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The top 10 rappers that rap for Jesus Christ. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Lecrae is easily the best Christian rapper out there. He places actual scripture alone with great production and the flow is off the chain. It really doesn't get much better then 'Crae
No competition. Lecrae owns everyone on this list. His song Transformers is amazing! I have never even heard of these other fools y'all musta never heard a Lecrae song otherwise he'd be number one.
Man! This dude is just way too cool! He is suppose to be the number 1st Christian rapper ever! This guy can rap better than Eminem or Lil Wayne!
[Newest]I agree with the list, lecrae is the best rapper, he knows how 2 use his voice, he's inspiring, easy 2 listen 2, lecrae is 2 good, followed by Trip lee. Yes
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2Trip Lee
Ok Lecraes the best, but in my opinion Trip Lee is just as good.
As for others above trip:
Toby Mac has turned more to pop (have you heard Eye On It? )
Thousand Foot Krutch is mainly rock (not much rap)
Manafest is good (but not better than trip)
& Kj-52? Come on. He has some good stuff but he has to have 24 tracks on a cd to produce one good song (because the rest is junk)
I LOVE TRIP LEE, clearly deserves to be #1... But I have to pay my respects to lecare he's just as good.
I love Trip Lee music... Reach Records can't be touched...
[Newest]He deserves to be #2, and might actually have better songs than Lecrae. The only thing that makes him not as good as Lecrae is the amount of songs he has.


3Andy Mineo
This guy can rap! Listen to his: heroes for sale...
Andy Mineo is the cure if your missing music that bumps. Not only does he deliver the word so everyone can understand it but I got my unsaved friends really interested in Jesus because of his music. I love this dude!
Andy is awesome if you're looking for good clean fast rap and a good bass kick Togo with the Andy is the best. He also give a great message.
[Newest]Awesome songs like you can't stop me, and the saints.

Insane rapper! He puts Eminem and Lil wayne to shame!
KB is a beast with Church Clap, Go Off, and Zone Out these songs are great pump up songs.
KB should be near the top! Songs like Go and Angels are awesome!
[Newest]Zone out is the the best song of kb's

Don't no what tedashii is doing down here
Have you heard Tedashii? Trip Lee? Andy Mineo? These Reach guys are as good as they come. They have to be at the top.
HE IS THE BEST. I hear a lot of people say how good Lecrae is but Tedashii (in my opinion) is better. He just can't be beat... Wait... WHY IS HE DOWN HERE, LISTEN TO SOME OF HIS SONGS HE DESERVES TO BE #1.


[Newest]Tedashii is the reason I started listening to Christian Rap.

He is just awesome. He flows with the beat and his creativity is incredibly rear. That's watsup for the man himself. "Flame"
Flame is one tot the greatest I've heard! Joyful noise is awesome! So is surrender feat.V. Rose! Several of his albums have gotten top 10 on the billboard! But all Christian rappers are GREAT as long as they pursue and rap about Jesus Christ.
He is just awesome... For example letgo kool one
[Newest]I saw this guy when he performed at my old high school


If we are judging purely off of musical talent and control, Canon is simply the best rapper on the market right now, secular or Christian. Eminem has his moments, but is simply not the same artist he was in the early 2000s. Jay-Z is quite overrated. Lecrae is a good rapper, but his position at the top of the list is based mainly on his total success and market exposure. He had accomplished much more than Canon with the help of a much more successful record company. However, one listen to Canon's latest projects such as Mad Haven and Loose Canon Volume 2 show a mature and extremely skilled musician.
Canon is absolutely the best Christian rapper there is no comparison just listen to his songs, good to go, ten toes deep, loud music, and where is mad haven, also hear him freestyle every one of his lyrics syllables are spoken perfectly and he is like three times faster than Eminem who sucks
So fast and he has good lyrics with awesome beats and a good flow
[Newest]Canon is amazing. have you heard good to go

8Derek Minor
Young up and coming rapper that really has the good lyrics and smooth flow that I'm looking for in a rapper.
He alright I have heard better Christian rappers than him but he has some good and meaningful songs
His new Album Empire is probably one of the best albums out there.

kj 52 is awesome, and probably the best christian rapper out there. he is also good for people who love eminem music, but can't stand the vulgarity.
I love his music. He can be both funny (Fivetweezy), strait forward (Cry No More).
He's great listen to the songs, Right Here, and You're Gonna Make It. He's so motovational. I love him
[Newest]Best Christian rapper I've ever seen! This guy is the best for meaningful, fun and serious music. All of his albums are awesome! #KJ52

The most passionate christian rapper I have heard in my life. His songs are both encouraging the listener to be righteous and Holy, his flow and beat is awesome and he gives GOD all the honor and glory. Bizzle is way too underrated.
Bizzle in my opinion is just as easy talking when reaching the youths getting tainted by negative rap as he is hard on those rappers that need to be beat into submission.
Bizzle is lyrically the best. Lecrae and him are up there lecrae is more catchy more accepted from the outside. Bizzle will never be invited to 106 or other mainstream events prolly not even sway because he has more conviction in his rhymes. The reason he isn't ranked higher than 5 on everyone's list is because not too many people know about him but his we'll wishes album has so many collarborations things will change. By the way the albums proceeds go to helping people in Africa with there supply of water100%.
[Newest]Nozzle has AMAZING lyrics. He's fast too. Catchy beats. Should NOT be this far down the list!

The Contenders

11Black Knight
Honestly, He works the most creating his own beats and beats for other artists, while still having time to create great lines for himself.
He's got his own unique sound and style
It's the black knight! Enough said.
[Newest]Honestly I like this guy he is my inspiration

12Da' T.R.U.T.H.
Speaks the truth just as his name...
Jesus is for everybody!
Umm hello? I can't believe he's not on the list yet- "i can't believe", "Jesus is for everybody"?
[Newest]He is de simple truth in rap gospel 'rising sun'

Snap off - look it up if you think he should be this low on the list.
Motivation if you're not into the harder beats that he drops
The only reason he is way down here is because I did NOT like his new album fallen king... But for some reason everyone else did.
Snap off is boss
[Newest]Saw him live and one word describes him best Amazing! God has blessed him with a great gift. It's fantastic to see what he is doing with it.

14TobyMac (DC Talk, Solo)
Number one in my book. Great music with godly lyrics. I own every album and they are some of the best money ever spent on music. His music has great beats and is encouraging. He was in one of the first Christian rap groups that started the movement (DC Talk). He continues to make great music even with the help of his kids.
6th! TobyMac deserves much better than this position in the list! He is spectacular with his works like Ignition, Jesus Freak (with DC Talk), Atmosphere, Gone, The Slam, Love is in the House etc.
I am just going to say that when it comes to rap, I am not a really big fan. But when it comes to TobyMac (solo) I am a BIG fan. I love TobyMac. Eye on it, Tonight ft. John Cooper from Skillet, Get This Party Started, everything. TobyMac knows how to mix music with Christianity.
[Newest]Best ever. Why isn't he #1?

15Canton Jones
Oh heck yeah Canton Jones is great he needs to be higher on the list.


He really rooted in the word

16Nate Feuerstein
I love your music. I have listened to it non- stop for the past like week... I have played all of your songs from YouTube over and over and I'm still not tired of listening to them. (Although, I do hope you come out with more) please don stop. You are an inspiration to everyone. My fave song is beautiful. First off it made me fall in love with you and second, you have a beautiful heart for writing a song to encourage girls. So thank you truly. If anyone reads this, lists to NF's music. It will change your life. Thanks again
Nate Feuerstein is a great rapper. He may sound like Eminem, but he brings his own message and story to the mix. Check out "Start Over" with Flame, and "Alone"!
One of the greatest rappers of all time. I can't wait for Mansion. He is way under-appreciated. He should easily be second on this list.
[Newest]Currently one of the best Christian Rappers out there. He's going to do big things.

17Fluent Sound
Gotta check these guys out. Heard them through sound cloud and they are amazing!
Good Christian rapper out of Minnesota, these guys got bomb flow and can really deliver the message.
They will dominate the Christian hip hop world. Maybe even the real hip hop world.
[Newest]They should be way lower

Love this guy. He even goes to my church!
Very unique and creative
Json is one of the best hip pop rappers

Pro (Derek Minor) is great with lyrics and beats should be 6 or 7
He should be much higher 2 or 3 but so should TRUTH
Honestly he is overrated

An excellent blend of intense rock with amazing rap. His newest album is more rock, while his older ones are more rap. This music is so awesome, and the guy is Christian too!
Love Manafest. Lecrae is obviously the best, but I'm voting him up because he deserves to be top 5 because he is a legend to rap-rock in my eyes
No Plan B Is Crazy Good.
Can't Stop Listening To Manafest.
Keep Up The Good Work.
[Newest]I think we all know who is the best manafest are you guys hearing me his new singles off the moment are wicked

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