Top Ten Physically Disabled Sports Athletes

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1Oscar Pistorius

He had his knees amputated when he was just 11 months old. The South-African sprint runner was called the fastest runner on no legs and was later nicknamed as "Blade Runner" - jerk4life

We won't mention that part about bring a convicted murderer.

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2Melissa Stockwell

She lost her limb during the Iraq war when she served as a lieutenant for the US Army and again she lost her leg in a bomb explosion while leading a Baghdad Convoy. She turned out to later be one of the most finest American paratriathletes and Paralympic swimmers of all. Melissa was named USAT Paratriathlete of the Year in 2010. - jerk4life

3Natalia PartykaV1 Comment
4Bethany HamiltonV1 Comment
5Natalie du Toit
6Jason P. Lester

Jason suffered a near-death with with 21 broken bones and a collapsed lung. After he survived, he started playing baseball and American football. He won an ward for the best male disabled athlete in 2009. - jerk4life

7Jim MacLaren
8Tanni Grey-Thompson
9Aimee Mullins
10Terry Fox

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11Curt Marsh

He was a high-school footballer who had to retire after he underwent 20 surgeries including a foot-amputation. - jerk4life

12Anthony Robles
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