Best Rock Songs of 2009

This has been an awesome year for rock lovers, with new songs from bands like Alice in Chains to Skillet. Let's just say this year didn't disappoint.

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1New Divide - Linkin Park

My favourite video. A new era of rock music videos began from this

They created only one song in 2009 & that was a hit

2The Night - Disturbed
3I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin

Different year but I still LOVE Diary of Jane by them. Anyone who hasn't listened to it, do it now! I think that is BB's best song! Rock on!

Best BB song - listen to it, it is actually incredible :) insane intro by the way as well

421 Guns - Green Day

no doubt better than check my brain... but I donno between monster and this song

no comparision... crap results... this has to be no. 1

This song is so amazing, always give me a new spirit

of course dis is d best! gd rox n dis is der best song!

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5Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The list says rock songs, and if you are looking for real hardcore rock, look no further than this song. Amazing guitar, vocals and lyrics, this song beat New Divide by a long shot. A7X FOR NUMBER 1!

I just listen to one song and that is this
i just love it
avenged sevenfold is
just amazing

one of the best avenged sevenfold's song

It has a great solo and its one of the best song

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6Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
7You're Going Down - Sick Puppies

This song is so cool it's awesome
This and know your enemy are very good punk songs from 2009 - samuelMCL7

8Crawl - Breaking Benjamin
9What Lies Beneath - Breaking Benjamin
10Without You - Breaking Benjamin

The Newcomers

?Contagious - Trapt
?Savior - Rise Against

the best song this year! with awesome rythim, lyrics and video.. I as good that Prayer of the Refugee or Make it Stop

The Contenders

11It's Not You - Halestorm
12Snuff - Slipknot

Slow, soft and steady that made by Corey and the gang... - 09ShamsulBahriel

Awesome and beautiful. Best lyrics I ever heard. - mattlol

Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics

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13Let Down - Dead By Sunrise
14Check My Brain - Alice In Chains

This song is has an aswome opening riff and is as good as their old stuff

Black gives way to blue - good album. Not quite the same without Layne, but I will alway support AIC, one of my favorite bands of all times.

15Monster - Skillet

insanely awesome! I love you Skillet! - eminems_718

16Break - Three Days Grace

How the hell is this not higher?

17Uprising - Muse
18Bring Me to Life - Thousand Foot Krutch
19Hard to See - Five Finger Death Punch

the best band in the world and one of their best songs

20Overcome - Creed
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Top Remixes

1. Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
2. Crawl - Breaking Benjamin
3. What Lies Beneath - Breaking Benjamin
1. The Night - Disturbed
2. New Divide - Linkin Park
3. You're Going Down - Sick Puppies



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