Best Rock Albums of 2008


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1Death Magnetic - Metallica

A Great Flash Back To Their Best Early Decade! I Just Can Call It An Album Full of Masterpieces!

What? This album was released in 2006.

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2Indestructible - Disturbed

I am a diehard Metallica fan, but Indestructible tops Death Magnetic by a long road. It has more and better riffs and solos as well as equivalent, if not better, singing and lyricism. Disturbed is the winner this year.

Indestructible and Scream Aim Fire are not only the two best albums of 2008, they are the best albums of all time.

I was pleased to see them so high on the list. - thunder850

This is an album any rock fan should have. - aeromaxx777

3The Sound Of Madness - Shinedown

Someone please take off awake by Dream Theater. The album was made in 1995.

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4All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot

Best album of 2008 but I would love to go with Death magnetic

I knew it would be on here

5Appeal to Reason - Rise Against

One of the only punk rock bands that's still making good and non-commercial music, this album proves it, it proves there's still good punk-rock music, and songs like re-education, from heads unworthy or audience of one make the album definitely deserve to be in the top10, if not top5.

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6Black Ice - AC/DC

way better then chinese democracy. death magnetic is ok but this is still better

this should be #1
Black Ice was a amazing and rocking album! - OzzyVanHalen

Why Is This Down Here
Number 1 Album - rocker1796

Black ice should have been number one!

7Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes - Linkin Park
83 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down

This album looks great, because there is my best 3 Doors Down song, It's not my time. - 09ShamsulBahriel

9Day & Age - The Killers

The Killers are honestly one of the best bands around nowadays - davee

10Scream, Aim, Fire - Bullet for my Valentine

So many great songs in one album! Metallica had a few great songs. no comparison!

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11Only Through the Pain - Trapt
12Revelation - Journey
13Light it Up - Rev Theory

Every single track was amazing. That never happens except for now.

14Cinco Diablo - Saliva
15Awake - Dream Theater

the last album to feature keyboardist/lyricist kevin moore. his song writing skills are unparalleled. you can't call yourself a metal fan if you haven't listened to this album. - deadgrass27

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16The Illusion of Progress - Staind
17Simple Plan - Simple Plan

I just love this album. There is one of the bests Simple Plan albums, with Your love is a lie, When I'm gone, No love, Generation, Take my hand... Totally recommended!

18Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends - Coldplay
194:13 Dream - The Cure
20Songs From the Sparkle Lounge - Def Leppard
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1. Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes - Linkin Park
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3. Appeal to Reason - Rise Against
1. The Sound Of Madness - Shinedown
2. All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot
3. Death Magnetic - Metallica



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