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221 Honchkrow

Honchcrow is a great mix of flying and dark, not to mention it can learn ghost type moves like shadow ball. With a total base stat of 505 and over 100 for attack and special attack, he/she is a total boss. Literally his description says BOSS Pokemon! As my first level 100, this guy was worth it, beating the elite 4 on its own, and he has proved to be a great asset in competitive battle. HONCHKROW FOR THE WIN!

222 Regice Regice

One of the weakest of the 3 because registeel is good on regirock, regirock on regice but regice isn't good on ei
either of them

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223 Meowth

He deserves that position because he only does scratch and fury swipe

Meowth is the best Pokemon because it can make it rain with pay day

A cat with needles in it it shoots needles out it he is the best

Hi team rocket

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224 Heatran

Heatran's signature move, magma storm, is 120 power and lasts for five turns so that's like 600 power in the end. Plus while it's going on the opponent can't escape!
Also Heatran is cool because it can climb on walls and swim in lava!

Honestly this guy has been so forgotten he is one of the better fire type Pokemon

He's so deserving for #2 in Pokemon amie

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225 Mudkip Mudkip

Mudkip is like the 200th best not 100th

One of the best along with Ampharos (why isn't it on the list? )

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226 Heracross

Heracross is a really strong Pokemon who placed him in this position

My moxie heracross sweeped cynthia in black 2. (The superboss version, not the pwt version)

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227 Girafarig

Girafarig is one of the best Pokemon and can defeat the elite four of kanto/johto on its own (with enough pp restorers, of course! ) Also, it just looks awesome!

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228 Gallade Gallade

Talk about knight an shinning armor the dude is a fighting and psychic Pokemon he senses the opponents thought before they make there move!

Worst Pokemon ever he is just a gardevior ripoff and he's design is horrible

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229 Galvantula

Good electric/ bug type I like him

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230 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon

Zigzagoon is so strong that it can pick up an earthquake. I'd like to see an Arceus do anything like that.

231 Ducklett

Why. Is. This. Not. NUMBER ONE! You guys should be sane!

Ducklett sadly evolves into Swanna (GAY), but has overpowered moves like wing attack and gust slash.
It was supposed to be a legendary, but Gamefreak forgot. The jumbo-sized Shiny Ducklett EX is 15,496,237 times stronger then Shadow Lugia, and is more expensive then ILLUSTRATOR Pikachu in th TCG. It's brother is Yveltal, so don't mess with Ducklett. It's power level is OVER 9,000! The Mega Ducklett sadly get buried at the very bottom of the president of Gamefreak's drawer, as he was intoxicated at the time the concept was handed in. It 420-no-scope-blaze-it-360-dropshotted Giratina and Rayquaza. Has anybody got the theme deck XY Ducklett Origins Ducklett Powers theme deck, containing 4 different variations of ducklett, that take up all 60 slots. I really recommend it, and remember, capture Ducklett on Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, for the fourth strongest 5th Gen Pokemon. All ...more

It is better than any other duck in the game it is cute and strong

Really ducklett is like dropping your ice cream your that bad

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232 Mega Pidgeot

Pidgeot just straight up deserves a mega evolution

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233 Treecko Treecko

I like his speed it good for battle

This is probobaly the second best starter in the hoenn region

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234 Buneary V 5 Comments
235 Combee

Don't you love raising it to level 41 and it still hasn't evolved

I hear if you get a male combee to level 100 something great happens...

In diamond I raised a male combed to level 50

Funny but must get a female!

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236 Solosis

I have a shiny Final form of this thing. I forgot the name of it, but solosis is terrible.

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237 Whiscash V 3 Comments
238 Buizel Buizel

I love Buizel! HE can save people from shipwrecks, plus is awesome! #1 please!

Buizel the best Pokemon ever adorable awesome and strong he's the best

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239 Furfrou Furfrou

Furfrou is totally worthless except for its DUMB hair which looks even more like throw-up

Never heard of fur coat? Doubles defenses. This puts furfrou's defense at about 140 base. Yeah, it's bad.

Furfrou sucks charizard is number 1

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240 Poliwrath V 5 Comments
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