Greatest Rock Guitarists of All Time


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81Jeff Healey
82Peter Frampton

Yes why not. Frampton Comes Alive and Do You Feel Like I do. Great British guitarist.

Peter Frampton should be in the top 10 best guitarist of rock!

I think he should be in the top 10 best guitarist in rock!

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83Richard Thompson
84Chuck BerryCharles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.

Oh my god... Chuck Berry, rock and roll pioneer, decade defining 50's act, and singer of You Can Never Tell and Johnny B Goode, at 67!

Practically invented rock and roll guitar.

This dude invented rock n roll he deserves top 20 at least!

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85Lonnie Mack

Played rhythm and lead simultaneously and seamlessly. One of many things SRV got from Mack.

Probably the first rock and roll 'guitar hero'. One of SRV's idols.

86Robert Johnson
87Fred Frith

Not main stream but one of the best in experimental avant-garde rock.

88Ken Kitamura
89Minoru SHIN Kojima
90Charlie Scene


91Glen Buxton

Alice Cooper... Schools Out, Eighteen

92Justin Hayward

So classy and underrated it's untrue!

93Phil Campbell

Motorhead Forever! Phil is amazing. Underrated forsure. Deserves to be on any greatest guitarist list up in the top 10.

94Jake Pitts
96James Stevenson
97Bryan AdamsV2 Comments
98Cory Churko

Guitarist, famous for playing with artists like Shania Twain

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99Gordon Summoner

Sting, the rock legend, more famous as the lead singer of rock band Police

100Billy GibbonsWilliam Frederick "Billy" Gibbons is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the American rock band ZZ Top.

Come on Gibbons @ 83rd? There aren't many whose careers have spanned the time of ZZ Top, and achieved their iconic guitar music... One of the most recognizable bands in history with their own identity

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