Top 10 League of Legends OP Champions


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The trinity force made her op. She is a great and under rated champion that can we easily the teamfights if played well.

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Corki's specials are ass-kicking!

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Blitzcrank is definitely top 20 at least

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Why the hell does everyone forget about the devastating boxes and the jukes?

Shaco has an amazing ult giving him ability to get Solo Baron and his boxes enable him to get blue buff withhout even smite


Best mid champ of the team members let hun do his thing!
Got a 72-11 win-lose ratio with him playing mid lane, most of the loses because team doesn't respect the lane-calls..

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107Jarvan IV

Why are there 100 champions on this list? There aren't many more than that

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109Shadow Demon

What this isn't even a laugh out loud char

Nice int support and clone makier good against troll and some agy like trolls

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113ShyvanaV2 Comments

One of the newest champs, his ult is so OP that every time I play with him I basically win. enough' said.


He closes the door so you can't get in your own base so op

He can do push ups eternally... With one hand!

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119Tahm KenchV3 Comments

He we super duper OP before nerf and now he's basic. But you know some ones op when they get banned every game and need there abilitys changed just so they won't be op any more

If you can build him and play him right, Kassadin can cut through anyone. Penta kill nation, even after his nerf. Still gets banned, I wonder why? Because if you play him right he is the Gankadin assassin master.

Triple range flash, with 5 secs cool down. It's like TF with 5 secs on his ult... - Raziel

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