Top Ten Mortal Kombat Characters


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The Top Ten

He is amazing. Top quality I would like to see any of the other characters face this badman so GET OVER HERE and vote because if you don't he'll come over there and get you.
I always liked him I was him for Halloween for 3 years in a Row he so cool when he fires that snake out of his hand (GET OVER HERE! )


He has an amazing story and just so AMAZING! And like, he's an awesome character and sometimes, his character makes me laugh because he is just so angry. Also, he is HELLA strong and like he is cool because he is neutral. He is only in the Mortal Kombat because of the retard Quan Chi and to avenge his death (which he did. ) and his family. To top it off, he's one sexy ninja ;)
[Newest]Scorpion is just an awesome character, and has a great story line to him. I wanna see his and sub zero's powers come together, that would be badass.
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2Sub Zero
Sub zero could freeze everybody he is the best character off all time please make him number 1 he is the freaking best
Simple, awesome sky blue, freezes everyone and smashes them to bits! 100%, also his story rocks.
Sub Zero Rules can't forgot that he also now the leader of his ninja clan
[Newest]I feel like sub zero is the best because he is just so "pun intended" cool
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3Liu Kang
Kang is Mortal Kombat he can turn into the dragon and throw mad fire balls
He is just so cool its unbelievable even when he is dead his better than everyone else
The champion of mortal kombat.


[Newest]Liu Kang was awesome

He is the thunder GOD... Yes he is a god... And leader of the free world, he is always the last to stand against shao khan which makes him the greatest and most important character
Without a doubt one of the most respected and celebrated characters in the Mortal Kombat series. Raiden is as old and as wise as time itself. An immortal being with vast combat experience and immeasurable power.

He epitomises the statement "God of Thunder" (step aside Thor) and is the only individual who, on more than one occasion has scarified his own immortality to help aid his Human Being counterparts in the fight against the masked monster Shao Kahn. For that Lord Raiden, you are the best. enough said.
He's the thunder god, there should be no debate, Raiden for the win!
[Newest]THE BEST he is awesome love every thing about him

Duh,! She's the classiest of them all! The who elegance in her ways and fight style is amazing!
I think Kitana is the most elegant and swift person in the whole game.
"Get over here" - Scorpion
"You have embarked on a sacred mission" - Raiden, Christopher Lambert style.
But... Kitana's the best. Mostly for the fans and wearing blue. And Talisa Soto in the movie... as a kid, she changed my notion of princesses for the better. She's beautiful.
[Newest]She is hot but she sucks

6Sonya Blade
She's Sexy, Smart, and Powerful... What more can you ask for
Sonya Blade all the way! Strong, sexy, deadly. Great combination. Shes a classic character that is in every game!
She is so fourth like she is sexy, deadly and she certainly isn't easy to beat catch like she did beat raiden and Kano in mortal kombat 9.


[Newest]Everyone else has pretty much said it, but she smart, strong, and incredibly sexy.

7Johnny Cage
This dude's a huge d***, and he knows it. Nobody has more balls in this game then Johnny Cage, And he's going to make sure of that.
Nobody can be that cool with a pair of shades.


Johnny Cage is a deadly character in the hands of an experienced player. I still laugh at the fact they kept his infamous "nut punch" from all the way back in the 90's movie when he punched Goro there!
[Newest]His so up himself its pissing off the others makes me laugh.

Reptile is hands down my favorite character in the entire MK series. He has the best fight in the movie universe and has some of the most compelling moves in the games; acid spit, reptilian beast form, invisibility, and all the most slippery, swift, and animal-oriented beastly movements. He's by far the best of the ninjas in terms of storyline (his race and background as well as loyalty to the main villains) and his service as a top General/Henchman goes hand in hand with his evil persona. Best character ever in MK.
Reptile Should Be 2nd Or 3rd. REPTILE
He looks like a lizard that'd give Bowser a run for his money. Not only that, He should be higher on this list.
[Newest]Can somebody tell me how Mileena is higher than reptile?

Mileena is the sexiest and the most beautiful character in mortal combat! She is so much better than KItana even if she is her clone! She earned the title "Beauty and Beast" not just because of her facial features, but also because of her fighting style, her beauty, and everything else about her. Who cares what she looks like?! She is beautiful just the way she is so all y'all need to stop hatin! Plus, in her own way she's a "Diva". Don't make me get Beyoncé up in here cause I will!
I loved it in Armageddon Where Taven Meets Her And Shes Like "Care To Dance? " it was so hard to beat her because I always pick her she should be 1 in this list cause she is awesome and Kitana is awesome too shes my 2nd fave
SHES DA BOMB DIGGITY OMB. anyone who has a screwed up face but can still be hot and gorgeous is FANTASTIC.
[Newest]She has always been my favorite she is the best fighter and all her moves look painful

Great Ermac! Misterious, telekinetic, charismatic, awesome! Born as a glitch, one of the most interesting characters as is narrated: "We are Ermac! We are the souls... "
From the first mortal kombat game I had as soon as unlocked Ermac I used him the entire time and won the entire time when I used him. I love the new look for him on the most resent game and love his fatalities.
Ermac is so Radical!, Mysterious, Powerful, Cool, Awesome, amazing and those are the few words that can describe ermac he is the unique character I have ever seen I never anywhere else where there's a character with a bunch of souls inside I love his figthing style and everthing him!
I also love noob I wish I could vote them both they both have the best fatalities.


[Newest]Ermac is amazing havering multiple souls. And he looks awesome in his costume

The Contenders

11Noob Saibot
Dark and beautiful as the night.. The shadow of a fallen warrior, brought back by the sorcerer Quan Chi. The original Sub-zero, dying at the hands of Scorpion, after Quan Chi had deceived Scorpion to believing that Sub-Zero slayed his family and clan.
He's sub zeros dead counterpart, in ghost looking black and can make 2 of himself how does that not scream badass. His fatality rips people in half from the feet its crazy
He is cool black colors ninja, elemental and monster.
[Newest]His name comes from the creator's last names backwards ( Boon - Noob, Tobias- Saibot).

Baraka is the coolest it doesn't get much better than blades coming out of your arms laugh out loud
This guy scared me back in the 90's mortal kombat and his bite throw attack was always painful to watch. In a good way
I love Baraka his combos are easy and he is very strong his face is not the best but he can't lose his weapon
[Newest]He is the best person on the game nothing is cooler than a beast with blades coming from his arms

13Kung Lao
Kung Lao is winner tournament Mortal Kombat, and he is good fighter, his heart is brave.
He fights with "heart", with pride and honour! Maybe it's the best but it is not understood. My favourite!
What? I thought he died think again looks like there is more than one kung Lao and so he fits into top 10 like he did beat goro but sadly he got killed by shao kahn


[Newest]Her fatality is awesome

Dodges any attack and unexpectedly sneaks behind you and strikes
Smoke is white ninja, he foote the kicking and dancing.
[Newest]He is my favourite character in the game

15Shao Kahn
King Of Kings... Obey Him Or Die... Darkest And Most Powerful Character In Mortal Kombat Series... Everybody Hates Him Cause They Can't Beat Him...
Shao kahn is my favourite player. Shao kahn in the best. No one in mortal kombat can defeat shao kahn.
He is cool. The ruler of outworld... That takes some skill!
[Newest]He took Edna's queen and sexy daughter and clone her. He's been brain washing dem for years

I think this is how you spell his name. I forgot how to spell the characters' names because I have not played this game in like two months.
His fatality is awesome, I mean turning your opponent small and squash them like a bug and then wipe your feet off BRUTAL.
I used to own ANYONE using kabal when he first came out... So overpowered

Jax is almost like a filler character to me. Boring
Jax is nothing less than a beast. Should have at least been in the top 20
Jax is so strong he is stronger than captain marvel

Goro is big 4 hand's general and prince.
Think of it as Hulk... With 4 arms... And is 2,000 years old... Why isn't he #1 again? Oh, and he knows martial arts... Enough Said...
Goro is the bomb, but where is nightwolf or kung lao? Or shao kahn?

Kenshi rose from the ashes of a pretty crappy mk game. He made me believe that mk still had a chance at being great he was left to die when shao khan tricked him into opening a tomb with lost souls. These souls then blinded him leaving him to die but kenshi found the sword of his ancestors and waited several years so that he could get used to being blind and so he could have his revenge.
This guy can turn you into a human pretzel... with his mind! I think he deserves higher on this list, because even though he's blind, he still carries a can of whoopass!
He is stylish... Great costume... Great powers and importantly fight for a god cause. He can easily hit the opponent from a long distance and the sword is just awesome and he uses it to the full effect...
[Newest]Kenshi's sword has so much range and can strike so quickly. He will always keep you at a distance and then throw himself at you with his overpowered spirit moves.


Jade is kicking woman, and master Kung Fu.
She is better then any girl character because she uses real kombat skills
Jade is a top 10 competitor nt 55 kitana should be on 55 jade must be 3 or 4

21Kurtis Stryker
The Bruce Willis of UMK3 and MK9. He sports two semi automatic Glocks, a riot beat stick, a taser, infinite grenades and bullets. Basically the best guy to run into during a zombie apocalypse.
Striker is awesome even though his moves all involve guns which have no fun in the game... Make hi
Sure, he has no powers, but he has two glocks, grenades, tazer, batons, and more. That's police brutality.
[Newest]Stryker does not get enough credit but he's my favorite

Native America done right! Well, close enough anyway. Consistently a great fighter and is a wonderful counterpart to the Liu Kang/ Kung Lao followers of the Thunder God motif.

Taja is beautiful girl to serial mortal kombat conquest of Google. Taja is part Kristiana Locken. Werry small beautiful woman fire hair, she is frend to monk Kung Lao. He is actor Paolo Montalban and fighter name Siro, he is Daniel Bernhardt. Taja is werry great power and super speed. His opponent of out world, woman Vorpax, sorcerer Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. MK Conquest is version to werry last years back.

Probably one of the most beautifully and originally designed character of the franchise. Looks matters in MK for sure. But in a game where almost everyone was a ninja or a god before MKDA, she came as a pretty vile and agressive vampire (One of the most powerful character in terms of damage for the entire franchise based on her the appearance. ) But still, fast and agile.
Really interesting in terms of potential storywise and gameplay-wise. First character that has blood related powers and first winged character. They had cool stuff all along but Nitara clearly is appart in this particular franchise and for her coast to coast originality, she should one day be granted what she deserves and appear as one of the greatest, most interesting characters in the franchise. BANZAI!

25Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung is magicial man, and good fighter. Along legend is taken soul weaking peoples.
Shang Tsung is very old magician man, and kung fu master.
Shang Tsung is sorcerer, great power and push up hand to fire ball. Game MK 1,2,3 is exchange body, Shang is power to reincarnation. Shang is stop time and manipulation. Film MK 1, Shang have great power and serial MK Conquest Shang the transmition soul.
[Newest]Should be in the top 5 of all time one of the originals

I like when she throws people with her hair.
Great Weave! <3 JK I LOVE SINDEL My most used character!


Rain is a straight up boss daddy. Who else can make spraying water in someones face look that badass
He is purple ninja, and for hands he transmit lightnings.
Let's face it... He can make you explode! How awesome is that? He makes water so cooler. Move over, Spongebob, there's a new water guy in town.
[Newest]Rain should be higher on this list, it's not even fair how badly I can kick someone's tail with this guy



30Freddy Krueger
I was looking and looking. And here he is! Success! Freddy is the best! DO I need to list why? No? I know. YEAH, GO FREDDY! I like the thing where he raises that giant cremater thing and throws (whoever) into it. Awesome...

1,2 Freddy is comin for YOU
Oh my Gosh Wow Freddy Krueger is epic his intro pose is so epic and he seems like very intresting guy to be really good with and I don't know what it is but everything about this guy is so epic!
Freddy only has one glove, not two. but I don't care! That just makes him more awesome!
[Newest]My favorite character good movies and dude he's awesome

Amazing character truly deserves a top 10 placement with his combos and fatalities... Great as human and robot form and one of the most realistic...
Cant mess with the Robots, especially Cyrax...
He deserves top 10. He is a robot for petez sake. His combos with his gadgets are awesome

He is the Kane from mortal kombat he has light sabers and way better look than cyrax

Kratos is better than sub zero. In every way possible. He's in two games!

He is very underrated on this list but that's because he's not that popular in the series. I want him killed so badly yet that would take away the purpose of jax and Sonya!
He's a crazy sadistic criminal he will make a great fighter since he's a thug
Should be higher HE RIPS YO DAM HEART OUT your CHEST

35Quan Chi
Quan Chi is great sorcerer and fighter, black magic costeem, he is white head, in black colour to eyes. Quan Chi is alliance to old god Shinnok of game MK4, werry good spell and opponent to Sub Zero and Scorpion. Quan Chi is spell to green skull and werry match magy. In serial MK Conquest the Quan Chi have to power teleport and magy to fuji and alliance to sorcerer Shang Tsung.
Quan Chi is master illusion, he is magy to fire skull and extraction. He is very old sorcerer and master magy. Quan Chi have woman servant to Sian, Mika and Sora.
He's badass plus he had th courage
To lie to scorpion the most fearsome ninja of all time

Kintaro, big general job of Shao Kahn, four hand creature, he is push up cool fighters of round deaths and Shao Kahn take his deadly subject soul.
Kintaro is creature, he have four hand, tiger back and his great fight power is the Kintaro dangerouse general for Shao Kahn. Kintaro have grey hair and grey moustache.
Kintaro is four hand general, half people half tiger, werry strongly fighter, general Shao Kahn. Good art Kintaro to game Mortal Kombat 2, guard to Shao Kahn.

Screw him a little, he'll screw your face. And your whole body.

He is strongest guard, and good kicking shooting fighter.
Siro is big fighter, big man, elegant costeem, he friend is monk Kung Lao and fiv Taja. The fight trio is residence to trading post.

Ugly as Hell. but awesome as herself
She's my favorite character.
Sheeva is four hand creature, she is great fatality to game MK3. His big hands destroil opponent to ground. Sheeva his film MK2. She is werry good job foots and four hands half doing to flying.

40Li Mei

The ninja that changed into any ninja he wanted and had all they're moves n powers.


He is cool, strong, superb and outstanding. If you think of fighting him, then think about how you are going to fight yourself
Has very quick kicks/punches so he's simple to use and efficiently defeat the enemy.
[Newest]He needs a reinvention. Maybe animal mimicry or nightwolf-like animal summons.

Reiko is Shao Kahn! Silent, deadly fast and accurate. I can beat anyone with reiko
So underrated. Strong fast great agility and combos. What more can you ask for
Reiko is general army to Shao Kahn, the Reiko is excellent fighter and werry speed and great power. Reiko jacket to red colour.

43Bo Rai Cho
He's a drunk piece but he's awesome


Vorpax is action fight young woman in green costum of serial Mortal Kombat Conquest. Vorpax is low woman of out world. The young woman Vorpax have home in cobalt coal mine. Cobalt coal mine is prison where dictator emperior power ruler. In cobalt coal mine welcome sorcer Shang Tsung and start alliance Shang Tsung and young woman Vorpax.
Vorpax is excellent fighting girl in green costum of serial Mortal Kombat Conquest. Last time back starting alliance to Vorpax and Shang Tsung.


So much better than most of the characters, good looks with a killer personality to match.
Strong and also pretty


Jarek is young member clan Black Dragon, he is me power styling to heart in body. History black dragon to Kano and werry old history is woman name Jola. Jola be alliance to old sorcerer Shang Tsung. Jola is sacrifice to power black dragon. Jarek is new alliance black dragon.

Total Fuji god, great jacket, big grey hair. Fujin is old God great power. He is spirit to big Fuji. Good part Fujin to game MK 4.
He is my best charater because wind wll control any other character.


That should put havlk in mortal kombat x
That would be cool.



My cousin and I were playing mortal combat and we said we can't use onaga cause he was to OP

The fallen elder god and final boss of mk4
Shinnok is old god of MK4 and film MK2. Shinnok is Shao Kahn and Raiden old father. Shinnok doing exchange identity and he is greate fighter. Shinnok his big bos of series Mortal Kombat.


At least put him on the list! He is the reason why Decption had some depth. I'm not saying he's the best but he is better than Sektor!



60Cassie Cage

61Kotal Kahn


BEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME! **(Note, some of the info may be false)**


He is pretty badass

Her fatality is AWESOME

67Ferra & Torr

He was the grandmaster of the Lin Kieu at one point. He can turn partially or wholly in to any animal


69Hsu Hao


Most underrated character -_-

Earth Ninja for the win!
Tremor is small Shao Kahn general. In serial Mortal Kombat conquest do watch Tremor episode 20 the kiss Shao Kahn magic zord. Tremor is like fire, and he is good fighter.
Tremor Earthbase I want that!


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