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Dragon is offensive to most types and ground is a pretty defensive type, so dragon and ground is pretty much an unbeatable combination. Favorite Pokemon ever

I am pretty sure that dragon is only super effective to dragon, right?

You're saying that this thing can beat groudon?

Sand force mega garchomp with sandstorm = everyone dies

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Just so good and if it got a mega evolution I honestly believe it would surpass garchomp in every way just because it has such a good move set and other than spec definitely some amazing stats

I won the pokemon league with a level 93 Hyperion he is so good

Very good steel/ground type Pokemon.

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Swam pert is a tank and deals good damage to other Pokemon using his physical strength. His only problem is his weakness to grass type otherwise he is a well rounded Pokemon

Great Pokemon Swampert has only 1 weakness that is grass but he can learn ice punch

Some people would say THIS is the best starter Pokemon!

Ice Beam and Garchomp is down

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Highly underrated pokemon. Amazing attack, amazing defense, and decent speed, he can tank or sweep depending on your requirement. Slap on acrobatics (STAB), EQ (STAB), Stone Edge (goes well) and thunder fang (covers all weaknesses) and you've got a beast of a pokemon

Cool design, Cool shiny, Cool competitively. This Pokemon has cool written all over it

This Pokemon is my favorite ground type second flying type before acrobat.

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Mamoswine is an ice type, which is super effective to ground moves.

Just looks awesome, and ice is a good type to get them nasty dragons...

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Krookodile has great speed and attack and can even learn dragon type moves on its own!

He beat dragonite as is first win.

Krookodile has amazing all around stats

Krookodile is also part dark type

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Groudon should number one seriously - LUGIALOVER2004

He is the king of land. He deserves number 1 2 or 3.

He's is the best ground type pokemon... How the freak is this pokemon not 1 or 2 or 3rd this doesn't make fkin sense

Groudon rocks

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Flygon just seems to me as the coolest, or at least one of them. He looks awesome and is able of learning several types of moves!

My only question is, why isn't it higher

Flygon is such a majestic beast. Best ground type of the third generation!

Do I have to say why flygon is a beast

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Torterra is a continent, he can take a hit and dish it right back, earthquake for the fire types, stone edge for ice, flying, and bug types, and synthesis to heal. You can't touch Torterra.

Best grass type starter hands down, it's ground typing kills fire types.

One of the best starter Pokemon to many people

I love this earth turtle

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Wow what a Pokemon because it is evolution of mighty onix.

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Hippowdon is a great ground Pokemon


He's dopey and cute, but also quite good in battle!

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One roll out of Donphan has the power to knock down a house.. You call this power.. Donphans move set like poison jab and thunder fang can make up for its weaknesses.. This Pokemon is under estimated.. Actually this Pokemon just rocks.. It's a damn strong ground Pokemon plus its kinda cute too.. Proves to be good in finding certain kinds of rare stones.. It is just amazing!

Dohnphan is one of the Pokemon most deserving of a mega. dohnphan is a great sweeper and has a high offense and defense. Also, is Phanphy not the cutest thing?!


It's getting a mega-evolution - can't wait!

Camerupt used eruption.

The foes Excadrill fainted.

The foes Torterra fainted.

Laugh out loud Camerupt wins.
Camerupt used Earthquake.

The foes Steelix fainted.

The foes Rhyperior fainted.


He is the best with his attack stats

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Great type combo and generally a tank

Zomg I agree best Pokemon is seismitoad because move set for fighting ghetsis: drain punch, earthquake, surf and rock slide. Fight him at like level 50.


Decent stats, great moveset, great in Pokemon Origin, and it's just an all around good pokemon

Woohoo! Go Marowak! So, I love Cubone. And you can guess since I love Cubone, I would also like Marowak. If so, then you are correct. I've been a fan of Marowak ever since I played a game on RĊŒBLOX called Project: Pokemon. I traded a guy my Machoke for a level 100 Marowak with the attacks Focus Slam, Bonemerang, Bone Rush, and Rock Tomb. I thought, "He's just a Marowak, I mean, he can't be THAT good. But, I was dead wrong when I used him to defeat Blaine, and he killed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS POKEMON. So, I highly suggest, after this experience, that you put a Marowak on your team. He is good designed and is an all around great ground type Pokemon. - SquirtleFan3

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Good Type Combination and looks AMAZING

Hone claws x 6 + Horn Drill/Fissure:
Still pitiful accuracy but a lot better chance to hit the opponent.

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