Best Rock Bands of All Time

Rock and roll is a genre of music that emerged as a defined musical style in the American South in the 1950s, and quickly spread to the rest of the country, and the world. It later evolved into the various different sub-genres of what is now called simply "rock".

This list is a collection of the top ten rock bands of all time. This includes bands that can be categorized as rock and roll, hard rock, southern rock, metal, punk and just about any other genre that has evolved from 50's rock and roll.

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The Top Ten

Led Zeppelin
I think after going through quite a few lists that unfortunately the very young generally have more to say than the older group who might not necessarily even ventured onto a computer. There is a top 5 without a doubt, not in any particular order and they are Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd ( I never understood there popularity but it is there just the same ) and the newest member to the to group AC/DC

Groups should not even be considered unless they are loved worldwide and have been together for many many years with little change and still be able to command high venue sellouts and also in most cases if not huge radio play than at least high radio request. Many great great bands are biting at the doorstep of the big 5. Rush, Queen, U2 and Metallica, Black Sabbath to name a few.

I love these lists and they hold huge interest and although you will never get it just right for everyone they do make for great talk.
Sorry to be a fly in the ointment, Led Zep great band but unashamed plagiarists. Saw them at Knebworth when I was a big fan & thought they were average at best. In comparison Rush blew them away in all categories except frontman Robert Plant, Jimmy was a decent guitarist in the studio but could be awful live. Thin Lizzy so underrated blew them away period especially with Gary Moore another guitarist far superior to Jimmy. Pink Floyd more innovative & better guitarist, I could go on but I feel people just seem to side with the obvious too much. Sorry just my opinion
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and the late John Bonham... Led Zeppelin; four individuals from differing backgrounds with diverse personalities and creativity came together composing, producing, and performing music without limits.

They are legendary and formed the backbone of what "hard rock" is defined as today. Jimmy Page was and still is the heart and soul of Led Zeppelin. They deserve their rightful place as the number one rock band of all time.
Led Zeppelin, the true Hard Rock originals placed at No.2! Sort of pains me. It should be in number 1 slot. And Metallica doesn't deserve that number 1 position. I have heard Queen, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath, The Who, Beatles, AC/DC, Metallica but none have that understated elegance in Rock Music, perfect tunes, great Guitar riffs, fantastic drums and of-course the lyrics. I have been a fan of all above mentioned Rock Bands at various times but finally getting hold of many Led Zeppelin albums made me an honest fan of them. Also at times I feel embarrassed that all these years I had been listening to average to run-of-the-mill rock songs (My Pre-Led Zeppelin years).
[Newest]Stairway to heaven, kashmir, good times bad times, ramble on, whole lotta love, immigrant song. Just let that sink in for a while.
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2The Beatles
It seems I was born in the wrong generation, because I see that Metallica is the first. The Beatles is a legend, unbelievable phenomenon in the music history.
This band started music without the Beatles the world would still be in the great depression
I too think that I am born in this wrong generation why people are going after Metallica or somebody because the Beatles is good
[Newest]The Beatles are a exquisite band. The variations of their song are simply amazing!
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I find that freddie mercury a so good vocal have and that no men of the wide universe where we live not other creature can sing so as freddie mercury!

And the different styles that freddie mercury can do in different songs is
Not possible!
Queen had it all. The sound, the show, the image, the everything. Queen has composed many songs that are still remembered today.
There's nothing as attractive and magical as a Queen concert. Just buy one of their DVDs and try to imagine you were there. A great band and a mythical voice rocking you on and on. This was Queen, this was Freddie.
[Newest]Absolutely the best band of time! Because of Freddie Mercury!
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Metallica opened my world. Metallica opened my eyes. Metallica opened my ears.

Metallica released my soul. Metallica are the best metal band that will be playing in the whole universe. Great performers!
In fact... I listen nothing else matters now!
Metallica roars like a lion that is what separates it from others and makes it the number 1 it's the real HARDCORE man's choice. Real EPIC hard Rock means Metallica
Metallica is an another meaning to rock metal!
Long live Metallica
[Newest]Master of puppets... enough said
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5Pink Floyd
I honestly think Pink Floyd should be at number one. The combination of Waters concepts and lyrics and Gilmours guitar/vocals (as well as the fine musicianship of Rick Wright and Nick Mason)produced a force that generates Pink Floyd addicts to this very day.

I recently saw someone write "Pink Floyd has never written a bad song. There may be a weak song, or a song that requires thought to understand, but never a bad song". I agree with this 100%. This is one of the few bands that has never released a 'filler' album.
Metallica at the top? What a disgrace... Pink Floyd are easily one of the most influential bands in history, with one of the largest fan bases of any band. They definitely deserve to be number one!
The Beatles are the greatest rock band ever, but I was so horrified at the place of the second greatest that I had to put my vote here. Best progressive rock band ever. Dark Side of the Moon is the greatest album ever, and that includes Sgt. Peppers (which does have the most innovative use of the studio ever, but the songs themselves aren't as good as on revolver).
[Newest]Metallica above the Floyd? -_-
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6Linkin Park
They've brought to the world an all new Genre. Its called, Linkin Park. The combination of Chester (Amazing voice) and Mike Shinoda (Rap) is just insane. They're awesome. No one can match chester's voice when it comes to shouting like that and yet find it so pleasing. Linkin Park forever. They've produced music that no one can ever forget. Lives always somewhere within. Somewhere very deep.
When I was younger, Linkin Park was my favourite band. But then I realised that bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Metallica are way more talented and diverse. Every Linkin Park song has the same structure and they have no outstanding talent whatsoever.
It's the most crazy, most rocking and the exotic rock band ever evolved...
They can't be beat they change their music they have so many hit songs they are in TRANSFORMERS. They have the most views of any rock band on youtube

New divide, what I've done, crawling, in the end, numb, faint, breaking the habit and so many more hit songs. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST
Plenty of other bands have their songs in movies. And you can't use a views argument because YouTube didn't exist when Beatles, Zeppelin, etc. existed.


[Newest]Linkin Park's albums has all reached number 1 in it's first week with the exception of "Hybrid Theory" and " The hunting Party". Which did also reached number one later the same month. With a huge following.. this is a legacy in the making.. Like it or not, it's there.. and I will continue to chuckle as this massive "punch to the face" fact that Linkin Park Is on here squeezing it's ways between legends.
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7Guns N Roses
Best voice on the planet, Axl Rose
Best guitarist of all time, Slash
Coolest bassist ever, Duff GUNS N ROSES
Badass drummer, Steven Adler
Best songwriter, Izzy Stradlin
This list is a joke. Linkin Park above Guns N' Roses, The Rolling Stones and Nirvana? Probably the most silly list I've seen. So ridiculous. What is Linkin Park doing at number 6. That garbage must be remove from list.


Why Guns n Roses is the best? Because it's simply the best band you can Jam om with an air guitar. That's why. Listen to slash's awesome guitar strummin' and axl's voice combining in an awesome pack of songs
Yeah you're right! They are the best band ever. , the original member is the best band formation of all time. ,
[Newest]My 2 favourite bands, guns n' roses & iron maiden, (i don't like to split them so I have to give maiden a mention) appetite for destruction is most definitely the greatest album ever created and will never be matched, welcome to the jungle, it's so easy, paradise city, my michelle, rocket queen... Not a track on this album I don't love!
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What why is japan x and 30 seconds to mars higher than AC/DC, acdc are legendary their music's raw and to the bone.
AC/Dc back in black album has sold more than 49 million copies, and is the second highest album sold WORLDWIDE! Is there any rock band in the world that can beat this EPICNESS!
[Newest]AC/DC true Rock Legends BON Scott the Best Vocalist

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9The Rolling Stones
The Stones #38? Are you kidding me? Proof positive why they shouldn't let 'tweeners vote on the all-time greatest anything except episodes of Sponge Bob. Twenty years from now, if this question is asked, the Rolling Stones will still be in the discussion. And bands like 30 seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, and their ilk will be just cutout records in the dump bin.
Kept scrolling down thinking 'well surely the stones are next... ' Number 37? Are you kidding me? I think I've lost fate in humanity! I wouldn't mind as much, but 30 Seconds To Mars are at number 6 for gods sake! The Beatles should be number 1 and The Rolling Stones should be number two! Any song by The Rolling Stones would have been a hit for 30 Seconds To Mars, but for The Rolling Stones it was just another song on another album!


They are a great classic rock band and they made lots of influences. Some people know them as The Beatles Rivals!


[Newest]Stones should be right behind Zeppelin at #2.
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Who the heck is tokio hotel? Why isn't nirvana in the top ten? They changed music forever! How is a band like Ah-ha or X Japan ahead of nirvana! I've never even heard of them! Nirvana should of cracked the top ten at least! This list is rigged! Metallica number 1? They're a really good band but number one maybe a bit much. I think the beatles should've made it number 1
I'm a big nirvana fan but did they really change music forever? Certainly not in a big way! I feel Grunge pretty much died the same day kurt did. Did they influence any bands? I'm sure they did but that can be said for 100's of bands.


NIRVANA is the best band ever! Hands down. Nirvana should be at least in the top 5 or 10. Every single album they made was different and yet Awesome, so many fans worldwide in such a short period! NIrvana has inspired me in so many ways and I'm only 11 years old. ILY KURT!
Nirvana is for me the best band ever, they may not be better than Metallica but they changed the history of RnR. And with Kurt Cobain as frontman they just must be in the top 10
[Newest]Greatest of all time.
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The Contenders

11Green Day
THE best of the best, go billie joe armstrong, just love these guys! 111 This should be in the top 10, their best song holiday, and best albums american idiot and 21st century breakdown, you possibly cannot beat that!
Surely the most enthusiastic band ever...21 guns, Jesus of suburbia, wake me up when September ends... Just amazing!
Their songs touch each and everyone's heart...
Nothing compares to the "Jesus Of Suburbia"! Its like their songs are for everybody, every audience that sings back their songs is not just reflecting what Green Day are saying with that song.. It is also.. Reflecting their lives being in that song.. Billie Joe is an amazing performer, musician, song-writer and singer, Mike is awesome underrated bassist ( with the best bass lines in history ) and Tre' Cool is the most bad ass, funny, pure energy, and great Rock and Roll drummer ( with awesome drum solos )... Their line up is the best
[Newest]Awesome memorable songs forever!
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12The Who
Best band, hands down. from my generation to real good looking boy, the who have created fantastic music. Who's next, Quadrophenia, Tommy, The Who by numbers, the who sell out, who are you. all great albums. this band should be #1. every person on earth probably likes at least one song by the who. the majority will like at least on album. and maybe 1/5 to 1/3 of people in the world like at least 30 who songs. I own 100 songs by them and every one of them (besides underture from tommy) is gold.


This whole list is lame and really messed up due to too many fanboys and people who have a bad taste in music from this generation. Reading some comments and dear God, the fanboyism. And so many bands like the Rolling Stones so down on the list and bands like Muse so up there. What the... Anyway...

The Who were definitely the greatest rock band ever, and only Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Queen and Pink Floyd would equal them. And the albums, "Tommy" and "Who's Next" say it all. Let's not forget Live At Leeds. The greatest live concert ever. Hands down.

One last thing. Everything before the mid '90s was pure great and everyone then was "equality" great. SO PLEASE STOP THE FANBOYSM! THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT THEY ALL WERE ALL GREAT! Apart from this generation.
Been around forever-great music-'Tommy'
[Newest]My Grandpa introduced me to this band when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My favorite song used to be Boris the Spider.
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13Avenged Sevenfold
Most talented band all around nowadays, all their songs are great pieces of art. Plain genius
Indeed. And Rolling Stones can kiss it. After all who did one of the main stories on the Boston bomber? Oh yea. It was Rolling Stones.
I like avenged sevenfold because
Avenged sevenfold are the best band in the world
I like his song a dear god, almost easy, danger line, and anymore
The song is really best and nobody like avenged sevenfold
If you listen is song you be say amazing
Um why is Linkin Park ahead of A7X? They had 2 good albums! That's it! Avenged Sevenfold has the most unique sound to this date. They have one of the greatest guitarists of all time and probably the best duo of guitarists I have ever heard. And M Shadows probably has the most unique voice for a rock band I've heard. Yes, nobody will ever beat Metallica but Avenged Sevenfold at number 9? Whoever voted apparently doesn't really know what good music is. 30 Seconds to Mars is trash, Tokio Hotel is trash, and Linkin Park should be off this list. A7X foREVer
[Newest]I just love this band
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14Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden is EPIC!
They are awesome... Voted low because people in America know less about them...
I can't believe Iron Maiden isn't in the top 10! These guys define Heavy Metal Rock! Just think about it... The Trooper, Piece Of Mind, THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST! These guys are just AMAZINGLY BEASTLY! They just can't be topped!
This is messed up.. Iron maiden has to be in the top ten... FEAR OF THE DARK is reason enough..
[Newest]The guitar at the beginning of Fear of The Dark is what got me. Although Number of The Beast is the first song of theirs I ever listened to, I never really fell in love with it like I did some of their other songs, like Run To The Hills.
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15Red Hot Chili Peppers
I'm sure the bands above these guys are extremely talented and have been incredibly successful in their careers, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers are just a legend still being born. They've inspired the creation of many other bands and I really believe they deserve a Top 10 spot. Who doesn't know of RHCP? Who doesn't enjoy at least one of their songs? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the greatest rock bands in history. They can generate a different sound, vibe and mood with every album released.
Best Band to Grace this Earth Period. Been listening to them since I was a little tike and let me tell you something I'm a modern day Plato from listening to these guys. Kiedis theory isn't perfect but it's close, his insightfulness has been the foundation of my constitution of which I live by today. He's taught me more than any teacher could ever teach me and I love him for that, now back to the band. They fuse all these great sounds that we as humans know, love, feel and can't explain and the peppers extract those feelings from us and take us on a ride of a beautiful thing we call life. They are more than just a band to me, they are my medicine, I bleed the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If I had one wish other than everlasting wellness for my family, it would be that these guys would find the fountain of youth.
When I first heard their songs, I was completely conquered their charm. I didn't know how to express my feelings of surprise. In my mind, RHCP is one of the best bands in the world. I believe a lot of people think so.
[Newest]The chili peppers have such a distinct sound and rhythm that they play and sing to, you cannot mistake them for any other band and I love that individuality. The songs if without the band members actually playing them would probably kinda suck, but they are able to pull together what other bands likely couldn't make work if they were just given the lyrics and some cords to work with.
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16Black Sabbath
Did you forget what rock and metal is all about?! If black sabbath is number 58 then number 57 shouldn't exist!
Laugh out loud this list is so bad My Chemical Romance ahead of black sabbath this is the funniest thing ever black sabbath is definitely the most underrated band lyrical wise they are probably 2nd to led Zeppelin bass I would say geezer butler is my favorite bass player geddy lee is very close same with steve haris:tony iommi has made some of the best rifts ever(powerful) his solos are also incredible:their vocalists are very good too ozzy has one of the most distinct voices ever his lyrics are amazing(snowblind)and same said about ronnie james (heaven and hell)bill ward is very good he really uses his cymbals I don't know too much about drumming but he is one of the best
They were also the first metal band ever! Opened many doors for bands like led Zeppelin also other bands I would put them second to the beatles
The list system on this site provides the same dilemma as the the MLB all-star game. People who know nothing about music are free to vote for their pop bands like 30 Seconds to Mars and have their votes drag down great bands like Sabbath.

But Sabbath isn't just a great band. They CREATED metal. Paranoid was one of the most influential metal albums of all time. Songs off of that album (and their self-titled effort) like War Pigs, Iron Man, and Paranoid laid the foundation for metal music. As much as I love Iron Maiden, Sabbath played a much more important role in creating metal. Ever since metal was forged in the early 70s, its bands have been following Sabbath's model.

Zeppelin is number one (a spot that they definitely deserve). The Beatles are number 2 (They were the original "band. " I completely agree with this). Other than the Stones and the Who, really no other rock band can touch Sabbath. Because, if you erased Black Sabbath from history, bands like Maiden, Priest and Metallica would be gone as well (or would have at least appeared much later because someone else would have eventually catalyzed the metal movement). While Sabbath may not be the most technically complicated and flawless band in music, they are certainly the most important and influential metal band ever, which is a FACT.

In fact, this comment and this list aren't even necessary, the only proof we need of Sabbath's importance is the prevalence and strength of Metal in our society. Metal has withstood the test of time. Tenacious D's song "the metal" explains it perfectly. No matter how many types of music try to smother it and keep it down, Metal will always survive, while others fade. The creators of a genre this powerful should at least be in the top 3.
[Newest]It should be in top ten
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1730 Seconds to Mars
30 seconds to mars is a kind of style of life, is a new religion, is something that people can't describe. 30 seconds to mars is a dream. And a lot of people believe in that dream, not only the band... Even the ECHELON
The most amazing band ever. Fantastic band to see live, the atmosphere is electric. They are the only band I know who have such an amazing connection with their fans. Proud to be a member of the echelon!
30 Seconds To Mars - is my life! Jared, Tomo, Shannon - they are my idols! I don't know what I would do without their music. It's the best rock band I've ever seen and listen. You should vote them!
[Newest]I love this band so much! They are such a sensation, I know they will live on for centuries. They've changed like half the world and peoples minds about rock. They really can make people laugh, cry, and feel free of doing things they want to, like me. They have changed the way I am today, they have made me dance more often, sing in front of people, made me not nervous no more. And I hope for the best of there band, jared, tomo, and shannon, to last a life time.
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It's pretty sad how Aerosmith is not in the top 10. What do you get when you mix one of the greatest guitarist and the "Demon of Screamin'? You get AEROSMITH, and one hell of a show!
Aerosmith is bloody brilliant- To think they are actually below knock offs of Aerosmith is really sad. Tyler's got lyrical talent and amazing vocals- Perry is chock full of catchy riffs and Hamilton is great for a band that's not bass heavy.. The fact that these guys have lasted from '71 to now, still throwing out hits is just amazing. This list just shows how far people's musical knowledge has fallen.. Because these guys should be in the top ten.. Easy.

My Chemical Romance..
I love Led Zeppelin, Queen Journey but Aerosmith is the best band ever! Think about their song, they are all great hits! Aerosmith has to be in the top 10
[Newest]How is this not in top ten
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19Bon Jovi
Top 19? Are you kidding me? This band should be on Top 3 with much sold out concerts and I can't find any band playing with great harmony as good as Bon Jovi
What?! How can 30 seconds to mars, Tokio hotel or any other boybands be better than the biggest rock band?! Bon Jovi MUST be in Top 10!
The best band around for years, there songs are real and most people know at least a couple of them and they put on the best live shows, have got better with age like a fine wine.
[Newest]Bon Jovi Now, Bon Jovi Tomorrow, Bon Jovi Forever
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U2 are still to leave their legacy.. Today still breaking all types of records; most grammy's, largest world tour (360), most tours in the top 10 of all time (3 x Popmart, Vertigo and 360)... And garnering more young fans than any other rock band... Took a photo of my 8 yr old in the golden circle at their SA leg... And behind her was a group of 8 teenagers... That's just insane!
U2 are the most decent band in the world as they have made 12 albums and have sold over 650 million albums. There last tour was the U2 360 held six concerts in Australia and four in the USA. The places that were held in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelade, Perth and Canberra. The places that were held in the USA are Chicago, Washington dc, New York and Los Angeles. U2 have made over 300 songs and 24 singles. There most popular singles were Beautiful day, With or without you, One, Sunday bloody Sunday, All I want is you, Were the streets have no name, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, Desire, Pride, Vertigo, Elevation, Walk on, and much much more. There best albums are Actung baby, Rattle and hum, The Joshua tree, The unforgettable fire, All that you can leave behind, How to dismantle an anatomic bomb, Boy, War, Under a blood red sky.
This band should be number one. They have the most grammy's, and every single they come out with gets an award. Don't you dare try to tell me that they're not the best.
[Newest]20th? They should be top FIVE. They are in my opinion the second best ever behind the Beatles, just take into account all they have done over the years AND ARE STILL DOING TODAY! U2 is generally agreed upon as one of the best live bands ever, almost universally agreed upon that they did the best Superbowl halftime show ever, in my opinion they have consistently the best lyrics of any band ever, their songs aren't just the shallow stuff you can find from any other band about "I love her, bla bla bla" they all have deep meanings way beyond that like Beautiful Day and Walk On for example. And U2 is by FAR the most talented classic rock band still playing today, and they are still really good unlike other classic rock bands who still attempt to perform like The Who and The Rolling Stones. And they are still MAKING good music too, there are several good songs on their new album Songs of Innocence which just came out last year.
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Rush is a kind of band that you, literally, cannot describe. Their musicality level is just beyond the boundary, and anyone who says the opposite deserves to reconsider their lack of experience and criterion.

Have you ever heard their sound? Is amazing that only THREE guys can do SUCH a sound. They keep their line-up form for more than 30 years and they gave us (and keep giving us) a variety of sounds, rhythms and styles that is just incomparable. Together, Alex, Geddy and Neil form a sound that is unapproachable and unique, with a range of styles such as progressive rock, hard rock, reggae and with a diversity of sounds that is peerless.

I have been listening to Rush since I was a small child and I have never, EVER got tired of hearing them. With classics such as Tom Sawyer, Limelight, 2112, La Villa Strangiato, Time Stand Still, Working Man, The Trees, The Spirit of Radio and Roll the Bones and more underrated songs such as The Pass, Kid Gloves, Marathon, Territories, Red Barchetta and Take a Friend, they have a SUBERB setlist. Besides, they have more than twenty albums and an experience that is unrivaled, simply. Look.

Neil Peart is considered by many critics the best drummer of all time. Speed, technique, stamina and wish of always getting better are aspects that definitely put him into the top. He even needs a 360° drum kit to achieve this level of perfection that nobody had ever entered. It intrigues me the fact that almost nobody knows the lyric work he does. His lyrics are so complex and so designing that only a few people can get the idea he tries to send us. And he send us this ideas with a level of excellence that is matchless.

Geddy Lee is also considered by many critics one of the best bassists ever, if not the best. He can keep the rhythm perfectly and still put some notes that I cannot even describe. If you look at Rush's live performances, you can see that he solo in EVERY SINGLE song. Without even looking at the bass. Besides, he plays the bass, the bass synthesizers and sings, all at the same time. AND he can also play the keyboards.

Alex Lifeson can be easily considered one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. He can match his level of technique at the guitar with his humility very well, and that amazes me. You doubt of this level of technique? Go listen to The Spirit of Radio or La Villa Strangiato and you will know what I am talking about.

Rush's components keep inspiring people all over the world and the proper band inspired people and bands like Metallica, Primus and Dream Theater. Rush is the third band with most gold, platinum and multi-platinum records of the world and its album sales exceed 40 MILLION UNITS. Come on. I mean, come on. IT IS THE BEST BAND EVER. AND IT WILL BE UP TO THE END OF MANKIND.
Okay. I bet half the people here voted for bands they've heard of or because of a song they heard by a band. Seriously, listen to Rush. They've been around since 1973 and have always been a 3 piece band. Since 1973, they've released 19 albums, all are Gold or higher. Every album has at least one or two hits that most people recognize. They started out with hard rock then moved to progressive, and that change was amazing. With Neil Peart smacking the drums and writing science fiction-like vocals, Geddy Lee slapping the bass, hitting those extremely high notes and playing the keyboards and Alex Lifeson shredding on guitar, the music doesn't get better than that.

Neil Peart is an amazing drummer. There's not one beat that he can't keep. He uses every piece of his drum kit to make music and his arms and legs always seem to be moving. Aside from that, he makes most of the lyrics for the band. You can thank him for that.

Geddy Lee is like a one man band. He plays bass like Eddy Van Halen plays guitar, sings at a really high pitch and plays keyboards all at the same time. If you want to understand what multitasking is, watch this man. He is absolutely insane, especially when he does bass fills. I've never heard such complicated bass riffs in my life when it comes to this guy.

Alex Lifeson is an absolute monster on guitar. He plays odd chords that sound amazing while making complex riffs at the same time. He is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. I don't ever see him on any top 10 or top 20 lists. He can play many different styles in which he puts into the songs we know today as "Rush songs".

Rush is just one of those bands who deserves to be up in the top 10 because they are just amazing. They make amazing songs, all of which are so complex that it makes you enjoy it more! Listen to YYZ (They made it based on the Morse code of their private airplane), La Villa Strangiato, Limelight, 2112 Overture, Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Working Man, Xanadu and Fly by Night... You'll see why they deserve to be in the top 10
Rush is 32? Have you people not heard their music, or do you simply concentrate on crap?

Peart is the most talented drummer, hands down. No one can play the skill level he's at, Bonham was able to hit what, 4 polyrythms while Peart's hitting 6 or even 7 at a time?!

What about Geddy and Alex? Combined they are the ultimate band. Go watch the move "I Love you Man" Rudd and Segel know what their talking about!
[Newest]Do I even need to explain the greatness of Rush? Because if you know me, you know how great Rush is.
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OMG, it's a shame, dear everyone. Muse not in the top 10? OMG. I must die. They are the best! The singer (Matt) is a very talented person, he can play different kinds of instruments, and his voice! The drummer (Dom) is an energetic, really happy person, and the bassist (Chris) is the best bassist forever! (And ever) Anyway, they are the best. They have the best songs. Love at first listen.
Muse are an extremely versatile band, the five studio albums they have released vary in genre with the central theme always maintaining the rock we expect. They seem to be capable of achieving great results and catchy songs in all the genres they tackle. They have the ability to play their instruments with passion and also produce a huge wall of sound although there is only three members in the band. I think they deserve the title of best rock band because not only do people enjoy listening to their music, they influence new bands and their lyrics make you think of things that you perhaps haven't thought before including conspiracy theories and a particular favorite of mine, thoughts of a dying atheist, which does what it says on the tin. I think that Muse are rock giants and two sell out nights at wembley stadium can't be wrong. Muse produce not so much fans as devotees, so although they may not have the most fans, I am proud to be called a Muser.
They got to be higher. They've got amazing songs such as Unnatural Selection, Butterflies And Hurricanes, and the rest of their songs. The guitar riffs are very good, and Matt has a very good voice.
[Newest]Why is this band so underrated.
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23The Doors
The Doors deserve to be in the top 15, because if you actually know the Doors than you will see how many hit songs they had made in only 4 years. They have a lot more hits/talent than most of the bands that were voted better (i.E. metallica...Metallica sucks). And the Doors influenced another big rock band in the 70s know as Led Zeppelin. Led is good, but they plagiarized way too much. The Doors took the 60s from happy "I want to hold your hand" to a rocking "Break on through to the Other Side! ". The Doors showed their talent by taking jazz/blues grooves and mixing them together and putting in Jim's hypnotizing lyrics (i.E.The End, Ship of Fools). Jim's voice too was spectacular and I love to see how much it changed from 1967-1971. The Doors pulled all the stops from "Crystal Ship" to "5 to 1" to "The Soft Parade" to Roadhouse Blues" to "L.A. woman". Some interesting facts are that Robby Krieger finger picked, which isn't that easy to do. Again, I will say that the Doors changed the 60s leading the music to the 70s. The Doors were the band that stuck it to the man, with their music, and their actions. Example: the song "The Unknown Soldier" spoke out against the war in Vietnam. And the incident in New Haven C.T. where Jim told the crowd that a police officer pepper sprayed him because he was backstage, and he was supposed to be backstage because they were about to perform. I don't know any other band that came out with more hit songs than the Doors did in just 4 years. They had 37 hits! And they topped the charts with "Light My Fire", "Hello I Love you", "Touch Me" and "Love Her Madly". With Jim, Robby, Ray, and John they were unstoppable. The Doors are in the same league as the Beatles and the Stones and Hendrix. If you just listened to their greatest hits album you will see what I am talking about. After you listen then you listen to all their other songs they came out with. The Doors are the ultimate band that made the sex, drugs, rock n roll. And they were the first to stick it to the man. All the other bands later in the 80s (i.E. metallica, AC/DC) acted like they stuck it to the man...but they didn't. I used to love AC/DC when I was younger, but then I realized all they sang about was Hell. Don' believe me? ("Highway to Hell" "Hell's Bells" "Hell ain't a bad place to be") I mean I get it already! You (AC/DC) are trying to be cool. Just try to have some songs be different. Please. All of their songs have a 30 second guitar solo by Angus Young and it's the same thing over and over again. Metallica is just stupid. They tried to be like AC/DC...but they failed miserably. I bought the Metallica Greatest Hits album and I put it in and nothing played and then I looked at the back to see the song list and there was no songs. And then I was like "Oh yeah...Metallica has no hit songs." You are probably going "Yeah they do!..They have Enter Sandman! And One! " Wow...Two songs...and they have been together since The Doors are legends..Metallica is just a fart. If Metallica never existed it would be amazing. If the Doors never existed you wouldn't have Zeppelin (Zepp is good but they just copied way too much "The Lemon Song" is really just "Killing Floor" by Howlin' Wolf.) Without the Doors there would be no hard rock. So please just check out some Doors songs, watch a documentary and then I know you will see that they deserve higher. If you would like a song list here are some of my favorites: "Maggie M'gill" "Hycinth House" "L.A. woman" "Roadhouse Blues" "I Looked At You" "Alabama Song/Backdoor Man" (Absolutely Live)"Waiting for the Sun" and "When the Music's Over" Thanks for reading.
What! The doors at 58, you have to be kidding me, obviously majority of the voters from this list prefer commercial bands like linkin Park etc. That can only be the reason why great bands like the doors, pink floyd and deep purple are not doing so well. Anyways, The doors are Gods, the produced classic records that will never die, their music is heavenly and incredibly spiritual.
He is the king the "lizard king"
number 1 band of psychedelic rock!
all time favorite the lyrics the music and morison's stage performance...
jim never dies...
[Newest]Great engine band, very original for their time, vocalist is second to none.
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24The Jimi Hendrix Experience
How are they not the best band, they should be at least in the top 10.
They may not have the best drummer or bassist but noel and mitch are still very good. And they have the best guitarist ever!

About 90% of these bands don't even compare to The Jimi Hendrix Experience. They don't even come close
There was Before Jimi Hendrix, and there is after Jimi Hendrix. I know I was there. Every rock musician since, just like every jazz musician after Louis Armstrong, has some of Jimi Hendrix in him; it's as simple as that. When he appeared, he put the soul in rock.
I consider all Jimi Hendrix led bands to be beyond any other rock artist in any given milieu. The only reason I can think of JHE languishing at 28 at the time of writing this, is that even to understand JHE you need to be an experienced musician; his riffs created genres, his lightning fast solos are to this day considered to be untouchable, he was the first to use guitar feedback as music, Mitch Mitchell's drums CANNOT be recreated by anybody other than himself.
Whoever brings a little bit of Hendrix into their playing style is considered to be a gifted player. Joe Satriani, Slash, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Frusciante (RHCP) among others all consider Jimi Hendrix to be their influence. Heck, even Jimmy Page acknowledged Hendrix to be the greatest.
This goes for the amazing Eric Clapton band Cream as well.
[Newest]This band should be #1 😡

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25Deep Purple
Seriously? Deep Purple, 69th?!
No I must be dreaming... Damn it the internet got into my dreams now...
The greatest!
Their virtuosity, mixed with their ingenuity in their compositions make their sound so unique.
Their legacy is important not only for rock, but for music history.
This list only shows, that most of music lovers don't know where to direct that love...
[Newest]One of the Best Hard Rock Band ever
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26System of a Down
Great great great band nothing to say
They are very good, lyrics are also fantastic.
Serj is awesome in concerts or music videos.
Good job guys.
I honestly think that they are true gods of alternative rock, and they have always been a few steps in front of others, their music is down to earth but takes you on a whole another dimension, lyrics that open your head and music that opens your heart!
Serj is easily one of the best singers of all time. Daron is great on guitar. John can play more that the same beat the entire song. And Shavo is more of a guitarist but is still awesome with bass. Their lyrics have good meaning... For the most part. Songs are just great, personal favorite is Question. GREAT band, its all about opinion I guess!
[Newest]I would also put them on top 10! Lyrics, music, voice... excellent!
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27Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl is one of the most versatile musicians performing for the last 25 years in top rock music. Foo fighters Are way better than most of the bands in this silly list
Foo Fighters are the best band I agree with the comment above they are sickest and should be #1 on this list greatest alternative / rock band ever
What is the foo fighters without dave grohl. There new album was the top album in the world
[Newest]Should certainly be in the top 10
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28Pearl Jam
Um this is the most disgusting list I've ever seen. Pearl jam is the greatest american rock band of all time and is by far one of the greatest bands of all time. If you don't know pearl jam, you don't know music
Its hard to choose from so many awesome bands.. But I definitely didn't expect to find pearl jam at 57! I love ac/dc and rhcp and a lot of the other bands listed above but pearl jam definitely deserves a place above all of them! On the top ten at least.. I can't believe linkin park is on no.7! What bs! Eddie Vedder is way too amazing to be this low on the list!


I knew this list was BS when I saw 30 seconds to mars at number 3. I mean really, number 3? A band that is known for one song and their singer is better known for his role in Requiem for a Dream and Fight Club than his singing. Meanwhile we have the greatest American rock band of all time sitting at number 57. Total crap. You couldn't take the greatest hits from the majority of these bands make an album and it be better than a mediocre Pearl Jam album.

Obviously this list was voted on by people who don't know music.
[Newest]They are the best in every way!
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If anyone doesn't vote for Radiohead, it's only because they haven't had the opportunity to listen to their music. I've always been a "radiohead", and as a result, I've listened to a very wide range of music throughout my years. To be real general, I'd categorize my taste in music as being eclectic, with a preference for any music that sounds beautiful and actually has meaning (given there are lyrics in the music to analyze). That means that there exists some classical music that I find amazing, as well as some present day "house" music that I feel just as passionately about. With that being said, from what I've personally heard myself (which I'm confident should serve as a solid foundation to base my opinion on), there have been no musicians or bands as close to perfection as Radiohead are as of the moment (keep in mind, Radiohead can only exacerbate how strongly I feel about this claim as time goes). I don't believe that the word "genius" is actually a word that can be attributed to any human being; we're all geniuses in one way or another, but colloquially speaking, Radiohead are genius. They're not Beethovens of the 21st century. Also, they are not the Beatles of the 21st century. They're better. They're more evolved, sensitive, and thoughtful. It would't make sense to compare a humanoid of the 22nd century to a caveman of the Paleolithic Era, just as it doesn't make sense to compare Radiohead to anything that has existed in the past. I'm convinced that, with some time (and a few more albums), there'll be a widely accepted acclamation that Radiohead have been the greatest band that life as we know it has ever been graced with. Not to be vain, but I'm convinced that my opinion should be regarded as being earnest. And if you happen to disagree with my opinion, that's fine, just please stay out of my life until you've managed to come around. I understand that it takes time for some people to understand certain things themselves.
Radiohead are the greatest band since the Beatles. Very simply, here is why. In the end, there are only three things you can really judge a band by: diversity, influence (NOT popularity or record sales), and longevity. I don't care what all you Linkin Park or 30 Seconds to Mars know-nothings say about "OMGosh Chester Bennington's voice is just the best" or "3o Seconds to Mars are just musical Gods, " that is not a logical argument. Aesthetic arguments about music (i.E. , comparing vocals, instrumentals, etc. ) just don't work. Now, to explain my point:

In terms of diversity, Radiohead proved they could do hard rock sing-alongs with their smash hit "Creep, " raw, beautiful acoustic works with The Bends, crazy, spacey, compact electronic vibes with Ok Computer and Kid A, and it's fair enough to say they've taken an even more creative route with their latest releases In Rainbows and King of Limbs. If you disagree with me, well then find me a band that can do more than that. You can't. Even from the most objective point of view, Radiohead are the most diverse group ever.

Now, for influence. As I said before, this has nothing to do with who has the best record sales or the largest fan base. Radiohead are not the most well-known band in the world, but no one can question their influence and impact on so many sub-genres of rock. OK Computer was truly revolutionary in its day, and talk to any good critic and they WILL tell you that OK Computer is the definitive alt-rock album and the standard by which all other alt-rock works should be measured. And it's arguably not even their greatest work, as Kid A in many ways exceeded it in terms of originality and concept.

Lastly, longevity. Name a band that hits their peak and, almost two decades later, nearly matches it again with a release like In Rainbows. In Rainbows has a sound unique from all their other albums, and one that will probably never go out of style for years, even decades, to come.

Everyone I know who has listened to Radiohead as thoroughly as I have shares my belief that basically, they were the most revolutionary and innovative band since the Beatles. Given another 20, 30 years down the road, and Radiohead will be remembered as the greatest rock act of their generation, and possibly of all time. Just watch. It's already happening, and the only way is up from here.
Yeah, Radiohead could easily be top ten. You will not find a more devoted band to their fans than Radiohead. Do you remember Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Beatles putting out an album where YOU, the listener decides what it's worth in cash? No? Radiohead has. And as far as meaning, this band is leagues above anybody. I honestly didn't look at the world as philosophically as I have ever since I began listening to Radiohead. It's a damn shame that "creep" absolutely ruined the band in terms of followers, but they've been together decades, and if you dig deeper than that one stupid song, you'll find they have some of the most thoughtful songs/albums of all time. The talent within the band is incredible, Thom and Johnny can basically play any instrument you put in front of them and make it sound good, Ed is one of the best background vocalist, Colin G. Has some sick bass lines, and Phil Selway really shines on a few tracks too. They were pioneers as well of electric music, they were one of the first bands to feature albums mixed with technology as well as physical instruments, and that started a wave of new music. They seize any moment they can and make it musical, Thom Yorke can watch a woman standing in a bar and write a song about her, and it will sound amazing and it's lyrics will be incredible. They put things into perspective very well with their laid out, intellectual lyrics, and for the first month I knew them they tricked me by having lyrics with no rhythmic value at all, but they flow so delicately and nicely within their songs, it's hard to notice they don't. Simply put, their musical geniuses, and intellectual geniuses in every sense of the word. They don't play so they can walk home with a giant check, none of them have trophy wives and big fancy mansions, they're the realest band out on the market. They produce great work even still after a few decades, and deserve to be at least top ten. For diversities sake, here's a few of their songs that vary in styles. "just" is possibly their hardest rocking track. "My Iron Lung" and "Creep" falls under a similar category (though Radiohead has come on and talked of how they hate the song, and, low and behold, wrote a song about how much they hate it. ) "Idioteque, " "everything in it's right place" Have very electronic sounds, as do just about anything from their album "Kid A. " Songs like "Pyramid Song" (My personal favorite by them) are very deep, introspective, and personal, very artistic and thought provoking. Songs like "Karma Police" "No Surprises" and "Fake Plastic Trees" have cleaner tones and are very easy to listen to. Songs like, "Lucky" "A wolf at the door" or "Life in a Glass house" all seem very English I suppose is the word, and very jazzy with kind of a Pink Floyd kind of sound. In the end, they have so many great songs, and really, looking at all they accomplished, personally guided me philosophically as I mentioned as well as many others, and pioneered for modern music today, they easily deserve top ten. My top 5, because I love them, but not everyone has my taste.
[Newest]I don't think I need to explain why I vote for Radiohead I'll just say listen to Creep, Everything In It's Right Place & Bloom and remember this was made by the same band. Also in '97 they released probably the best album ever (for my personal taste I'd say Kid A was better) ten years later in '07 they are just as magnificent and relevant! Who else has done this? Nobody! Zeppelin broke up so did The Beatles. Queen could never make another A Night At The Opera. Metallica has been living on their old material since '91. And Pink Floyd just had one true masterpiece.
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30Van Halen
Wow van halen #56 so sad that people think this, that tokio hotel linkin park did I see abba up there? Is really sad they probably wouldn't be a tokio hotel without van halen best hard rock band ever and one of the best guitar players of all time! God bless eddie van halen
Greatest American hard rock band period. Can't beat the originality of Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, not to mention the amazing live shows, consistently huge album sales & #1's, humor, & catalog spanning four decades.
I'm ashamed that these great American rock bands. Ac/dc guns n roses, and van halen aren't in the top 10. They're the best of the best
[Newest]This band should be ranked number 1. All you have to do is listen to their music, they have allot of hits that most people have forgotten was theirs. Thanks
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I love their music! They are so peaceful and inspiring
It pisses me off that they are down this low, they are way better than X Japan! COME ON GUYS? And I am a 14 year old saying this, you guys have no taste in music.
Best ever. That's all there is to it. From their powerful songs like Separate Ways to a softer ballad like Faithfully, they did it all. And their lyrics were great as well. They're one of the best examples of all-time of a band that is popular and is also TRUE MUSICAL GENIUS. And they backed that up with skills that kill. Steve Perry's voice is amazing, and the band was amazing as well. Journey is top 5 of all-time, easily.
[Newest]My father hates this band.
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The best Hard Rock group in the world! There are a lot of beautiful tracks for example: Still Loving You, Send me an Angel, Wind of Change, Living for tomorrow, No one like you, Rock you Like a Hurricane, Cost to Cost...
HEAVY METAL PIONEERS IN THE 70'S, HEAVY METAL HEROES IN THE FIRST HALF OF 80'S, HARD ROCK SUPER STARS IN THE SECOND HALF, ROCK LEGENDS UNTIL NOW! Best riff-machine R. Schenker (along with T. Iommi), killer shredders Uli Roth, M. Schenker, M. Jabs, crystal metallic vocals by Klaus Meine, mortal terror in the start of the 80's live stage, kick ass live until now. KICKER THRASHERS Dynamite, Sails of Charon, Virgin killer, Another Piece Of Meat, Now, I can't Get Enough, Dark Lady, Animal Magnetism, Hour 1, China White, Coming Home, He's A Woman She's A Man,... Great mid-tempos school Big City Nights, No one Like You, Pictured Life, Robot Man, The Zoo, Bad Boys Running Wild, We'll burn the Sky... Epic lyricals In trance, In The search of Piece Of Mind, Still loving You, Humanity, When The Smoke, Holiday, Born To Touch, Yello Raven, Fly To The Rainbow, Lonesome Crow... It's just the only band that can appeal to the most demanding audience, that needs a large variety of hard rocking sound, either steaming or lyrical! Commercial sound alongside with rare quality that most hard and heavy bands cannot reach! Underrated (especially the first 7 albums, it is said from most collectors and metalheads that if they had an American or English passport there wouldn't be any doubts out there) Only band that can stand next to Acdc-definitely Leppard-Whitesnake-Aerosmith-Kiss and in the same time can stand next to Black Sabbath-Iron Maiden-J. Priest-Dio-Motorhead...
[Newest]All time classic ballad makers should be in the top ten!

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33Breaking Benjamin
One of the greatest. They don't just make you like the lyrics, they make you feel the song. Ben is just an amazing musical singer and guitarist. Aaron is a great guitarist and a funny guy. Mark and chad play very complicated parts and are very nice and selfless. They are some of the nicest people. One of the bands that proves that not all music is bad nowadays. If you haven't heard of them, go listen to them. They are amazing!
I love all kinds of rock, either its Apocalyptica, Metallica, Manowar or even Dragonforce, but when it comes to BB, everything comes together in one hell of a package, great lyrics, great sounds and mostly a huge feeling they gave me, hope the best for them. Peace!
Damn! Is this list even real?! I mean WTH is BB doing down in number 40?! Are you'll off your freaking heads!
[Newest]Breaking Benjamin is just badass. There's nothing else that has to be said
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34Three Days Grace
No matter what place they are on this list, they will always be the best band ever!
What! 11 three days grace at the 43rd? Are you kidding me? You gotta remove the 4 and make it to the 3rd position... Not a single bad song of the band... I hate everything about you, world so cold, break, pain, nver too late...
No one can beat them
They are the best ever
[Newest]These dudes are awesome even though they are emo.
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The Eagles deserve to be on the top ten, there an icon in the rock and roll community.
Eagles! Seriously Eagles! Placed 78th! What is the world coming to doesn't anyone have some sense of music. Don't agree with me listen to Life In The Fast Lane, Get Over IT, New York Minute, Witchy Woman and the list goes on and on. Come on now get voting!
Wow I totally agree. They are extremely talented and great and CCR should be in the top list also... And the stones and fleetwood mac


[Newest]Hotel California is one of the best rock songs ever
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The reason I like Evanescence would definitely be... Amy Lee. That girl sorta jumps out at you from the lyrics and catches your attention, and she makes you feel what she's feeling, and wow, what a voice!
What! This is one of the best bands in the world and it's placed at 37? You gotta listen to songs like Bring Me To Life, My Immortal, Going under, What you want, Call me when you're sober, Lithium and much more and you'll realize why it should be in the top 10. Honestly, You can't have a better female singer than Amy Lee.

Same way, even Bon Jovi's on 19. This is HELL! It is an amazing band and composes brilliant music. It surely deserves a better place.
Also(according to me), Linkin Park is better than Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. Should be at least at no. 2.
Linkin Park number 2 band of all time? You should really get your head checked if you think Linkin Park deserves any place in the top 500.
Best band in the world. Their New CD is awesome. Lost In Paradise is an Epic tune!
[Newest]I love Amy Lee. She has so much talent.
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37The GazettE
I can't describe this band with words. They're... The only musicians who can make music that makes me cry. Gazerock is not dead! And as long as it exists, I want to support the GazettE with everything I have.
THEY. ARE. FANTASTIC. Their music is amazing, on the stage they are gods. I never saw a band like GazettE, the vocal has such a wonderful voice, and he writes lyrics that make you cry. And they have the best guitar and bass solos ever...
The GazettE pays so much attention to sound quality, texture, tone, composition. They have everything from ballads to upbeat dance to plain old hard-core ROCK. Try listening to Filth in the Beauty, an old classic, or PLEDGE, which is their newest single. Time and time again they've come out with impressive albums like Disorder, NIL, Stacked Rubbish, and DIM. They've grown from a small, unknown group playing at local livehouses to playing at the Tokyo Dome just this December. The GazettE is the fastest rising Jrock group in Japan - perhaps even in the world - and they deserve every last bit of fame they get.



[Newest]The GazettE is amazing.
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Absolutely amazing! Sad to see them so low on this list.. They are brilliant! The first song I heard by them and actually noticed properly was the song 'Clocks'. It has an otherworldly sound. Awesome band.
Oh come on, I never expected Coldplay to be in such a low position..! Coldplay has produced some of the best rock music ever! Same goes for U2 and Oasis, why are they placed so low? Coldplay is simply awesome!
Coldplay I think has produced more classical music then any other bands in the world
[Newest]Incredible band. Love their music so much. Why so low on the list?

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39Rise Against
How can be Rise Against so low? These band is so awesome! The lyrics, Tim Voice, the guitar, the bass and the drums are all perfect! Listen to a few of their songs and you don't want more nothing... They are fantastic. (sorry for my bad english )
They have the by far the best lyrics I've ever heard. They are also politically active. They should be much higher up. Listen to a few songs and you'll be hooked.
Oh yeah, in my opinion they're the best "modern" band, I mean, a band that's quite young, I hope you guess what I mean.

I think it's important to not only focus on the tunes and the music itself, you also need to make great lines. And that's what I love about Rise Against. The lyrics are so deep, with like very serious and critical topics like society and war and stuff like that. Just listen to songs like Hero of War or Make it Stop and you'll understand.

Beside, just everything fits in this band. The lyrics, the tunes, the guitars, the drums, the bass, the musicians, the music videos and so on. I really can't think of any else band that has this fantastic atmosphere. The band members are so sympathetic, mainly because of their ethnics. There are so many reasons why this is my favorite band, I just can identify myself so much with their perspectives of the world.

Thanks for reading this, please excuse my bad English, it's not my first language as you may have recognized. I wish you all a good night.
[Newest]One of the only bands out there that actually have meaning to their music.
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40My Chemical Romance
They have beautiful personality! Through their music, they save lives!
They have the coolest fan base than any other co-fans I know.
Come on people! My Chemical Romance number 21 that's just not fair! They are inspirational, amazing and just well amazing! They have songs that people can really relate to and connect. They are life savers and everyone should recognize them for the true heroes they really are. The MCRmy are behind you all the way, keep running and we'll stay ugly.
Proud Member Of the MCRmy Xxx
My Chemical Romance was perfect! They all are amazing! Love them to death
[Newest]Definitely My Chemical Romance. I grew up listening to them and since then I have always loved them. Also they are heroes and help people through hard times. And the list goes on and on...
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thrashy riffs by dave marty's orgasmic solos ! defines Megadeth! Rust in peace is probably the best structured piece of metal in the world! they are the real metal gods
Greatest metal band ever they are not like other bands that have changed their music style after 20 years like other bands they haven't changed since 1983 and that's a very good thing they deserve to be in the rock and roll hall of fame.
67?! Should be at least top 10, But actually 1 come on ITS BEST. Dave mustaine is man who made what metal is nowadays.
[Newest]Ax7. Top 20. Megadeth. Not in top 40. Just no.
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Rated 97? Gosh you gotta be kidding me. They are amazing, I believe they should at least be rated 5. Jen Ledger's voice is amazing, So is John Cooper's voice, I have not heard one song from them that I do not dislike. So many songs that I love, and did not hate one song ever. They're amazing.
This is the best rock band
It is a very versatile band who sings song of almost most of the genres including rock, christian rock/metal, grunge, symphonic metal, alternative rock, and also electronic...
[Newest]How do they not headline more concerts. This band is awesome!
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43Judas Priest
They are able to go from very Queen-ish, piano songs like Epitaph to very aggressive, fast metal songs like Painkiller.

They are one of not only metal's biggest influences, but rock in general, having influenced countless of great bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Slayer, the list goes on and on, not to mention they were the ones to bring the leather look into heavy metal.

They have 16 albums out right now (17th is gonna be released very soon), and STILL going strong after 40 years! Name another band that has done such thing, and although they may have had some average points in their career (Turbo, Demolition), they managed to come back with a killing blow.

Their 70s were probably their best years, having released 3 masterpieces during only a 3 year span (Sad Wings, Stained Class and Sin After Sin) which have beautiful songs with amazing melodies and harmonies, as well as very aggressive songs (Dissident Aggressor for example, an extremely heavy song for 1977.

Let's talk about the members for moment:

Glenn Tipton and KK Downing are the legendary guitarists having written lots of amazing riffs and solos (I'd have to say Glenn is the best between the two, although Downing is obviously great as well). The twin guitar attack really defines Priest, whether it's The Hellion, Dissiden Aggressor or Painkiller.

Rob Halford is one of the most insane singers, dude has versatility and range like no other; he can be singing deep, menacing 2nd octave vocals and then jump to insane 5th octave screams in no time. Just listen first to songs like Epitaph or Dreamer Deceiver (his best performance in my opinion, and probably one of the most insane vocal performance I've heard in rock so far. ) His vocal range is C2-C#6 yet it's all connected and sounds great. Great frontman skills as well, dude knows how to get a crowd going.

While some of the drummers they've had weren't superb, Scott Travis, Les Binks and Simon Phillips are all stellar. Amazing complex drumming by them.

Ian Hill usually keeps himself out of the spotlight. That being said, he's a good bassist for sure.
The original creators of Metal are so low? Sure Black Sabbath created Metal but JP took it and refined it into something more... Sorry but the Metal Gods definitely deserve to be # 1
They are the greatest Metal band ever existed. The most influential, the best voice, and the best guitarists team.
[Newest]Priest can still bring it with the best of them. They are the "Metal Gods"

44Blink 182
Blink 182 was THE GREATEST BAND EVER! Even if you didn't know their name, you still knew there songs. And now almost every punk band is doing covers from them, the should definitely be in the top 10 bands in the world!
They just changed the punk/rock music for ever, without them some bands like nfg, all time low, simple plan and many more would have never existed
Greatest band ever! Each day I listen to at least one of their songs, and they are just so meaningful. Songs like adam's song and stay together for the kids are truly legends. Mark, Tom, and Travis are just so great!
[Newest]They are the best
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45Alice In Chains
We live in a commercial-saturated, consumerist society hell today. If, like me, that causes you a lot of alienation and does not resonate with your own reality, then you need to have this music in your life. If you are suffering and all of the T.V. and youth pop culture, the disconnect between people, rampant materialism and empty, peppy brainwashing everywhere telling you everything's okay when you don't feel it is is making your fear and pain worse, then you absolutely need Alice in Chains' "Jar of Flies" album.

If anything else, it will really make you feel that there is someone who understands, and it will sooth you with its mellow beauty. It doesn't matter what the exact nature of the pain in your life is... These guys and Layne lived through hurt and understood it, and you can really hear it in the music. They excelled in both acoustic and hard rock and metal, with a sound all their own that... Well, you just need to hear it. So if you think you like those things, please- please listen to them.
This has to be the most inaccurate, crappy list I've seen yet. There has to be an over-abundance of 13 year old girls voting. Girls, how "cool" a band is. Or how black they can dye the ratty, unbrushed, product-saturated hair. Or how cute the bassist is, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MUSIC. (Please. Take a Sharpie, write that down backwards on your forehead and go look in the mirror. )

30 Seconds to Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Muse, ahead of Alice In Chains, Cream, Rolling Stones, Radiohead? My God, this list has "Keane" ahead of Nirvana! PEOPLE: If you have Rhianna, Miriah Carey, Nelli Fertado, Akon, Miley Cirus or 30 Seconds to Mars in your CD collection, please, do not vote. You don't have a clue what "rock" music is. Just go what your Gilmore Girls reruns and forget your were here.

Keane and Fall Out Boy ahead of Foo Fighters. How pathetic...


There are a quite a few reasons why Alice In Chains should be higher than just 44th. Their names happen to be Jerry Cantrell, Layne Staley, Sean Kinney, Mike Starr, Mike Inez, and William Duvall. If you listen to Facelift and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here back-to-back, you'll notice that the guitar, lyrics, and sound is just as strong.

Jerry Cantrell, the mastermind behind all of the guitar parts & most of the lyrics, makes it a joy to hear the quick and yet dense solo sandwiched by the best voice in rock -- ever.

Layne Staley. The soul of the group, before and after his death. Listen to "Nutshell" and tell me you can hear that potent sound of desperation and sorrow. And despite his passing (RIP), William Duvall has done a great job of filling that hole. The entirety of Black Gives Way to Blue proves it.

Mike Starr had an undeniable talent for the bass, from the intro to "Rain When I Die", to the wonderful end of "Would? ". Unfortunately, drugs got in the way for quite a while. If only they could've done some of their new albums with him. Fortunately, Mike Inez is just as great of a bassist. Both Jar of Flies and the self-titled Alice in Chains album prove this fully. And he is just as strong now as he was then. Just try "Lab Monkey" or "Phantom Limb".

And last, but certainly not least, Sean Kinney. The drummer. Possibly the most underrated drummer ever. He is so good, but just like Alex Van Halen, is overlooked by the Vocals & Guitar. The "Love Song" might have been weird and funny, but this guy can seriously play.

I think every line-up they had/has has been simply perfect. Plus, what other band could make it through a 14 year hiatus? I don't need to point out the other bands' weaknesses, as Alice In Chains is just that great.
[Newest]They're just great! Love that Sound...
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Why in the blue hell are they so low?
Here are reasons why KISS is the biggest and baddest rock'n roll band to ever grace God's green earth!
1. Paul Stanley is the sexiest front man ever (great voice too)
2. Gene Simmons tongue (7 inches baby! )
3. Ace Frehley's guitar solos! (sounds like a guitar on steroids! )
4. Peter Criss's bad ass drumming (just ' bad ass)
5. Native New Yokers
6. Paul Stanley's chest hair
7. Gene Simmons ego (can be seen outside your window)
8. Ace Frehly's laugh ( move over joker! )
9. Peter Criss's Brooklyn accent
11. The pyro! The fire! The blood! The shows! The spectacle!
ENOUGH said!
It would be a cold day in hell if guns n roses, avenged sevenfold or Metallica were actually better than kiss, first off many people who have never even heard kiss's music say that the reason kiss wears the makeup is to compensate for their lack of musicianship and ability to make good music, but that is simply not true, they wear makeup and have a fantastic stage show because and I quote gene simmons on this "when we were young we could remember going to see our favorite bands and being disappointed by them" so they decided to put on a show that would thrill their audiences. Second of all kiss always work their asses off to give people their monies worth by the way paul stanley is 61 and gene simmons is almost 64 I would rather see seasoned pros than a crappy ass one direction who will (mark my words) dissolve just as justin bieber and the jonas brothers before them and these kids just lip sync on stage to song they didn't write and the ones that they do help write are about wanting to be the girl's boyfriend, I'm 15 and have never thought " if only I was her boy friend " no I just want her in general kiss, is honest about that. And lastly I think that I speak for anyone with a brain when I say what happened to mainstream music? It sickens me
Wow, I totally agree with @PyschoDriveBy

KISS was and still is a revolutionary band, that really set the bar on what a good rock concert should be about! They've done things other bands can't ever dream of ever doing! These men gave rock and roll a whole new life!

THE MOST iconic band on the planet! Tell me one person who can't identify
These four fabulous painted faces! EVERYONE knows KISS, KISS is a spectacle and an awesome rock band, a brand, a way of life and are rock superheros! Besides the image, KISS has had many wonderful albums, songs, etc. Their music is loud, in your face, obnoxious, feel good and everything a good rock and roll band should be! Paul Stanley's wailing vocals, Gene Simmons bass playing, Tommy's awesome guitar playing and Eric's bad ass drumming skills are why KISS was and always will be the hottest band in the WORLD! And they are living proof of what an awesome band should be!

I don't know what all the critics say! 38 years and still strong! #1 in the hearts of the KISS Army
[Newest]Put on the best shows I have ever been to
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47Dream Theater
They're not my favorite band of all time. There are some periods of time where all I do is listen to one band. I'm in that phase right now with Dream Theater. With a completely unbiased opinion, I really mean it when I say that they are, without a doubt, the greatest band of all time. In terms of technicality, they are literally perfect. Each person in the band (James Labrie, John Petrucci, John Myung, Jordan Ruddess, Mike Portnoy/Mike Mangini) is a master at their instrument. Every one of their albums are filled with emotion. The riffs are incredible. The bass lines are mind blowing. The vocals are emotional. The solos are jaw dropping. The drumming is top notch. They are also musical geniuses, where they play in the craziest time signatures, and none of the 4/4 BS that most bands use. Try counting to The Dance of Eternity. It's almost impossible.
Dream Theater opened up a whole new world of music for me. I can't imagine where I would be without them.
This list was s weird. FALL OUT BOY AHEAD DREAM THEATER? It's so ridiculous and horrible. Dream theater should be #1. Their skill, their band and everything was the best ever. They're the best talent ever. No one can be compared with DREAM THEATER!
[Newest]Just great musicians in one band = great artworks!

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I've been listening to just about every kind of music, and Oasis is the only band that never dissapoints me! Noel Gallagher is the best songwriter of the last 20 years. Thank you for the good times Oasis!
How are Oasis #54? The Best Band to come out of Britain along with The Stones and The Beatles, But Oasis took inspiration and raised the bar to where it's never been, Noel writing songs wit unbelievable meaning and thousands of people relate to his lyrics, mix that with the attitude and arrogance of the best frontman there's ever been, You can't get any better? Manchester was the place to be back then!
How is Oasis at 53? They were the inspiration for all us growing up in the 80/90's. Some say they are not the best because they did not complete a world tour but does this really matter? They remind me of a time a long time ago when the world was easy to understand
[Newest]Songs that's pretty much everyone knows and can sing along to yet still managed to keep a fresh and unique sound to this day
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49Bullet for My Valentine
Bullet for my valentine is the best
They are number one in the world they deserve to be in top ten list I just love them their tears don't fall is a great song
"BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE" is my favorite band,
So much difficult to play guitar @ drums on their songs at such a high speed
I love to play their songs on my guitar... This band be in top 10 bands,
I think they are much much better than Metallica, linkin park & other bands,

What a band, catchy and brutal. they have got it all. I have yet to be disapointed by a song from these guys.
[Newest]They are surely one of the best metal bands of all time. They deserve to be in the top ten list no matter how good the other bands are.
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#61! Are people crazy! They obviously have never listened to Tool before. Tool is by far the most talented band of all-time! Each member of Tool has such a high level of creative genius that no band comes close to their sound and balance. Tool formed in the early 90's and back than their sound was completely different than anything out there,.. I have never heard a more tight sounding band than Tool! Their odd signature tempo and off-beat sound is unmatched! There is no such thing as a repeated guitar chord/drum beat/bass chord in any Tool song. I took up drumming just because of Danny Carey and Tool songs are very very hard to play and play correctly. The more I play along to a Tool song the more I realize that Danny carry is God among drummers! Tool sells out very show they play, Tool sells millions of albums and I have never seen their band name on any "list" before but yet people KNOW Tool! Remember the guys in Tool are in their 40's! That's exceptional! I have been part of the Tool Army since the mid-90's and they are my favourite band back than and now! In almost 20 years of listening to Tool, I have never bored of any song and have gone to all live shows in my area. Tool will forever be the greatest band ever! Spiral Out! & Think For Yourself, Question Authority!
The fact that Tool is ranked 41 and a "band" like Tokio Hotel is ranked in the top 10 really makes me question this list thing. Seriously.
If you haven't listened to Tool before, do yourself a favor: listen to Lateralus (the song, but also the whole album if you have the time), and read up on some facts about the Fibonacci-sequence. See if you can figure out something on your own, if not just read some song-facts about it or something. If you are not convinced that voting for Tool is the only correct thing to do after understanding the great musicianship of all four members of the band, I certainly don't understand your reasoning.


[Newest]They don't make hits they make an experience
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pretty good sound, when you just wanna let loose and be a bit more into the Metal.
Disturbed is the greatest band that there was, is, and ever will be! Listen to Indestructible and Asylum, and you too, will be a believer. I have never listened to any band more than this one in my entire life. Why? Because no one is better, and no one will ever be better, than Disturbed! We Are.. DISTURBED! We Are.. DISTURBED! We Are DISTURBED! WE ALL ARE... DISTURBED!
Down with the sickness all the way!


[Newest]They rock that's it
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52Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band is one of the greatest bands ever. At least top 25 if not top 10. They have this crazy vibe when they perform. This is the worst list ever... Backstreet Boys? Bruce just by himself deserves a top ten spot! People need to listen to more good music... Metallica... Psh...
If bruce gets in at 62, behind linkin park and pink floyd, then the genre of rock really has been completely ruined. This is really embarrassing. Bruce and the e street band are one of the greatest groups of all time. They should be in the top 10 at a minimum. They're 23 of all time in any genre according to rolling stone mag. One of you might want to listen to bruce just one time. Enough with all this crap. I know I'm talking like an old man. I'm actually 13. My chemical romance ahead of Bruce? Cold somebody please grow ears?
Come on people, vote the e street band up! Can't be true that they're under tokio hotel and 30 seconds to mars -. -
[Newest]People have no sense if Bruce Springsteen & the E Street band aren't in the top 3

53Creedence Clearwater Revival
I guess this just goes to show that CCR is the most underrated rock band ever. They are top 5 but easily forgettable. There is no way CCR and Nine Inch Nails should be this low, they are both so revolutionary and original.
Everyone has heard of their songs like 'proud Mary' and 'fortunate son' but somehow don't know the band. The live performances are possibly my favourite of any band, so raw and gritty, perfect blues. Who in their right mind votes metal bands above this true and raw expression? Music isn't about technique and playing to impress, it is about love and portraying yourself and emotions on your chosen instrument. Pop music also falls into genres of music I dislike due to the catchy, repetitive songs that are obviously trying to sell records, instead of being pieces of art. I don't condemn those who like the technique geared metal genres and the pop repetitive genres, but they push epic bands like this to the side, which is frustrating for me, as a musician, and a fan of really passionate, expressive music.
The Greatest Rock n' Roll Band that can ever be heard. The powefull vocal and Revolutionary music composition, beautiful lyrics and blended creation makes them the greatest of all Rock n' Roll Bands. #1 forever.
[Newest]You think you haven't heard them, but Belive me you have.

54Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Skynyrd of Van Zant, Collins & Rossington is a top ten band without question. Their albums are all classics an it's a shame songs such as Comin Home, Needle &the Spoon, On The Hunt, Cry For The Bad Man ( I could go on and on ) don't get the airplay of Freebird and Alabama. True fans of classic rock music know how great this band were in their short space of time. Unlike a lot of bands Skynyrd didn't need a gimmick, their music was the gimmick. Ronnie van Zant was a truly great songwriter and few bands could match them live. The Allman Brothers spent many years playing middle of the road music without the much missed and loved brother Duane. Skynyrd have been the same without Ronnie, Allen & Steve.
Should be no. 1 without a doubt. Guitar Greats such as Rossington, Collins, and of course Steve Gaines, with the mindblowing Ronnie Van Zant... It cannot be beaten. The guitarists never used effects or pedals (with the exception of The Needle And the Spoon- Wah Wah) and produced some of the best guitar driven stuff of all time..

Who knows what could've been. Without a doubt in my mind, they would've been 1 on this list if it wasnt for that fateful planecrash.

I think Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time, but their not my favorite, and it made me depressed seeing my favorite rock band at number 65. I mean come on really? Lynyrd Skynyrd should be in at least the top twenty. Free Bird is no doubt one of the best guitar solos of all time, and not to mention all the other great songs they did such as Tuesday's Gone, Gimmie Three Steps, Sweet Home Alabama, and The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe.
[Newest]Not just the music, but the lyrics. Ronnie was brilliant!

Till this day they are still selling out auditoriums, arenas and amphitheaters. They have completely gone back to there roots in the last 20 years. With the 80's issues behind them they are stronger than ever. Not only that, but they are still amazing and down to earth live. They both can sing, but Ann's voice is completely like no other. They changed how women were looked at in the Rock World. I have seen a number of bands live. I live in Seattle. They come to the Puyallup fair and perform every year. I don't miss it. They seem to get better with time. More often then not they are a band that is better live than in the studio. Their creativity is never ending and the harmonies won't quit.
I see heart at the #6 spot in this poll so I will vote for them because this is about where the group belongs. Howard Leese,Steve Fossen,Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Roger Fisher and Mike Derosier. This 6 man peice was a power house during the 70's and should be ranked in the top 10. This is def not the band from the 80's and MTV this is the band when they could rock with the best of them and did.
Two wonderful woman singers that can jam & get their audience rock like no other band even into the 21st century. They need to be recognized as a woman group that top all bill boards for some many years like no other... They are the BEST!
[Newest]Heart is amazing. 'enough said :P

56The Offspring
The Offspring is my favorite. They are simply AWESOME!

Best band EVER! PEOPLE listen to their songs be4 you vote for some1 else. Cause Offspring beats all! And if it didn't, Well I wouldn't have named my username after them now would i?


The Offspring can not only write solid punk rock songs, They also Rock, songs like Dirty Magic, Gone Away, Amazed, Pay The Man, Million Miles Away, Living In Chaos, Vultures, Defy You, Race Against Myself, can't Get My Head Around You, A Lot Like Me, Takes Me Nowhere, The Future Is Now, Days Go By, All I Have Left Is You, and more, are all great rock songs by a Popular Punk Rock Band, so They deserve to be recignised not only for their Punk Rock Songs, or Pop Punk songs but for their Nice collection of Rock Songs that really rock, Much respect for the band.
[Newest]You're gonna go far, kid!


Paramore! Such a fantastic band with front girl Hayley Williams kicking ass! in her strong vocals
Paramore's songs give us courage.
I get much more power after I listen to paramore's song.
Hayley is my role model by the way
And the members care about their fans.
They love us!
They share the pics and videos often
And let their fans know that where they are where they are doing!
So Paramore is the best band without a doubt.
[Newest]My favourite band, and always has been stay that way forever
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Rammstein should really be first but whatever... Like I care their music is awesome
The best band in the world! This group is very popular, why it must be 75th? It must be the FIRST!
Their music will never die! Lyrics, music and attitude, they have everything!
[Newest]Crazy! Nothing is crazy than rammstein!

59The Clash
It has to be The Clash. I love Led Zeppelin and Queen, but The Clash... Imagine a 19 years old Spanish student in 2005 that hears them for the first time and feels related to what they sing: social problems, the anger,... That was the day I started my musical re-education and I never looked back. It has to be The Clash.


One of the greatest bands ever. No wonder they have so many immitators, even today. Iconic sound and energetic live performances. Incoroporated a wide range of styles into their music from reggae to funk. Listen to songs as diverse as "Train in Vain", "Rock the Casbah", "Brand New Cadillac", "What's my Name", "White Man", "Lost in the Supermarket". If you don't know the Clash, buy a copy of 'London Calling' today.
117 that's pathetic for the clash were intelligent and mainstreemed the punk sound along with the sex pistols how dare they be this far down
[Newest]Literally the most influential real punk band of all time

L'Arc~en~Ciel is a band that truly lives up to their name of "rainbow. " Throughout the years, the band's diverse sound, that sold millions of records, has truly colored the lives of the people who had the great opportunity to listen to them. Their diverse musical style can be attributed to the fact that all of the members, who have different tastes in music, can compose. And they are also not afraid to experiment with a new music style/genre with every new release. In this fickle world of entertainment, it is actually difficult to stay on top. Stars shine and fade away. But L'Arc~en~Ciel still manages to be at the top of the Japanese music scene. Being in existence for 20 years, the band can still manage to catch the attention of the public with every comeback because they always bring something new to the table. Since they are not afraid of experimenting with a new sound, as mentioned previously, their releases are always fresh, and resonates with authenticity. If there is a band that deserves the recognition of the world, it would have to be L'Arc~en~Ciel.
The music they have produced, is just like their name, which means rainbow. The style/genre changes slightly from time to time, but yet, always nailed in with true L'Arc~en~Ciel flavor. There are not many bands out there who can make it to 20th anniversary, but they have done that, and showing no signs of stopping. They slowly taking over the world, and if you haven't heard of them, you had better be, because this is truly one of the best band in the world.
They can make the crowd sing in Japanese in unison! What greater band can do that? Make half of the world sing to your songs? That takes true genius and talent.

They simply get their messages across through music that can seep in to your veins. They can hypnotize you and make you sway to words that are foreign to your ears.

They had stayed for 20 years and their music kept on expanding. You can't contain them within just one genre.

The best part is they are a band but still keeping their individuality as persons. They come together and they bring in a sound like no other.
[Newest]Okay I know this is not an English speaking band, but they should be much higher on the charts. Little under rated because of where they are coming from.
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61Dire Straits
I honestly can't take seriously someone who votes for Guns 'N Roses and says "Best guitarist ever: Slash". That person really never listened to Mark Knopfler.

The sucking on Guns N Roses is ridiculous. They're a teen band who made suckcess (long story short, suckcess is a reference to Bob Dylan) in the eighties and nothing more. Dire Straits was the biggest band in the world in the early eighties, but they did it with mature lyrics, great melodies and the damn best guitarist of all time.

Dire Straits' lyrics were between the best of the eighties (that counts Bob Dylan, who did a terrible decade in the 80s). Dire Straits' albums count the second best of the eighties (losing to Paul Simon's Graceland). And Dire Straits is probably my favorite band (Pink Floyd is also awesome, I'm in doubt, but seeing this awesome band this far from the top was outraging).

If you hear albums like Communiqué, Making Movies and then their masterpiece Brothers In Arms, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Do The 'Walk Of Life' 'Romeo and Juliet' did. Gosh Dire Straits are like the 'Sultans of Swing' giving us 'money for nothing' but I love that the band is like seeing 'Brothers in Arms' 'Twisting by the pool'

Dire Straits probably is not the best band but are one of the best rock bands and deserve to be at least in the top 20.

Mark Knopfler is also one of the best guitarists I have heard. ROCK ON DIRE STRAITS!
My favorite band ever. Musical genius= Mark Knopfler. Telegraph Road is insane!
My list would be Dire Straits, AC/DC, The Beatles and all the classics (Black Sabbath, The Who, Rolling Stones, Rush, CCR, etc)
[Newest]I can't believe it! 60?! Oh they should be in the top ten

62Def Leppard
def leppard is the best band ever. even after their drummer lost his hand they can still produce many great songs.


The best rock band forever... They know how to bring it


Best rock band ever. Bon Jovi suck they just copied DL. Pyromania and Hysteria sold more albums than Bon Jovi. Pyromania only got beaten by Michael Jackson Thriller, the biggest selling album of all time.
[Newest]#1 Literally best band ever

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The Greatest Punk Legend
Johnny Ramone is The Greatest Man In The Industry Of Punk
I actually heard one of there songs but its awesome it's my favorite song for now spiderman its like this spider man spider man does whatever aspider can ok you get it its awesome oh and when I saw the groups name I didn't want to listen toit but it awesome the music video totally awesome too
[Newest]I hope you'll die of shame. Ramones are better than some.

64Fleetwood Mac
This list is worthless if Fleetwood Mac comes in at 195. Rumours is the 8th best selling album of all time - they say that for a few years back in the 70s you could drive from the East coast to the West coast without ever being out of range of a radio station playing a Fleetwood Mac song. How on Earth anyone could think that the likes of Linkin-bloody-Park rate so highly by comparison boggles me.
Should be at least top 25, If you were not around in the 70's listen to the box set the chain. FM's musicianship, writing and the passion this band shows especially with their live concerts is awesome.
My passion! I rate best over all! From energy to passion to sound... it all has to meet... It is not about the guitar (of course important) but drums, beauty, guitar and stage it is all important. Go your own way is the definition for me. Lyrics, passion and talent... say what you will they are my favorite for a reason. I take nothing away from the greats... but this BAND is the best in my eyes!
[Newest]Fleetwood mac is amazing

65The Rasmus
The Rasmus is a great Rock band. They make beautiful music with lyrics written by heart. They put all their feelings and full energy into their songs. Besides The Rasmus are even very kind as just persons. They make you feel like (at least to me)that you are still someone and they make you feel happy. They are such kindhearted persons who create wonderful music what touches the deepest part in your heart and also make you to sing a long and Rock around. Without them, there wouldn't be such an amazing, unique, sensitive and beautiful band. They really deserve it to be on number 1. The Rasmus forever!
They are just perfect guys! Yeah, I understand! Scorpions, AC DC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Metallica! They are great! Wonderful! But The Rasmus are something unique! And I Assume that when they will have a 30 years old carrier they will be better than now! In my opinion of course! They should be higher! And I'm sure there are many people that they agree with me!
They should be in the top ten at least! I love them with all my heart, they have the best energy ever in their music! Just go to a TR concert and you'll see what I'm talking about! People are always criticize them... They don't understand the main! The Rasmus are so underrated and misunderstood! They deserve more success and the most of success! The Rasmus 4eva!
[Newest]The Rasmus is a really unique band, the melody is often so touching. Lauri's voice sounds really purely. Well, I don't understand the negative music criticism. Their creation is not heady, not as what this world desires - mindless songs.
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66Rage Against the Machine
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE at 66? You people are so ignorant and need to WAKE UP!
This band is what every band should be like! All these punk bands now days cry about wanting to commit suicide and stupid stuff like that.. They think the "I'm so messed up" persona is "cool"... That's lame, this band mixes some of the most appealing sounds and lyrics about world issues that will be sure to get you banging your head, and most certainly change your view of the world!
the technical equiptment used in one RATM show is more than any other band uses in a year. lisnten to "killing in the name" often mistaken for "killing in the name of" because it is the lyric. also check out "bulls on parade" and renagades which is an album made of covers. also...


Awesome band music is suppose to inspire you listen to How I Could Just Kill A Man and don't tell me it doesn't just wants to make you pull the trigger


[Newest]I'm losing sleep looking at some of the bands above rage.

67Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys are definitely top 10 or 20 material. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not is the fastest selling debut album in the UK, and it's a shame they aren't higher. I could understand that the Beatles, Metallica, Nirvana, etc. Are higher than them, but really? Tokio Hotel is in the top ten? Anybody who appreciates well crafted indie rock music will love the Arctic Monkeys.
Best Indie Rock band of all time, deserve top 50 status, listen to the first 2 albums.


Quite simply and easily the greatest Rock band to come out of England, better than Beatles, Queen, Muse etc.. Just listen to a single song by this band and you will be addicted.
The Arctic Monkeys are awesome but I don't agree on them being better than The Beatles.
[Newest]What the hell? I can't accept having 30 Seconds to Mars and Paramore before this. The first two albums are utterly awesome and each of their albums has at least 2 epic songs. Not to mention that their lyrics are genius. Educate yourselves.

68The White Stripes
This is one of the most original bands of the 21st century. They rose through the ashes of pop-country-rock crap and were able to bring classic blues and rock influences and cram it through jacks cheap, plastic, airline 59 that defined the tone of the band. Each album added another layer to the talent of this band: from the garage punk rock of their self titled ep, to the piano driven album Get Behind Me Satan, to the distortion filled album Elephant. Jacks skill on guitar and Megs simplistic drumming style should be in the top ten.
What?!? I LISTEN TO A LOT OF ROCK AND WHITE STRIPES DOMINATES! IT SHOULD BE 1st; ACDC and 2nd; THE white stripes. What's wrong with today's people? I mean the white stripes wrote history with seven nation army! So which idiot placed this band on 94?
The white stripes one of the best band ever should've been on top ten
[Newest]My favorite song that got killed by becoming a soccer chant

Best grunge band, one of the greatest hard rock sounds that I have ever heard. Just listen to "Jesus Christ Pose" or "Fell on Black Days" and you'll know what I mean. Should be much higher. Amazing riffs, Chris Cornell provides powerful vocals. Trying to burst back on the scene, 2010-2011, but popular culture now seems to disregard decent music...
Soundgarden are the Fathers of Grunge! They changed a whole Genre of Music! Chris Cornell's Vocals are Unbeatable! Thank God They Are Back! Rock On Soundgarden! You definitely Deserve to be in the Top 10! You are #1 to Me!
Soundgarden was a great act live and on CD. They were so powerful and could have been greater had they not broken up. Bon Jovi wishes they were as great as Soundgarden.
[Newest]They should be number 2 after AC/DC! Not 75!

If Dimebag Darrel wouldn't have died and if the band wouldn't separate they would be the best. Still, they deserve top 3, not 10
Pantera is the greatest band that has ever existed. No band will ever be better. If dimebag wasn't dead and they were still together today, they would top all the charts guaranteed. I hope that the pantera experience is never forgotten. We miss you Dimebag
Pantera was the band who saved Metal/Rock during the 90's! Why they so low? Vulagar Display Of Power and Cowboys From Hell have helped shape up a lot of the bands higher up the list and yet everyone's forgetting it! PANTERA RULE Metallica! I'm also disappointed in not seeing Machine Head after going through 5 pages. That's just wrong. PANTERA deserve top 3 AT LEAST for saving a genre that nearly DIED in the 90's! PANTERA FOR LIFE!
[Newest]74? Is this some kind of joke?

Boston is amazing! Their songs Don't Look Back, Smokin', Peace of Mind, Rock and Roll Band and More Than A Feeling are BEASTLY! How do people think Metallica is better?!?! Boston should at least be in the top 10! GO BOSTON!
My favourite band. I love every single song (well, not in the new album :-D). Amazingly melodic solos (hitch a ride), incredibly catchy riffs (More than a feeling, peace of mind... Etc), best lead singer ever, innovative and very talented guitarist... EVERYTHING is great about this band. But the main reason I love them is because they totally changed my point of view on music. I don't remember the last time I was listening an album from the beginning to the end without skipping any song. every damn song is impressive AND is fun to play (yeah I play guitar). Their songs are not that difficult to play on guitar, but man, I wonder how did they come up with them. To create so many catchy but yet good quality songs.. You need some real talent and that is what Tom Sholtz have (and did I mentioned his guitar sound). Oh, and if you can sing like Brad Delp (THAT VOCAL RANGE! ) than I bow before you. And still, they are not that famous as they should be. These guys should be standing right next to queen, Beatles and others. I don't care if they are the best- there is no such a thing, but seriously if you don't know them, go check them out.
These guys are amazing, they are perfectionist, that is prob. why they are not still working out new albums, but they are what I think of when I think of "the perfect and". They are not in the top 10?!


[Newest]They should be in at least top 20, they are such a great band. I can't believe they are 71 :(

They need to be higher, they are the best band from the 90's onward ever!
There under rated they should be up more, and KORN rules!
they are awesome, not really much into my genre, but they are very fun and weird with their music and thats awesome!
[Newest]They are my favorite band ever I would do anything to go to one of their concerts with my dad

73The Police
They fantastic! Amazing music for all times!


all three band members were unique, extremely talented individuals, and it shows in their music...should be in top ten
Fantastic band. Mixture of all genres and very experimental band that changed the face if rock n roll. With Stings very simple but very expressive lyrics, Copelands fantastic jazz-inspired drumming, and Summers wonderful and differentiating guitar styles.
I mean come on, they should at least be ahead of Paramore!
[Newest]Every Breath You Take

74Sum 41
Sum 41 should really win this :) I think they deserve that because they really know how to rock the house, and they have everything a band could need. Besides, they rock live, and they play all kinds of different styles, from pop-punk to Heavy Metal
How can sum41 be at this position, in my opinion there music is awesome! More than that they play different kinds of music from punk to heavy metal. There first album all killer no filler is fabulous!
They are awesome. It's a tad sad that people can't understand that they should be way up there. That is all.
[Newest]65? Really? Their music is awesome. They deserve to win this. It's just sad that people forgot about them even though they didn't break up..

75Jethro Tull
As diverse as any band on the planet. Formed in 1968, toured every year from 1968 until 2012... Over 3,000 concerts. 2 #1 albums in the US both of which had one 45 min song of each of these albums... No other band can match that. Grammy award winner for best Hard rock album in 1989. Sold over 60 million albums but that figure has been bandied around since the 70s... Probably closer to 100 million. They played blues, they played acoustic, they played hard rock, they played metal, they played world music. They are my faves and would you believe after all of that, they are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Linked Park are in the top 10 and Tull sit at 94? Get a grip of yourselves... Vote Tull!
Jethro Tull has to be in the top 20 Rock n Roll bands of all time. Possibly the best live show I have ever seen and I have seen some of the best. Can play blues, hard rock, ballads, etc and play them all equally well. Ian Anderson has to be one of the best rock musicians of all times. Plays everything, great vocals, rivals Mick Jagger on stage and plays the damned flute on top of everything else. I have seen them 5 times, most recent in 2002 and they still cook. As talented and versatile as any rock band ever. They can go from Aqualung to Wonderin Aloud and take you to two different places immediately. Definitely top twenty all time and have been touring from 1970 until recently, so what? Over 40 years. Incredible.
One of the best live acts you will ever see. Some amazing albums including Aqualung, Thick As A Brick, Songs From The Wood and the Grammy-winning Crest Of A Knave. Won't quibble about position. Just happy they're on the list
[Newest]Totally agree with others about this great band and Ian Anderson.

76Dir en grey
Great band, great songs... And the definitely most impressing vocalist there is. If they don't get into the top ten, I'm worried about the people voting here. Just because they're not an american band, that doesn't mean they can't be a whole lot better than them X3
My first japanese band! They stole my heart with their music.
One of my favourite bands and one of the best bands on Earth.
They always never cease to impress me with their songs.
Both visual kei era and non visual kei era is genius!
They are genius. They create different styles. There is nothing, they can't do. Dir en Grey will never fade away, they will live forever and nothing will make them go away. Number 1, for now and ever.
[Newest]They make music you're not only listing to, no you feel it!

77The Velvet Underground

That's pretty funny, considering that about 130 bands rated ahead of them never would have existed if it weren't for the Velvet Underground.
Why are they so low. They're about one hundred times better than zed leppelin or any of the other bands on this list. Lou's vocals and guitar work along with John Cale's experimental genius is essential to all music that came after it. They influenced leigons after scoring no hits and no albums that cracked the top 100. As Brian Eno said: "only about 1000 people bought velvet underground records, but everyone of them formed a band." RIP Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison
What's the Velvet Underground doing down here? They set the pavement for the punk genre, wrote probably the most prophetic album ever and sang about things that N.W. A would be singing decades later and you give 149. Best rock band next to the Beatles.
[Newest]You people are crazy! Why is the Velvet Underground at 90? They are better than Pink Floyd people! Better, especially, than the Rolling Stones! Damn this makes me really angry.

311 is one of the most underrated bands in USA. Beautiful Disaster is a great song! This band with Social Distortion is the best Punk Rock bands in history.


They have the funk like know one else has


79The Killers
Tokio Hotel is voted over The Killers. Really? Who on earth thinks that Tokio Hotel is better than The Killers? I know I don't. And neither should you.
I love their catchy sound and great original music. Already rock legends!
They are one of the few alt bands that will be remembered through time


[Newest]Are we human or are we killers fans?

80Papa Roach
Very good music and unique vocals
great sound, really awesome lyrics, great for when you just wanna chill, listen to some great Rock and just perfect for parties!
They are absolutely amazing!
the greatest band ever!
[Newest]I love papa roach!

81Alter Bridge
Listen to Zero, Blackbird or Metalingus and you will see why they deserve to be called the best Rock Band... no, the best band... of all time.
I love their songs I love their sounds.. Of course there are so many bands which already be famous like Metallica iron maiden... But we talk about ROCK BAND and ALTER BRIDGE deserve to be more and more votes..
Great band with great presence. Myle is the most talented singer on stage. Without it band is good harmony
[Newest]Myles Kennedy has the best voice. Mark Tremonti has amazing guitar skills. Scott Phillips is an amazing drummer. Brian Marshall is an amazing bassist. This equals an amazing band. LONG LIVE AB!
More comments about Alter Bridge

82Five Finger Death Punch
FFDP is one of the greatest rock bands ever. They can go from songs like Death Before Dishonor to Hard To See to Far From Home. The singer's voice is amazing and so is the rest of the band. If you have never heard of them listen to either of their albums.
their bass player uses a five and six string bass depending on the song. their singer is very distinctive and he can scream well. their newest guitarist is great as well. the drumming is nothing special but not bad at all.

Five Finger Death Punch is an amazing band, I just don't understand how it's so low on this list. Sure, some people could consider it "bro-music" for muscle heads, but they have some really great songs. Maybe if people listened to the whole album, all the way through, they would understand how great 5FDP really is.
[Newest]BEST BAND EVER! I'd really honestly love to see a band that can cone out with better songs about military, government, pop culture and love... Because its never going to happen

Genesis has my vote for greatest band in the history of music! It's a shame that 99% of people are only aware of their mostly mediocre 80's pop output. I think so many people would be surprised at the sheer songwriting talent of these guys after a little digging into their older pre-1980 material.

It really is like listening to two completely different bands, especially when Peter Gabriel was still the lead singer. I would recommend the following albums to get a good representation of their older material:

- Selling England by the Pound (1973)
- A Trick of the Tail (1976)
- Seconds Out (brilliant live album, released in 1978)

You might just be pleasantly surprised by what you hear! Probably the most unique sounding band ever.
It's a shame that this wonderful band is not higher on the list. They made great progressive music in the 70s' and great pop music in the 80s'. Genesis put two legendary singers on the map (Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel). Keyboardist Tony Banks is a fantastic musician and song-writer and Steve Hackett is an innovative guitarist. A perfect band I think.
Genesis are greatest live band in history. You all need to check out: Genesis Live, Seconds Out (their best), and Three Sides Live.
[Newest]There 80's output would still put them in the top 25. But combine it with their earlier stuff, definitely top 15. This list is weird

Red is truly an amazing band. They have a very distinct hard rock / metal sound that stands out from the crowd. Their vocalist, Mike Barnes, is truly amazing, and combined with the unique guitar riffs, and strings, Red songs are truly masterpieces. Red songs really stand out due to the strings used alongside the hard rocking' instruments. If you haven't heard Red, you DEFINITELY should. Their work is truly outstanding, they know how to make music. They are one of the few bands that can make albums in which ALL of their songs are amazing. Ihey would be higher on the list if they were more popular... There is so much more I can say about how good this band is, but the best way to show you would to say to listen to their music. It's so amazing, I think that this band deserves much higher up on the list
Red behind the JONAS BROTHERS?!?! If I hadn't already lost faith in humanity, it's completely gone now...


Red is by far the best rock band in existence. Their lyrics are deep and meaningful (one of the few bands that has successfully made me cry), the music is complex and haunting, and at the same time they pull off some of the most intense/heavy music I've ever heard. Modern metal fans can't hear Red and not like them. Not to mention they're just good, nice guys.

Thanks for making my day every day, Red!
[Newest]Red is really the most underrated rock band of all time. They combine hard rock guitar with violins, strong vocals with piano, it's amazing.

85King Crimson
The band that, with its debut album, virtually invented Progressive Rock. That album, In The Court of the Crimson King, is still one of the best prog albums ever, and despite the fact that they never quite matched it with anything else, it earns them a spot in the Top 10.


How come King Crimson will rank so low.. It is one of the best prog rock.. even better than Pink Floyd on many occasion.. Best experimental rock... deserve something better rank


Sorry guys, but I think the people on this site has no taste of music. Clear.

King Crimson at #75?
[Newest]81? What is this world coming to...


86Ozzy Osbourne
CRAZY TRAIN! What is Ozzy doing here. He should be way above.
Ozzy Osbourne has the most influence in rock music. Because of Black Sabbath and his solo career. I don't understand why he is place so low. In my opinion he should at least be in the top 15
Ozzy should be in the top 5! He's one of the Gods of Rock and one of my Rock & Roll idols. I LOVE Ozzy Osbourne. He ROCKS!

87Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie are the best albums ever. Corgans and Chamberlain are the best guitar drummer tandem known to man.
I am in AWE of Billy Corgan and his out of this world talent.
There are probably better bands than the Pumpkins in all their years of rock, but I'd say there is NO band that comes even close to touching the pumpkins from 1992 to 1996. During that time, they released my favorite record ever (Siamese Dream) and the monster Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Amazing riffs, incredible drum fills, and those songs!

Yes has always been my very favorite progressive rock band. The way Steve Howe plats the guitar is just amazing. Jon Anderson and Chris Squire vocals are magnificent. And all together Alan, Rick, Steve, Chris and Jon make one of the greatest English bands ever!. I just love them!
This is just such a unique and wonderful band. From the most delicate passages to rattling the floorboards they are amazing.


Yes are the pioneers of progressive rock. King crimson is credited with starting it all, but Yes are the only band to take it so far. They have made so many masterpieces, I don't care what anyone says. Yes changed how I listen to music and how I see life, they are still active today after 44 solid years as a band, they should be number one! YES for the win!
[Newest]How can this be so low? They are an amazing band! The first album I heard was the self titled debut and next I listened to Time and A Word. I thought both the albums were awesome so when I heard Close to the Edge I was absolutely blown away! Get this much higher!

89Hollywood Undead
I don't know how they aren't top 20 but hey. This is one of the best bands by far in my opinion. They are if not just as, almost as good as slipknot, linkin park, or even bullet for my valentine. Either way HU4L. I listen to them all the time. They are also hilarious in interviews and in person.
I don't see how people can see nostalgia in music with songs like Street Dreams, Sell
Your Soul, City, etc, etc
Hollywood undead is the best band right now
[Newest]When I first heard No. 5, I thought this had to be the dirtiest band I had ever heard. And it actually is. I love that song more than I love the Chanel perfume. And I love their masks more than I love the Guy Fawkes one. Wait, I take that back. It's too hard to choose.

90The Beach Boys
Surf Rock-Genius. Baroque Rock-Genius. Psychedelic Rock-Genius. Brian Wilson-Genius. Mike Love's voice was nasal and attracted millions. Dennis was th showman. Carl's voice was heavenly. You seriously have to stop listening to Bieber or Gaga if you don't rank them in the top 3.
How is the Beach Boys all the way down here?! It should be in the top 10 at least. Kinda proves that the Beach Boys, despite the praise from Pet Sounds, is one of the most underrated bands of all time. It was/is the American counterpart of the Beatles! Also shows how they've struggled badly with their image, which is a massive shame, especially with brilliant albums such as Pet Sounds, Smile, Wild Honey, 20/20, Sunflower, Surf's Up, Carl and the Passions - "So Tough", Holland, etc. They should be remembered from them, not their surf crap! Besides, Brian Wilson is a Genius!
Not even in the Top 50?! The Beach Boys are arguably one of the greatest bands in history. Their surf rock songs are catchy and memorable (even charting in the midst of Beatlemania), but their true ability blossomed with Brian Wilson's amazing songwriting. "Pet Sounds" is groundbreaking, and its predecessors "Today! " and "Summer Days" are great as well. "SMiLE" was set to also be one of the greatest albums of the '60s before it was shelved, and even after Brian's breakdown, they released great tunes all through the decade. Their harmonies are also unbeatable.
[Newest]This is the worst ranking I've ever seen

How did linkin park and 30 seconds to mars beat Cream, led Zeppelin, dire straits (who aren't mentioned), ac/dc, deep purple, rolling stones... All of the other young bands are crap, nothing innovative nor creative nor nothing. I'm 18 years old and discovered this beautiful music around 2 years ago. I just wish I was at the 60's 70's 80's and 30's 40's 50's (blues is the best)


Really, Cream #86... Really? Easily should be top 5 at least along with Jimi Hendrix Experience. I'm in my 60s but clearly recognize groundbreaking music when I hear it. Just to prove I'm just not some "old time" ex hippie; I also think Radiohead is top 10 material.
My thoughts on lists like this is that nothing less than 10 years old should be included. What seems good for a moment doesn't stand up to time.
After 44 years of listening, Cream is still standing.
While I don't think they are the greatest rock band of all time, it is a disgrace that they have fallen so far down this list. the influence that this band has had on the genre can still be heard today.
[Newest]How on earth is this 86!? This deserves to be in top 10!

92The Strokes
OMG dudes look at this comment, seriously I dare you. These guys are like one of the only bands I know of today that actually play decent rock music. LIKE REALLY?!? these guys are the best rock band out today and just need to get some recognition for that. Please take some time to listen to quality music. They Give off like 4 or 5 genres. Maybe thats why there on so many lists. The Strokes are a great band that are just not heard of, making better music the frickin Metallica who should just be at a stupid metal site instead of rock. Really guys? just listen to the strokes a little bit and you will never go back. Every one of there albums keep getting better. Makind covers of a bunch of magazines and people are still to ignorant to try to listen to them. Really? Just listen to the song undercover of darkness, or razor blade or last nite. Great songs, great band, give these guys some credit
I can't ACTUALLY BELIEVE HOW FAR DOWN THE LIST THEY ARE, THIS IS THE WORST THING I'VE EVER SEEN. The Strokes are one of the best bands of all time and I'm not just personally saying that - they create music for all moods, all people, with all tempos and pitches and instruments and wow sorry I just can't get over the number 87. Songs ranging from Games to Soma to Tap Out.. Completely different yet the same in some ways.. I will never forget this band and they deserve to be in the Top 10 for sure. Wow
BEST BAND OF ALL TIME! If you like music you like these guys its as simple as that. How they are ranked 110 on this list is beyond me. They're number 1 in my book. With songs like NYC Cops and Barely Legal they are the best thing to happen since the Beatles!
[Newest]Really good lyrics and music.

93Alice Cooper
Got to go with Alice. His original band put out some classic albums like "Killer" and "Billion Dollar Babies" which are essential for any hard rock fan. Alice went on to a successful solo career which is still ongoing and he set the standard for all theatrical shows. Despite his age the guy still is a great live act and still records terrific albums.


Why is Alice Cooper so low? He deserves to be in the top ten. Not only does he have killer music but he's a showman, which makes his performances all the more interesting. Most bands do music alone but don't put on a show. He's also one of the Gods of Rock and one of my Rock and Roll idols, along with Ozzy Osbourne and Steven Tyler. Both have done music with Alice, too. Alice Cooper should be in the top ten!
Simply the best rock performer. Nice and gorgeous. Elected, Department of Youth, The Black Widow - the real rock anthems.
[Newest]My second and third concerts. Memorable experiences at about 14 years old. Had to go with my brother. His songs were some of the most popular that we'd go around singing. Everyone knew his songs!

Very different band, with very different style who managed to break through first from Finland to Europe and then from Europe to U.S. where they were certified gold! For more than 20 years the band has left deep mark in Rock music generally
I Agree Him is one of the best rock bands in history and in my opinion Him in time will equal or surpass Led Zeppelin as being the all time greatest band in rock history.
HIM rocks for ages!
For it's my life band. The band of my soul and heart. It's with me everywhere and anytime!
[Newest]HIM changed the way I thing they are so good
More comments about HIM

95Simple Plan
They rock!
Their songs are amazing
The coolest guys ever!
You rock SIMpLe pLaN... Pierre your voice is great. Lyrics are very much heart touching... I am just looking forward to it's next music videos. "Your love is just a lie" is an awesome song. Keep it up guys...
There are no other bands like SIMPLE PLAN. Their music and their lyrics, that's what you call rock straight in your face! They even have their SIMPLE PLAN FOUNDATION helping teenagers having hard time in life. They rock and care!
[Newest]My brother and I used to know all the words to "I'm Just a Kid", although we didn't know the name of the song nor the band, but we didn't really care. We just loved hearing it on the radio and then feeling like a couple of bosses when we could sing the whole thing while playing the Xbox or something. Those were the days...

96Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails, comprised of Trent Reznor, has got to be the most original band out there. His dark, self loathing, and ambient beats are something completely unheard of when he started out. Trent's not in it for the money, he just does what comes to him and he'll always be remembered for that. In short, NIN rocks!
Nine Inch Nail's lyrics can connect with most people in the world, on a personal level.
Nine Inch Nails is the band that psychologically reaches the fragile heart of human being. When a heart broken, they'll get it fixed.
[Newest]NIRVANA FOR LIFE! Although I love the Beatles and Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors, Radio Head, Eagles, Cold play, My Chemical Romance,

Ronnie James Dio - forever in our hearts

Wow, really, 96TH! Dio has the greatest singer, and they had 3 whole albums where all the songs were perfect! How many other bands on this list can honestly pull that off?
Please tell me, why aren't this and Deep purple tied for 1st place?
[Newest]Ronnie - the best voice of rock

Dis is my favorite band.. Even kirk hammet wore slayer shirt on their tour.. When Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was rushed to hospital with a mysterious illness, and was unable to perform at 2004 European tour, Dave Lombardo(Slayer's drummer)replace Ulrich.. Children of bodom n cradle of filth also played slayer's song as a tribute..2 times Grammy Award Winner for 'Best Metal Performance'
Wow 70th this list is a joke
Slayer is one of the big four! They deserve to be higher.
[Newest]Slayer rules! Period. This band is pure fuel.

It's so absolutely ridiculous how low the are how could bowling for soup or lmfao which isn't even rock -its pop (and really bad) go before shinedown who did second chance, what a shame, breaking inside, call me, miracle, bully. Every song on the album sound of madness was amazing and brent smith their lead and songwriter is brilliant with his lyrics and has the best voice ever he can go higher than anybody EVER his voice can be sugar sweet when he goes high or gruff and sandy when he goes low- who does this list?
How can you go wrong with .45
Absolutely amazing band - a song to describe every possible mood anyone could ever be in, with so much passion in Brent's voice for simple man and call me, and incredible power for sound of madness and cyanide sweet tooth - too name a few. Despite not being in the public eye they have still sold 10 million albums worldwide - they need more appreciation
[Newest]This is ridiculous! Why all the punk and pop bands are on top!

Full of poetry and sense, Keane is magic and great music for everybody


They're just incredible! Listen to Tom's voice and the lyrics and you'll understand immediately...


Listening to Keane's music is a whole experience, from their early's simple, tender words and unique sound; to their later, more energetic, awesome and electric music.
[Newest]I love keane its a bit sad to see them so low in the list.

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