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I agree because they are role models for youth and they take that for granted with their inappropriate segments that are dumb, offensive or just plain stupid. I am not trying to offend them or make them feel bad or anything. As a wise man had once said; The Truth Hurts! Please comment about my post and share your thoughts and opinions too! - puppy18

It is not funny in my opinion. I am 11, and I don't like some of the things the characters do, which are either cruel, dorky or just plain silly.

Hey at least SpongeBob started out good. This show was lame from the beginning. - Garythesnail

Just a ripoff of Drake and Josh

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2Spongebob Squarepants

When Spongebob first came out he was good, but after the movie everything went bad. Spongebob is annoying Patrick is dumber than a rock Squidward is a jerk Mr. Krabs is sadistic, greedy, and cheap. And the humor is just so gross! And Nickelodeon airs Spongebob like 8 times a DAY. But of course, the kids love Spongebob and he isn't showing any signs of being canceled

This sponge is probably the dumbest excuse for a cartoon character he laughs so annoying and he acts so weird and don't get me started on his friends the star is stupid, the squid is dull, the squirrel is big mouthed, the krab is cheap, the small thing makes no impression, the whale is all of the above. The only good one is Gary

SpongeBob Sqaurepants is the best and I mean BEST Nickelodeon show! He has funny adventures along with his best friend Patrick and his next door neighbor Squiward. My favorite character is Patrick because he is a strong, funny and dumb character.

Overrated and Over hyped describes this show perfectly.

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3The Wild Thornberries
4Back at the Barnyard
5Rocko's Modern Life

This is actually starting to become true... However, RML is still by far the all-time greatest Nickelodeon show in terms of pure quality... Too good for its own good. However, it's NO Ren & Stimpy in terms of cultural impact or style.

Rocko's Modern Life is actually my favorite 90's Nicktoon with Hey Arnold being second. This show is a classic.

This show is not even close to being overrated.

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It's Overrated But It's Not Bad.

Stupid concept. How does cat dog ar use the bathroom?
Family guys jokes about CatDawg all the way!

7Aahhh!!! Real Monsters!
8Are You Afraid of the Dark?

No Offense To The People Who Like This Show, But I'm Sorry Though I'm " Afraid " This Show Is Overrated.

No, I do not think this is overrated at all

9The Ren and Stimpy Show

I think that people seriously underestimate how astronomically overrated Ren & Stimpy actually was and still is to this day. Although Rocko is technically very overrated now, it still deserves more love.

In the public eyes: This show is a WAY better series than Rocko ever was.
In reality: Rocko is a WAY better series than this f'ing stupid overrated crap ever was. - xandermartin98

10Rocket Power

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11T.U.F.F. Puppy
12Planet Sheen

I miss Jimmy Neutron. Now, we're stuck with this annoying troll. - DunnaNunnaBatman

This Show Actually Isn't Overrated, Because Everyone Hates This Show.

13Fanboy & Chum Chum

What the hell is this?!

LOL, comments such as "What the hell is this?! " on "Top 10 Most Overrated Nickelodeon Shows" and "Who the hell did I just put?! " on "Top 10 Worst Cartoon Characters" on the "Fanboy (Fanboy & Chum-Chum" section are actually hilarious.

14Dora the Explorer

This show is crap & this list is wrong spongebob used to be overrated but now everyone's hating on it and is not overrated now its just hated it still has a spark of magic that only the voice actors can bring no matter how bad the script is the voice actors make it good so stop hating on a sponge. Now I used to like this show then every character turned into a stereotype of themselves the thing I hate is how this show is so loved by everyone even though it lost all its inspirational meaning it was kind of mean for me to call it crap but now it really is crap.

This show highly overrated, characters are overrated, tori is a mary sue, andre meh, beck ok, robbie was funny at first but when new seasons come in he didn't, I loved jade in the first season but in the next seasons I don't, cat is so overrated even her actress shes just to overhyped in my taste, don't get me started on trina, I love it at first but when new seasons come in I stoped loving it

Another boring live action show added on the plate, but it would be better if I see Victoria Justice naked.

Best show in the universe nothing can beat victorious icarly and sam and cat - Neolion

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16Every Witch Way

This tele-novel or sitcom mix is actually underrated.

How is Every Witch Way underrated?! Are you just being a jackass?!

This tele-novel or sitcom mix is WAY too overrated, it's so good that you have to see it.

17Danny Phantom
18Sanjay and Craig

Definitely not a good show. I really hope it gets canceled soon.

19The Penguins of Madagascar
20How to Rock
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