Top Ten Sexiest Women Golfers

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The Top Ten

Natalie Gulbis
The absolute hottest gal on the circuit. I just wish she would start playing better so we could see more of her on camera!

2Paula Creamer
Great! A big fan. She brought SEXY back to the game
She is way sexier then other women golfers especially Natalie gulbis for sure.
Her stretching photo sexiest of any sport

3Michelle Wie

She has a great body and plays really good golf. She is open minded and speaks out her mind.
She may not be the best golfer but with those looks, who cares!
Mm. short skirts and sexy. ill be your slave

4Anna Rawson

5Grace Park

6Cristie Kerr

7Carin Koch

8Sophie Sandolo

9Lorena Ochoa

10Paula Marti Zambrano

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