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Spitfire wheels look so awesome and they ride so smoothly.
Team: mike mo erik ellington shane o'neil and many more
Spitfire skateboard wheels are extremely popular. Spitfire wheels are made in the USA and guaranteed against defects of any kind. Spitfire wheels are high quality, and I highly recommend them.
When it comes to selection, Spitfire has it. If you are looking for fast, try Spitfire's Firelight Core wheels, with built in airflow vents. Some people think stuff like this is only a gimmick, but other swear by 'em. Want to shave off weight? Try the Ligherer wheels, with their mini-cores.
Spitfire is the best, totally sick-ass designs. I go really fast with them and they are super smooth. Iv'e had them forever and they just get better!
[Newest]I have spitfire there the est there smooth extremely quite and they have a little grip

2Bones Skateboard Wheels
Bones are far better than ANY wheel and that's a fact. They don't flat-spot, they slide well and if you don't mind the waxy white look of the urethane, they stay white.

If money wasn't a factor in my decision I would say Spitfires because of how they slide. Unfortunately they flat-spot way to easily. Even the F1 Streetburners end up flat-spotting in the end. Their good in the streets don't get me wrong but the thing with the F1's is their too slippery on anything that isn't asphalt.
Bones wheels are amazing! Definitely a great buy. I love them so much and I've had them for 2 years. Spitfire? Not the way to go. I had a pair and after a month they had huge flat spots
bones are beast. I have a se and they are smooth as hell. any other wheel doesn't add up. they are so good for street skating!
[Newest]Bones is the best
More comments about Bones Skateboard Wheels

Very close top three for me #1 rictas, 2 bones, 3 spits. All around, I'd says bones are the highest quality, they never flat spot and last forever. I just don't like the way they ride on street. Rictas are great for all terrain types. So even though they wear quicker than bones, they get my vote cause of ride quality. Like I said, I'd ride any of the top three (bones, spits, rictas) but I gotta give a slight edge to rictas
Rictas are beast. My friend has a set and they are smooth as hell. Any other wheel doesn't add up. OJ also has good wheels but are not very well known to many. As long as you don't mind having 60mm wheels
Ricta wheels are THE BEST. I never thought they could have made wheels so good in my life. they are smooth, perfect hardness, great for speed, make sure you try out these wheels, you will not regret it.
[Newest]They are the best because there so smooth and nyjah huston uses them

4OJ Wheels
These wheels are really sick and ride very smooth
On wheels. Solid dope

Land sharks almost never flat spot. They're really good street wheels but not really for bowls. They're good wheels but they're heavy and wear fast.


The wheels just fly really smooth and fast
I used to suck at skating but these wheels make it a whole lot better
Girl are so! Smooth and elements are good to trust me girls the way to roll


That would have to do with your bearings fool not your wheels it depends on how great your bearings are for the wheels to spin the better bearings you have the more the wheels spin bones ceramics are some sick bearings
I think these wheels were smooth and easy to ride on
Its not the eheels that makes a good bearing spin its the bearing! ¡! ¡! @&((78)(7

9Gold Wheels
Straight smooth! Feel great, fast, almost feel cushion like but are not soft.. If you can understand that.. Player type of wheel you know.. Almost a delicacy... - mac$$
Super fast! And have many varieties of colors! Great look, feel, and shape.
They are the best and they have the best team with kalis stevie wade and marcus mcbride

10Mini-Logo Wheels
I think ML's are pretty cool. The Logo isn't so Radical but their A-Cut wheels work pretty nicely. They slide great too! Their cheap wheels for, not perfect, but great product quality!
Lo is the best
They have sick rider like tony hawk, rodney mullen and pj ladd
They ride smooth and great shock absorber although you ollie from 20 stairs

The Contenders

11Darkstar Light Knights
Darkstar Light Knights are possibly THE BEST wheels I've used ever in my life.

They are so light and they look really cool.

They don't wear down that fast and they're thin and smooth.

Smooth ride, and the middle of the wheel has the awesome darkstar warrior head thing. Awesome


Ok first thing darkstar don't sell completes at Walmart 2nd your a good company great wheels and an ok deck sell at better place like real skate shops then maybe Your reviews wouldn't be so crappy
Darkstar forever. by the way, element skate wheels cannot stay spinning for 3 minutes, its morelike three seconds. see ya skaters;

autobahn are great they're light and easy to get the bearings into. autobahn for life!
They're amazing if you ride a lot of street. I have had spit fires but autobahn beats them by a longshot!
I agree, I have had my autobahn wheels for a while now, no flatspots or any problems unlike my element & spitfire wheels, they were relatively cheap as well as amazing quality, these should be 1st, 2nd or 3rd place along with: Ricta and Bones! Spitfire suck balls! Autobahn for life! Do not wear down fast either

13Abec 11 Wheels
Abec 11 have wheels in practically all sizes, hardeness and shapes, and they are good wheels. Also price/guality ratio in bigger wheels is good

I have blind and they are super light. The shape is perfect for ollies, kickflips, manuels, and they go great reds and core. Blind is best. I pick Blind over anything else.
I bought blind yesterday it is smooth as I expect. great wheels
I actually got a pair @ academy sports and their not bad

15Alien Workshop
Nice wheel design and lasts long
I've had them for over a year and they stil arnt warn out or chunks comeing of

16Plan B Wheels
Smooth like Butter they rub smooth and spin well with broken in bearings. I Had bones and they where to hard and big but then plan bs are small and good looking
Plan b wheels are sick as hell, they are absolutely the best wheels out there. Should be no.2
They have a feeling
[Newest]Sicker then anything they are epic

17Pig Skateboard Wheels
OH, MY, GOSH, WHY ARE THESE 14! THAT REALLY TICKS ME OFF! Sorry, just lost my cool because these awesome wheels are 14th. These are made by toy machine, so they're great
Pig wheels are the bomb and I love the designs! They are light and easy to slide with. 0 flat spots
Best wheels, easily, no flatspots, they have a simple design, they stay white for a very long time, sick team, lasts way longer than any other brand, and aren't too slick, love them!
Skating for 16 years, spitfire is a close second
[Newest]They ride so smooth you don't hear a sound and its definitely for street skaters


19Toy Machine
It is rtha best in planrt mud
So buy the dam toy machinew

Super high-rebound 54mm/99a polyurethane wheels


21Pool King Wheels

22Kryptonics Skateboard Wheels
I LOVE the person who said they suck and never slide how the crap is sucky Kryptonics even get on here I HATE them Kryptonics even on the list the only place to get Kryptonics is at crapy Walmart
Kryptonics it's a legend of wheels yeaah


24Hubba Wheels
hubba wheels are amazing they just get some flat spots after like say a month or two
God on bumpy ground and spin long
They are always riding smooth
They don't flat out at all
Hubbas are so strong. I had mine for 4 years and have switched board and wheels but my old Hubbas are still in great shape.

25Better Skateboard Wheels
Best. I have 54 mm. Lasting for a long time.3 weeks, threading is still in them. They slide great, no flatspots yet. Best wheel I've had. And cheap too. Custom graphics! Get some.

26Zoo York


Come on its got to be enuff cause they're great for street and amazing at power slides I easily recommend enuff wheels with some fast bearings
They are ok for your moneys worth probably the best wheels you can buy for under £20


30Pro Company Wheels

Best over all wheels of all time! Sun bleach resistant, Flatspot restant, Creative and Innovative, Rooted, Northern California, and Sick Global sk8 team. Big ups fam!

32Almost Wheels

Greet got flat spots in 2 months
Very smooth wheel. Not bad wheels


I have Cliche Skateboard wheels and is good wheels and cheap...

I have sml wheels and they are good. my friend sold them to me for 5 bucks and so far they are pretty good. they flatspot but that is not a problem. 7/10

37Momentum Wheel Co.
Ryan Sheckler is a part of the team

38Speed Demon
Friend has em 3 years still smooth

39Chocolate Wheels

40American Force Wheels
Force are the best they last forever and you can get them at

Great slide and no flat spots also Andy shrock is cool ass dude and I like to support him

42Wub Wheels
Excellent Hardness and 0 Flatspots! Super fast and buttery. I would recommend and it feels good supporting a smaller company.

43Penny Wheels
Great go over rocks as well as ojs
They are nice cruiser wheels

44Symbolic Wheels

The Best skateboard wheels of Brazil

46Jungle Nuts


48Yellow Jacket

49Type S wheels
They ride really smooth on vert and they catch speed fast


51Speedlab Wheels

There are pretty good aussie brand

53World Industries

Sick lasted me 12 year get em on a complete bird house they are amazing beacuase they are so smooth I skate pools and powerslide so yea
They are amazing they're better than my spitfires

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