Greatest Rock Bands of the '70s


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Truly underrated band, often sharing members with the Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, Loggins and Messina, and Steely Dan, among others.

82UtopiaV1 Comment

One of the best selling groups of ALL TIME! They were so much more musically talented than the majority of bands higher up on this list; they incorporated jazz into all of their songs. They had great vocals too. Top ten material.

Chicago transit authority is the go to album really good good rock

Great first album - then down hill from thereon.

They are the most underrated band ever!

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Camel are great and worth adding to anyone's collection. I don't remember too much about their music so will refrain from comment.

Maybe a little more jazz than rock influenced but a great band

Buy the mirage album and you be the judge

85Van der Graaf Generator

Awesome group! Loved their songs!

Love Hurts.. if you go to the Philippines, you will find it on all good videoke machines, and you can belt it out unashamedly without criticism (well u don't understand the language anyway), but it lends itself to anyone being able to sing it well, and enjoyably. The only judge is the machine, which will no doubt score u highly. Worth a trip for that alone. Naz rated too low

This band is also underrated.their hardcore music was amazing - zxm

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87The Doobie Brothers

How can a band that has China Grove, Listen to the Music, Takin' it to the Streets, Black Water and other classics not be found on this list! The Doobie Brothers belong!

True doobie brothers are great and for sure should be on this list super underrated I even saw them live a few nights ago believe it or not

88Jefferson Starship

Unforgettable songs for rock lovers

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89Little River Band

By looking at these ratings I wonder how many were actually around in the 70s. I was and wish this music would return

VERY UNDERRATED BAND, crank up "Man on your mind"

Wow... People should go out & buy a greatest hits album to get reacquainted with this powerhouse group! Lady, Lonesome Loser, and Happy Anniversary Baby.. Got you on my minnnddd!

90Golden Earring

Good rock band with good composing sense

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91Crack the Sky

Ahead of their time

92Climax Blues BandV1 Comment
93Pure Prairie League

Pure Praire League is the definition of good country, rock music

94Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

One of the greatest voices of the 70's!

95April Wine

Highly underrated Canadian band... Best known for "Just Between You and Me" but many gems far superior

Awesome band, just discovered them (again) recently, love "JBYAM"

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96FoghatFoghat are an English rock band formed in London in 1971. The band is known for its prominent use of electric slide guitar in its music.

Fool for the city and slow ride, what more can you say

Had this tape and wore it out cruising back in the day.

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I'm not saying number 1 70's band, but defineatly needs to be on the list, songs like "horse with no name", sister golden hair, you can do magic, ventura highway

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98The Psychedelic Furs

Great rock sound and rod Stewart Ronnie wood and Kenney Jones were in the band

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