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61 Kindred V 1 Comment
62 Borih

He is 2 strong he can kill you in real life while in game, riot please nerf

Pretty strong if you double up on your mobi boots with ninja tabis but needs more ap/ad scaling

V 6 Comments
63 Govno V 4 Comments
64 Nasus

Nasus should be at least at the top 5s.

Just farm your q and it's gg... Build tank and never dies, his wither is disgusting.. Definitely op..

If you don't deny Nasus farm, he will just get stacks on his q and one hit kill his enemy's ADC even though he is a tank. His ult is extremely powerful. But most of the time he won't be able to farm as he would be camped and denied farm.

V 2 Comments
65 Ezreal

Ezreal's Ult is AMAZING... even I, a starter (summoner level 2) did a quadrakill... I got Ezreal from my friend... no hacks...

V 6 Comments
66 Renekton

He is super op early game and if he gets his level 2 power spike before you your done also he is op at late game one shots.

Can farm early and has amazing burst

Ok renekton is seriously one of the best early game champion. With a stun a gap closer and 2 heals with great AoE damage he is a force to be reckoned with. And for people who say he's bad late game well they've never seen a good renekton

What is he just 66th?

V 1 Comment
67 Vladimir

His W (Sanguine Poole) makes him invulnerable + dealing damage + slowing all enemies above him + healin him. His Q deals ridiculously high damage (around 500/600 with 500AP) and heals him for 200HP every time. Its cooldown is 2.4... Ridiculous isn't it? And he have no mana, every ability depends on health. Q and R are even free! While using W, that costs 20% of health, he regens way more.

Anything can be slain by just using Q and E repeatedly, in late game the cool-down is so low that it is really easy to kill everyone in sight.

V 2 Comments
68 Lux

Simple math... With 40% CDR, you just have fun spamming R to do anything, from checking baron and dragon, to just clearing lanes...

Enormous ult damages and she can use it every 30 sec this is an op champ

Why is she 73?!? Her alt does AMAZING damage along with her Q, and E! Lux definitely deserves to be hire on the list

V 2 Comments
69 Pantheon

I think... He's the best duelist champ

Early to mid game fun guaranteed

Pantheon is an early game Champions, so if you feed yourself and gank the life of bottom lane the enemy team after 20 min they will probably flam or surrender.

Mid game his op

V 8 Comments
70 Rengar

He's OP OP. Come on you guys he's broken right now.

Rengar Is vert underrated but if You but divine sword You Van get a free kill by activating You q 3 times and the ability. You Van 2 or3 shot someone.

Rengar is my favotite (together with mordekaiser) character because he is different. He is a hunter and I love the true hunter types. I mean come on, it is awsomme to jump out of bushes and sneak atack an enemy.

He is best champ ever idiots

V 6 Comments
71 Graves

This Bearded Fellow Is Capable Of Dealin Out A Lot Of Damage Thanks To His Variety Of Powerful Ranged Attacks, Making Him One Of The Offensive Threats In Any Team.

V 1 Comment
72 Quinn

She's good in late game, and in early game its good vs tankers in top! very nice and ez to farm!

V 1 Comment
73 Ryze

With the right items and a lot of ability, you can kill an enemy in 3 seconds!
When you mix his abilitys right, you can make it hard for the enemy

Ryze can take a lot of damage, you just need to play well

V 1 Comment
74 Zyra

She's really OP right now, most people don't know how to counter her and she's not to hard to catch on too. Also, her ultimate foes massive damage, increase damage of her plants, and is a knock up so it's really good.

V 2 Comments
75 Karthus V 3 Comments
76 Poro

R: he jumps up and smashes the ground, like the poro King. Also heals him and nearby allies for 5 seconds over time. Lastly is that he leaves a hole that will kill every enemy champion nearby.

And his W:shows every one his cuteness Making all giving him their life force!

V 3 Comments
77 Riven

Riven, is an extremely balanced champion who takes an extreme amount of skill to play properly. To be able to weave your autos in between your abilities is a true skill, and decision making is extremely important. Riven shouldn't be anywhere near this placement on this list, because everyone who says Riven is a broken champion who doesn't take skill, is bronze. (DANIEL)

She is very strong against the melee ad champions she has one of the bests escapes in the game and she can chase who she want.

If you play Riven, kill yourself

V 5 Comments
78 Azir V 3 Comments
79 Nocturne

Nocturne is extremely powerful if built correctly!

Noct is op and is an unbeatable assassin. Hide ambush their dead

V 1 Comment
80 Elise

Wow she is only 70 th? What this is clearly one of the best junglers

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