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21New Super Mario Bros. 2

Does a game really have to have to be rated T or M to be good? Really! Why can't a game like this that's happy be on the top 10.

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22JourneyV2 Comments
23The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
24Fire Emblem: Awakening

This game was GLORIOUS! Absolutely everything, right down to the character designs and the soundtrack, was absolutely fantastic.

25New Super Mario Bros UV1 Comment
26Kid Icarus: Uprising

This game was amazing. I still feel excitement playing it today. The story is amazing, the gameplay is great. The online is FANTASTIC. And not to mention the beautiful graphics and 3D. This is definitely a top twenty game since 2000 or so.

27Pokemon Conquest
28BioShock Infinite

Very nice game, great ending!

29Forza Horizon
30SoulCalibur V Collector's Edition
31Spec Ops: The Line

Before you judge this game by it's cover, give it a try. Trust me, it isn't a game which rewards you for how many soldiers you kill in a level. This is a game which not only tells you, "Seriously, what the hell are you doing? Is this apparently OK for you? " but also makes you realize what you're doing while you're supposed to be enjoying your slaughterfest. - ArchAces

32Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition
33Skylanders: Giants
34XCOM: Enemy Unknown
35Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection
36Resident Evil 6

This game is really underrated. It's not as good as RE5 but it's still really good. Giants, sharks, zombies, tyrants. This game has it all.

The best game I know it is totally awesome it should be number 1 please vote for it

37Need for Speed: Most Wanted
38Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

I so agree that this should be top 1. Seriously, who couldn't stand crossovers? This game recieved all positive reviews.

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39Rayman Origins
40Resident Evil: Revelations
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