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21 Xenomorph Alien (Alien) Xenomorph Alien (Alien)

Brilliant villain from one of my favourite films. The alien creature has an unique and very iconic design, but on top of that is an extremely hard force to fend off. Much of the tension in the original Alien comes from not knowing when he'll strike next, which leads to a lot of edge of your seat moments that few have replicated successfully since. Meanwhile, the Alien itself is very hard to kill. While many of the other villains are human and very vulnerable, this bad boy doesn't go down without a fight, as seen in the film Aliens where a marine squad were unable to take down a swarm of these without a significant loss of life and resource. Add to the fact that the mythos is very compelling, and you have a unique villain that many have tried to copy but none as successfully as the original. - Mrveteran

How so low? This guy will make a clean cut of your neck with his tail and use your body to harvest more of his kind

Acid blood, bulletproof skin, stealth, a razor tipped tail, a second mouth, the baby eats it way out of your chest, survive in the vacuum of space

and has one of the best movies ever made

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22 La Femme (Inside) V 1 Comment
23 Candyman (Candyman)

Try it, look into the mirror and say candyman 10x. It will come out

Whatever you do don't say his name three times

He appears when his name is said 5 times in a mirror. Then he guts you to death.

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24 Angela Baker (Sleepaway Camp)

Very underrated and forgotten female horror movie killer. She's the queen.

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25 John Doe (se7en)

Brilliant villain. While for me a lot of Seven is a little too slow for my liking, the parts with Doe (mainly the fantastic twist at the end) sell it for me. An unnerving performance by Kevin Spacey creates a truly remarkable villain whose punishments for the characters are utterly twisted, especially if you remember what's in the box. - Mrveteran

One of the most psychologically terrifying killers. The scariest thing about him is his ability to bend and manipulate a person.

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26 The Collector (The Collector)

Just watch this movie. You'll forget about overrated as hell Jigsaw. This guy doesn't need any partners. His traps are inventive and creepy - Alexandr

Other killers kill one or two person each time, he kills a party of people each time. You see the difference? How is he not in the top 3?

I guess people don't know him because they never watch this movie. But if you do, you will think all other killer sucks - AAHTM

He is amazing totally off the chain he is smart and incredible sick minded a guy I would not like to meet

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27 Samara Morgan (The Ring)

Seriously? 17? She comes out of your T.V. and mutilates your face, not to mention that she has killed a lot more people than almost everyone above her on this list. Just because they weren't on screen doesn't mean that it wasn't obvious that it didn't happen. Secondly, she doesn't die. You know that there is a third movie or remake waiting to come out at the right time. I'd like to see Jason and Freddy and Michael act cool when she comes out of there T.V. while they're watching modern family.

What can I say I feel sorry for her and besides shes only getting even with the world BUT SHE STILL SCARES ME

The little girl was the killer in this one you had to watch a specific tape the phone would ring after you finish the tape the voice would say you have 7days to live.

Simple ugly as hell girl comes out of there T.V. stab her in the face or block it with there couch

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28 Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) V 2 Comments
29 Boogeyman (Boogeyman)

More like boogerman ugh

Seems scary maybe not

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30 Keyser Soze (Usual Suspects)

I'm sorry but Usual Suspects is a crime thriller. It's not a horror movie!

Great villain, but The Usual Suspects isn't a horror movie. - Mrveteran

31 Mary Shaw (Dead Silence)

You scream, you die. And she takes your tongue.

32 Tiff (Bride of Chucky)
33 The Director (The Cabin in the Woods)
34 The Thing (The Thing)

We'd all be screwed if this alien assimilated at least one of the top 10 killers on this list.

35 Bagul (Sinister)

You need to see the movie to get it! He has many names like Mr. Boogey or the Bagul or just siniser. He has a pale face, long black wet hair, google it and you will see it for yourself. Then if you are like me you will want to see the movie and then you will not sleep

I love Slipknot and I love horror so sinister was great for me.

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36 Three Finger (Wrong Turn)

Out of all the cannibals he might be the most terrifying because he has three fingers but can still hold and knife and shoot a double barrow plus he is the best of the three

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37 Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist) Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist)

Regan should be number 1 because she can move objects - DENISAE

Regan Macneil Is Creepy-Looking Zombie Face Girl!

Seriously, that girl was awesome.

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38 Kate (Paranormal Activity)

The girl next door turns out to be in fact the obsession of a particularly nasty demon. This all spells disaster for her uber positive boyfriend mika. The final scenes are horrific and confirm sweet little Kate has a dark side.

39 Damien Thorn (The Omen)

Damien�s mother was a jackal and his daddy was the devil. Sounds like an awesome paternity suit in the making. As a kid, the angel-faced five-year-old is an unholy terror on a tricycle.

40 Esther (Orphan)

You have no idea how much Esther scared me.

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