Top 10 Sexiest Anime Girls


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The Top Ten

Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail
Erza for the win! She is the most epic anime woman I have ever seen. It's a shame that she isn't ranked any higher than this. Erza scarlet could totally wipe out everybody else on this list because she is just so awesome!
Vote for Erza-san! Or else..
Erza-san is very strong and also cool. I love how she uses her abilities for requipping and how she swings her sword awesomely. Go upper, Erza-san!
Why is she all the way done here?! She has beautiful hair! And plus she is strong
You don't get to see many types of her out there ( I think )
[Newest]Erza is the only reason I watch fairy tail
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2Sakura - Naruto
Seriously? Sakura... She won't even pass for the most cutest one... Honestly!
She is pretty, but she is not even sexy! COME ON PEOPLE! She may fit as number 1 in other category, but not in this one!
Looking at this list it seems that this guy hasn't watched that many good anime.


[Newest]Sakura? Oh my god... She is not sexy, not hot I don't think that she should be in the top 20s. Oh, come on... I mean seriously... She doesn't deserve it at all. My blood boils to get her in my personality quiz. In my opinion, she's pathetic. A worthless in disguise of try-to-be-awesome.

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3Nami - One Piece
Nami is the hottest! I'm a straight girl but I would make love to her. She's just smokin' hot. Everybody vote for the heroine of One Piece
Combine with her physical is sexy dude..
Combine with her personality(like materialistic girl), that makes her even sexier..
But I am more interested in her past(in the season 1).. The way she help her villager secretly from the evil pirates "along" even if its mean joining them make me cry a little.. Perhaps a lots..
Well there r several reason y she is the best, I mean she is not annoying like other anime girls, she doesn't mind to show her bodies to men (Happiness Punch! ), she is a strong character and has a strong personality, and she got hot body and boobs XP
[Newest]She is prettier then Erza come on guys vote for Nami!

4Mutsumi - Love Hina
Mutsumi is really great and the is the sexiest anime girl I have ever seen in my life! She rocks and unlike most of the anime girls she is cute smart intelligent, hot, sexy and if she trained with Haruka she would be better than Keitaro(trained by Seta)and if Kei can beat Motoko after training Mutsumi definitely can. Mutsumi is the best.
Mutsumi is super sweet and should be much higher on this list, Make a good choice and help her up.
She's really nice and shes pretty I would love to marry her ^-^
[Newest]No I don't think

5Lucy Heartfilia - Fairy Tail
Please can yo put her in top 10 she is so sexy look at her body try to search in google lucy heartfilia sexy. She is very sexy loving kind that big breast sexy body can't you see it please please I love her she is my crush shes cute who else is much more cuter sexier than her
She's smart and cute. She helps out a lot and she is just an awesome character. Why wouldn't you want to vote for her. She never gives up even when she is pretty much dying. She is quick to figure out solutions for problems and she is just down right funny and adorable girl.
I don't know why is this happening lucy heartfilia is not in the top 10. Shes so sexy, prety, cute, good looking person like what the first voter said please vote lucy
[Newest]Lucy is the best

6Bulma - Dragon Ball Z
Bulma should be 1st! She is the best ever. She is like the smartest character, in the best anime, and married to the hottest character ever! I love her!
Bulma of course! Absolutely no competition! She has incredible looks, is the most gorgeous character ever! She has a beautiful face, a hot body, and a genius mind! What more could you ask for!
Yes yes yes... She is my girlfriend... ^^ of course I m The Prince so she is also princess... No Match for This Woman..

Hello Princess!
[Newest]Hot sexy smart what else do I need to say

7Hinata - Naruto
Hinata is amazing! She's not only extremely pretty, she's also a great ninja with good skills. On top of that she's good a really sweet and nice personality.


Who couldn't love the shy and loving Hinata and that long dark blue hair of hers.
When you watch naruto the movie 6 "road to ninja" her body is the sexiest among the girls
I see someone's sexiness not only from her body but also from her heart. Hinata cares, kind, nice with everyone, she never got jealous with sakura although sakura is close with naruto. Qlthough she's not too strong, she'll do anything to save someone precious for her
[Newest]I even think Hinata should be number one and I'm a straight girl

8Asuka - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Haha can you remember the scene where they have to speak German and the guy does say "Baumkuchen" and Asuka speaks perfectly German, one of the best scenes and one GREAT character!
When it comes down to it, she is the perfect girl that everyone will freak over, you get to know her in so many ways, and by the end of it you want to be stranded on an island with her. She is incredibly sexy to but it's the depth of her character that makes me want her so bad.
Sweet Jesus guys Sakura over Asuka? Way to many Naruto fanboys..

9Yoko Littner - Gurren Lagann
Yoko is amazing! To be truly sexy, you have to have a great personality, and Yoko certainly does. She's perfect, how on Earth is she only 78th?


Yoko is Smart and reasonable, she has a nice body and a HUGE ass gun wit her. What can get better then that? Give me a reason? I DARE YOU!
How is Hatsune Miku sexier than Yoko? That's stupid, she's too flat-chested to be sexy. Yoko is so far the sexiest anime character I've seen. So I'll vote for her.
[Newest]Yoko is just pure hotness. She is so sexy and her hair is so hot.

10Kuchiki Rukia - Bleach
Her personality was made for leading a whole nation of fans.

So cute and very sexy, and not like those whiny characters like Orihime.
Every precious inch is pure sex appeal.
Hem... she's not a sex but cute
Sexy eyes, sexy hair and sexy zanpakutou. rukia is the sexy eyes!


[Newest]She's beautiful in a unique way.

The Contenders

11Orihime Inoue - Bleach
How is orihime below rukia? Below anybody? She is the hottest anime character of all time! Sakura should not be first, since she isn't even hot! If you want sexy, go read some ecchi


How is Orihime below Rukia. She is WAY sexier. She has the cute and innocent attitude and everything. Rukia is flat chested and cold hearted in some situations. Orihime has it all the looks, the chest and the kind heart. She should be in the top three #1 Erza #2 Orihime
Well I cannot simply believe she is on 22. She should be on first place
[Newest]Why is rukia higher

12Kasumi - Ranma1/2
Kasumi is the hottest. Remember the bikini contest episode?

13Tsunade - Naruto
Tsunade is hot! She's powerful, feisty and has big breasts She's a cool character... Very developed. One of my favorites.
Tsunade is real Sexy Old Woman! :D she is so hot even in her age and I Love her when she is Angry!
Now way have you seen her body best of all characters
[Newest]Isn't she like 57 years old.

14Naru - Love Hina
Why the hell is Mutsumi on top? Vote 4 Naru or get punched

15Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha
Kagome is actually one of the most beautiful anime Leading lady..
Sexy, beautiful, kind and unique at her own way

Inuyasha is very lucky to have her
Kagome must be at ten rank and below! She rally deserve higher and satisfying place
Kagome is so pretty she's to good for inuyasha and there's a difference between sexy and tough sakura is not cute between kagome and lucy heartfilia from fairy tail they could take the world by storm
[Newest]She looks cute in her schoolgirl uniform

16Chitose - Chobits

17Mirajane Strauss - Fairy Tail
Sexy hottest satan soul! She is the top model in weekly sorcerer's vote her guys!
She should be in the top ten I mean really right


18Matsumoto - Bleach
Pretty much the hottest character in the entire show, should be ranked way higher.
Tite did a good job on both her her character and the way he drew her.
That is true indeed, she should be ranked number 1-5 because of her sexy and hot attitude which no other character in the whole anime have
[Newest]And I thought she was top in bleach😭

19Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid
She has a beautiful voice, and cute face, and... Many more. How could she... WHAT! SIX? I disagree. Let's back to your true seat Miku! Yeah, right... Good girl! Your true seat is number one. I repeat, NUMBER ONE!
Miku all the way. She may not have an anime of her own just yet, but she is more popular than many anime shows put together. I think that she has potential both because she has a cute face and she is just... Awesome! I really hope that she gets an anime of her own. GO MIKU!
She is the worlds virtual diva and is going to get more and more powerful.
She is more fit than some of the stuff here
[Newest]She's just so adorable

20Launch - Dragonball
Gotta admit, she is 1 unique character...
Sorry 2.
Aah... Its confusing.

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