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Tae Kwon Do
Grand Master Kim's Taekwondo Is one of the best choices my family and I have made. My Three Girls and I have been attending classes for about two years now. Since starting I have lost over 100 lbs. From a size 20 to a size 4/6! My girls and I are learning the five tenets of taekwondo ( Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit ) and learning how to apply them to our lives, also I love the fact that we have something positive in common to work on and learn together. Even if you take your time to get your belt rank up in the words of Master Grimm " Don't Give up or Quit! Quitters stay at home! " For someone who has never done anything close to this before Grand Master Kim, Sr. Master Flint, Master Grimm, and the rest are all great instructors and we will be apart of our dojang for our Black Belts and Beyond!
Tae Kwon-do isn't just kicking, I've been in it for about 7 years now, and I've learned how to punch, wrestle, kick, use a Katana, Nunchaku, and a bow staff.
Taekwondo is a complete martial art, and rest assured that a fast kick to the knees will end a conflict very very quickly.
For those who state that a fight typically ends on the ground so grappling is the way to go... Have obviously never been in a real conflict; a typical fight will last less that a minute and only one person ends up on the ground!
Lets not confuse a real fight with a pushing match, where the participants actually don't want to fight and are actually waiting for others to come and separate the clinch
[Newest]Tis very fast, powerful and now words to describe
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2Kung Fu
In all forms of the traditional sense, martial arts is an art. Because of this, it is highly dependant on the person executing the art to be able to adapt to all situations, which makes for the best use of the art. Rather than emphasizing on one type of fighting, such as stance, wrestling, striking, kicking, weapons, grabbing, offensive, or defensive, Kung Fu has a great adaptation and usage of all of these. Wing Chun/Tsun of all the many chinese martial arts places emphasis on the technique and of attacking the attack, as opposed to the majority which defend and counter. The base concepts of all however take time. There is no wrong or right, and no better or worse style of martial art, but only what works best for you. Just as every martial art is different, every person is different, thusly every teacher is also different. Keep that in mind if you decide to study a martial art, and adapt it to make it your own.
It is a collection of all chinese arts one including wing chun/tsun. Wing tsun under leung ting is what I study and is proficient in all ranges with little effort of motion. Being a collection of 400 to 800 different arts kung fu is the ultimate term for martial art and wing tsun of leung ting is the most efficient and effective there ever will be
It's not really fair to just have "Kung Fu" as this literally includes any Chinse martial arts. There is more variation between Kung Fu styles than there is between Kung Fu and other styles. This is how Kung Fu influenced such varying systems over the centuries. You've got full contact Sanshou styles which rival other kickboxing styles in power and are great for competitions, grappling styles such as Qin Na and Shuai Jiao which influenced Jujitsu, soft internal styles such as Tai Chi, practical street defense styles such as Wing Chun and then of course the more acrobatic flowery styles which people usually tend to think of when you say Kung Fu. Put all this together though and Kung Fu is an unbeatable system.
[Newest]I attend golden harmony kung fu un Virginia. But to be honest one can not say one art is most efficient. It all depends on the practitioner.

I (Satyaki Dutta) am a kyokushin karateka since 8 yrs. I will also say that Taekwondo is good but its not good like karate. Karate the best. Physical perfection is the ultimate goal of sport but Self-perfection is the ultimate goal of kyokushin karate.
We are the karatekas….
Our life is spent inside the dojo.
Our world are different from yours.
Our mind is our battle field.
Our life is spent with purpose.
Our average day is spent seeking perfection.
Our sole lives in the time of samurai.
Our defenses is to never have to fight
Our skills are our tools that help our life.
Our purpose is to pass on what I have learnt.
Our belt and dogi are the symbol of our efforts.
Our achievements are marked by our sweat and blood.
Well there are many types for karate and each type teaches you different techniques, and it uses both hands and legs unlike TKD which uses legs most of the time, so in a real fight you won't be able to use your legs properly if you didn't warm up but if you know karate then you can use your whole body (fist, fingers, palm, legs, elbow... Etc)
And it is not about strength only most likely it is about speed, so it will help your to dodge easily and attack in a fast way therefore you might take down a guy in few seconds.
I(Rohit Dwivedi) am Karateka since 3 years. I have trend in four types of martial art but it's my fave-rate. Taekwondo have more jumping kikes they are stylist but no more powerful and useful in real life.
[Newest]It should be first!
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4Muay Thai
The anceient art of the eight weapons, hands, elbows, knees and feet. Definitely deserve the first place in this top ten, muay thai is attack and self-defense at the same time. When well executed, it's deadly.
Muay Thai is best martial art because of it's powers and winning techniques. It will definitely serve you well in dangerous situations when you need to fight back against many attackers. In a fight, using Muay Thai you will be able to defend yourself and harm your opponents/opponent as well.
Although I practise Wing Chun, I am voting for Muay Thai. I have seen too many fights where someone is on the ground, being kicked in the head by multiple attackers, so learning to hit effectively it is where it is at. The modern laws regarding reasonable force have largely removed the self-defense/sport distinction. If I was to do more than one, I would add Krav Maga.
[Newest]I love muay thai

5Krav Maga
Doing it for years, been attacked twice on the street (once with the knife), in both cases the preparation I got in the classes were more than enough to be successful in both cases without taking any damage, to tell the true my pulse did not even rise in both situation, because it was "way easier" than on the training, where we are going trough the very complicated scenarios and situations. KM provides real street smart knowledge, including no violent solutions for confrontations, avoidance, and prevention. I also doing other martial arts (BJJ purple belt, doing MMA and Mayi Thai for years) - all are great and I love those as well, but KM is for the street and for survival, the others for competition and personal improvement.
Krav maga is can only bested by tae kwon do. In my opinion, it should go, Tae Kwon do, Krav maga, Judo, Ju jitsu, and then anything else. Tae kwon do is in fact self defense, contrary to the belief of that guy who commented on the Judo (#8 as of December 2, 2012) In fact, that's all it really is. Besides a form, you must complete a self-defense for each belt. For black, you must complete all eight of them, as well as all eight of the forms. As a 1st dan black belt, I have NO idea how to attack someone, I only know how to defend myself if someone attacks me FIRST. So yes, Tae Kwon Do is a self defense. But Krav maga, (basically Israeli martial arts) is like a mix of like EVERY other martial art out there (except for tae kwon do), making it so awesome, and almost as good as tae kwon do itself. :)
Krav Maga is the ultimate fighting style/self defense system. The most applicable for real life situations. Killer workout.


[Newest]Krav maga is the best because we are trained on real life situation dangers and it helps us a lot and it adopts from every other martial arts and its full bag with smart moves

Ninjutsu is one of the most effective fighting styles in any situation. Instead of mindless punches we end the fight as soon as possible by paralyzing the opponent... It is no holds barred like Jeet Kune Do. Not to mention we learned strategy and tactics in real world situations. We also learned with the Ninjato, Katana, Bo-Staff, Kunai and many many more. Unlike most martial arts, Ninjutsu is very spiritual like Kung Fu. Overall, I think Ninjutsu and Jeet Kune Do should be in the top ten. And where is Wing Chun!?
I'm defiantly a different person after taking this art. This Art is probably the quickest and most effective in every way.
My list would have
1. Ninjutsu
2. Jeet Kune Do
3. Kenjutsu
4. Kung Fu
5. Bojutsu


Ninjutsu would be my first pick simply because of the diversity that it has, as a practitioner of ninjutsu must know all other martial arts. and if you become proficent at joint locks with it, you can successfully defeat some very good jujitsu artist. I was just sparing with a girl that was quite good at jujitsu and I allowed her to get a wrist lock started, but then I reversed it within a split second. do not underestimate ninjutsu it could be proven a fatal mistake.
[Newest]Although I picked ninjutsu as my style of choice. For it's well roundness. All the styles listed can be used for self defense as it's not so much the style as the practitioner that will decide who wins. Fact is if you practice at something long enough. Your gonna be more than capable of defending yourself no matter what the style you train in is
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7Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
It's the only art that proves a smaller person can defeat a larger opponent
Bjj should be number one on the list of martial arts and just think if you take a person that only knows stand up and you take him down he is a turtle on his back but if you study gracie jiu jitsu it has both ground and stand up its just an opinion of mine what do you think.
My dad and my uncle were doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a long time and my uncle reached army level and I am going to take a guess that jiu jitsu fighters are in really good shape because my dad bench 330 pounds and he is stronger that so mms nfl players
[Newest]Should be ranked higher

8Ju Jitsu
I'm all about ju jitsu. It's my favorite art and I love making people tap out! If you want to have great self defense when somwon is messing with you this art is definitely for you!
Ju jitsu isn't just throws, in fact its little throws. Mostly you learn basic techniques in which you can put together to make it good.
Ju Jitsu is about respect and it should be top of list it's not just throws its techniques and a lot more
[Newest]I'm a really small man reaching close to 60 years old. I studied JuJitsu for several years and thinking back without it, JuJitsu is the reason why I made it this long. I weigh about 120 lbs. , live in a real rough area, but believe it or not I get a lot of respect.

9Mixed Martial Art
I used to do mma it was fun but tough at the same time I miss those good time learning how to fight
Its a combination of all type of martial art so its definitely the best laugh out loud
I was doing a lot of mma and my uncle was an mma world champion he taught me a lot about and he teaches me all the ways how to break out of a choke all you have to do is put both of your arms between his and you use your elbows to break out of it

Silat is a martial arts from Southeast Asia, but I think Indonesia is best for this. If you've ever watch "The Raid : Redemption" movie, there's a lot of silat there. And silat it's not just for self-defense, it's an art.
Very impressive and effective martial art though difficult to master. To truly be able to use Silat for self defense would take serious training. It couldn't just be a past time.


Silat not just grow in Indonesia only, It also grow in Malaysia, Brunei and many countries more. Besides that, we all like a family =D
[Newest]The best and difficult

The Contenders

I found out my English teacher is a an aikido instructor and I ask him to kick my ass for a little laugh... He put me on the ground in less than a second, and I almost cried. Aikido is without question the best
Oh come on Aikido is a very reliable self defense martial art only because of the overhead throws and joint locks! With those nobody will mess with you again. Plus who doesn't like watching people weep in pain? This is the art that's very reliable other than Ju-Juitsu or Judo. You can't possibly think Aikido isn't great. Right?
I have take several years of Aikido and a few classes of other martial arts, and by far Aikido is the BEST!
[Newest]This is an amazingly strong type of martial arts

12Jeet Kune Do
Kon'ichiwa, I am a practitioner of Japanese Jujutsu and want to express my views as a martial artist. Jeet kune do fighters are-like Bruce Lee said to be like water. Actualize yourself as a fighter and not do pick and choose which style you like. To understand fighting you need not to become a product of patterns and fixed thinking throw away prejudice etc. Things like Boxing and Judo (no offense to those people) are styles which could cloud the truth of combat and hide the expression of human emotion though patterns; you should aim to utilize all types of combat skill and self awareness, to use only punches or only to grapple somebody is ineffective against a group if you are no master. I'm a martial artist myself but I find that some locks and other techniques may not be useful in the quick reaction situation but do not hate technique, seek to understand every technique forward and backward, to understand what is useful and what is uniquely your own philosophy. Any martial artist from any style can become the best, you just have to be open minded about the fight. I give my vote to JKD because Bruce Lee the founder of which was the best fighter. No style is the best. It would all depend on the fighters. The knowledge of two different fighters reflect on the fight and their ability to actualize themselves as fighters like Bruce Lee was clearly very good at, not because he belonged to style but to knowledge of the fight whether the person is very strong or tall etc. Ultimately martial arts are self defense and you should strive to express you feelings through martial arts. Lastly I want everyone to know respect all the styles and schools and so should everyone else all styles are good and perhaps some are more effective at an earlier state of training. I hope you agree with me as a human being and see how I am attempting to enlighten
Jeet kune do also has basics of wing chun I swear that JKD is best as bruce lee himself told that he has found a new way not a style please refer as all of them know about sifu bruce lee he is the world's best martial artist please don't confuse Jun fan JKD with MMA and JKD concept practicioners
Bruce Lee is the inventor people, ring a bell? Has simplicity, speed, agility and no holds barred.


[Newest]Effective, extremely explosive and limitless

I give + to Judo. Why?
Judo vs Karate = Judo (I give 90% that fight will end on the ground, and Judo guy will have advantage due his choke/submission skills. Karate guy may win if he could K.O. in first attack.
Judo vs Kung Fu = Judo( Kung Fu guys focus on light/fast punching and if you want to win vs Judo guy you need to end fight in few seconds + they don't have ground work).
Judo is strong vs Boxing/Ninjutsu/Krav-Maga/Tae-Kwon-Do/Karate. (Easy to throw and finish in ground work).
Judo is weak vs Jiu-Jitsu (better ground work and sometimes they can avoid being thrown or counter throw Judo guy. ) Its like 50/50 who will win.
Judo is weak vs Muay Thai (they are hard to takedown and have strong punches/kicks.
But still it depends on fighter.
hate that taekwondo! Tae Kwon Do is for sports only! not for self def. and I hate korean martialarts.. I love japanese martialarts because its very! very! lovely. judo, aikido, karate, kendo, jujitsu.
I don't think it deserves number one spot but definitely should be much higher than 17 so I voting for it.
[Newest]This list is all wrong

In mma boxing is a must have. It is the bread and butter to striking. Yes wrestling and jujitsu are great for mma. And muay Thai is up there as well. But when you set up for just about any style you use your fists. And boxing is all about that. Even bruce lee recognized that and incorporated it into his jeez kung do. In my opinion boxing can hold its own against any martial art.
Everybody I know wants to be just like Manny Pacquiao these days. Can you blame them? Boxing is no doubt the most resilient kind of fighting style there is.


Hit a perfect straight to your enemy's face and you'll win the fight. That is what boxers need. Just one perfect hit can bring down the enemy

15Wing Chun
David can beat all the Goliath by using only the hands..
Wing chun is the world's greatest martial arts
Wing shun was used by ip man techer of bruce lee 70 precent of the hands and 30 of the foot it is a flow of life used by bruce lee to
[Newest]Wing chun is the most effective not and an opinion

Kenpo is very underrated, and given very little credit at all. However if you study many martial arts forms you'll see if mastered, kenpo has a very well put together background, technique, and form. Compared to more popular martial art style's it is superb.
Very useful martial art for self defense, and self esteem.
My parents used to do this.


Don't know whether KalaryPayattu is the best or not as I am not an expert. But was fortunate enough to see an actual street fight accidentally involving a kalaryPayattu guy and was amazed by that incident. This happened in Banglore, India where I was working. There was some argument between 2 groups. Group1 consisted of 2 heavily built negroes and 1 localite. We were watching from a distance and it was obvious that the other group was afraid of the negro group and 1 negro was very aggressive and abusive. But only 1 person from group2 was arguing with the negro and another lean boy was trying to persuade this person to avoid the argument. But this negro started beating up the person who was arguing. Then the 2nd negro also joined and started pushing the group2 while the 1st negro was slapping the other person. Now what happened was really something which I had seen only in movies. The lean boy who was trying to avoid the argument came to the rescue of his friend who was getting beating up. He had a small fight with Negro1 for a few minutes and he was handling easily the

Negro1. Seeing this negro2 also joined the fight. But then this lean boy did something hold on the hand of negro1 and his hand was pushed to the back and he fell down to ground holding his shoulder and was in deep pain. After that lean boy fought with the Negro2 who was relatively lesser built than negro1 but much bigger than the lean boy. Within a short time the negro2 was bleeding from nose by a strong push using the palm by the lean boy. Just like any other crowd seeing that the thugs are taken care of, other onlookers joined and tried to manhandle the negros. But amazingly this lean boy stopped the crowd and asked them to leave the negros. We were all watching in awe. Never ever thought that it was so easy to handle such thugs. Actually negros were really big and well built and really ill mannered and fearsome. The localites say these negros have come to work/study and had become a nuisance to the locality because off boozing and doping and because of this was outsted from the hostel where they were living. Anyways after this incident we went and spoke to the lean boy who

Had handled the negros. He was an engineering student aged 18 or so I don't remember. this happened way back in 2004-5. This boy had been practicing

Kalarypayttu for 6 years under a guru and after joining engineering he was just doing basic kalarypayat practice due to study load. We asked how easily he brought the negros to ground and his reply was really amazing. He said he was forced to fight as his friend was injured by the negros and nobody else was helping him. He also said his guru says kalarypayatu should be used only among comparable fighters and only against societal inequalities and never for personal gain. We were all hearing that boy's mature words in awe. Really mature for such a young guy. He also said its not about strenght but about speed & focus and practice. He also talked about his guru. His guru he said was around 87 years old and very orthodox and strict. So now the guru must be 97. God knows whether he is still alive. This guru it seems still gets up very early in the morning before 4AM (he talked about some brahmayam I don't remember) and is fitter than himself and does agriculture as livelihood. He also told that he comes from a place near canur in kerela (some place with a peculiar name kangad I am not sure). There some of Hindu-Muslim fights happens and sometimes the guru is often the person who is the mediator as he is widely resepected and he has many students from both the communities. Hearing that being an uppercaste I asked whether the guru was a kshatriya and I was taken aback to hear that the guru belonged to an untouchable caste called some tiya/ezha caste I am not sure about the caste name. He also told that in kerela this caste is the actual warriors. But boy himself is an upper caste Nayar and I am happy about that. I never thought an uppercaste will be learning from a untouchable. But that's fine. Life is like that. Also I never thought that India had such a martialart. It was an amazing experience. Never thought such a lean person can be so capable. The lean boys name was Ajay and the gurus name I don't remember Narayan I guess. Wish smartphone was available then. could have been a great video.
It is an Indian martial art- one of the oldest martial arts in the world. No doubt it is the best, because-
1) Many ancient battles was won by the use of this martial art.
2) It is not only fighting- it is like flying fight
3) Various types of weapons like Axe, Bow and Arrow, sword, shield, sticks are used in this style. Even one can defeat his opponent ( who may be armed) only with a towel.
4) They chant mantras to increase their spiritual power.
5) Their combat techniques deals with flexible movements, jumps and pressure point strikes. No doubts they have the highest level of physical fitness and yoga is in their regular routine.
6) there is high level of medical knowledge of Ayurveda so their treatment do miracle.
7) More over all it teach us to always respect your opponent even if he is lying on ground.
For all these reasons, it is clear as daylight that Kalaripayattu is the greatest martial art in the world.
Definitely very effective, a lot of people haven't heard about this martial art. But it is probably the world's oldest and deadliest martial art which is called the Mother of Martial arts.

Kung Fu and and several other Asian martial arts could have originated from Kalari.
[Newest]It is the mother of all Martial forms in the world today and still the best. Unfortunately we did not had a Bruce Lee to introduce it to the world.
More comments about Kalaripayattu

18Tang Soo Do
My children have just started this class and they love it.
Like Tae Kwon Do but much more emphasis on stances and power
Tang so do for the win

True Hapkido as taught in the military is brutal and effective.
It seems like a well balanced martial art. The Green Baret uses it, the CIA, and the Korean Special Forces. That says a lot for the U.S. government, to trust it with their military and to protect the president.
I did Hapkido for 8 years and it taught me enough to accidentally almost hurt two of my friends pretty badly while we were rough housing... when I was 6... Hapkiod has taught me a lot.


[Newest]I miss Hapkido in the Czech Republic :(

Common misconception is that eskrima focuses only on weapons. Think again... It is one of the most complete fighting systems ever created. There are a lot of styles and systems other, so do research first and look for what fits you and make sure you train under a legitimate teacher.
It is one of the best martial arts because it uses 2 Sticks.
Men that was so cool and I'm very proud because it is a Filipino Martial arts
Very good martial art

Sambo is a great form of martial art it uses throws, traps, and locks to knock down your opponent. There are different types sport, freestyle, and combat. Combat is more useful because it adds in kicks and punches also the stuff I listed above
Sambo is very useful for self-defense, it's way more useful than kwon do

22Tai Chi
The basic idea of using the opponents strength to defeat your opponent. "nothing is softer than water, but nothing is stronger than water. All depending on the wind" & taichi is good for your health.
Great tipped of martial arts not the best but probera lay second best following kung fu

The mother of all martial arts the most older and violent.

Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo, Boxing, and Chinese Boxing.
Formed in 1947, its the first traditional mixed martial art. Used to help train military and federal contractors, law enforcement, etc. This along with Krav Maga is what makes these guys such bad asses... Yet so low-key in public.
A. Combo of karate jujitsu Kempo Chinese boxing. Very street effective. Also known for being dirty and sadistic fighting

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the original/oldest style of Kung Fu so surly that's the true form of Kung Fu.
Shaolin (mi zong qaun) is a great system for a peaceful and clear mind ready for any attack without assuming- also deception plays a big part in this incredible art. I think it should be up there in the top ten most deadliest -especially if taught wright
Dane Tobias


If you like samurai sword and would like to now how to new one well kendo will show you how

This is very underrated and it's fun I love it



When we talk about combat and Indians, we start envisaging the Sikhs, powerful and raw power. Gatka originated in Punjab and features skillful use of weapons, especially swords.
It's a very good martial art
The art of Sikh warriors! (samurai + karteka are cool though as well)

In Shotokan the technique of fight is elosiveness, hit and back... Moreover the punches are so powerful... The kicks are based on full technique... So they are very powerful and safe... Take an example of muay thai where the shin bone strikes to other person shin bone... So there are chances you broke your shin bone or the other one but in Shotokan feet is used... Which has combinatiotion of bones... And feet is wider so the chance of break is less.
Shotokan is d best, it incorporates punches, kicks in to one fluid movement and is effective

It has an unique style, which will consistently confuse your opponents. In consensus, capoeira is a dance and its better when its used as a synergy because it will complete that martial art more effeciently and faster! This makes unique because is a dance
Capoeira is by far the most acrobatic martial art and brings the most powerful blow the body can deliver. Kicks.
Incredible fusion of dance and combat. Nothing cooler than bringing down your opponent while dancing
[Newest]Capoeira is best it uses every muscle in the body and also improves flexibility. I love capoeira

My friend is amazing at wrestling, but he uses both his arms and legs to pin me down, leaving him open in many places. Not a good position to be in with a person like me. He left his face open many times, and his nuts, but I didn't want to hurt him. I told him he needs to cover his body or he will get really hurt.


Wrestling should be a lot higher because if you watch mma or have anything to do with it. They will always talk about the person's wrestling
Teaches you how to take someone to the ground

34Stick Fighting

Never heard or it

Focuses on targeting the weak areas on your opponents. Unparalleled, especially since it is used by the toughest special forces in the world, SPETSNAZ.
Russian martial art that focuses on mental state also...unlike your Hollywood karate and other belt oriented arts.
One of the best special forces martial art to kill.

Why is this 33 it should be number 1! I mean we have Sensai demura one of the best artist of all time come on people

Modified to fit American build

Wushu is one of the best style of martial art that a person can rely on, it teaches all the fundamental way of fighting without fear.
This is Greatest martial arts in the would - (Jackie chan) said that
Jet Li is a Wushu artist vote for that.


41Modern Arnis
Well balanced
Empty hand. Stick. Knife

42Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling)

Allows more attacks and damage to be simply applied
Kickboxing is ausome... Better than boxing as in this both arms and legs are used.
Kickboxing is really fun to watch. Especially on Bully Beatdown.


44Bak Mei

45Choi Kwang Do
Very similar to Tae Kwan do without locking out the joints, using modern science, derived from psychology, plyometrics, kinesiology, and biomechanics, form the basis to Choice Kwang do.

Bando is a martial art of Myanmar. it came from martial arts of India, Japan and China. it is similar to tai chi and also aikido. but it have different styles in techniques. It is very good to defend from weapons of your opponents.

47Zen Do Kai
BEST EVER. It is physical, fun and helps self defense.

48Maenpo Cikalong
A very rare martial art, commonly categorized to kind of silat, but actually it is different. It is like of combination of taichi and aikido. Some of the fighter have experience fighting with other martial art and always end with winning. When mastering it, the fighter can also "copy" other martial art style fight as it is like camouflage feature!

49Hung Ga

50Muay Boran
Muay boran is the parent of muay thai. It is more vicious than muay thai. It uses head as the 9th weapon. I learn kung fu along with muay Thai and boran. Muay boran should be in 1st or 2nd.

Yes, the Kashmiris have their own form of martial art and the name is Sqay, swords and shields are their forte.


53Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Good offense best defense
Karate most certainly does not suck


Sri Lankan traditional deadly martial art

Complete Package.

All from one founder "Toshishiro Obata"

It is a gendai budo martial art teaching the real or serious way of Japanese swordsmanship
And the unarmed art of this is fit for the modern world.
The swordsmanship has the same footwork for the unarmed movement.

Unarmed (Aikibujutsu) Armed (Shinkendo & Toyama Ryu)


58Shuri Ryu

59Kun Khmer

60Tarung Derajat

61Kuk Sool Won
Sorry auto check said look sool won its kook sool won

62Mardani Khel
It is particularly known for its use of the uniquely Indianpata (sword) and vita (corded lance).

63Paika Akhada

A weapon based martial art created by the Meitei people of Manipur is one of the most lethal forms of combat, the one which just uses hand to hand combat is known as Sarit Sarak.

Weapon based, originated in Tamil Nadu, the word Silambam itself means the staff, which is the primary weapon used.

66Kathi Samu
Originating from Andhra Pradesh, it is an ancient skill which was mastered by the royal armies of the state.

Bandesh is an ancient Indian empty-handed Martial Art technique that uses various lock holds to defeat an armed assailant without killing him.

68Taiji Zen

69Keysi Fighting Method
Batman used it in two movies. The pensador stance fails, though...
It doesn't bull around. It is just used to kill and maim
Its really great fighting method but its really effactive for street figth but not for martial arts

70Western Boxing

Yaw Yan is an awesome martial art, in english it means the dance of death...

72Hwa Rang Do

73Street Fighting
This is boring martial art because there is no skill applied.

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