Top Ten Greatest MotoGP Riders of All Time


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The Top Ten

Valentino Rossi
When the miraculous eyes of a new born child falls on T. V, while lying in his mothers arms and if he see's Moto GP and his eyes fall on bike no. 46. The child sets a target for himself, to be a world champion one day and his inspiration is 'THE DOCTOR' Valentino Rossi. And that is what Valentino Rossi is made up of, a down to earth attitude engulfed and protected by humility, indomitable will, talent and power and positive infectious inspiration.
'THE DOCTOR' Valentino Rossi is undoubtedly the 'THE LAST OUT LAW OF MOTO GP. '
Best of the best rider in moto gp..
her skill is very good..
he is a best man in moto gp..
"the doctor"
Valentino rossi the doctor... He is a champion who defines the talent, spirit, power, humility and the dominance what a real moto gp rider posses. He is truly 'THE DOCTOR. '
[Newest]Best racer with best attitude win or lose. GOAT
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2Casey Stoner
The guy can ride like no other! What he did on the ducati has only been enhanced this year as the greatest of all time (rossi) follows a long list of top class riders who could not make it work unlike stoner. His performance at Honda as the 2011 world champ and his ability to ride sideways around corners, in the wet, from the front, from behind and turn on the lap times show he is quite unique is his ability to get the extra 0.5 sec out of a motogp bike. He might not be the most charismatic but he is the fastest guy ever to ride in motogp/500 top flight. He is the Real Deal and he if has a few more years like this one he will not only be the fastest ever but statistically be the best ever as well.
Stoner is the best rider of all time. His ability to win with any bike is unmatched. Stoner can better control and win with a lesser quality bike, where as Rossi had to have the perfect and best bike in the world in order to win his races. Stoner can push any bike past its limits and has a natural ability to adapt to a bike that is simply unrivaled. Stoner often went against the grain, he beat the "best of all time" consistently and won with a harder to control and lesser quality bike to boot. Had he remained with Honda it's no doubt he would be winning races easily for years to come.
His ability to surpass the current complexity of electric systems of a current moto gp bike says it all, Nakamoto (HRC Vic president) says Casey is able to match anti - spin software targets with only 20% system active, so his throttle control, weight shift techniques & overall feel for the motorcycle dynamics is second to non, I suppose his Ducati results back up these comments as his ability to adapt to the bike dynamics.
[Newest]12 years in 3 class only winning two championships very average
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3Giacomo Agostini
Was dominant on the best machines for many years then just to prove it was all about the rider switched to the 2 stroke Yamaha and won again! Just watch him at the Isle of Man if you remain unconvinced.
The greatest ever. I think it is pretty clear. This obsession with only the newer riders/drivers being the best ever is media hype and loving statistics. Jim Clark won just two world championships before his death yet how can you with a straight face compare him to Hakkinen, Alonso, Hamilton, et. al. ? Stirling Moss won none, but was he a greater driver than these recent champions? Perhaps. Tony Brooks an F1 driver of the 50s is a good friend of my father's and I asked him to rate today's drivers vs. yesterday's. He felt there was no need, but he did grin and say "in yesterday's cars today's drivers would not be able to cope with the demands placed on them". Ago is best ever.
although it is difficult to assess seeing both eras I go Agostini rossi's hero but given the bikes ridden today it is always going to be open to debate
[Newest]Stoner better than Ago? No sir. No.

4Michael Doohan
Almost killed in an accident when he first started out but came back to win 5 world titles against some of the best riders in the history of the sport. A dead set champion.
5 titles after an injury which would have written most people off
5 titles in 500cc. Epic racer, nerves of steel.


[Newest]Best ever without a doubt, tactician, tenacious and talented.

5Marc Marquez
You know that, he is so smart and intelegent..
He is going to be the next valentino rossi!
Yeah! I like his
Young, talented and at the age he is at has no fear. As he progresses only time will tell. At present he remains calm and collected. Could it be that he is maturing. Well look out there is a new driver on the loose and winning is his only way.
He is going to be the next Valentino Rossi.
[Newest]He is the future of Honda

6Jorge Lorenzo
Should be higher in this list. He is a very fast rider. The best ever Spanish rider. His style is incomparable with any other motogp rider and so is his speed. he definitely deserves to be the first of the top 10 riders of 2013.


Smooth operator, that's what jorge is.
When jorge lorenzo came into top class it has been a big boost to motogp, the talent that has shakren even valentino rossi, his awesome 2010 season and he defeated all top riders in motogp like casey stoner, valentino rossi and his arch rival dani pedrosa, now there are top 4 riders who will fight for the world title
[Newest]He is the best

7Wayne Rainey
A phenom during his time. 3 titles.


Man handled his bike! Pushed it to the limit unfortunately. When his bike and himself were dialed in, try to keep up if you can haha!
Most talented and competitive Yamaha rider.

8Kevin Schwantz
One championship but many many wins. He's the Rossi of the 80's and early 90's
Wild and Crazy... Pure Heart!
He rode with his heart..

9Dani Pedrosa
He always tries hard to win the races and he will win the races but when he crashes out he will had some major injuries so that's the reason why pedrosa hasnt become world champion in the premier class
One of the best racer in motogp I don't know why but he is the best he is drive like a legend and he win all the races I have ever watch
He rides so smoothly and fast. No wonder he is one of the best.

Silent but deadly!
[Newest]He is a good rider

10Mike Hailwood
Who else can retire for 11 yrs then come back and still win on an underdog of a bike at the toughest race of all
Mike the Bike!... Won races when it was almost impossible for him to win.. I believe this guy just loved to race... And that is why I think he was the best!
Just the greatest racer ever, any bike, any track, any weather conditions, the best
[Newest]2nd only to Rossi

The Contenders

11Marco Simoncelli
I am still very sad that you left us in such a way but I shall always love you. Your are just about my favourite behind THE DOCTOR. It was amazing just to see you ride. I would like thank the other riders for what they did at valencia. <3 you! SUPER SIC! GOODBYE MARCO. Have a good time away
Miss you so much SUPER SIC will always remember your choreographed chaos old school riding style.
If Marco was still with us I am sure he would be right up there with the doctor am awesome rider with balls of solid steel... We all miss you SUPER SIC #58

12Wayne Gardner

13Kenny Roberts Sr.
Way too low on this list. The fact he's placed below Casey Stoner is laughable. We're talking about the first man (and up until the past season the only man) to win in his rookie year. We're also talking about a 2 time AMA Grand National Champion, and a guy who won the 500cc championship 3 years in a row. In terms of natural riding ability there are next to none who can come close to King Kenny. To anyone who just started watching GP and doesn't have a way of watching any of the 78-83 seasons: I feel bad for you.
If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing Kenny ride then you would know of his talent. started in America on the dirt tracks of central California to the world class MotoGP tracks around the world. Always looking out for the the riders and making sure it was safe to ride. The best ever.
60 GP races, 24 wins. That's almost 50%. He was also racing other legends. Almost won the title in 1983.
[Newest]Should be placed second.

14Barry Sheene
The only rider to win Grand Prix races in the 50cc and 500cc categories
One of the greats, brilliant reader if a race and other race riders tactics...
He should be closer to Roberts as those two were almost equals

15Max Biaggi
Max should get a lot more credit. If not for THE ACTUAL GREATEST RIDER OF ALL TIME, VR46, Max would have won 3 top class championships and been a 7-time champ. And, he gave Vale some work, even in Vale's prime. He just wasn't the same type of racer, although he was in my opinion, the 5th or 6th greatest rider of all time, behind (in reverse order) 5), Stoner (who I can't stand, but can't deny), 4) Marquez (yes, already; he's a 3 time champ covering all 3 classes and this year is in the bag, so 4-time champ too and slayed the big boys), 3) Lorenzo (who's getting schooled by the Doc on his own bike this season, 2) Agostini (best stats behind only... ), 1) Vale (who needs to find enough career and fight to pull off 20 more GP victories, although that seems an impossible feat with the existence of Marquez. without Marquez, VR46 would have 5 wins this season and another podium.
4 titles in 250cc and runner up 3 times in 500 cc.


I am not so sure Rossi absolutely tanked him all the time

16Colin Edwards
11 years in Moto GP and threw way the one time he was certain to win. Surprised he is still there.

17Maverick ViƱales
Of Suzuki gives him a good bike, he could give the Tech 3 guys a battle in the championship standings.
Too early to tell.

18Jarno Saarinen
We never saw the best of Jarno he is one of my favourite riders
A talent sadly lost could of Ben a great
1972 250cc wc Leading both the 500cc and 250cc world chamionships at the time of his death at Monza in 1973.Also won Daytona and Imola 200 on a 350cc bike competing against world class riders on far more powerful machinery.

19Fast Freddie Spencer
Before Stoner- THE GREATEST "Natural Talent" = Fast Freddie
Freddie was the best period...
He needs to be much higher

20Eddie Lawson
Eddie could beat you on a riding lawnmower..
Are you kidding me eddie lawson is all the way down here?
4 titles in the 500cc class.


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