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1Spider-Man 2

1. Best swinging, sweet momentum actually doesn't swing on clouds like every game for the past 9 years
2. Best story obviously as it's based on the best Spider-Man movie too
3. Perfect combat not too basic not to complex
4. Graphics aren't that bad, 2004 what do you expect
5. Black cat was so good

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2The Amazing Spider-Man

I think that the amazing spider-man was the best game. It had a lot of options and activities to play around the city. It also was very fun story and very excited. I think it was the best spider-man story

3Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

I love this because of the combat, swinging, and multiple endings. The only thing I don't like is Spider-man's voice but I got used to it after a while. This game was funny too I like it when Spider-man and Wolverine fight and then he asks you Spidey trivia. That was so funny. If I were asked what my favorite Spider-man game is I would say Spider-man Web Of Shadows.

I must Have to go with this game cause its like a really good game best story to me and this the first time there's wolverine in the game so its boss

This game has a great story, the best combat, awesome swinging, and awesome music. I'd say Web Of Shadows is my favorite Spider-man game. 10/10

4Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Best Spider-Man video game ever! I thought it was hard at first but got used to it after a long time and ended up loving it! It's a vast improvement over Web Of Shadows! Second best superhero game of all time!

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5Spider-Man 3

I very like this game but I don't have this game

It is very nice

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6Spider-Man: The Movie
7Spider-Man: The Edge of Time
8Ultimate Spider-ManV1 Comment
9Spider-Man (Playstation 1)
10Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

This is my childhood

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1. The Amazing Spider-Man
2. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
3. Spider-Man 3



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