Top Ten NFL Quarterbacks of All Time


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Joe Montana
Only Montana and Bradshaw won 4 SBs. And Bradshaw was hindered by Coach Noll. What numbers could Bradshaw have put up if not for Noll wanting to run the ball? Or if he was allowed to throw to a Swan or Stallworth for all 4 SBs?
I'm a huge Patriots fan. That being said, Montana gets my vote over Brady. Tom has faltered the last few years in the playoffs, and hasn't won a ring in nearly ten years. Joe never lost a SB, and that's a fact.
Just brilliant. Best by far, no doubt! Great overall player, great quarterback overall. Joe Montana ladies and gentlemen


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2Tom Brady
Tom Brady is the best QB and will always be. The giants were lucky to win the 2 SB's they faced each other in them. He went 18-0 in 2007. ( I think it was 2007) he also set a record of TDs with Moss. He should be the best. He went to 5 SB's, won 3 of them and was MVP for 2. They are about to be the SB'S champs of 2012-2013! Long-live Tom Brady!
I definitely think Joe Montana is the best, but Tom Brady takes second place. Everybody who thinks Manning is better is wrong. If you look at the 2013-2014 season, Brady had NOBODY who could do anything, Manning had tons of receivers who could catch the ball. Brady still took them to the championship game though. People that think that Adam Viniteri won all three Super Bowls for them are wrong. Although he did kick the winning field goals in the Super Bowls, who do you think got them that far, Vince Wilfork? NO! Tom Brady did. Tom Brady was drafted 199th in the draft, and what a big thing he became. Anyway, I'm only eleven years old, so if you think I'm stupid, then you can think that.
Tom Brady is the best he holds the record for most win in regular season and playoffs, has 3 rings, 2 MVP awards and has at least another 3 to 4 years left and has one of the best story's in the NFL history from being some who was looked as a nobody another backup QB to becoming one of the greatest players ever if not the best. It's going to be hard to watch the patriots without Tom Brady hopefully he can get one more and tie his ideal Joe Montana because Brady's my ideal and the reason I play the game.
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3Peyton Manning
Peyton is the best quarterback ever to play the game. Some people think that just because Brady has more play off wins and more super bowl rings, that makes Brady a better quarterback, that could not be more wrong. For a team to be able to make it that far, the whole team has to be good or at least not have any major weaknesses like the colts did when Peyton Manning was on their team. Colts had a terrible offensive line and a horrible defense so it was basically all on him to carry the team as far as he could. Tom Brady's team was always much better than Peyton's team Brady's team could help carry him to the super bowl.

Winning the super bowl is a TEAM effort, not just one player. If you take any quarterback in the league and place him on the Seattle Seahawks, that quarterback will have a much better chance of winning the super bowl than he would if you placed the same quarterback on the Jacksonville Jaguars. If he is on the Seahawks and wins the super bowl, don't say that it was just because he's amazing and carried the team to victory when the rest of the team is so outstanding. If he is on the jaguars and that quarterback is so good that they still win the super bowl, then you can say it was basically all the quarterback because he had no team to back him up. So Brady has more super bowl rings because he had a great team to back him up not because he single handedly carried his team to victory.

One good way to see how big of an impact a single player has on a team is to see how well that team would play if they lost that player for a year. Peyton and Brady have both missed one year due to injuries so we can see just how big of an impact they make. In 2008, Tom Brady was injured and unable to play a single game. The rest of the team was still good enough to end up 11-5 at the end of the regular season which remarkably wasn't good enough to get into the playoffs. It seems like that's not much worse than the team would do if still had Brady though. They might have been 13-3 or 14-2 but probably not any better than that. When Peyton Manning was gone for a year, the colts were the worst team in the league and ended up 2-14. The team that Peyton had backing him up was nothing compared to the team Brady had backing him up. Peyton Manning really did have to carry the team on his back which is probably why he already has more MVP awards than any other quarterback and will most likely get another one this year.

Also there is another HUGE reason that Brady is overrated and I have no idea why nobody ever talks about it. Remember in 2007 when Bill Belichick was caught videotaping the New York Jets' defensive coachs' during a game? He was fined $500, 000 for this, the team was fined $250, 000, and the patriots lost their first round draft pick for 2008. Belichick admitted to taping signals since 2000 when he became the Patriots head coach. Funny how all three of Brady's super bowls wins fell within this time period. So for the time that Brady has been at the patriots when they weren't taping practices, Brady has made it to the super bowl twice and lost both times. So he's 3-2 in the super bowl but 0-2 when they weren't caught cheating. If the Patriots knew the plays that the defense was calling, the Patriots could then call the best play for that scenario which would make it a ton easier for Tom Brady to get much better stats than he deserved. One example is that it would also be a lot easier to avoid an interception if you knew what play the defense was calling. Despite all this, it is never mentioned when people talk about who's the best quarterback or why patriots were so good at the time.

I think Peyton Manning will easily go down as the best quarterback of all time and obviously deserves to. Tom Brady is an overrated quarterback but he is still good. I'd say he belongs somewhere around #5 and no higher than that and I actually feel like I am being extremely generous with that. The only quarterback that could still be ahead of Peyton right now is Joe Montana but I think Peyton will pass him before he retires.
12 pro bowls
6 all pro first team
2 all pro second team
Super Bowl champion
Super Bowl MVP
4 time MVP
Pro bowl MVP
Rookie of the year
Indianapolis colts career win leader, passing touchdown, passing attempts, passing completions, and passing yards
Ap comeback player of the year
7 time ap offensive player of the year
Fastest to reach 50, 000 passing yards
Fastest to reach 60, 000 yards
Fastest to 4, 000 completions
Fastest to 400 touchdowns
NFL 2000s all decade team
96.3 passer rating
448 touchdowns
60683 passing yards
65.3 completion percentage
209 interceptions
I agree because peyton manning just got his fifth MVP. Tom Brady and Joe Montana only have 2! Peyton manning once again is one of the best quarterbacks of the game. He also broke tom Brady's passing touchdown record and drew Bree's record for passing in a season. Can anyone beat that?
Because peyton manning holds a record
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4John Elway
John elway should at least be #2 he had great statistics and helped the Broncos a lot without him the broncos would be no where today sure bradys good but he's not as good as john elway was but this is my opinion but he has a lot of MVP awards and records and had amazing comebacks John elway is a Great Quarterback.
Should be higher in the end the only thing that really counts are wins which elway had a lot of TD helped in the end but elway lead a bad team to 3 and then got talent with the last two Captain Comeback
Elway should be #1. He did the most with the least in history.
Montana had one of the best offenses ever around him throughout. Elway had a medioccre offense (but one with heart) around him for most of his career. Brady also a great offense and defense around him. Can anybody
Even name Elway's receivers until late in his career? (Johnson and Jackson--not bad but not Taylor and Rice). Elway also was spectacular on the field. Look at some old footage--mind blowing.
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5Dan Marino
For all the people who say tom brady is better than Dan Marino because he won more Super Bowls you are wrong. Tom brady relies on his kicker Adam viniteri to win Super Bowls ( notice how he hasn't won any since vinateri left). Talent shouldn't be based on Super Bowl wins though that is part of it. Talent is based on how you play, not how many Super Bowls your kicker wins for you


Dan Marino did not have the supporting cast to help his Team win the Superbowl. With no running game or defense, Dan single handedly made the Miami Dolphins a winning Team!
As mentioned by others, Marino played on far less talented teams than the QB's ranked above him here, especially defensively. Montana had Fred Dean, Michael Carter, Charles Haley, Ronnie Lott, and Eric Wright. Brady had Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour, Willie McGinest, Ty Law, and Lawyer Milloy. Manning had Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, and Bob Sanders. Elway had Karl Mecklenburg, Steve Atwater, Dennis Smith, Bill Romanowski, and Neil Smith. The closest thing to a star Marino had on defense would be Bryan Cox (3 pro bowls) or John Offerdahl (5 pro bowls). He had a winning record head to head vs Montana, Elway, and Manning. Only Manning has more 4th quarter comebacks and has done so with far superior offensive talent. No one has ever done more with less than Marino. To those of us who watched him play, the lack of a ring means very little.
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6Johnny Unitas
In his time, had quarterbacks and receivers had anywhere near the rule protection they do today, no telling what kind of numbers Unitas would have put up. Ranks up there with Montana.
Since you did not have Sammy Baugh listed (top quarterback of ALL TIME), I had to vote for Unitas. Second best. Who left out Baugh?
During Johnny U's time, Had quarterbacks and receivers been given anywhere near the rule protection they now receive, no telling what kind of numbers Unitas would have put up. Ranks up there with Montana.
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7Brett Favre
The man who no matter what team he played for, brought them immediately from a written off team, to a playoff contender. True leader.
Here's my man, He should be #1, no doubt about it. To his early days in the 90's with the Packers to his later days with Vikings and Jets. Favre was a great QB, his super bowl wins and clutch moments show that even a 40 year could play, and a young 23 year old could do anything. Favre's the man.
He played with more passion and desire than anyone who played the game should be higher on this list over Marino and Unitas
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8Roger Staubach
The only one on this list that gave up four years of his career to serve our country. 27 years old as a rookie, wow! How much more could he have done? The greatest leader and competitor to ever play!
The greatest, not just wins or championships. He had class and represented discipline and team player. He had intangibles that a statistic can not measure.

9Steve Young
This top 10 thing sucks Steve young is better than choke artist Peyton manning
If he would have played his whole career (USFL a couple years and backup to Montana) he would be in the discussion for #1 all time. He was the bast in his 7-8 year span!

10Troy Aikman
I'm a Steelers fan and should probably be voting for Terry Bradshaw right now, but man this guy is an icon!


Shouldn't even be close to top 10.
How can troy not bed in the top 10?
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The Contenders

11Bart Starr
I agree Montana all the way by far the greatest quarterback to ever played the game
Best clutch QB ever.

12Aaron Rodgers
Not quite the Greatest Of All Time yet, but he'll get there because he IS the best in the NFL today.
Still pretty young, and just coming into his prime.

13Nick Foles
This kid is the future of the Eagles organization and the future of the NFL.
Second best QB rating in a season ever

14Randall Cunningham
He was a great rusher and had a good throwing arm too.
Cunningham needs to be in top 10.

15Otto Graham
Not only greatest football team of all time, but also greatest quarterback of all time, 7 out of 10 NFL championships, no modern QB will equal that plus under the worst conditions! Montana no. 2 & I saw them both play in their respective stadiums! The truth!
10 consecutive championships in ten years, won seven of them. Probably not as good as Montana, but if he's not on the list its a disgrace.

16Terry Bradshaw
Terry needs to be 1 10 super bowl rings get out of here
How is Terry Bradshaw not in the top 10, or even top 15? He has 4 superbowls! 4-0 in superbowls and was a very very good quarterback.

17Michael Vick
Why... is he on this list?
What is he doing in the # 17 spot should not even be on the list


18Jim Plunkett
He won 2 Super Bowls and won Super Bowl MVP. What more needs to be said?


I'm related to jim he won 2 super bowls and the heisman including mvp of the super bowl probably should replace otto Graham

19Andy Dalton
Never had a losing season in 3 seasons
He is great, but why is he 18?

20Fran Tarkenton
Tarkenton was by far the most intelligent quarterback of all time. His knowledge of the game and ability to read defenses brought his position to a whole new level. He was one of the last quartebacks to actually run the offense, calling the plays from the line of scrimmage and making split second decisions while making complex reads at the line of scrimmage. One needs only to see how successful he has been since retiring to know he has an incredible mind.
The first quarterback to bring out of the pocket passing he got snubbed here

21Jim Kelly
Great QB belongs in top ten... it was a thrill to watch him play

22Ken Stabler
Ken stabler is a legend! He should be in the top tens

23Kurt Warner
He had a late start to his career and then made most of it. I am not saying he is in the top 10 but he did take two historically bad teams to the Stupor Bowl. He played very well in the Bowls he lost. Short career, great stats, great person.
Kurt Warner was great
Kurt Warner belongs at #10. One of the most Underrated Qbs ever

24Eli Manning
Eli should be number 1. He is the best

25Ben Roethlisberger
The GREATEST rookie season of any NFL quarterback ever, two Super Bowls and counting!

26Drew Brees
Someone said his numbers were due to the fact he plays in a dome... How many other QBs have played in a dome in the history of the NFL... One could also say that if Brees were 6'2" or 6'4" like most QBs he would have more yards as well... He was only rated as the most accurate passer and out-performed an Olympic archer on Sports Science for crying out loud... He's awesome!
Brees plays in a dome and throws the ball FOR THE STATS much of the time. If he played in cold weather like brady or rodgers he would struggle
He is 3 or the 6 occasions a quarterback threw for over 5000 yards in a season
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27Matthew Stafford
Matthew stafford has lead the lions to victory in many playoffs and exhibitions. Now that doesn't mean he is the best player on the team because Calvin Johnson jr is the engine that runs the lions offense. Stafford can throw like 85 yds. That works with Calvin Johnson and Brandon pettigrews catching

28Matt Ryan
He will win the super bowl in the 2014-15 season know that Julio Jones is off of the foot injury.

29Tony Romo

30Alex Smith
Alex Smith sucks dick
Alex Smith is a great qurterback who rarely turns the ball over everyone dissing him are haters.


31Dan Fouts
Dan flouts is the most underrated QB of all time he had barely any weapons and still played like a boss


32Andrew Luck
Will be the best ever when its all said and done and I'm not a colts fan

33Russell Wilson
He is awesome and the best. Payton manning is horrible because HE lost the superbowl to russels team

34Sammy Baugh
Sammy Baugh is the pioneer of vertical passing and could be considered best of all time

35Matt Schaub

36Trent Green

37Roman Gabriel

38Landry Jones

39Robert Griffin III
He brought the wost team in the nfl to the playoffs his rookie year

40Akili Smith

41Matt Flynn

42Joey Harrington

43David Carr

44Colin Kaepernick
Why is he on the list he's only played half a year
Speedy and a big arm does it all.

45Tim Tebow
Better than most QB playing today. Won't play him because he is a Christian. Tim is a winner

46Ryan Leaf
Ryan Leaf went down as the biggest bust in NFL history. He was great in college but was terrible in the NFL. He only played a few seasons and was injured about half the time and when he wasn't injured he was terrible. In his NFL career he completed 48.4% of his passes for 3,666 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 34 interceptions. He should not be on this list and especially not in the top 50.
Ryan Leaf is untouchable in terms of how skilled he was. He should of been picked first instead of second. He is the leader in interceptions which is a prestigious honor to achieve. Very underrated. Hopefully, he becomes a hall of famer soon.
Ryan Leaf was the best draft pick in NFL history. The Colts really messed up.
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47Warren Moon

48Philip Rivers
Come on in 2013-2014 he had a better season then Brady and Alex Smith


49Joe Flacco
Look, joe flacco went 11-0 touchdown vs interception rating tying Joe montana's record as well. May not be the best, but he's pretty good. [ Coming from a Bengals fan ]

50Cam Newton
Why are people like Ryan Leaf, and JaMarcus Russell ahead of him. Cam Newton had one of the best years for a rookie ever and got 2nd in the Madden 13 cover voting, and I in the final four this year. He is a big, speedy, double threat guy.
Cam is king he should be at least #10

51Len Dawson

52Ryan Tannehill

53JaMarcus Russell
Oh yeah, this guy is the best of all the times for sure
This better be a joke.

54Tim Couch
Who the hell is Tim couch

55Phil Simms

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