome!

How is Avril Lavigne above these guys? They're talented, catchy, touching, everything that makes a great musician, all rolled into one group.

They write and produce their music and do know how to put on an amazing live show. They are awesome!

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6Imagine Dragons

They deserve to be on top simply because they have a unique style and because they're just. The best

They are more of an electronic rock band but their style and sound of music is really catchy. there are many dam good pop rock bands but this one has some feel

Imagine dragons is more of an electronic rock band but their type of music is so good so I'm gonna rate this band

I love them but I think they are more Rock not pop

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7Avril Lavigne

Yes! Avril deserves to be at least in the top 5 if not the first. She is such an inspiration to all the kids worldwide and my parents love her music too. It has such a deep meaning in almost everything she writes. She is my idol-the best artist in the world! I grew up listening to her songs without knowing that they were by her. When I really started to listen to music, I figured out that avril was the rock goddess behind all of it. Now, I truly admire her, for she is so amazing. She never disappoints her fans, ans always comes out with great music. I love you Avril!

I thought, she would be number 1, maybe 3, but 31?!? I don't really listen to pop rock (normally rock and metal) but Let Me Go brought me to her music because of Chad Kroeger. Then I listened to Complicated, Girlfriend, What The Hell and it was just perfect. She's definitely the best with the Beatles, BUT One Direction is not pop rock!

I'm 12 and I already know that avril lavigne should be top because she isn't a poser and fake like some of the other artist in the world. She also won't resort to drugs like other artist, she is a huge role model for me as

ı love you girl

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R5 is just not a new teen pop Disney group. They worked so hard and from the beginning and never gave up and look where they are now. Some people may say that they don't have talent, I respect their opinion because I'm not a crazy fan girl, but just so you know they learn to play the instruments they play right now they aren't just some pretty boy (and girl) who sings and people like that I could make you a list right now beginning with 1D. And to the person that says that they can't write songs, it's just because you have listened to the new songs. The new are not completely written by them but the old ones like Keep away from this girl, always... are good songs and some are better than the ones right now. About the fact that they write only about love songs may be true but you know what they say, you write what they know and sorry if R5 doesn't write about the effects of drugs like others band do. And lastly some people really need to stop saying that R5 is a Disney band because they are not, only Ross is acquainted with them and A&A is near the end.

TOTALLY LOVE THIS BAND! Not only is the band a family, but their fans are part of the #R5family and they're all treated like family too. They taught themselves how to play their instruments and they're just so talented! R5 started as a family of young kids with dreams and look at them now!

Uhm, yes. I've been to their concerts and they're really good live, too. THEY GIVE GREAT HUGS by the way. Anyway, not the point. I really do love them and I respect others' opinions. But just a warning... R5Family is going to flip when you say "They're horrible." It feels like a stab in the heart. Until you actually listen to their music, you can't judge it. IT ISN'T A Disney BAND! Yes, Ross started out on Disney on Austin and Ally and that is how they got recognized. But, if you listen to the lyrics... They are obviously not a Disney Band. Riker is in Glee. Rydel was in Bunheads. Ellington was on the first episode of Victorious and Ellington and Rocky were in The Wedding Band. The Wedding Band is rated R, Glee is T.V.-14, Bunheads isn't for younglings either... So Disney Band? No. GREAT band? In my opinion, yes. New Pop Disney group? Nope. A band that knows how to play instruments and writes their own music (Unlike a lot of famous artists)? Absolutely.

I love r5 with all of my heart. They are number one to me.

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9My Chemical Romance

I love My Chemical Romance although they changed their image after Black Parade. Still an awesome band. Its a massive shame that they had to break up after being together for so long - Danielsun182

Just amazing love em, they gotta get back together, awesome songs, dead, I am not okay, love their albums and stuff

Welcome to the black parade is the single best song ever!

This band is the best band fit for this generation even their song are awesome

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Paramore is amazing, specifically Still Into You and Ain't it Fun, and Hayley Williams has been in many other great songs such as Airplanes and Stay the Night

Great band that gives a dash of fun pop to meaningful rock

Love this band, love their songs, love their vocalist :))
This band is AWESOME

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?The Veronicas

For a genre I hate, I really, really, REALLY love PVRIS.

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11Simple Plan

They're the BEST! You'll never find better than simple plan these days!

Best pop rock artist by far is duran duran... I mean I love simple plan but duran duran is classic! My top three are
1 duran duran
2 simple plan
3 pink
Those are THE BEST! Screw the jonas sisters and miley pukis:/ pick the classics first and go from there... Vote even though its not on the damn list

They must be at the top 5 if not the first cause according to me this is the best band of all time SP forever!

Come on guys lets get simple plan into the top ten

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I have never heard one of their songs that doesn't have emotion. Definitely my favorite band

They are the best pop rock band of all time
love them so much they are best
pat voice is the best EVER!

I am a huge fan of train. I have listened all of their greatest hits and the best selling ones..
Patrick is really a great singer...

Their just so musical and talented

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13One Direction

I really don't know why this is even on this list, one direction is a crappy boy group that used to have five members but now is four. This group is way overrated. I mean, everything about them sucks. Their songwriting, their songs themselves and a lot more that makes them highly overrated. I suggest you check out OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons or The Fray instead because they are way better bands. Face the facts, One direction is crap. If you believe in those foolish teenage girls, get a life, seriously. As I said, their are a lot of other bands that have way more talent than one direction. Don't listen to those stupid teenage girls listen to the more experienced people who know what real music is. I am sure that if you want to be successful you shouldn't listen to this. Sorry to say that to all of the fans out their but its true. People have to move on in life than just listening to one direction. I suggest you listen to better music. Listen to real bands who actually know how to play real instruments and write way better songs. Not a fake WANNABE band who pretend to play instruments and write horrible songs. Hell, even Just in Bieber was better than these guys. At least he can dance and sing exceptionally well although his writing wasn't really good. Please listen to other bands who make real music and write meaningful songs like:OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, The Fray, Train, Paramore or Coldplay. Not this stuff by one direction we get today called music.

What the hell is wrong with this list? One Direction above the Beatles? One direction isn't even near rock!

Not only no. HELL NO. The new generation Beatles? We have to have standards guys...

Is there one song by them that is even close to rock? - ameentheguitarist23

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14Bryan Adams
15Robbie Williams

There isn't another Artist that comes close to Robbie Williams, he's done some awesome rock songs and he is the king of pop-rock.

The best pop rock Artist of all time

The Kings of Pop-Rock

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16Katy Perry

It does not say "bands" what are you guys talking about? - PatrickStar

Yeah on things that pops up on my mind! Is she a band? Laugh out loud

Oh come on. Up there, it says 'BANDS'. Not musicians. Have nothing against Katy Perry.


Coldplay are the single most commercially successful alternative rock band of the new millennium, and there's a good reason for that. If you love music in general, I know for a fact that you love or will love at least a huge chunk of Coldplay's. Doesn't matter what genre you like the best.

NO WAY this band must be in top 5!

How the heck is Jay-Lo ahead of this band?!?

You put Grammy winners in 19th place?

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18Michael Jackson

How the hell is the King of Pop No.96. This is absurd, I'm going to call the music police about this - Draco

The King of Pop, Rock and Soul

ALL hail the king of kings

I want him as number 1 in this list

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Aerosmith is not pop rock who put this on here?

20Blink 182

Best Band? That's no question, because all know that the best band is Blink-182.

Better than anyone else on this list by far, but not pop rock, they're pop punk. Plain and simple.

The best there was, the best there is, and the best there will be... Blink 182

Great pop rock band

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