Best Punk Rock Bands

Who's the greatest punk band? The Sex Pistols? Dead Kennedys? Black Flag? That's exactly what this list is going to find out.
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The Top Ten

Green Day
Their music is so meaningful. Their music is all about government, politics, religion, and so on. Billie Joe Armstrong has a great voice and even now his voice never change. Of all the bassist I think Mike Dirnt is the Best bass player in the history of Punk Rock. And Tre Cool is the best drummer in the history of Punk Rock as Billie Joe stated in their Bullet in a Bible concert.
Billie Joe Armstrong is one the greatest person in his class, Amazing Singer and lead guitarist. Tre Cool is the best drummer alive and Mike Dirnt is the best time bassist.
To all skeptics, give a listen to the following Green Day songs and be open minded, give them a chance: 1. Reject 2. ) Take Back 3. ) Pulling Teeth 4. ) Geek Stink Breath 5. ) Letterbomb 6. ) St. Jimmy 7. ) Peacemaker 8. ) Haushinka 9. ) Paper Lanterns 10. ) Christie Road. Give any of these a listen, and I'm sure you'll find at least one song that you'll appreciate.
I did and sadly I don't get how these songs are punk. Sure they try to pull of a Black Flag with Take Back, Geek Stink Breath is good but too light, all of the American Idiot songs and 21st Century are way too pop sounding, and Kerplunk was the only punk sounding Album they had up till Dookie and Nimrod and maybe a little Warning. If you want some real contenders that I appreciate a little to actually be a little punk Walking Contradiction from Insomniac, Welcome to Paradise from Kerplunk or Dookie, whichever, and Basket Case from Dookie are ones that might be and probably have little hint of punk, which I can appreciate a little. Bottom line, I am still skeptical and so is the rest of the punk rockers, who can't believe Pistols, Ramones, Misfits, and even Rise Against are ranked lower than Green Day. Anyway I gave them a chance and saw that most of their albums were dead weight on my iPhone and got deleted as soon as I got them. I am a writer and guitarist, so I don't just dismiss bands and call them posers. These guys are just not punk and I believe I speak for the rest of the hardcore when I say we do not like Green Day, not because we are idiots who can't embrace the new or because they 'sold' out to major record labels. It because we have experienced the punk rock underground and know what it is. Green Day of old was punk in fact Kerplunk is a punk album, but this does not make the entire band punk and it does not mean they should be acknowledged as a one because of it.
[Newest]Green Day is the best we couldn't have picked a better number one!
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2The Ramones
It's simple. They made and they create the Punk Rock. They're officially the kings of Punk Rock because they started with the CBGB stuff in the 70's. I mean... C'mon! If you say 'Punk' what's the first name that comes up to your mind? 'RAMONES'
The Ramones ARE punk. Green Day maybe, but My Chemical Romance is not the half of the half of Ramones.
I know nothing about punk, but I always hear these guys the most, along with The Sex Pistols and Clash, now when someone who doesn't know about punk hears these guys all the time, they must be the most popular


[Newest]Glad to see a punk band is on this list half of these bands aren't even punk
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My favorite band of all time these guys just have the best combination for music you could ask for. Not only does there music sound good, but it has meaning to it and makes it all the better.
I'm SO SICK OF PEOPLE SAYING THAT GD IS BETTER THAN BLINK! I have nothing against green day but blink definitely deserves to be number one come on people. Best band ever. Period. PLEASE VOTE!
I don't understand how you could NOT say that BLink-182 isn't number 1. They ARE punk! There is no other band that has yet completed the full punkiness as much as them. (Punkiness is now an official word). Tom is VERY good at guitar. If you don't believe me, listen to the intro of First Date. And their drummer is epic as well. If you don't believe THAT, listen to the last minute of I'm Lost Without You
[Newest]Awesome band like em a lot really defined the alternative punk genre Green Day is higher on this list since they are pure punk, and that's what this list is all about
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4Sex Pistols
Ok here is the point. We have to go back in time and context. Sex Pistols have one official album and 3 official years of existence. This probably the shortest career of a punk band. But what they did was pure honesty. And if you put it in the period and political state of England. They were the first band that ever did it with such "straight in your face" than the Pistols did. After 30 years, they are know all over the world. And keep in mind they never went mainstream and radio friendly like all those new poser bands did: Offspring, Green Day, Good Charlotte. They are all sold out and use punk only for the attractive side of the thing. But they are nothing else than rich kid making money with major record labels. PISTOLS RULES. Simple like that.


These guys were the typical punk band, controversial, like a good band should be!
Okay I must say, sex pistols are the ultimate punk band, they are punk. I think they should be number one forever. Green day have nothing on the sex pistols. Nobody better than the legend sex pistols
Oh yeah and they made one album. Living on past glories. They don't compare to Green Day.
[Newest]Should be number 1, absolutely no arguments, the only band to run them close is The Ramones, so they're rightly number 2.

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5Rise Against
Best punk rock band, I like the fact that they literally do not have any bad songs, I love all 6 albums along with every song, their music just gets better and better!
Rise Against has by far the best lyrics in modern rock music. They never seem to get tired of their own music and they never seem to lose their very own sound - even though their musical style did change.
Rise Against is a much better band than Green Day. There is no way that GD has better lyrics than RA and their music is infinitely better.
[Newest]Rise against is awesome
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6The Clash
I thought this was a Punk Rock list not EMO.. Anyways, The Clash, Sex Pistols, and the Ramones should be top 3. There are very few true punk bands, everyone else is a melee of genres. Not bad, some really good, some plainly suck, but not punk.. My Chemical Romance sucks!
The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones started punk rock. Green day is NOT a punk band, it sounded like punk in Nimrod and Dookie, but otherwise it's not punk, how are we even discussing this? Only people who listen to the newest green day albums are girls in pink shirts who think bj is 'so hot'.
I listen to Green Day and I don't wear pink shirts and I don't think people are hot thanks you!
Great! Songs easy to listen, full of energy.. Love them! Sometimes I feel depressed and, well... 'should I stay or should I go' always can "bring me to happiness" again. And what to say about 'London calling' or whatever... The best!
[Newest]How the hell is The Clash number 5? They are one of the greatest bands; they eat punk pop bands like Green Day and Blink 182 for breakfast.
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7sum 41
Come on everybody get behind the best band in the world sum 41
Sum 41 should be no. 1! This band sure knows how it feels like to be a punk! Duh! Fat Lip, Pain For Pleasure, etc. They deserve to be No. 1
pieces, with me, best of me and other many songs are best than other punk rock songs. after listning these songs your decision about best punk rock band might change.
[Newest]I want them to be in first
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8The Offspring
The Offspring was a very good punk-rock band in the past and I still enjoy their music. I must say they moved away a bit from punk-rock, as did I. The Offspring is the best band for me, and probably will be for the next ten years.
Oh no, the offspring it can't be true! Offspring is 1st.
I love them so much. I think all of their songs sound the same, but they're all really good, and have a meaning behind them.
My favorite song by them is gone away.
[Newest]What an awesome band. So many deep meanings in their songs that people just don't bother to look up or appreciate. Although not deserving of #1, should definitely be higher.
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9The Misfits
Created horror punk I'm sorry most bands here aren't punk!


Yeah this real punks, the new misfits and the old misfits are both amazingly awesome and create awesome music
Misfits have always and will always be better than any other punk rock band and I think they should at least do better than My Chem there the ones that remade the misfits song astro zombies and My Chemical Romance's version sucked get the misfits higher on the board VOTE!
[Newest]Punk is not completely a genre its also a style and they definitely classify as punk
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10Dead Kennedys
Punk is really dead because I see all those girly love song bands at the top of the list, and Dead Kennedys are at Number 13? Jello Biafra is one of the best inspirational figures of Punk rock, I could call him the best person in the entire world. He's 54 now, but has not yet abandoned his ideals. Look at all those "Hardcore punk" band members from the '80s they are probably sitting behind a table doing a lame-ass job. Jello is trying to get his message out to the world as a spoken word artist, to help people free themselves of the chains society kept around them, he's promoting free speech, free thought. If you've never listened to Dead Kennedys before, you should. But do not listen to the Dead Kennedys of 2012. For Jello, songs were never about money. He left the band, not because he fought with his band members, he left the band because people coming to their concerts were dumb metalheads with no brains and he couldn't get his message out. The "New Dead Kennedys" suck. They actually changed the "MTV get off the air" song to "MP3 get of the web". Jello is a supporter of music piracy, and would have never allowed that to happen. The song "MTV get off the air" is intended to make people be aware of the crap that is promoted on T.V.. I've been blabbing on and on about how amazing his message is, but I should also say what an amazing voice he has. East Bay Ray and all the other band members were also awesome. Jello was never good at guitar, and he hummed out the riffs to the others so they could make music! His voice is so amazing, with a real great warble in it, just listen to California Uber Alles, his pitch changes so amazingly. Once more, remember, "Dead Kennedys" A.K.A. jello Biafra left the band a long time ago and the ones who dare call themselves Dead Kennedys right now are supporting the exact thing that Jello wanted to and wanted others to stand up against. They actually sued him for not letting them loan out their song to "Levi's", one of the many "Corporate gods" as jello would have called them. Punk is about being free, living free, and like the other guy has said in another comment, "DO IT YOURSELF".
They should be number one!
Half the bands on here are not even true punk, it's ' appalling! Paramore is not punk, My Chemical Romance is not punk, FOB is not punk. Gosh! What people?

The Dead Kennedys had the best lyrics and the best music. Their singer is awesome. Dead kennedys should at least be in the top 10. 21? You people have no taste.


A true punk band, and a lot of bands that are on this list are not punk at all. Fall out boy? My Chemical Romance? Sum 41? PARAMORE? They are NOT punk, Dead Kennedys are. They were influential, released one of the greatest punk albums of all time, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables. Learn what's punk and what isn't, kids.
[Newest]If anything Dead Kennedys should be at the top, Jello Biafra fought for censorship and sang about individuality and freedom. His music represents the realness of our society, especially in the 80s.
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The Contenders

11Bad Religion
30 years of amazing thoughtful music, lyrics that impress to this day, a voice against those who hold down the people of this nation, why are they not in the top 10? Look up the influences of Rise Against, Green Day and The Offspring, and tell me who you see on all 3. Yes, the "Godfathers Of Punk" And I'm 26, so its not age biased
Bad Religion is by far the greatest punk band around. They were my first punk band, saw them at Warped when I was like four! And ever since then I've been into punk. And trust me, I LOVE GD, Blink, and Rise Against. But BR is number one.
Undoubtedly the most intelligent and meaningful Punk rock band out there. Their lyrics put all other's to shame, never dumbing them down despite knowing that intelligent music is not popular (hence the popularity of bands such as Sum41, The Offspring, and Green Day). They are undoubtedly some of the most influential as well, inspiring artists such as Green Day, the Offspring, and Rise Against (and The Offspring and Rise Against deserve a top 10 slot). They are the true spirit of Punk, even more so than the Sex Pistols and The Ramones. I'm only 19, but I have been listening to punk for my entire life and I can safely say that If any band deserves the title of Best Punk Rock Band, it would be Bad Religion.
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12My Chemical Romance
These guys are all awesome, personally they are my favorite band but I'm afraid that they might turn pop, because danger days swayed dangerously towards pop, I hope their next album will be like 'three cheers for sweat revenge' or the 'black parade'.
They broke up... and danger days was gerard's way (lol that is hilarious) of saying he was fed up of being so dark and that he had finally decided to be more happy and positive because the image that my chem had was really depressing
Every song of theirs has a meaning to me.. Awesome band!
Yep Gerrard rocks and this band changed my life vote My Chemical Romance they took my life and made me a great guy
[Newest]This band deserves to be higher up
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13Black Flag
My God, does anyone know what punk is? Bands like Simple Plan and Fall Out Boy are not punk. Black Flag is a real punk band. They started the hardcore scene all these kids, who don't even know who Black Flag is, are mimicking. Henry Rollins is a legend.


Well black flag is really hardcore punk, while fall out boy and simple plan are more soft punk, but I agree that they should be far closer to the top if not number 1.
Pop-punk=emo bands like chemical romance and fallout boy and they shouldn't be on this list. Only true punk bands and hardcore bands. NO YELLOWCARD! I love ratm but they're mot punk. An for you IDIOTS out they're who think nirvana is grunge, they're HARDCORE PUNK AND MAYBE POST PUNK! Nirvana is a punk inspired band, an Cobain, said he made his music of what he thought punk should sound like. Sex pistol are ALWAYS number 1. I swear I the original list is still green day, I'm gonna have to KILL SOMEONE! Pop- punk bands are not real punk. Unfortunately, the stupid 3rd graders who vote here are manipulated to think that these guys are real punk. Pick up a black flag album or something!

Bad list 2 out of 10
Nice job posers for havin no idea what punk is all about its not about being corporate popular and selling out
[Newest]Beginning of hardcore punk

14Simple Plan
How come this is not N1?
Simple plan Are the best band EVER! Their Songs are full of meaning, and they songs about things that really matter!
They should at least be in top 3!
Every song they have is amazing, they are a true rock legend!
Simple plan is the best of all, all of their song is always related to my life, and the way they make a song is the number one for me, simple plan is the best band in the whole world for me
How come it isn't number 1?!
All their songs are written for a reason and with a meaning.
Go Simple Plan (-:
[Newest]Greatest band ever! I love every single song because people can relate to their lyrics!
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This list is retarted, you people don't even know what real punk rock is, sorry! Misfits, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, The Germs, Dead Kennedy's, Bad Religion, Nofx, Descendents, Minor Threat, The Dwarves, Rancid, Blood for Blood etc. Etc.. Etc. These are the bands that should be on this list! Nofx and Misfits (real Misfits 77-83) are two punk rock bands that never make bad songs! Fat Mike you rule bro!
I actually came across a REAL punk band in this list (besides misfits)
NOFX kicks ass by the way
For punk rock, fat mike is one of the best bass players (super underrated).
El hefe is one of the best guitarists.
Melvin plays very tight, his stuff always fits perfectly to the songs.
And erik sandin is the fastest drummer I've ever heard of.
Their songs are so perfect.
There's no reason why they shouldn't be on top.
[Newest]If you are a real punk, you need to listen Fat Mike!
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All about early nirvana. Their debut bleach is as punk as it gets. Mollys lips is a good song. I think they should be higher, but nofx should be number 1
Nirvana was a good band cut short by death of Kurt cobain, just imagine how much further they could of gone with him. Really miss their style of music. Definitely should rival GD
Come ON! They are way to low man. They are THE BEST BANS EVER! VOTE! Vote! Vote! Kurt Cobain is and awsame sing writer whatever he decided to do! RIP
[Newest]Not really punk rock. They are deserving of being on a top rock list, but they were more grunge than anything else.

17All Time Low
HOW CAN ONE PUT ATL @ #15?!?! THEY DESERVE AT LEAST 2nd PLACE! ATL is so amazing. Not only do their lyrics have true meaning, their purpose and motives are amazing. No one can say ATL sucks cus never in a million years will they ever suck! If you wanna check out ATL here are some songs that are my personal favorites. Actually I take that back I can't have favorites with ATL. They are too amazing. 1. If these sheets were the states 2. A love like war 3. Backseat serenade 4. Paint you wings 5. Lost in stereo 6. Somewhere in Neverland 7. Thanks to You 8. therapy 9. Poppin champagne 10. Dear Maria, Count Me In
You obviously have a vagina cause those are their bad songs. Weightless and Maria are the two everyone knows them by but they aren't punk. They are basically Justin beiber with guitars and a badass drummer. They do easy crap to please vaginas and you buy it.
All Time Low really deserve to be higher up on this list because they are ' amazing. Their song can be catchy and upbeat or serious and sincere or even both. 'Break Your Little Heart' for example is about how a girl crushed his heart and treated him like he didn't even matter and how he is going to get revenge but it has one of the most up beat tunes and is extremely catchy. Their songs cover a lot of different topics such as heartbreak, depression, alcoholism, having the cares of the world on your shoulders etc. They really deserve a higher place.


Not to be rude or anything, but you clearly have not understood what Punk Rock is. All Time Low is definitely pop, because it just is. However, let us assume All Time Low is truly punk. If a band is truly punk, then it will focus on issues that encompass society as a whole. This band does not. Songs like for example, The Irony of Chocking on a Lifesaver, may be catchy and good, but can heartbreak as a topic compare to the topic of the con's of sending soldiers off to die and total fascism like what the Sex Pistols and the Kennedy's did. Or even the most immature things Black Flag did, translated to big topics like the oppression of the people. Don't get me wrong this band is great, but it just does not belong on this list. Have a listen to Black Flag, Pistols, Misfits and Kennedys and you'll see how different it is. And you are right, if this had been a list of better bands here I would have definitely ranked them higher than the Green Day or Blink whatever, because those bands I just can't stand.
Actually amazing. So wrong it's right was awesome and so was nothing personal. I can't wait for dirty work!
[Newest]How can All Time Low be in #17? They deserve to AT LEAST be in #2. Seriously All Time Low is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I was shocked to see them in this low of a vote.

18The Stooges
Iggy Pop and the Stooges saved a whole generation from disco. They brought raw sex back to rock.

Say 'Thank You'!
"The Ramones all time greatest punk band... They were punk before punk... "

Not only did The Stooges form 7 years BEFORE the Ramones, they are also a far superior band. None of the Ramones' songs even come close to "I Wanna Be Your Dog", "Search and Destroy" or "Raw Power". And seriously, Green Day and Rise Against on a best "punk" bands list..?
Iggy Pop and The Stooges are the ORIGINAL PUNK BAND. Without them none of these so-called "punk bands" would even exist. They deserve the number one spot.
[Newest]You are correct... The Stooges were the first with the sound, the anger and the look. The Ramones are second followed by Dead Kennedys.

19Social Distortion
The best punk rock band in history, with rockabilly influence. Story Of My Life is one of the best songs I ever heard of my whole life. This gets me to think about the good times from the past. They are just SO great.


They know how to keep the music flowing without having to give in easily and punk for them is just a natural talent.
This band is honestly the best punk band around. They are like wine... They just get better and better with age hands down
[Newest]They have one of the best live shows ever, and they have a strong song selection. Maybe not number one, but for sure in the top 5.

20Minor Threat
I do really like these.
Why are bands like My Chemical Romance and Paramore on the list?
Just because they talk about politics or whatever, doesn't make them Punk.
They aren't part of the genre, they are just alternative / popular rock.


Best ever. I see red. Nothing more in this world to defend... This songs says it all about life and punk ideally!
1 cd that made them legends
[Newest]I don't think you kids know what Punk is, so stop voting and look it up

21Dropkick Murphys
THE most creative punk band out there. They definitely should be up there in the top tens. So many punk bands just sound so cookie cuter, but these guys have so much character to their music. THIS is what punk music should sound like.
dropkick murphys definately should be in the top ten
They aren't really punk. Most of the bands on here aren't punk. The bands that should be on this list are Dead Kennedys, The Germs, Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, Black Flag, Social Distortion, and Nirvana is more grunge but whoever said that their first album Bleach is as punk as it gets, I agree with them.
[Newest]I listened to this Irish band once. They're great.

WHY IS RANCID NOT FIRST? They got so much inspiration from the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Ramones (which all deserve higher rankings), they just brought it to the USA. And half of these bands aren't even punk! RJA? What?! And the ALL AMERICAN REJECTS? It infuriates me to see these god-awful, not punk bands on this list.
Most of these bands aren't even punk... Seriously, Simple Plan? Fall Out Boy? We The Kings? My Chemical Romance?! Rancid are REAL punk. The amount of idiots here saying "! (insert lead singer's name here) IS SO HOT! " on a PUNK BAND list is disgraceful.
An actual punk band... Thank god! Vote for the bands because they're popular punk bands, not because you just like their music. Come on people!
[Newest]Rancid should be higher!

People are so underrated nowadays. Do you see a band who writes lyrics about the everyday human life, the ups and downs of it? Yeah, they don't sing about politics or racism, but they talk about normal problems that we humans all face. It applies to everyone. Songs about politics and racism is such a common topic. You should have different song themes, like how teenagers have problems and how Paramore talks about it and solves it with just one freaking song. They also sing about many others, including divorce, sadness, betrayal, human gloating, happiness and everything. They sing just almost every theme. If you're sad and angry, listen to Paramore, and I assure, you, you'll feel so much better. Point taken? Now put them in the top ten.
Paramore is the best band in the universe! I love them!
Haley has an amazing voice!
And They are just amazing!
Gotta love them!
Paramore comes out with one of the best songs both lyrically and melodically. Their music is universal. They can inspire and reach out to the world as many people, especially teenagers can relate to Hayley's honest lyrics. It's kinda pity that Josh left the band cause I thought he and Hayley were the ultimate song writing team. Another reason why I adore their songs also owes to Zac's sophisticated and smart drum parts. It livens up the entire experience listening to their music. Speaking of musical experiences, Paramore offers great live shows. They are always really pumped and enthusiastic on stage. Best of all, they try to involve the audience a lot. Anyways, the remaining members, Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy are pretty awesome too. Sorry for my long-winded opinion.
[Newest]This should be third to be honest.
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24Billy Talent
Billy Talent should easily be in the top ten they're the best punk rock band on this page along with Green Day and their frist two albums prove that they are real punk rockers
Awesome sauce man, I love Pins & Needles and River Below! Should be in the top 10 definitely... They are truly the best thing to ever come out of Canada!
there are better bands above billy talent but barely any of them are actually punk rock
[Newest]But is one of my favourite bands. They are a punk band with a very unique sound. but is not like All Time Low, or any other pop punk band. They are the real thing, they really know how to be a legit punk band.

25Good Charlotte
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE GOOD CHARLOTTE MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD! <3 they should definitely be way up here. everyone who doesn't like them should be asking themselves what's wrong with them because they're way better than a lot of other bands will ever be.
Baptized in the River..
COOL! Keep Moving Forward!
One of Great Music I ever Heard
[Newest]More pop than punk

26Bad Brains
Bunch of posers must be voting on this.How are those preppy little pop-punk bands ahead of bad brains and black flag who are both great bands.Good charlotte is not punk rock! Its corporate pop and so is simple plan, blink 182, sum 41, boys like girls, yellowcard, taking back sunday and the majority of these bands ahead of bad brains. I dont think there the best but there top 25 hands down. All those bands I mentioned are just abunch of 20 year old millionairs whinning about there make believe problems and that girl who didnt go to the prom with them because she thought you were a dork. Get over it you losers. How is good charlotte even on here? Brittney Spears is more punk than them.


Damn I knew I'd have to scroll through quite a bit of crap before getting to the real stuff. These guys are real. Enough said.
The best hardcore band ever. It's really not even close.


Which else punk band can rock with a violin, they deserve the best position for sure...
Pop punk never sounded so, awesome...
Best band not on top 10... should be on top 5, 4, 3, 2,1
Wow, just found this band. What an impact. I am truely beside myself. I recently lost my daughter whom was just born 3 months ago due to a serious lung infection. Whether this song is about abortion, or miscarriage, it hit's me hard still because I wonder what my little angel could have been, and how proud I'd be of her. I can't believe a song of this beauty exist. Thank you Yellowcard for making the greatest music on earth. I miss you Ayden Rane, you'll always be my star and my sky.
[Newest]I think a band that does such a great music including a violin has to be the best! Awesome

28Anti Flag
This is a real awesome band! They are so true, there music doesn't change and they just rock!
Anti-flag kicks ass.I like how they stand for anarchy and speak the truth of how the government is through their songs!
[Newest]Love them but too political for me

29Bowling for Soup
dude that bands rocks... what the heck? anyway its all's opnion so... BfS and sum41 and Green day I believe are the best Punk rock bands ever...
Dude, no 31?
Not fair.
They are certainly better than the top 10 bands.
They should come first, then sum41, and blink 182
Their song Punk Rock 101 convinced me, that they are one of the best bands ever.
[Newest]This band is rad as heck!

30Operation Ivy
tim armstrong at his best classic!!!!
Amongst the best ever for Punk and Ska. This band was the motivation/inspiration for Green Day. Green Day saw OI numerous times and hung out with them when they rehearsed. OI should be before Green Day on this list! If you like the Old School sound of garage style West Coast Punk Rock, and haven't done so, check out Operation Ivy. They are a great band to hear and I very much wish they'd go on tour again!
It was really hard to leave these guys off the list even to this day whenever I listen to "Artificial Lie" or "Room Without a Window" or "Missionary" it just puts a smile on my face.


[Newest]This is the group that brought me to punk rock. At age 36 with three kids still rocking out.

31The Descendants
I have always known them as just "escendents" but whatever. These guys made punk real for me. They are the ones who got me into it all, and since I know that this list is dominated by "punk" I'll go ahead and give my vote here.
Wow. As always, no respect gor these guys! True punk, right here!
These guys were probably the first real punk band I liked. To this day, they're one of my favorites, and they definitely deserve more recognition.
[Newest]Perfect punk sound, and the first punk band I could really get my teeth into. Perfect mix between punk rock, hardcore and melodic hardcore. I'm pretty sure they're called "DESCENDENTS".

32Papa Roach
they deserve to be in the top 5... they rock my brains out... they are just simply awesome...
I think papa roach is one of the best bands in this list. I mean, green day is like my favorite but yea papa roach is more punk rock, and fall out boy and paramore I like too but they don't deserve to be on this list. Sorry
"... They are just simply awesome" You know guys I think that pretty much sums it up. I have been brain washed by this band. I live my boring life everyday and think about the next time I can sit down not be annoyed and listen on watch these Amazingly under-rated guys rock my world and make my life a little better every second I listen! Green Day serously... These guys should be Number 1 NO EXAGGERATION
[Newest]Papa Roach is a my metal band. Not punk.

33Panic! At The Disco
Panic! Has changed my life and saved it. I wouldn't be here without it. Brendon has an AMAZING voice that I love so damn much. (I'm not a fake fan I've listened to every album at least 5-7 times) The old band members put a lot of work in the band writing lyrics, playing instruments, everything. The lyrics are meaning full, the use GREAT vocabulary like in Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, instead of saying Horny boys and dumb girls, its: Testosterone boys and Harlequin girls. This band definitely deserve to be in the top 10.
The best band in the history of forever, I don't know why they are so far down the list, should much higher if you ask me or any of my friends, indubitably.
They are the most creative, unique, theatrical, amazing band there is! No other band has the same style and theme as them, and no other band has such creative lyrics! I love the burlesque circus fetish that they have! It's awesome!
[Newest]They are the best

Made me realize you don't need to dress punk to be punk
Ok Ok OK I know its a little high but bare with me. A ton of bands could be right here. But after careful deliberation I decided that hey! I don't want to leave Pennywise off the top ten because quite frankly they rule!


help bring back punk mainstream I don't know whether to thank them or hate them for that.


[Newest]How is Green Day #1? It's a SAD SAD day for true punk rockers

35The Exploited
nobody mentioned them...errrr
that dissapoints me
you cant have punk,without these guys.
Way over half of this on here isn't punk in any way, shape, or form. The Exploited is a complete example of how punk should sound along with The Casualties and G.G. allin. Some of you folks need to go back to your music dictionaries on some of your entries. EMO is not PUNK! EMO is straight-up BITCH.
For gods sake half the bands on this list aren't even punk just have punk influences or someone put them on the list so every fan girl decides lets vote without having a second thought or knowing anything about a genera of music. The exploited showed us punks not dead in a raw hardcore form that gave the middle finger to the world and did what they wanted. Not like a lot of these corporate bands like the first two places Green Day and blink-182. That sellout in a heart beat to write the same song over and over because the hot topic or hard life even though I live in suburban america with no real problems no you don't understand crowd will eat it up and line there wallet with money. I mean the exploited made punk rock because they enjoyed it they refused to sellout and still go strong today with a very outspoken political views. The new age of [and I say this with huge air quotes] punk rock is repetitive music that sells because the majority of people think one song good and demand to the same thing filled with [again huge air quotes] lyrics that 'inspire them or save them' I mean come on god real punk show being an individual and standing up to a system like in the 80s but now its just whatever sells I can barely tell the bands apart from each other cause all the bands sound the same. The exploited tell us punks not dead but at this point with so few bands left its drowning and needs a life guard so it's a good thing they still tour hard.
[Newest]The best punk band

They should be so much higher on the list. Yellow card isn't punk. So how does the happen.
These guys kick ass, and they're real. I can't believe I'm even reading Paramore's name on this list. I've died and went to mall hell.

37The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Rja is for number 1 only.. Your guardian angel, face down, home improvement is their best song ever.. Ronnie winter "rja vocalist" have many criticism but still he can show that he and his band is the best ever among the others. All of their song is very meaningful.
Why the hell is "THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS" on number 38?! It should be the first band on the list and who ever says otherwise, they don't know what their saying and have really bad taste in songs! I just really love their songs.


I was only introduced to this band a couple of weeks ago and only know a few songs. I still don't even know who is in the band but I cannot deny that these guys are amazing. I love 'Guardian Angel' and 'Face Down'


38Pierce the Veil
Their music is so inspirational, the lyrics Vic writes are full of pain and things people can actually relate to. They are showing people that you're not the only one to go through things and you're not alone.
Pierce The Veil is perfection. I mean, if you've ever been in one of 'those' relationships, or you're just feeling down on life, pierce the veil is the band for you! "My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me." ~Bulletproof Love
They are awesome! One of the best bands ever and they have the best drunmer of all time
[Newest]Best Band ever duh! Laugh out loud They are hard working men and make music that relates to their fans.

39Stiff Little Fingers
The original and best. Many Green Day tracks owe their origins to SLF.
By far the best punk group, great live but even better on album. Green Day is basically a rip of from Stiff little fingers.
they are more punk but they are so cool,


[Newest]Alternative Ulster defines a generation.

40Rage Against The Machine
Greatest sorry linkin park I love ya. But sickest lyrics and riffs right here


Favorite band, sickest funk ever! Will always love this band, We're the renegades of funk!
Again, a punk band that followed the old rules of going against authority, should be up way higher
[Newest]More of a rap metal band

Crass is the real McCoy they never sold out, they stuck with their music and lived by it, one of the only bands to ever accomplish capturing the true essence of what punk is really all about..
Number 54? Crass were right all along! Punk IS dead
This list basically confirms that punk is dead.
[Newest]Music with real messages

42New Found Glory
I saw them live and they are AMAZING. They are one of the best punk rock bands I have ever heard which is why they are officially my favorite band. If you get the chance, go see them live!
New Found Glory - Kiss me
New Found Glory - Don't let her pull you down
The two best songs I've heard of theirs.
They can rank higher if they will do more covers. Let's wait for the part 3 of the album "From the Screen to Your Stereo"
[Newest]Love them. They should be at least in top 3.

43Boys Like Girls
Dude.. Are you kidding me? This band is the best, their songs are not just simply amazing but also very inspiring.. It can relate to all BOYS and GIRLS & YOUNG and OLD alike... This band should be placed at the number one spot...
! BEST BAND EVER! Their song, "The Great Escape" rocks... My favorite. Headbanging song!
They need to be higher. Everyone can relate to them. Gotta love them. They bring something to the table most band do not. They also have the look unlike many bands. They look like stars
[Newest]I love these guys!

44The Damned
The Damned at No.60 absolute crap rating. Looking for Buzzcocks, Stranglers and SLF and plenty of others. Lame pole. Green Day number 1 LMFAO! IS this an American pole by any chance? If anyone suggests that none of these bands were punk, then they were not around at gigs in the 70's and 80's.
The damned should be number 1, a true punk band
Best punk band ever

45Joy Division
Joy Division took the punk philosophy and approach, and used it to express more complex emotions and create innovative music. "Closer" is easily my pick for the best album of the 80s and one of the all-time greatest albums. This band has influenced pretty much everyone that has come after, and why they're not higher on this list is beyond me.
Joy Division should be up much higher.Their one of the most amazing bands in history
This band was one of the best post-punk rock bands, they deserved be in one of the top places ¬¬

What the hell, is with music these day, Fugazi is real punk, many bands on this list aren't even true punk,it's reall saddening, but I guess we'll keep our hidden gems to ourselves.


59th? IS there anybody over the age of 12 on this website? Anybody who knows anything about punk knows that Fugazi is the best and will most likely always be the best. They're 100 times the band that Blink-182 or Green day are.
Minor Threat could also be at this spot also. But this is Ian Mackaye at his absolute best.


[Newest]The only band that never sold out!

47The All American Rejects
Geez! Do you guys know how to vote? This is certainly the best of the best band of any genre in the world! The All American Rejects are awesome!
According to me the best band after Metelica & Beatles
This band is so awesome!
It needs to be #1!
Tyson's voice is so much better than those top ten songs!
[Newest]Number 201? Are you kidding? These guys are the best!

48The Bouncing Souls
This band makes you want to get the boys together for a night out on the town. Brings back great memories.
Come on people, got to give it up to The Bouncing Souls!

49Circle Jerks
This list makes me sick! It was obviously concocted by teenagers with no real sense of what authentic punk music is. When I see here that Circle Jerks is #40 on the list, under "boy bands with guitars", I.E. fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 etc. , it makes me cringe. Circle Jerks meet all the criteria for a true punk band... Political and social defiance, fast grinding guitar, speedy beats, and as the first lead singer of the notorious band Black Flag, Keith Morris delivers vocals that are not so polished as some of the corporate controlled "punk puppets" of today. So, here's my top 10 list, whether anyone likes it or not:
1. Dead Kennedys
2. Sex Pistols
3. Black Flag
4. Circle Jerks
5. X
6. Minor Threat
7. Ramones
8. New York Dolls (I'll bet you dumb ass teenagers have NEVER heard of them. Do your research! )
9. Pennywise
10. Social Distortion
So good especially in that scene in repo man

50The Hives
Tick tick tick, try it again, hate to say I told you so, little more for your little you, you got it all wrong... the hives is the beast punk rock band today... if you want this kind of music
these people from sweden are good... they got some ass-kicking music... you gotta check'em out... this is real puck rock... not indie/pop punk type
See through head, square one here I come, supply and demand, inspection wise 1999, antidote... the list goes on.. Superb
[Newest]They aren't punk. Good band though.

51New York Dolls
One of the first and best punk rock bands!

52The Used
The Used is the greatest band on this planet and here's why they've always stayed true to their music (except for Artwork look up why) second they plan to release more albums than any other band third you know you're getting direct material from these guys because their last album was recorded by their own record company The Gas Light Union forth these guys are hilarious and all have extremely interesting stories (especially Bert) and finally they put so much effort and meaning into their songs so you can really hear their talent and to a certain amount their intelligence, Thank You.
ThE uSeD iS aBoUt ThE bEsT!
psht yeah they should be number one... I say anywho =]
Not really punk rock, although some of their older stuff may be, but heck The used = the unique. They have brought more to the world than just music! Definitely an inspirational band. Heavy, funk, jazz, rock - they've got it all!

53Escape the Fate
Why isn't escape the fate number one? Everything about their music is meaningful more so when Ronnie was their, but Craig is not bad either. Their songs are beautiful and really speak to my soul.
Oh! Yeah! Great live, too. A must-see at the Warped Tour. Wish their first singer didn't get thrown in jail That's hardcore.
Escape the fate, ronnie or craig, is epic!
Monte's epic guitar solos and yea
[Newest]Escape the fate are amazing their songs are just out of this world awesome they should be number one their music is just so rebellious and makes you feel free escape the fate are amazing

54Alkaline Trio
What the hell are Trio doing all the way down here. I do not understand how half these bands have ended up above these guys, Truly wrong! Top 5 for sure, If you haven't already, Listen to them!
Their earlier albums probably rate as some of the greatest lyrics and riffs of all time.
Has to be the best punk band of all time. Can't listen to anyone else except them. Amazing lyrics. 14 year old girl and still really love them, so much relatable stuff and it really pushed me through some tough times. Matt and Dan are like angels...
[Newest]Higher Higher Higher! My nickname is based on this band. Alkaline

555 Seconds of Summer
Everybody who says that they suck haven't got a life. Everybody is good in it's own way and I really like this band. And if it's your opinion that they suck don't share that with everyone because I think that is immature!
They aren't punk rock, kinda like pop punk, but I love them so much!
I really love 5 seconds of summer!
People who say they aren't punk rock don't know what they're talking about...
They work with pop-punk/rock songwriters. Punk/rock bans support them and their next album will probably be really punk/rock.
But it's not about the punk/rock title... I just love their music and their personality is awesome either
[Newest]They're the best band ever

56Toy Dolls
Nelly the Elephant my friends. That is really all you need to say! Punk rock is happy music, jump around bash your head against a wall screaming nonsense music. That is what the Toy Dolls, embodied
Punk done tongue-in-cheek but still musically superior to many 'serious' bands. Talented and funny. Real punk riffs, but with fun lyrics! Punk is both a music style and a lifestyle choice. It does not need to be socio-political. Just so happens many bands are that way as punk fans generally agree with those politics. But nothing wrong with having fun too, and on thst respect the Toy Dolls nail it.
Hell yeah, their guitarist was absolutely awesome! - Nemeryle watches

57The Velvet Underground
One of the greatest bands of all time. They changed everything in music. They're not punk but they were pionera on it.
Best punk band period

58Arctic Monkeys
Guys, the Arctic Monkeys shouldn't be on here, they're Indie Rock. That is why they are down here, have you seen the Indie Rock bands list? Their top of the list because they are easily the greatest Indie Rock band of all time and in my opinion the best English band of all time, better than The Beatles and Muse.


Each of their songs as their own personnality and mood. Alex Turner's voice and lyrics are amazing.


Awesome band! These guys also made a great cover song˙s "Red right hand" by Nick Cave.
I really respect them. They shouldn˙t be only 40th.
[Newest]So Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance are punk but Arctic Monkeys aren't?

59Suicidal Tendencies
People now a days don't understand what real punk was or how dingy and gross it was. It's fabricated and lost now because of pop punk. I am 14 and I'm probably the only teen who knows more that on Ramones song
All I wanted was a Pepsi.

60A Day to Remember
I love your music! I do not understand how yall can put them so low on the count. Their music is like amazing and so many people can relate! They have music for every mood. Romantic, angry, sad, party music. Like I honestly don't understand!
A Day to Remember saved my life. They're my heroes and inspiration to never give up. They started from the bottom and have worked their way up to being one of the most loved bands out there. This ranking is a disgrace to what they have accomplished and done for so many people who listen to their music. Best band out there by far.
Simply, the best band. Actually a connection with the lyrics and the concerts are life changing. They are unbelievable and love what they stand for.
[Newest]I honestly believe that A Day To Remember should be much higher up on the list. I absolutely love them

The best hardcore punk band ever. Enough said.

62Breaking Benjamin
Wow, I felt bad not seeing any comments for Breaking Benjamin. This is a pretty legit band, it's definitely in my favorites.
So good breaking benjamin is THE BEST

63Mindless Self Indulgence
No. No. No. Almost none of these bands play punk rock. They are mostly corporate punk and punk pop. A few aren't even punk--I mean, come on! FOB? Paramore? What is this! Punk rock is NOT a subgenre of rock. Punk rock is a type of punk. This... This is very frustrating. Bands that aren't punk rock are ranked higher than actual punk rock bands.
MSI is one of the few punk bands on this list.

Also--why is My Chemical Romance ahead of MSI? MSI is way more badass than My Chemical Romance. Jimmy Urine > Gerard Way.
INSANE BAND. Way more punk than green day.


MSI are deranged punk music geniuses! There lyrics are twisted but in an awesome and funny way. There old albums are the best but their new one is awesome too. They make every album different from the others. They are the ultimate eccentric punk band!
[Newest]It's not just that msi is the punkiest (haha) band of them all, but it also is the best MUSICALLY of them all.

64Anti-Nowhere League
Jesus, I remember The League, Saw them a few times in London back in the 80's They were just nasty
I worked and went to school with a bass player
When they had their recording studio under clapham junction station...

Seriously. Posers, fakes got great bands like this at 58. I'm 14, I really can't see what people my age see in calling themselves punk when they listen to pop like Green Day. I mean, seriously? Traitors, liars fakes!
What propagandhi should be top five
I'm not sure what they are but they should be near the top just for that brilliant name.

That hurt having to go past all those pop punk bands to get to here. Los Angeles is my favorite punk album and X is a great punk band.


Simply one of the greatest punk bands ever..
Seriously... The Hives before X. This ranking is just not valid.
[Newest]Seminal American Punk. enough said.

67Jimmy Eat World
This band is highly known for the song "The Middle" however they do have some other great punk songs like "Bleed American" and "Pain. " I recommended this band to anyone who likes late 90's early 00's punk rock


One of my childhood bands so I may be a bit bias toward them but...
They really are up there with the best the genre has to offer but not true punk in the original sense.
Great band, bands like this ushered in the new era of punk. Sp, clash and ramones may have started it all but it's bands like this that changed the sound, feel and me meaning of punk for the better.
[Newest]Most awesome band that I have ever heard before

68Taking Back Sunday
Taking Back Sunday is a great band for all ages because they've been together for over a decade.
Their whole first C.D. is a juggernaut of hits and it's nearly impossible not to sing along with it.
If you're more into rock then check out Louder Now
taking back sunday is flippin awEsome
[Newest]Love taking back sunday!

They have the advantage against the other punk bands because of their talent to blend a lot of styles into one unique. From the catchy pop to rap to the modern punk tune. Zebrahead will never let you down
The are the Best, the speed and the energy is incredible.
The drums and the Vocals are so energetic.
Sorry Blink 182 and The Offspring, they are very good to.
0.2%... The worlds gone mad!
This band is immense when it comes to cheering up your mood, no matter what your state is, if you stick Zebrahead on your day will improve 10 fold! Get these guys higher up the list and above all the main streamers so everyone else can see the underground awesomeness that is Zebrahead!
[Newest]My favorite band. Awesome songs. Top for me

Um... Yeah The Velvet Underground wasn't on here so this is the next best thing

71Siouxsie & the Banshees

721 GG Allin
GG was punk! There are way too many of the sissies he is talking about on this list straight out! My Chemical Romance is a sissy band for the everybody gets a trophy generation!
Some nasty bastard he was! And as punk fans, we like that don't we?
This man throws his own poo on people how punk isn't that?

73Against Me!
May not be the best out there, but definitely deserve to be higher up this list. From their earlier, dirty and gritty acoustic yelps of teenage rage, the poetic acoustic-punk anthems, the hammering six strings of politically charged adrenaline, and their current, more "mainstream", punk rock sound. It's all done extremely well; Against Me! Is not a band that has sold out, it's a band that has matured, and Laura Jane Grace's lyricism has never faulted. They are a band who is not afraid to speak against the sometimes strict guidelines of what it means to be "punk". They don't need mohawks, explicit references to anarchism (although this was a pretty prevalent theme in their earlier works), ripped clothes, clothespins in their shirts; they just need some instruments, a voice or two, and a message. They are not at all posers who are in it for the money. Personally, punk inspires me to be who I am, to do what I want to do, and to accept my "faults" - perhaps even take pride in them. I don't know about you, but coming out as a transwoman at the height of fame says "be who you are, and forget about society's expectations" A LOT louder than a stereotypical, cliche punk song about vague ideas of anti-conforming.

If you like more mainstream punk, give their newer stuff (New Wave and on) a shot. If you like acoustic-punk, or punk with a grittier-DIY sound, definitely give their older stuff a listen. For me the 7" "Crime" and "Acoustic E.P. " will always hold a huge place in my heart, and their full lengths "Reinventing Axl Rose" and "As The Eternal Cowboy" carry the same vibe translated to electric instruments. Great, great stuff.
best band so far in the 21st century
Honestly this band should be way higher. It has renewed punk sound in their recent albums. Every song has a purpose and they each truly kick ass.

74Marianas Trench
Marianas trench is my life, josh ramsay's voice is perfection, I've never been more obsessed with any other band. They put so much of their hearts into their music, it's amazing!
Marianas Trench is my all time favorite band and it always will be! I can't wait for their next album to come out!
In my opinon marianas trench is better than the bands in this list, they have such great melodies, such meaningful lyrics and probably the best songs

The adolescents should be right up there in the top 10
Adolescents are amazing
They definitely need to be at least position 10 on this list

76Charged GBH
This is how you know that punk is dead. Green Day #1? Good Charlotte ahead of GBH? GBH is hands down one of the top 5 punk bands all time. And where are the Dayglo Abortions? Who makes these lists?
True punk from the 70's

77We the Kings
How can you not love them? I Mean, I Heard these guy's when I was at my mates house, they're truly amazing, and even though I'm sitting here in my Asking Alexandria top, I am proud to say WE THE KINGS are possibly one of the best bands, Now excuse me whilst I go sing to Metallica.
Friday is forever... The best... My all time favorite band...

Please visit Philippines again please please please
Have a cute voice band

78The Vandals
The vandals are on e of the great punk bands of my day. They not only started there own record company (kung fu records) that has at one time or another had multiple bands on this list under there banner but to this day still helps fill in for other bands memebers who are unable to tour with them such as Nine Inch Nails and Blink 182

Dude if any of you people even knew what punk rock music was, you would know that this band started the punk scene with nofx in the 80s so please open your eyes to music. Punk music. These other bands sold out.
Greatest Skate/Punk Band ever, listen to Trashed if you're still stuck in your Blink 182 phase, and you will soon see the ways of more honest, meaningful, and FAR more musically interesting punk. Plus they had the greatest punk drummer of all time... DERRICK PLOURDE!
Lagwagon is probably the most underrated band on this list! Seriously, listen to Trashed or Blaze and you'll see what I mean.
[Newest]Its very cool skate punk band. I like it.

80Story of the Year
They are amazing because there songs are inspiring. They have really good addicting lyric. You know this should be the best band in the top ten list.
This. Is. The. Best. Band. Ever.



83The Jam
How are they not on this list? They are an actual Punk Band

Is this the filipino band?

I love it!

It is one of the good bands of our country...

Please support

Super like!
this band really get the kicks
I like this band also! more power to d chicosci band
[Newest]This is a filipino band m/

I love alexisonfire! I think their mix of hardcore screaming of George Petit and the angelic singing of Dallas green make them one of the most unique bands ever. Its too bad they broke up...
One of the best bands I've ever heard.
Check them out.

86Sleeping With Sirens
Sleeping with sirens is amazing! No doubt!
They are the best! They're all cute and talented in every way
Their music is like heaven And their style and the way they sing their music and the lyrics I like wow
They're amazing and Kellin has a unique voice. They are the reason I starten listen to this kind om music!

87Linkin Park

88American Steel

89The Casualties
Oh my god! On this list, there are such bands are not punk, just stupid pop! The Casualties create a real punk of what he is, or rather should be. The best hardcore punk band!
The best hardcore band in the whole damn world. Oi Oi Oi!!
now heres a real punk band
[Newest]I thought this list was for the best Punk Bands, am I wrong?


91Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
NOFX, Swingin Utters, Foo Fighters, and Lagwagon. How can you not like them!
A super group. A cluster duck, of porn stars.
I really like NOFX and Lagwagon

92Dead Milkmen
Still playing it hard, and put away wet
Its just popular punk rock band. Dead Milkmen just like dead kennedys

93Street Dogs

94Strike Anywhere
Amazing, meaningful, awesome dreads

95Die Arzte
Die beste Bäand der Welt! The best band of the World! Really good lyrics!

96At the Drive-In
88?! Below ALL TIME LOW? They're not even punk.

97American Hi-Fi
Great band. Known for their single "Flavor of the week" and "Art of losing. " I recommend this band to people who like hard punk rock music.


Got dammit they good! They have cool music.
And there matching really good in to the American Pie movies.
American Hi-Fi they are the best for me
Flavor of the Weak
Another Perfect day
This is the sound
The brekup song
And many more

98Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade is amazing especially with their songs "Kids in Love, " "Miserable at Best, " and "Jamie All Over! " They have a new album coming out October Eighth so but it and support this amazing band! Plus check out some of their older songs! Vote Mayday Parade because they should be in the Top Ten.
Their songs can describe any situation that you're in. They are perfect, and you really should check them out. They're amazing live also. They're lyrics are so full of meaning, that I can relate to them in any mood I'm in
I love them so much. They got me through some pretty tough times and I will always be a big fan of theirs. Some of my favorites songs are "The Memory", and "Terrible Things".
[Newest]Mayday Parade- best break up band ever.

99Sick Puppies
The best punk rock band ever, with more variability in their songs than most other punk bands, they have deep meaningful lyrics, and they manage to be rationally critical of the world around them without just being oppositional
I could listen to them all FRIGGEN DAY LONG!!!
Definitely underrated and for the most part unknown. I encourage anyone who reads this to youtube a few of their songs. They vary in their music style here and there but for the most part a great band. You'll probably hear something youve liked for a long time but just didn't know who it was from ^^

100The Suicide Machines
Their debut album is bad ass! My favorite album cover. Wonder where I can get a pair of those Vans?


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