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1 Scorpion & Mileena

Best Ship easily. Both are victims of their circumstances (Scorpion resurrected with Hatred and Mileena hated by her own kind)

Mileena and Scorpion would be great together! I mean, a ninja and a assassign? Not only that, but imagine how well they'd be able to fight together! Mileena with her Sai's and Scorpion with his sword as well as those spears that shoot out of his hand? They'd be a deadly couple!

I love Mortal Kombat I'm only 14 I think Scorpon and mileena would be perfect couple they both have the same personality, the same rage, and both are kinda strange. They are both my favorite characters. Tell me wathca think by leaving more comments.

2 Sub-Zero & Kitana

Sub-Zero and Kitana would have probably the most realistic relationship out of any of these pairs (aside from Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade) They would be able to be serious and focus on an objective rather than be focused on each other. They have some questionable dialogue in MKXL. Whether it's Kitana saying "Sub-Zero" subductively or Sub-Zero telling Kitana how they used to fight together. So we'll see, maybe Ed Boon is trying to hint at something. Maybe in the next MK game we'll see Kitana dump Liu Kangs ass and date Sub-Zero. Besides in another dialogue she tells herself to "Save the world, avoid Liu Kang" so I don't think she has that much feelings for him anymore...

3 Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade

Johnny is excellent fighter good kick, Sonya is his no like style Johnny. Sonya a do to style Johnny and his art to frendship. Sonya is speed woman, big specifical kicking fight. Johnny Cage is film man and do to tournament Mortal Kombat, Sonya and Johnny super masters to fighter.

Johnny and Sonya love each other. They would make a great and very hot couple. I hope they will get together in the final MK game

The liked each other from the games, the movies, and even the comics. they're also very cute together!

4 Liu Kang & Kitana

They have a remarkable dynamic that is so much more than being a textbook knight and princess. They have a deep care for each other that has endured through death and appears to be the only way that they will be able to live again. Even in death, they chose each other, and now they are unwillingly evil and rule the Netherrealm side-by-side.

They end up together and I think they go really well together. In the Netherealm they rule together as revenants which shows that even in death they love each other. And why her and SubZero? They never even had a thing, Liu Kang and Kitana did.

5 Jade & Smoke

Yes, I agree because when scorpion and sub zero were rivals, kitana and mileena were on the controversy, sub zero and smoke were best of friends, kitana and jade were also friends so this makes a lot of sense to put Smoke x Jade as a couple, besides I like it

I don't exactly know why but these 2 just feel right together. Plus they were both in Mortal Kombat 2 as hidden characters in the living forest map so ot's interesting to wonder whyvthey were both there together in the first place.

I totally love this couple. They don't have the same colors or similar powers but when I saw them together it just seemed right.

6 Scorpion & Jade

Biggest pimp in the game with the baddest girl, in mk11 dialogue sub zero wants jade to join his clan and she refuses, but then goes to scorpion and tries to join his clan. Plus in the dialogue, there's obviously sum going on between them, and don't forget all the sex stuff with a pole and a spear. I could go on all day, but seriously, just look at the couple, it's great!

Yes, they are perfect. They are both awesome and powerful ninjutsus. It would ' hot and amaing annnd his name keep in mind is Scorpion and a snake is used to represent her. Together they would be unstoppable, they need to be a thing! and I'm PROUDLY shipping them!

7 Reptile & Khameleon

This is the most obvious one for Reptile, and makes the most sense. Plus it's the only one that's been hinted at in the canon (Midway).

8 Kenshi & Li Mei

I love this pairing! They look so cute together, he's so sexy and she's beautiful, I just love them as a couple!

They both have sort of the best background for each other. And since mkx came around takeda wont be so mad when he gets a new mom

9 Noob Saibot & Sareena

(My grammar isn't that good so bare with me)
This couple has a love story that will touch your heart, because it did happen lol. Sareena was a sworn protector of Shinnok's amulet and would kill to protect, she fought Bi Han(1st Sub Zero) Because Raiden needed the Amulet, Han won and Sareena begged to be killed, he spared her. He also saved her life when he didn't need to. Sareena said "Emotion freed me! " in MKX when she fought Kitana in order for her to listen to reason. It must have broken her deeply to hear the news that Scorpion killed the only man that has seen her as a normal and beautiful person. I wonder if Sareena will do the same thing by bringing love to Noob Saibot and free him from his torment. His death is unknown in MK9, so she might have a chance to bring Bi Han back.

10 Reptile & Mileena

In the Mortal Kombat Malibu comics, they were a thing, and in Shaolin Monks, Kitana said they were inseparable. It's a very obscure relationship, but it could work.

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11 Reptile & Kitana
12 Tanya & Liu Kang
13 Kung Lao & Jade

Kung Lao is shaolin monk, winner historical turnament. Kung Lao is winner big match to sorcerer Shang Tsung. Imperior is fiv Kung Lao soul and go to ilusion and do is Kung Lao to heat blue hat. Kung Lao is life to special live and to the no dead. And is emperior do cell to Kung Lao and good women is colour green, name is Jade. Jade and Kung Lao is friendly.

I think this pairing makes a lot of sence. Kitana and jade are best friends and liu kang and kung lao are also best friends. So if kitana and liu kang are together, then why not jade and kung lao? They can go on a double date with kitana and liu kang.

14 Reptile & Jade

Their kids will be so powerful.

Imagine jade fighting skills and reptile poison coming together in a single person.

This is like beauty and the beast

I can see jade bossing around reptile.

The only problem is how are
they going to have kids.

I can also see reptile car Rojas's a lot.

It would just be really weird and funny. Plus, they were both assassins.

Op kids. Imagine Jade, but she has acid and invisibility.

15 Goro & Sheeva

Both are from the same race. Both are royalty (the marks on their backs prove it) Both have four arms. Both are brutal. They go together pretty good, I'd say.

It is two creature have four hand, and big super fighters.

They brother and sister. You people disgust me.

16 Noob & Smoke
17 Cassie Cage & Kano

It can't be because in one of the movies at the very beginning, the shows that jacks and Sonya blade are looking for Kano. Wouldn't it make since if Sonya warned Cassie about Kano? Plus if they are together Sonya and Cassie can't be on any missions nor assignments like jay and Sonya.

18 Sub-Zero & Frost

How can this not happen? They are both the last surviving members of the Cryomancers. They can repopulate their people. Also, They're my favorite characters.

To be honest I'm pretty sure Frost hated sub zero just because she liked him and sub zero doesn't want any love. But I really wanted this ship to be real

They are brother and sister. The game even states that Kuai Liang and Bi Han had a sister...which would be Frost.

19 Sub-Zero & Jade

I think Frost looks cute with Sub-Zero. They both are the same clan. They both control ice. They both look cute as they fight, too.

I honestly don't think they would be a good couple. It just doesn't make sense.

Because they're the best characters.

20 Rain & Tanya

I don't even want to think about that.

21 Kano & Sonya Blade

Kano is good finish opponent to brutality, he is weapon to know, Kano is good somersault. In film Mortal Kombat 1, Sonya Blade fatality to Kano. Sonya is beautiful karate woman, super kicking and fuji to dust.

They've been after and known each other for years. It takes a powerful attraction to still chase each other down and not give up. If this were to ever happen, I can practically see and hear Johnny Cage fuming.

I love this couple, the coolest thing is that they all the time are causing it, like a couple of teenagers.

22 Scorpion & Kitana

Both have been brainwashed and betrayed.

Better than scorpion and mileena.

They are both the coolest people in the game and they look cute together gold and blue

23 Erron Black & Ermac

Man of a thousand damned souls, meet cowboy with gun. A weird dynamic, but a fun idea!

The both work for Kotal Khan They might even be good friends of camera or something else...

Just cause Ermac doesn't have girl doesn't mean he is gay!

24 Tanya and Scorpion
25 Scorpion & Harumi
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