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Islam is peace aquired through submission to the one and only God. All of the messengers have preached the message of Islam, and Jesus never claimed divinity for himself. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of facts in the Quran proving that it is the word of Allah (one true God). How would a man 1400 hundred years ago (who was illiterate) know of scientific facts concerning embryology, mountain structure, cloud formation, the miracle of iron being sent down to earth, a barrier separating salt water and fresh water bodies of water, etc. That are being proven today by modern science? Even the enemies of Islam trusted Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) because he was the most truthful and the best of creation. Islam is the most rational religion out there; when we look at the creation of this earth and all of the many intrcaies and complexities such as our own bodies and the many systems that are working as we speak, the various plant and animal life, and the exact precision that the earth rotates so that life does not burn up and life exists perfectly, we realize that this is not a mere coincidence and random events that have occurred, and that there is a creator who has imposed this order into the world we live in. If this makes sense, testifying that there is only One God (Allah), and that Muhammed (peace be upon him) is the messenger of Allah will bring you into the folds of Islam (God willing).
Thank you for the everlasting life Allah, you have given us so much, we praise you and adore you for all good and gracious things you have done for us. Oh allah give blessing to our true prophet mohammed (saw. ) Allah I don't don't know how to thank you, you are to perfect. Some muslim may have let you down some may have been good, oh allah please forgive everyone, help the poor, help the people around me. You are a creator, you are a sustainer, and you are the one who has power over all. We believe that if someone hits you, you should stay calm and be good to them, we don't care if we get hurt we only care that our lord high master (allah) is happy, and to make him happy we have to stay calm and relax, pray to him at average times so please if you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim, please understand and come join our religion, if you don't want to you don't have to, allah has given us all knowledge to choose options. So you choose carefully which religion you think. I am not forcing you to choose just to tell you. Don't get me wrong because I don't think there is anything wrong with my religion Islam. Just want you to know Islam mean peace and that's what the world needs, peace. Thank you
Just came from an article where it states that Islam is the most destructive of all religion. Can't control my anger to those who used the name of Allah in politics to rage war. Shame to those who even think to relate terrorism with Islam because terrorism always goes against the Quran. The greatest gift I ever had was to be born as a muslim, everything is so much beautiful when you get to learn and realize Islam.
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Hinduism is only the religion of peace. It is the only religion which have scientific origination. The most intellectual religion of the world. Some great facts about Hinduism are as follows:
1. Aryabhatta invented zero "0". Without which maths was not possible.
2. Bhaskaracharya was a mathematician and astrologist who provided the diameter of earth hundreds of years back. Presently NASA found only 1% difference between the diameter given by Bhaskaracharya and NASA.
3. It is said that Jesus learned the powers from India during 10 years undocumented time of his life.
4. Principle of electricity is described clearly in Vedas.
5. 8700 year old book documents the 7 planets and also the fact that pluto's orbit cuts through Neptune's.
6. Gravity was known to Hindus around 5000 years back. As it is clearly stated in Mahabharata about solar eclipse prediction from Lord Krishna; this clearly means he and other hindus of that time was aware of gravity.
7. Computer understands the Sanskrit language most easily.
8. Bhagwad Gita is the text which described about the delusion of maya. About equaninity, oneness in god. It can be said that every religion stole the concept from Hindusim.
9. Vimanashashtra was the technology by which it was possible to fly vehicle's without fuel.
10. Yoga and Meditation is the best way to know your self and to god. As hinduism is the only religion which says that every person is god. And every person can attain the same state by purity of thoughts, awareness and knowledge.
Finally it can be said that Hinduism is a sea of knowledge. It is a religion of intelligentsia. Which can't be understood by comparison. It must be learned, and understood before practicing.
Hinduism also known as sanatan dharma which has vedic way of life who teaches the most incredible technocratic way of life such as:
1) Vastu sashtra and tantric shatras (Incredible technique of building temples, homes, offices, land management, etc ).
2) Engineering techniques of tantric (word technique has been derived from ancient sanskrit word tantra and tantric) and Atharvedic rigorous techniques of most sophisticated calculations of the world which also deals with the economics, science, mathematical economy, astrology, mineral-chemical-atomic studies, most exact prediction of solar and lunar eclipse, days and night timing prediction, monsoon and and different seasons prediction, cosmic radiation from different stars and planet on earth and its behavior on human animal and plant help so that we can react and do our duties properly, etc from olden days of 20, 000 years+ and many years before from it. And the prediction done by Hindu vedic calender doesn't have any match in the world and it cannot be challenged or win by any religious scripts in the world. The most perfect scientific human civilization.
3) Ayurveda also known for the best of the best medicines in the world has been formulated by the vedic civilization and these medical technology developed has great property of curing many types of diseases in which allopathy modern medicine has also get failed. Also surgery known as Śalya-cikitsā, Śālākya-tantra is also mentioned in divine books of Sushruta Samhita, etc and also many mystic gurus such as bruspati, sukrachayra, etc are known for their excellence in knowledge of ayurved and application of their knowledge in ayurvedic medicine on humans, animals, plants, etc. It has also been mentioned that gurus like bruspati and shukracharya has the blessings from the lord shiva, visnu and brahma that they can make alive those persons who on the verge of death or they are just now dead with their excellent mind and knowledge of hind vedic shatras.
4) Indians and vedic civilizations peoples in olden days of 40000-5000 days years before knows the very secret techniques of aeronautics, weaponology in different types of bombs, missiles, fire and radiation throwing weapons, etc. It is a prof that India is birth place and laboratory of missiles which even alexander army was afraid of and then early islamic mohammedian terrorist army send by mohammad and his disciples for their terror gain and wrong use for destruction of earlier gods own civilization developed by god himself such as vedic sanatan dharma and budhhist dharma which is a brach of knowledge of sanatan dharma o was also afraid of and then they learn from hindus by making friendship and then they strobe the knife on hindus back. Later during british colonization british where also afraid of Hindu warrior ships which where assembled with rocketry missiles (thob), magnetic compass, canvas, human based navigation and machine operations, so when they conquered coastal India by unfair means and by friendship they first learn the techniques of these ships. One of the examples of these kind of ships where used by Great mighty Kalingans and Great Cholas.
5) India and Hindu civilization is also the home of treatment of diseases by air inhaling and sound vibration based vedic mantas techniques by performing yagya or sacrifical bon fire which is performed by used many pure and costly things such as sandal wood, hom wood, pure desi ghee (Ghee from cows milk only), rice ganga or any sacred rivers water, gold and silver micro foils so that after burning of these rich metals can be consumed by humans; etc. Earlier other religion peoples such as in abrahmic religon peoples where not believing in this technique of wellness, blessing and treat of diseases but now recent testing and certain substance such as quartz, diamond, gems, wood, collagen, bones, different crystals;etc which reacts with the application of the high frequency sound and electrical energy and thermal energy which reacts accordingly.
6) India and Vedic civilization is also the home of origin of love and compassion towards others (human, animal, nature;etc) vedic civilization is also the home of early musical instruments and songs which are mentioned in Samveda and Gita (GITA also known as GEETA is a song towards praise of GOD LORD KRISHNA-VISHNU).
VEDIC SANATANI dharma which most of the world peoles called as religion is a pre-religion also known as legion or legend is not a religion but is the mother and father of all culture and civilization is a created by GOD BRAHMA_VISHNU_SHIVA itself and is the greatest of all religion and all religion and invaders to HINDU SANATIC VEDIC world had copied it from HINDU SANATIC VEDIC civilization.
The mammoth knowledge of 4-veds, 108-upanishads, gita, 18-puranas and different books are spoken by GOD VISHNU itself.
At last it rest on the peoples of this world to follow the righteous path of lord (god) itself. HAR HAR MAHADEV...
Hinduism followed the scientific principles over 10000 years ago. It is the oldest religion in the world and also the most rich in culture.

Well, an 8700 year old book documents the 7 planets and also the fact that pluto's orbit cuts through Neptune's.

Hindus were men of science. Only during the colonial period of India, Hinduism was supressed by the colonizers and the islamic sultans before them.

But, hinduism isn't a religion, It is a way of life.

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I really want to vote for Christianity and Islam because we the same look in both there history and there really the same I don't know why we have war with them even today Europe is trying to push back Islam and American Christians most not all think Islam is evil because of 911 and bin ladin why can't we just stop this religious war with everyone in India Christians are being attack by Hindus for thinking they killed there leader and one other thing stop this WAR WITH THE JEWS JUST STOP can't they get a rest ever scene Judaism came to earth they been push around and killed and never fight back from pagan Rome to the crusades and there are dumb Christians now who think everything is the devils work like harry potter or Pokemon yes Pokemon dumb non religious people who blame everyone and everything is the devils work like 911 this westbro church really made all non Christians think Christianity is dumb and want money all day there are lots of normal Christians who pray like Catholics most of them are religious and Islam I'm a Christan and I love Islam I'm not going to convert to them but I love them as brothers and sisters and atheist lave us religion alone I know you use science a lot but stop it wont work even how much prof you have you can't without religion human kind is nothing with out religion we don't have hope without religion we wouldn't be here and stop trying to convert people it wont work religion is use as a way of life and hope and don't use things like if god is real why 911 happen just don't and one other thing I don't get why people are going to paganism and witchcraft really I don't care much about them since there very nice to everyone I just don't get it why people go to paganism just why and is that even a real paganism like roman paganism or greek or german paganism or even Aztec or Mayan paganism I don't really care for them so pick any I just vote for Christians I wish I can do a 2nd vote to for Islam
Why vote this, why have this list. Isn't it more important to just have faith then decipher whether its a hundred percent correct then kill each other if we don't have the same answer. There were fights between the shia and sunni, the nazis and jews, the terrorists and other countries. Wake up world. We're all right. I only vote christian because I am one, even though we're all right here.
The message of Christ is love, forgiveness, and self-sacrifice. He willingly gave up His own life for others; however, those who have called themselves Christians throughout the ages have not always lived by his example. It is a shame that they have used His name to justify war. To get a true understanding of Christianity, read one of the 4 Gospels by Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. There you will find the true message of Christ. The words and life of Jesus are what inspire me to love all of God's creations, Christian and non-Christian alike. If you want to find those who are living the message of Christ today, look at the many missionaries who risk their lives all over the world feeding the hungry and caring for the sick. That is the true beauty of the message of Jesus and the fulfillment of what it means to be Christian.
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Unlike western organized religion like Christianity and Islam, Buddhists are Awakened. Buddhist don't believe that you should burn in hell if your not a Buddhist, nor do they have any extremists. Fear isn't incorporated into making you Buddhist like the Christians do to scare people into following their religion. Really all Christians do is worship, Buddhist dedicate their lives to bringing happiness to others and learning to overcome the suffering. Buddhist also believe their is no ultimate God, we are all god, god is within us we are all divine. Life is a test, so we are continued to being reincarnated into it until we finally pass it.
Actually Buddhism is not a religion, actually vision. It tells us the great truth that rule the whole universe, concept of course & its result. There are no any other vision gives such a beautiful idea. No god take part, no actual influence to follow this vision, its free to everyone you can feel it if you like. If you go at what the Buddha found, surely you can understand what is the actual truth inside our lives. Its more scientific and even deeper. But other religions more populated today just cause of their rules and scares. In Buddhism we don't have them. This vision is for intelligent people to think. Buddha gave freedom to Buddhist with peace and harmony for everyone, with ensuring the right of perfectly living of every human and animal.


Buddhism is the only religion which truly makes sense and actually encourages free and rational thought. Some cultural offshoots of Buddhism are a little bizarre, but the things Buddha himself taught were brilliant. Christianity and Islam are only successful because they were spread by successful empires.
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It's the most recent religion that's why it's teaching are more related to modern times without any superstitions, fasting, idol worship, women equality, no belief that a certain God belongs to a certain people, rejects caste and prejudice, all humans are same and it's not what religions people follow but more importantly the way of life they live through truth and honesty which has more value towards salvation... Unfortunately many cultural beliefs have become incorrectly interwind within its true teachings, otherwise it could become a worldwide major religion. Principle belief there is no hindu, muslim, christian or jew all are under the same laws all are Gods people. All people are the same its their outwards appearances that makes them different. Universal brotherhood 'God is the God of no religion. '
God is one and all is one. We are all one and God is within us all. We believe in equality for the human race know matter what walk of life you are from, we are all equal man and women.
Sikhism does not condemn others to Hell or say if you are not Sikh you are eternally damned.
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The happiest religion because it's fundamental principle is to Love thy Neighbor as Thyself, regardless of his religion. One need not be Jewish to go to heaven, just obey 7 universal laws, like not killing, not stealing, not being cruel to animals, etc.

Its's adherents have gone on to the most amazing accomplishments, huge percentage of Nobel prizes, violin virtuosos, chess champions, billionaires, phlianthropists. We love each and every human being with all our heart. We thank G-d for his goodness, and that he grants us health, family and prosperity. Saying thank you is our most important value, whether to humans or to G-d. Our second most important value is to constantly study and learn more. We are forbidden to say a bad word about anybody, even if true, unless for a valid purpose like when seeking info about a business partnership or match for marriage.
Ancient scriptures of and based on Judaism provides modern scientific evidence of astronomy, biology, ecology physiology and other forms of science. The Zohar, a book written by influential rabbis provides detailed descriptions of the nature of the universe, and the dwellers within it, along with scientific evidence (as listed above) to further prove these points. How could rabbis long ago be able identify these facts? For example, the Zohar states the amount of stars in the universe. In the past hundred years a scientist named Hubble studies the universe, its size and the stars within and calculated the same amount, but he used the scientific method with evidence. Therefore Judaism realtes with modern science, which is thus evidence for its existence.

Also, it is the most reasonable religion because it cannot be a lie. Christianity was created by St. Paul, after he took a walk and and angel revealed to him the truth of Jesus Christ. The angel basically told Paul Jesus was the messiah. Islam on the other hand, was created by Mohammed who experienced a "seizure" like dream state, in which Allah told him the truth. What do these two religions have in common? They were both created by one single person. It is very easy to come up with a lie if it is created and held by one person. Judaism and its laws were revealed to 3 000 000 (3 million) hebrews at Sinai by G-d himself. How can 3 million people keep a lie? Or, is it just the truth? You decide!
For this guy who says he will die being a Jew, I am all for that. Being a Jew myself, I take pride in who I am and the faith I have. Me and that guy both know that no matter what anyone says, we are both the inspiration for Christianity (look it up) and special in our own ways.


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Jainism is a religion of non violence. It promotes peace of the world. But more importantly, it promotes, peace within the self. It's the path that emphasizes to search for truth. It's logical and asks us to be logical. Nothing should be believed on blindly.
It's about self discipline and training. A path to achieve the true happiness which cannot be found in this material world.
It itself says that no religion should be tagged a the 'best'. And that a person needn't follow a religion to be a good person.
This is the oldest living religion. It's a spiritual path. No god is there who created us and we ourselves are responsible for better or good.
Jainism is the best and the purest religion in the world. No other religion comes even close to its purity. Non-violence is a virtue all Jains possess or should possess. Let alone eating an animal we don't even eat underground vegetables and smelly vegetables because a lot of microscopic insects are attracted to them and are killed when cooking such vegetables. We don't eat during night because without the heating rays of the sun many insects develop in the raw food and die during cooking. As you can see already through these examples, our religion is really logically and scientifically based. We don't say do not eat onion because it gives a bad omen or bad luck, we don't eat it because we know microscopic beings are at to it. Everything we do is logically based. Infact unlike all other religions our own scriptures say that before believing what is written in us first think if it is right logically or not. We are only asked to believe that which we have proof of being to be right and are not forced or motivated by old tales to follow some belief. As such Jainism is hundred % the best and the true religion.
Best religion in this world and I am very happy to be a jain :)
And I seriously like this religion
In this world jain population is less then among all religion
All religion in best in thir ways but I proud to be born in jain family
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Atheism is a lack of belief or religion and therefore it should not be on this list. I'm an Atheist and I prefer this ideology over any religion, however it does not belong here.
Atheism is not a religion... It's a belief system based on reality, and logical thinking, and it unites people instead of dividing like all other religions do... Those are based on lies... Atheists question everything where as religion suggests that it must not be questioned... that's called blind faith...
Any religion that can be practised should nit be on this list due to mass brain wash. Any religion involving a or many gods should not be hear. You need to think not listen. Religion is the largest cause of hate and war and if such is the case how can any religion be good


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Wicca is a religion of nature, it makes us look to the beauty of nature and how we as humans are connected to it, how we relate to it. How nature is a being that is alive and we should treat it with respect because it gives us life.
Nature is the ultimate power we can see in the universe. No imagination needed. No beliefs needed. All religions and philosophies are failures; because they are imaginary! (But why the name Wicca? Does this mean anything? )
Wicca is not all about Brooms and Frogs. It is a way of life along with nature. It is not devil worship nor is it meant to harm people. It is a respect for all life and all beings.
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The Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, was delusional. 1. He said that there is an evil being from another planet named Xenu (or Zenu) who is responsible for the evil on earth. 2. He said that without Scientology, you will die of pneumonia if you even hear about Zenu. 3. He says that Niacin will protect you from radiation poisoning. These statements are in Scientology literature and are represented as being true.
Its my opinion that's that
It's my opinion. That's that.
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The Contenders

People of this religion live in himalayan and worship loard shiva
Shivism is one of the best religion as shiva is one of the most powerful god on Hinduism too
Hi I'm a pagan and I believe in and worship shiva
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12Hare Krishna (I.S.K.O.N.)
Hare Krishna is many power and many colour India god. Great body and Hare Krishna is select to serial Xena warrior princess 4 episode.
The holy name of the lord is the lord itself... HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE... HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE... Chant and be happy...
Hidu is best religion
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Doaism is a belief in finding one's self. You achieve understanding yourself and the connection of the world around you.

Finding the obvious path in life and allowing your mind to remain calm and peaceful. Not only this, but discovering the balance of the World as well. By understanding balance in the world, you understand that there is a little good and bad in everything. The ideas of beauty have a little uglyness in them, just as the idea of uglyness has some beauty to it.

Daoism does not judge and in not judging, we can find peace and balance not only in the world, but in ourselves.
What is religion without non-religion?
Taoism is the bees knees
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Vishnu is the creator, the nourisher, the destroyer.
Vishnu or Shiva are good old stories of Hinduism; You can never prove these imaginary personalities. Why don't you accept the very Nature it is here before your eyes with enormous power and all. Come to believe in real things!

Baha'i faith believes in progressive revelation, oneness of God, oneness of religion and oneness of mankind. It's teachings are suitable for today's life.
The Bahá'í Faith is a monotheistic religion emphasizing the spiritual unity of all humankind.
Bahais believe that the world will be regarded as one country before total peace will be established. I hope it will come sooner than I can imagine now.
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Every living things and non living things belong to Earth; there is no doubt about it. What you will do having this concept? Any good in saying I am Earthist? You can change the Earth to a Good Earth by being a true Vegetarian; Vegetarianism will create Non-violence genetically in humans. You can see this behaviour in all animals eating only Vegetarian.
What do people of this religion believe?
Earthism is a religion of humanity and nature.
Upcoming generations of science will embrace earthism.
We all are going to become earthist.

Haha blaze it up!
A god made with spaghetti and meatballs, enough said.
Another name for christianity... Rasta believe in god.. Jesus and holy spirit... They also believe that haile sellassie is the reincarnation for jesus christ... They gods name jah... In the new world translation you can see jah in many areas... Check index... They also believe in growing hair and locking it as a nasarite vow..

There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force
And the is Palestine... !
There is no peace there... and please don't tell me it's the Muslims because they were there before holocaust.
Obviously, jedi is the only religion actually worth even considering
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I'm christian (in a way) but zoroastrianism is cool. freddie mercury was one


Much more peaceful than the religion that replaced it. If you know what I mean. That cult that starts with I and loves death.
Good thoughts
Good words
Good deeds
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Thank God Zen is not a Religion.

Confucianism is a religion followed by most people in China. Confucianism is a Chinese religion so it celebrates Chinese new year, the founder of Confucianism is named kong fu zi. Confucianism is a good religion because Confucianism is all about peace like Taoism and Buddhism not like other religions like Islam Christianity and Hinduism.

22New Age

23Jehovah's Witness
This isn't only the best religion, it's the only true religion. We all have based our facts only from the bible. Jehovah's witnesses are clearly successful in following the bible's moral standards. The world has become so wicked and satanic. Jehovah God will soon be forced to destroy this morally corrupted world in Armageddon (Revelation 16:16), survivors (Jehovah's witness) then will then have the chance for endless life in a paradise that has been restored to perfection (Psalms 37:29 & Revelation 21:3,4).
You can say it's the only true religion, and I won't judge, but everyone has their own belief, and I, personally, believe that every religion has it's own way of being true. I'm not judging, but I am saying that everyone should just live in respect and harmony no matter what religion.


YES! This is a small religion, but as the scriptures say, narrow is the road leading to everlasting life. We never have to worry about dangers as a family of Jehovah's Witnesses
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24Greco-Roman Religion
I worship the greek olympians

You and your own logic.

Gandhi's view are of non violence better than most religions
The above is a new religion
Great way of living life

What are the teachings of your religion


29Din-e Ilahi
By Akber as he started hating Islam during his last days





34Iglesia ni Cristo
I choose this religion because it is the true religion and compare to the catholic which is the enemy of the religion Iglesia Ni Cristo is very unique and we don't pray in stones, statues, or whatever which is human made. We'll try to warn you that man made are just only fake you just praise the wrong one we praise God he is the true one that which will be praise not statues. God is a spirit not a human. he has no bones he is not dead and mostly God always saw us what were doing
The iglesia ni cristo is the best of all religions, even in there church edifice, unity, brotherhood, way of worship and as well their doctrine is unique compare from the others. Distinguishing which is the best not by voting by the readers but by actual study in their teaching both internal and external
We live in peace, we never drink beers or any alcoholic beverages, we don't eat blood, we never pray to stones made by human and now we are going to celebrate our 100 years...
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Just cause it has the name "hell" in it doesn't mean that it needs to have anything to do with hell. If anything, you should be shamed for both jumping to irrational conclusions and offending many. Not me though, I am Jewish. And don't anyone DARE talk crap about Judaism.


I am a Hindu, and what kind of a name for a religion is this. It even includes the name of the underworld (HELL). People who have this religion should be shamed!

In my humble opinion, it's scary to see Islam take the number one spot on this list. The way they treat women is unjust and just plain wrong. Despite this I'm very pleased to see Catholicism on this list. It was the very first branch of Christianity and was initiated by St. Peter. It is also the most traditional of all churches. We may have had a rough history but we stick to our roots and work on enhancing the Church, not changing it. Some might say Catholicism is boring, service isn't fun and its followers are cold. Mass is not designed to be fun. It's designed to worship God and recognize his impact on the world. We're not cold either. We just worship independently and give all our attention on God and not whose around us. This doesn't mean we ignore each other. We just simply put God first. After all, this world wouldn't exist without him and I wouldn't be writing this paragraph.
I would die in hell, but I'm Jewish and don't believe in hell. Sorry about that. I'll give you the update when I decide to die in a place that I don't believe exists. And, yes, like I have said many times before, every religion is true in it's own way, and technically, catholicism is basically a form of Christianity, and without Judaism, Christianity wouldn't have been the same. I'm not judging. And also, I only know a few religions that worship statues, but Catholicism is not one of them.


I believed that the Holy Catholic Church is the first branch of Christianity, I believed that the true believer of religion relied the apostolic succession, necessary to know the true Christian apostolic church. It was the foundation of Christian truth build and founded by the apostles by Holy Ministry of Divinity of Jesus Christ and it was based in the ancient original Holy Scriptures not any other Scriptures.
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Don't be a dick. It obviously doesn't mean noodles you stuck-up douche bag.


BE TOUCHED BY HIS NOODLY APPENDAGE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE (and I am an ordained minister of the church of the flying spaghetti monster)
The most reasonable and peaceful.

41Helix Fossil
The Helix Fossil today is a bigger religious figure than Jesus was in his own time. It is also symbolic of one of the largest acts of unity of recent times, with over 56,000,000 people in total working together actively and in spirit for a common goal.
In addition to the above, as of March 2014 (and this is an estimate), Helixism has a larger following than Judaism today.

42Hasidic Judaism

43Cao Dai

Out of the mono-religions Shamism is the most logical. Shamists believe in the Supreme Being Ishamu. Sham means prophet and we are prophets of Ishamu to tell the world of his power. No one found Shamism. It has always been there since the beginning of time. Shamists believe Ishamu created Adohme and Ephva. We ar all the descendants of these two people.



47Before Common Era

1. we worship trees and there are more of them than people
2. we practice magic - black or white
3. we offer virgins as a symbol of our guilt

Please come and join us - you will not be disappointed (unless you're a virgin)


50Mormonism (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

51Modern Satanism
In fact, it is not a religion, it is more of philosophy. However, yes, it is the best of all.

Lucifer is not a villain. He actually was an angel, extremely attractive, who was sent to Exile by God for telling the truth about the mankind. The god is a F... dictator which didn't allow any of his angels to tell the truth.
I would say Modern Satanism (Atheistic Satanism) is a coolest religion of all time.
I believe satanism is the best religion because it looks at the world logicly and objectively. Satanism is also the only religion that embraces humans as carnal creatures instead of punishing us for being carnal beings. If people would stop believing everything in the media, they would see that satanists are not Malicious, mean or devil worshipers. We do not even believe in a devil. The devil is just a symbol for what we stand for.
If people actually learned what satanism was about they would know it has nothing to do with worshipping the devil


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