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Deals out quick damaging attacks and defeats Pokemon before they even get a chance to hurt him

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My exeggutor can beat a full fire team. Give him a sitrus berry and breed him until he gets the ability harvest, giving him a 50% chance to restore his berry at the end of every turn. then give him sleep powder, leech seed, double team, and egg bomb. HE WILL WRECK

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Registeel is one of my favorite pokemon among regirock registeel and regice


Milotic is very annoying to acquire, but once you have gotten one, She will destroy all of your opponents with no issue. Yes it may just be a water type, but she can learn ice beam, dragon tail, and dragon pulse/iron tail as an egg move. She's good!

Levels up quickly, epic defensive stats without sacrificing too much speed, and spc. Atk packs a PUNCH!. Always a problem to face in a battle

MadMilotic, JessMilotic, it all makes sense now, and you don't even need to use rare candies on this thing!

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145Dark Arceus

If you vote for him he will lend you his 130 attack which is op

Good pokemon to pu on list but just stick with arceus not dark arceus or any other arceus

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He is strong enough to crunch a car! Very high health and is a dual type pokemon

Foul play awesome when has moxie ability.

I thought krookodile won't even appear on this list... Luckily it did. Great Pokemon

He is strong enough to crunch a car! Very high health and is a dual type Pokemon

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Best fossil Pokemon ever, it looks awesome and it's attacks are awesome

It is named after the dinosaur Pterodactyl.

It's the strongest dragon type ever

So epic I'm a fan

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I once used him as my starter in Pokemon red and I was only 5 and I beat 4 of the gyms. HE'S AWESOME!

It shouldn't be top 10 in millions of years seriously this Pokemon knows the worst moves

He should be higher on the list but I never liked him any way

Bulbasaur is AWESOME on Pokemon go

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Extremely powerful, boss defense, he's great... What did I forget?

Love onix so monstrous all pokemon which roar are powerful

Onix has boss defense and is great

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CUTE AND STRONG! At the right level it can kick some butt

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It should be in the top 100. even magikarp is in the top 100

She's elegant and pretty! I start with my eevee to battle my friend's Persian in Pokemon x and y and when eevee faints I send out that legendary and beat everything

Cress is a huge threat in vgc and competitive battling, and rightfully so. Huge bulk around, and great movepool.

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152WeezingV13 Comments

Just keep on attacking then DWEBBLE will win. Kill the other Pokemon.

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Tell me 1 way this is worse than Bulbasaur

It isn't worse than Bulbasaur everything is drawed with no votes

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Goldeen is bae goldeen is love goldeen is life, right after dunsparce

Though not Gold or a Dean, it's still just as strong!

This things reks in online and destroys all pokemon and then the trainer. Thug

She should be in 10 worst

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I go nowhere without this guy in my party. Good speed and a decently high attack plus he's #1 for me!

I think nidoking is pretty cool :(

I don't use nidoking very often, but whenever I play against someone with a nidoking above level. 50, it is a very formidable opponent. Laugh out loud, that sounds so nerdy. ANNYYWAAY. It has great attacks. GO NIDO

It is very good

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Not only is Wailord super strong, he is also beautiful. I mean, he's a gigantic, majestic, WHALE. I have no idea how he's stuck in 158th place. Really.

Its so big it could crush all pokemon

It's a whale! The only thing it needs is a narwhal forme/evolution! (Narlord? )

He is one of my best pokemon

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I really don't know why Pidgeot is all the way down here in such a low spot. It's a classic Pokemon that everyone should have on their team. Seriously guys, move this one up!

"Everyone should have on their team" if you want to get it on.

If it is best in your party than your party is pretty bad, no offense.

Yes, this is supposed to be a pretty good pokemon.

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I just like the design my favourite animal is a lion so yep I'm getting sun

He looks really cool. Unfortunately Sun & Moon hasn't come out yet... (HURRY UP AND RELEASE IT! )

Solgaleo is the best pokemon ever.

He is the best

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He's awesome and obviously the best fighting pokemon

This is a Pokemon that evolves into machamp but the thing overall stinks

Machop is the best because we have the same name

It is the best fighting pokemon by a long shot.

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