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best rpg series of all time as the title of the thread said with historical, mythological, literature involved - ronluna

Lenneth and Silmeria are not ones to be forgotten...

This game is Difficult, yet interesting mechanics make me love it.

62Dragon Force

The most unique rpg games and also the best

64Nippon Ichi Series

Nippon Ichi Software makes great Rpg's but they are underrated.
they deserve WAY more attention then final fantasy and so

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An overwhelming credit to the computer RPG genre.

It's a pity it came out so late in the SNES' life and only came out in select English speaking countries.

The excellent story, great atmosphere, music and controls make most of today's games poor in comparison.


Its still the best RPG with a mix of Hack n SLay and beautiful story.

66Dragon Warrior
67Laxius Force

Random and Sarah forever... started in 2001 and they are still together 10 years after, no other RPG characters match that! - AlphaX

68Shadow of the Colossus
70Dungeon Master

The grand-daddy of them all.. Seriously this was the first game to ever make me jump.. Full of atmosphere, excellent balance of gameplay and generally awesome.. An oldie but surely a goldie..

71Shadow Hearts

this game has a really simple but awesome and brilliant plot
it's plot is brilliant like xenogears but it uses real history and it isn't nearly as complicated but still brilliant and fun - blargityish

The only RPG that captured my attention... those Final fantasy series are such a boredom... - TheNextGreatestRockStar

72Wizards and Warriors

This was the my first RPG ever with stunning game play and story. It was quite sad for me that no one has listed this game in the top ten.

73Mega Man

Well I only remember one Megaman RPG other than the obvious, Megaman Legends, and it was Megaman x: Command mission. I loved that game so much.

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74Wild Arms

At this point I've played plenty of games in franchises such as Breath of Fire and Final Fantasy, but Wild ARMs is so far shaping up to be one of the more fun (and definitely underrated) franchises as far as RPGs go! - NuMetalManiak

come on A real gem I consider it better then FF at this point

Original themes and awesome storytelling. Add in a little bit of good music to it and you�ve got yourself a great series.

75Front Mission

This is incredible. I just finish F.M 4 three times and F.M 5 once.
It's very hard to complete it!

76Realms of Arcania

I like it because you die often, each time in a different manner... And every new game is somehow different, even if you choose the very same character. You learn game tactics (which monster is dangerous, etc.), plan your character development (what quests to take, what stats to boost, which god to pray), learn how to scum - any way you nee to survive because game itself is very hard. Great replayability, a couple of endings. In this turn-based rogue-like, there is a choice for graphics: tiles, or ASCII interface that is very smooth and a pleasure to use it. There exist games with better story-telling, here you get the very core of RPG-s - stats, unfinished tasks, plus the freedom of role-playing based upon game mechanics - as I understood game is random to some extent, but adjusts to player's actual game style.

Best game ever. This is one of mine first RPGs that I played, got hooked on this game for months.

77Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

One of the best games ever made and played. Solid graphics. It has great depth and a player friendly game play. I love it.

78S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series
79Beyond the Beyond

Not the greatest, but I found this a challenge, only because every step taken was a random battle. I liked houw you had to figure out where to go next on your own, and it didn't throw it in your face.

Puzzles were there.


Load of fun! Based on diablo but far better. if you like diablo your gonna love this game! So try it out! You wont regret it! - russian

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