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Green Day
To those who are blowing up the Ramones section (note that I do love the Ramones) but punk rock is not one entity, it has variance just like any genre of music. Some are more hardcore punk, some are surfer punk, some are more slow-tempo and melodic... Punk is not a sound in every case, it's a way of life & it's a message. That being said... This isn't a list ranking the BEST PUNK ROCK BANDS... It's just the MOST TALENTED... Listen to the progression of every Green Day record compared to the Ramones... Green Day wins this one, no contest.

P.S. my Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, & Sum 41 should definitely not be in the top 5. My Chemical Romance isn't exactly punk, they have punk influences and are an extremely talented group but they often delve much more into alternative rock. Simple Plan is closer to being pop and Sum 41 has a lot to prove with the other groups on the list such as The Ramones, The Offspring, etc.
Hands down amazing! Billie Joe has a voice that is amazing even live! Most bands can't pull off performing live, but they are amazing live. To add onto the person who gave credit to Mike for this bass riff on "Longview" from the album Dookie, it's catchy and cool and he's very talented. All of them are talented. Even Jason White, their second guitarist. I am a drummer and Tre Cool is definitely amazing and flawless. (; The messages they put out in their music is purposeful and not some BS. Long live Green Day!
1039 sosh had some of the best solos billie ever played and also uno
They just blow your mind
And mike dirnt deserves credit for creating "longview" which is one of their absolute best
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2Blink 182
I love blink-182 and TONS of other punk rock bands like pierce the veil, papa roach, the ramones, sleeping with sirens, and so many other bands I can't even count them haha! All of the other people except for most of my friends at my school (I'm 13) like that auto tune crap! I guess I was just born in the wrong generation...


Travis barker s drumming is just way too amazing! This band has a great chemistry they started playing music together since college their side project shows how talented they are! Long live blink!


Blink-182 is better than My Chemical Romance


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3Sum 41
Although Sum 41 doesn't have a Grammy, BUT all the solos they made are SO FREAKY, I LOVE THEIR SOLOs!
Guys guys guys guys... They said talented, not your personal preference!
There need be no argument
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4The Offspring
The offspring is an amazing band with a wide variety of sounds in their music, they should be higher on this list

5All Time Low
Their music and vocals penetrates through your body just amazing.
And their live performances are flawless and so much of fun...
( As seen in Vans Warped Tour 2013 )
I mean I have never seen any band so good live...
One of the best punk bands I've EVER HEARD! Come on, you can't hate on these guys! Listen to dear maria count me in.

6Simple Plan
I love their style.

7Rise Against
Should be #1. No explenation why. They are just very talented.
A punk band that not only had great music but a singer with a great voice like Tim M'f Mcilrath is damn hard to find but these guys nail it. A consistent yet ever changing sound that screams for change throws this ban way ahead of any contenders.
#1 and any conversations about it can't exist.
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8The Ramones
From the list offered here and the voting... Not many understand what punk rock really is... How sad...
They created punk-rock music... They are the kings of punk so they should be first!
This list isn't really good, only the Ramones are really punk
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9The Stooges
The stooges and the clash should be near the front, I'v never considered Green Day or blink 182 punk, more pop

10The Clash
How is the clash not at number one! In what sad world is Green Day punk. My chemical romance is crap compared to the clash, ramones and the sex pistols. Those who are voting either don't know what punk is or are twelve year olds who like to think they know punk when in reality they like modern rock bands.
I agree completely. They experimented more in two albums (London Calling, Sandinista! ) then other bands do in their entire careers
They should be number 1, they were beyond punk

The Contenders

Bunkface is the most talented punk rock band from malaysia.
The best in Malaysia for sure, and probably the best in Asia!
Awesome band from asia.. So great and catchy and very energetic during live performances. Sam is one of the best vocallist in Asia.
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12My Chemical Romance
I love green day and all time low but my chemical romance are my idols they are so talented and great live and I am so devastated that they split up.
Please vote for my idols
My Chemical Romance is exactly a emo band but they are influence by punk
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13Dead Kennedys
Easily the most talented. And easily my favorite punk rock band
It is injustice that I am just putting these guys on. They are extremelly talented. What is wrong with you people.
21!, why is this down here!
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14Fall Out Boy
They are the greatest band of all time
They have an unique style
The best punk band ever!
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15Sex Pistols
REALLY underrated for their music talent. They had more creativity and power in their music thus making them the kings of punk rock.


Probably the best punk rock band of all time.

16Relient K

17Panic! At the Disco
There are no words to describe how amazing they are! I am in love with them! They sound beyond amazing! Brendon Urie has the best voice EVER! And Ryan Ross wrote the best song lyrics ever on their first album (my favorite) "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". Well, without Ryan they still write amazing songs, and I am thrilled to say that they are releasing a 4th album in 2013, but no date has been set yet!
They have such a unique style, and sound! You can't find anything like them in any other band, and I can't get enough of them! They are so amazing that their very first album (my favorite one) was an amazing success! Each song tells an amazing story, and the poet/ lyricist hides behind the guitar. Despite losing half of their members, they pulled through and produced more albums, still amazing! They will never be forgotten or broken! I <3 P! ATD
They are definitely the mist unique band on this list. They are very elaborate and theatrical, and with this big production happening on stage, they still sound amazing. Lastly, the lyrics are true art, for they actually mean something, and tell a story. Panic! At the Disco should stay amazing!

18Billy Talent
Honestly? Billy talent is brilliant. I would know especially being a guitar player that their songs are very advanced and technical and are very difficult to preform

Should be number 1 can play classic punk and can play very technical metal plus all their songs have great meaning.

The third best Band ever.



Anti flag is way better

24Bad Brains
The greatest to ever exist.
This list makes me depressed


26Hawk Nelson
Awesdome Christian punk band not as good as Green Day or blink 182 but should be higher.



29Black Flag

30Strung Out

31FM Static

32Hot Water Music

33Paint It Black

34American Steel


36Seconhand Serenade

37A Day to Remember

38Verbal Abuse
So talented that Slayer had to cover them.

39Dr. Know

40The Crucif****

41The Adicts

42State of Alert

43Minor Threat

44Naked Raygun
Mid 80's Chicago punk at its best!

45The Expelled


47The Safety Pins

48Social Distortion

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