Top Ten Fastest Rappers of 2013

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Rap God is the fastest rapping I have ever heard

Rap God - I don't need to say anything else!

Eminent should be on the top of table because rap god is fastest rap

I'm beginning to think he really is a rap god

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2Busta Rhymes

This guy is way faster than Eminem. Why is Eminem even number 1 he's not even that fast. Busta rhymes is way faster. Long live busta rhymes! If you listen to "can you keep up? " Then you'll know what I'm talking about. Eminem couldn't keep up with busta rhymes in the song "lets go." with yelawolf, twista, and lil' jon.

It doesn't come any better that Busta Rhymes. He should be the number one

I like him a lot but I think Eminem is better
Because Eminem is the rap god in that song
He goes faster then busta Eminem has more creativity to

He twista and twisted insane are the fastest

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Until someone take that world record he will always be the fastest.

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4YelawolfV2 Comments
5Twisted Insane

If you listen to some split, rap god will look like pre school and cupcakes

I'm still making reseaches about the track, dome split, if that track is for real... than Twisted Insane is number 1 fastest rapper in the world.

Twisted Insane in the fastest rapper/chopper alive, who can rap fast and still flow. There are many other really fast rappers, but when they get to Twisted Insanes level, they can't rap fast and flow so it sounds dope, at the same time. ONLY TWISTED INSANE CAN DO THAT! Listed to his track "Spiders in the night" and you will know. you can't even find the lyrics to the track because people I'sent sure what I says. that's Enough Say'd

Anyone that puts Eminem has never heard twisted insane

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6Tech N9ne

Tech is a beast, enough said. Nobody can rip a track the way he does, switching up his tempo, his verses are slick.

I voted before I saw Twisted Insane, but at the least, Tech is the BEST rapper on the list.

Tech rarely recycles lyrics unlike most rappers on this list including Eminem, tech is the fastest and best rapper out there, just not mainstream cause he ain't gonna pay no dj to spin his music.

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He is the man who gave 24 syllables per sec in "that music" Eminem

Yeah, I think he's actually the fastest rapper in the world (even in 2014). It's really stupid to say that Eminem's Rap God is the fastest song.
Crucified - Be Warned
Crucified - That Music
Twisted Insane ft. Crucified (and others) - Brainsick 1.0

Why isn't crucified or twisted insane number 1?
"this list is on crack"

I think number 2 before rap god

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9Machine Gun Kelly

No one had come with a MEANINGFUL FLOW since Eminem, but in My opinion, still the best, and fast.

Honestly, Eminem is faster, but he's very close... and to be honest he has better beats then EM. I think he'll take over eventually, he'll be rap king, but EM will always be Rap God.

Not only is he the fastest he the best - Rappp_genious_666

He is definitely the fastest.

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A beast, nothing else need be said. listen to white jesus and misery loves kompany. killing the game.

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11Mac Lethal

Awesome guy from YouTube! - Aafeen

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Maybe number4. He raps fast in all of his songs not just 1 or 2. Only problem is nobody has heard of him. God shiz!

13Flo Rida

Listen to Hero. 24 syllables per second.


I can't believe Macklemore is not in the top ten
People you will be shocked if you listen the song can't hold us he's really fast
In white walls too
In the otherside and thrift shop the same rap
And in same love with Mary lambert and Ryan Lewis

Macklemore is boss skills he should be number 1 so yea my favourite song is can't hold us.

Kendrick deserved to win the Grammy. He stole it from K-dot because people who voted are biased mainstream junkies. As Drake said at the Espys, sometimes real talent doesn't win championships, just like real music doesn't always win grammys.

Macklemore is amazing, simply astonishing...

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16T Bone

This guy was best of best fastest rapper check it out on


Awesome rapper needs to make more songs though

182 Chains

Its 2 chainz not 2 chains

20Nicki Minaj

I can't believe nicki minaj isn't number 2, have you heard blazin, or want some more, or I'm legit? Listen to those and then rank this again

Not just 2014! She has always rapped fast! - SammMinajj

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