Top 10 Worst Moments in Cleveland Sports History

Sure the Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series in over a hundred years, and sure the Detroit Lions have never even been to a Super Bowl, but as a collective city, Cleveland has the most chokes and the worst teams in history.
The Top Ten
1 Art Modell moves the Browns to Baltimore

Almost as harsh as the Decision.; Art Modell takes away everything the Browns had worked for. (Although with 0 Super Bowls at the time it wasn't that bad) What was worse? The Ravens ended up winning a Super Bowl within 5 years of existence. Of course the last time they faced off on Monday night did not help either.

2 LeBron James' Decision

After spending years as a Cavalier and winning no titles, LeBron James leaves Cleveland to go to Miami. Sure he came back, but he won two championships with Miami. LeBron James jerseys were burned and the large poster of him was torn down. That was harsh by both LeBron and the fans.

3 John Elway's drive against the Browns

All the Browns had to do was to stop John Elway and the Broncos from driving down 98 yards in 5 minutes. Guess what happened next?

4 Earnest Byner's fumble

It's hard to think about how Browns fans endured watching this game that became in Browns lore as The Fumble, and by the way the man who fumble is really Earnest Byner. The man who played his heart out in that unfortunate fateful game.

5 Willie Mays' catch against the Indians

Imagine this, the 1954 Indians won 111 games, the team had the total package and we're favorites to take the series. Then along came Mays' catch in Game 1 and it changes everything, and the Indians wouldn't be back in the postseason until 1995.

It wasn't a Game 7, but Willie Mays' catch foretold what would happen in that World Series.

6 Indians blow lead against the Marlins

In the 1997 World Series against the Florida Marlins the Cleveland Indians were not able to hold onto a 2-0 lead, and the Marlins came back, sent the game into extra innings, and won the World Series in the eleventh inning.

7 Michael Jordan's buzzer beater in 1987

Probably the most iconic moment on this list, Michael Jordan hit a buzzer beater at the free throw line over top of Craig Ehlo to win the game and the series by 1.

8 Browns call Red Right 88; throw interception vs Raiders

Instead of going for a chip shot field goal, the Browns decide to throw the ball at the Raiders 13-yard line. The throw was intercepted, the game was over, and the Raiders went on to win the Super Bowl.

9 Indians choke 3-1 lead over Red Sox in the 2007 ALCS

The Cleveland Indians were up 3-1 in the series against the Boston Red Sox, and Game 5 was at home. But the Indians were not able to close out the series on their home field and the Red Sox made a huge comeback in the series winning 4-3. (They won the last 2 game by an average of almost 10 runs) The Red Sox went on to win the World Series.

10 Michael Jordan's 2nd buzzer beater in 1993

Michael Jordan hit another buzzer beater against the Cavs in 1993 to win the series. The Bulls went on to win the championship.

The Contenders
11 Bottlegate - 2001
12 J.R. Smith dribbles away the clock and the chance to win game 1 at Golden St. in NBA Finals 2018! Cavs lose by 10 in overtime!

Will never ever forgive JR.

13 The Cleveland Browns 0-16 season
14 The Rocky Colavito trade
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