Greatest Rock Song Face-off

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21Comfortly Numb Vs. Free Bird
22Highway To Hell Vs. Running with the Devil

highway to hell hands down

23Show Must Go On Vs. A National Acrobat

Show Must Go On wins. Hands down. - ObsessedwFreddie

2421 Guns vs. New Divide

21 guns is the best - kylebuschfan18

New Divide will definitely win.

25Stairway to Heaven Vs. Hey Jude
26Down With the Sickness vs. Freak on a Leash
27The Bard's Song vs Melancholy

Best Blind Guardian ballad vs best Iced Earth ballad - love it!

28Pit of Zombies vs We Will Rock You
29Bohemian Rhapsody Vs. Hey Jude

Yes indeed how are these songs even comparable. Hey Jude is considered one of the best pop/rock ballads ever written, and will be popular 500 years from now, long after anyone reading this is long gone.
By contrast, Bohemian Rhapsody is a favorite of slackers who live in their mom's basement, and will be forgotten once they get a real job.

How are these two songs even comparible, Hey Judes good, but Bohemian Rhapsody is the best ever hands down. the lyrics and vocals and just everything else is too good.

30Comfortably Numb Vs. Stairway To Heaven
31November Rain Vs. Stairway to Heaven
32Last Resort vs In The End

Papa Roach all the way. LP is good but Last Resort pumps me up so much, especially the final part when he starts screaming - Danielsun182

33Dry County Vs. November Rain

The Length & Solo Battle Climax between Bon Jovi & Guns N' Roses... November Rain is Great I love it but Nothing can Challenge Dry County! If Jesus Christ had another name, it would be Richie Sambora!

34Art of Life Vs. Pull Me Under

2 of the greatest progressive metal songs ever composed. I'll let you guys decide. - aeromaxx777

35The Show Must Go On vs. You Know You're RightV1 Comment
36In The Light Vs. Black Sabbath
37Entombment of the Machine Vs. Calibrate the Virus

search these songs, if you want to hear the battle of the ages

38Wish You Were Here vs. Stairway to Heaven
39We Will Rock You vs. Immigrant Song
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