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321I Rep That West - Ice Cube

Great rap song, with a great beat and lyrics. Ice Cube shows that he Rep the West. The hook is also fine, almost good as "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It".

322Dysfunctional - Tech N9ne
323Pop the Trunk - YelawolfV1 Comment
324It's Been a Long Time - Rakim
325Heartless - Kanye West
326Rollin - Limp Bizkit
327Go to Church - Ice Cube
328Lilili Hosak - Zed Bazi

The best in the world new & amazing song!

V3 Comments
329Guns Are Drawn - The Roots
330Above the Clouds - Gang Starr
331The Ghetto - Too Short
332My Melody - Eric B & Rakim
333Heisman - Honey Cocaine
334Cold Wind Blows - Eminem

I am in love with this song it gets me pumped up and is twice as better as till I collapse should be on the top 5

335The Anthem - Guru
336Started from the Bottom - Drake
337I Did It for My Dawgz - DJ Khaled
338Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar

Spot 604?!?! Are you kidding me? I'm not even that mad about this masterpiece being so low, what makes this even worse is the fact that I've arrived at the top 600 an just saw 5 or 6 Kendrick Lamar songs (the guy who made the best album of 2015) and what makes THIS even worse is the fact that I saw Love Me by Wayne and other songs by mediocre artists like Drake. Come on this song should be AT LEAST top 20! - Brainfck

This song has got real meaning, which is hard to find these days

This song is so underrated it deserves to at least be top 10 without a doubt

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339I'm the Man - Anthrax
340Fancy - Iggy Azalea

I don't like this song, it makes no sense,

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