Most Influential Rock Drummers

Criteria: - Drummers are ranked for their influence, innovation, originality, and technical ability.

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1Neil Peart (Rush)

Influential... Even if you don't think he's the best (he is) or you like somebody more because you swoon over their band like a teenager, Peart undeniably has influenced more drummers than anyone. If you disagree your just basically blind or stupid. Laugh out loud

1. La Villa Strangiato
2. By-Tor And The Snow Dog
3. 2112
4. YYZ
5. Anthem
6. Xanadu
7. Cygnus X-1
8. Fountain Of Lamneth
9. Jacob's Ladder
10. Red Barchetta
Best Album: Moving Pictures (Rush)

Superb, true excellence, top notch musicianship! Listen you all very closely and learn! Feel honored that he was in your lifetime!

He influenced me big time. He's like my hero

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2John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) John Henry Bonham was born on May 31, 1948 in Redditch, United Kingdom. Bonham (nicknamed Bonzo) was a professional hard rock drummer who was best known for being the drummer in the band Led Zeppelin. Bonham was also one of the background singers in the band. His drumming is mainly displayed on the more.

Do I really have to explain why Bonzo's the best?! Listen to Four Sticks, When the Levee Breaks, Rock and Roll, Moby Dick, Achilles Last Stand, Fool in the Rain.

Overrated. That's all I can say. His drumming skills are not particularly impressive at all. - theone90990

Everybody who votes for Peart isn't a musician. Plain and simple.
Bonham is far superior to Peart in every way. Kids need to understand that speed ain't everything...

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3Ian Paice (Deep Purple)

The greatest drummer over forty years still the best

He's amazing and VERY underrated

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4Keith Moon (The Who)

1. Won't Get Fooled Again
2. A Quick One
3. Cobwebs And Strange
4. I Can See For Miles
5. My Generation
6. The Ox
7. Bargain
8. Baby Don't You Do It
9. Heaven And Hell
10. Getting In Tune
Best Album: Who's Next (The Who)

Usually competes for the #1 spot with Bonham and Peart. If you compare all three at their peak powers, Moon blows em all away. Unique style which has never been duplicated. Watch him cut loose on Heaven and Hell from the 1969 London Coliseum show.

He is the Jimi Hendrix of the drums-- he set the standard

Neil is from the 80s who do you think he looked up to

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5Ginger Baker (Cream)

HE IS LITERALLY THE MOST INFLUENTIAL DRUMMER OF ALL TIME. He pioneered the Double Bass Drum, he invented the Drum Solo, and he changed the face of drumming. He should be #1. Without Baker, drummers like Bonham and Peart WOULD NOT EVEN BE AROUND. Peart even said that Baker was the ultimate inspiration for him drumming. Before Baker, Drum beats were pretty boring, just basic beats. But when he came around, drum beats transformed. You can't ignore him. He deserves #1, not #19. - theone90990

1. Toad
2. Do What You Like
3. Rollin' And Tumblin'
4. White Room
5. We're Going Wrong
6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. Sitting On Top Of The World
8. Tales Of Brave Ulysses
9. Those Were The Days
10. I'm So Glad
Best Album: Fresh Cream (Cream)

6Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) Michael Portnoy is an American drummer primarily known as the former drummer, backing vocalist, and a co-founder of the progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater. Known for his technical skill as a drummer, Portnoy has won 30 awards from the Modern Drummer magazine.

1. Stream Of Consciousness
2. Constant Motion
3. Erotomania
4. Dance Of Eternity
5. 6:00
6. Paradigm Shift
7. Acid Rain
8. In The Presence Of Enemies
9. Lie
10. Metropolis, Pt. 1
Best Album: Awake (Dream Theater)

He plays the hardest drum parts in his solos and songs
Mike Mangini was an equal replacement for him though

7Yoshiki Hayashi (X Japan)

Easily, one of the best drummers of all time.
Listen to: Art of Life, Kurenai, Rusty Nail etc. - xxpunkrockprincexx

He is literally the best
Even if you hate rock music, you can't help yourself going "woah" while watching his performances!

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8Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson)
9Roger Taylor (Queen)

Simply the best, as a composer, frequence, ability and charisma.

He inspired Yoshiki, but why is he below him? Oh yeah, Yoshiki can play piano, too but does he sing high vocals like Roger does?

He is the best drummer in the world, because he is not only drum player, but he is also the best musician in the world. With out Freddie, he still alive in the music scene!

10Stewart Copeland (The Police)V1 Comment

The Contenders

11Mike Mangini (Dream Theater; Annihilator)
12Phil Rudd (AC/DC)
13Dave Lombardo (Slayer)

1. Raining Blood
2. Seasons In The Abyss
3. DNR
4. War Ensemble
5. Angel Of Death
6. Bug Juice
7. Silent Scream
8. Sewn Shut Eyes
9. Agressive Perfector
10. Praise Of Death
Best Album: Seasons In The Abyss (Slayer)
- mikey8972

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14Cozy Powell (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake)

He made headlines, when he appeared on the BBC's programme Record Breakers, where he set a world record for the most drums (400) played in under one minute, live on television. - Metal_Treasure

He should be at the top!

15Tre Cool
16Mitch Mitchell (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)

This man inspired a lot of drummers too. He should be on the top ten.

17Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa)

1. Tragic
2. US Drag
3. Duende
4. Spiral
5. Windows
6. Friendly Little Finger
7. The Only Thing She Needs
8. Ms. Pinky
9. Carrying No Cross
10. The Torture Never Stops
Best Album: Situation Dangerous (Bozzio Levin Stevens -

18Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Testament, Death)
19Phil Ehart (Kansas)
20Rick Allen

He was the first known ever 1 armed drummer ever.

Simply amazing. What the greats do with two arms, he does with one

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1. Neil Peart (Rush)
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1. Mike Mangini (Dream Theater; Annihilator)
2. Neil Peart (Rush)
3. Dave Lombardo (Slayer)



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