Most Shafted by the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame


This is a list of bands that should be in the rock & roll hall of fame, but haven't been inducted for some reason or another.

Note: a band is eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first album. See for a list of eligible bands
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Absolutely love this band! The Wilson sisters prove time and again that they can still rock! They deserve to be inducted!
Seriously, Why are these ladies not in the ARE & ARE hall of fame.
what? they're not in there?! wow... they're AWESOME!


[Newest]I know right I love this band too!

They have to be there in the next few years. My fear is that steve perry and steve smith and greg rolli wont be there.


they have so many great songs. they deserve to be there as much as many who are in.


Very talented lead singer and there songs are very popular all over the world
[Newest]My favorite band of all time!

Best Band in Canada with ease maybe that's whats holding them back :( I always felt that Having the Hall of Fame in Cleveland instead of Detroit would also affect voting Must be retards in Cleveland How do bands like Beastie boys, Parliament Funkadelic, John mellencamp, Blondie Run Dmc and even Jackson 5 get in before Rush Kiss Journey Heart Moody Blues yes and Tommy James and many more It's A ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME not a Rap or Soft Pop or even Country and Blues Hall of Fame and there are many inductees already in from those types of Music as Well;( Yes Rock and Roll has many Influences from days before Rock so Jazz and some rockabilly I could see but no Rap or soft music come on get them their own museums or at least wait till you get the REAL ROCK AND ROLL BANDS I in before them!
I think Rush is the most talented band not in the RRHOF, not that any of these other bands don't deserve it because they do as well. The RROHF is a joke... political and corrupt. Madonna and Run DMC got into the RROHF but all of these bands on this list aren't considered. I'm ashamed that this institution is in this country.


Progressive rock forefathers and more total talent than any other band in rock and roll history

annoying guys said this band is not a great band, for me, they are a great band but those dreamers who said that to this band and other great bands should die. they should not be born because they are deaf and close minded to dif. kinds of beautiful music in the world and their masks and make-ups makes them cooler.


These guys played a huge role in the glam metal scene and definitely should be in the rock and roll of fame right now.

by the way, a7x can't be in the hall of fame because their fist record isn't 25 years old yet.
[Newest]These guys should of already been inducted a Long time ago!

Dave wasn't invited in with metallica when he wrote some songs!

6Iron Maiden
Even metallica were affected by Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden is heavy metal, without them, heavy metal wouldn't exist, simple, they should be in rock n' roll hall of fame because they are the best!
Can't believe they aren't already there. Haven't heard metal poetry hear maiden
Why there are not in this list and moreover why they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is beyond me...

7Joe Satriani

8Bon Jovi
They should definitely be in. They have great shows and great music.
The UK has blessed the boys from Jersey, you'd think the US would catch up soon

How can they not be in yet? All of their hits, and creating The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway... not to mention three of their members having successful solo careers in their own right.


Genesis ain't in yet? I cannot believe what I am seeing! Me and m dad both share a love for Genesis. They deserve it!
Genesis and Heart are the only 2 bands on this list that I would care to see go to the RRHOF. Maybe Tommy James and the Shondells. The rest are just OK. One is a joke! (KISS)... And One is really nerve racking! (Rush). There are a lot of other bands that deserve to go more like The Guess Who, Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, The Cure... Just to name a few.
[Newest]One of the best bands from the 1980's

10Dream Theater
Just because they weren't the most popular band doesn't mean they shouldn't get inducted into the Hall of Fame. Every single member of the band are legends (yes, even Labrie and Mangini). It baffles me that they were nominated.
Easily one if the greatest bands ever. Not only did Drem Theater change the face of progressive music and heavy metal, but each member of the band is a master of their craft. How can a band that has the greatest guitarist, bassist, vocalist, keyboardist, and drummer not get into the hall if fame? Oh yeah, because it's the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, where only 'special' people get in and artists that Rolling Stone doesn't like get snubbed.

The Contenders



Yes was one of the most adventerous and inspirational bands who at the height of their popularity took substantial musical risks. They were musical pioneers influencing countless bands and individuals.
One of the most influential, genre-defining Symphonic Progressive rock bands.

14Michael Angelo Batio

15Eric Johnson

16The Moody Blues
Their classic seven albums of the late 60s - early 70s, and to a lesser extent "Octave", "Long Distance Voyager" and "Strange Times" represent some of the best soft prog rock ever made. They are still touring and filling auditoria, which is surely worth recognition. Having said that, they would have done their cause some good and earned more respect by creating more new music (as a band, not solo efforts) of the sort of quality of those original albums, instead of apparently being content to keep touring and bashing out the oldies. They should also have got Mike Pinder back into the band long ago, as he was a vital contributor (in terms of songwriting, arranging, vocals, and keyboard/mellotron) to that unique, signature, often ethereal sound that won them so many admirers.
Their 'classic seven' albums of the 60s and 70s are some of the best, sophisticated prog rock ever made in my humble opinion. More to the point they were undeniably up there amongst the best of British rock bands, achieved world-wide success and recognition and sold millions of records all over the world.
One of the best bands ever. Still touring with their nucleus intact, and still rock the house. The nominating committee is a joke.
[Newest]They were also innovators and pioneers in using expanded orchestrations. Also, great album cover art


17Motley Crue
No wonder they're breaking up after this tour. Can't get into the hall of fame. This should be a no brainer.

18Steve Vai

19Def Leppard
Extremely talented and with very succesful albums

20Tommy James & The Shondells
Their songs have been covered by almost everyone (including Crystal Blue Persuasion, I Think We're Alone Now, and Mony Mony)

Maybe having "Crystal Blue Persuasion" play during a pivotal moment in Breaking Bad will help...

21John Denver
Not so much a rocker, but there are precedents of country musicians in the rock hall. John Denver had a significant contribution to rock with his inspiring speech against banning profanity in music

John Denver is one of the artists, if not the artist, that can write songs that anybody can appreciate, and for the most part, put a smile on someone's face. He wrote true love songs.
John has been very underrated in everything he has done. He was an exceptional guitarist along with a fantastic, clear, pure voice
[Newest]I miss John Denver

22Electric Light Orchestra
A truly great band, with a genius as their leader... Jeff Lynne. Way overlooked by most!


Has there been a more unique-sounded band in the history of rock?

ELO should be in, but only after Madonna is thrown out.

23X Japan

24Bryan Adams
Should definitely be in. At the time he sang by himself on MTV it was the highest rating ever even more than mariah Carey. Plus tons of wedding songs and movie songs
It is a sin for Bryan Adams not to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame no excuse whatsoever Bryan Adams Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year
No excuse is strong enough to put him out of the rock n roll hall of fame. Look at his career man and look what he did for rock music. he is one of the best songwriter and music composer of all time to me. he should be in as soon as possible. it's never too late you know..
[Newest]My most favorite singer

25Hall & Oates
Inspired countless bands and really created a unique genre of music

Great band. Very talented musicians. Brought the horns out as featured instruments.
The original group should inducted! Ground breaking sound.
Inexcusable they haven't been inducted.

27Social Distortion
These guys helped start the punk rock scene in LA come on! With out these guys we wouldn't have a lot of the punk rock that we have today!

28Todd Rundgren
One of the most talented singer/songwriters of our time

He's knocking on the door: "Hello, It's Me"!



30The Guess Who
One of Canadas first big rock bands with very good and well known songs

I've heard many bands over the years and these guys have been just tremendous for about 40 years. What a disservice to true rock and roll fans and to the members of this incredibly talented band.
How are they not in?

32Black Sabbath
Black sabbath was the first metal band. They are more metal then rock. They were ways heavy as hell


Sabbath WAS hard rock in the 70s.

33Deep Purple
They need to be in before all the other bands on this list.
What's the first thing every kid learns on guitar. If that's not influencial and famous then I don't know what is
Am I going blind? I thought DP would be number 1.

34Linkin Park


36Bad Company

37Bad Religion
Definitely them; they did a lot.

38The Hollies

39The Meat Puppets
Too High to Die is one of the best albums ever.

40Meat Loaf
This man deserves it more than most.

41Avenged Sevenfold

42The Sweet
The Sweet are so underrated! They have great hits like Ballroom Blitz.

43New York Dolls

One of the most underrated groups in Rock & Roll history. Just look at all the great musicians who were in this band at one time. The original 5 are legendary!

45Cheap Trick

46The Cars

47Black Flag

48Bad Brains



51Circle Jerks


53The Adicts

54The Damned

55U.K. Subs

56Minor Threat

57Dead Kennedys


59The Trashmen

60Operation Ivy

61Stiff Little Fingers

62Sonic Youth

63Randy Rhoads



66Reagan Youth

67Judas Priest

They've been a musical force since the early 70s. Kind of lost their way due to DDY's theatrical bent, but found it again when they parted ways and started rocking again. Still packing them in at shows, on the road for over 200 days a year and still loving it!

69The Rockhounds

70The Doobie Brothers

71Jethro Tull

72The Funk Brothers

73The Tragically Hip

74Warren Zevon
One of the most interesting singer/songwriters of music, Warren Zevon was a pretty amazing man that had many hits such as "Excitable Boy", "Werewolves of London", and "Lawyers, Guns, and Money". He was also coveredd extensively by Linda Ronstadt, with "Carmelita", "Hasten Down the Wind", and "Poor Poor Pitiful Me". Helped by famous groups and artists, Warren gained a cult following among many artists of his generation, including The Everly Brothers, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, R.E.M. , and Radiohead. If there's anyone out there who deserves Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Status, it's Warren Zevon.

75Nine Inch Nails
They almost were, but didn't get the chance yet.

76Three Days Grace

77Dir En Grey




81Barry White

82Derek and the Dominos

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