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61Reyn & Sharla - Xenoblade Chronicles
62Shulk & Alvis - Xenoblade Chronicles
63Zanza & Meyneth - Xenoblade Chronicles
64Toriel & Asgore - Undertale
65Toriel & Sans - Undertale
66Asgore & Alphys - Undertale
67Fei & Elly - Xenogears
68Mettaton & Napstablook - Undertale
69Ninten & Ana - Earthbound Beginnings

While not many have played Earthbound Beginnings simply because it's older and much more difficult, it's a truly amazing game. And the relationship between Ninten and Ana is priceless. Also, unlike Ness and Paula, you can actually admit to loving Ana (as Ninten), while all Ness and Paula got was some friendship and a walk. Sorry, guys, Ninten and Ana take the cake.

70Sora & Kairi - Kingdom Hearts
71Sonic & Sally - Sonic the Hedgehog

Pretty useful and cute!

Way underused unlike Amy. Amy is annoying and brags, screams, and humps Sonic. Ok, sonic even Paulina doesn't do that to Mario and she's still loves him. He loves peach. Sonic and Sally are way better if I knew who Sally was.

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72Shadow Mario & Shadow Queen - Paper Mario
73Sonic & Amy Rose - Sonic the Hedgehog

I hate pairings where one character is constantly stalking/harassing the other, and I'm one of the few people on this planet who won't give situations such as this where a female is the stalker and a male the stalkee a pass.

Best couple ever should be on top 10 there's no disputing that

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74Rosalina & Luigi - Super Mario Bros
75Snake & Samus - Metroid
76Luigi & Princess Rosalina - Super Mario Galaxy
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