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It's a big idiotic bozo jerk moron - rexprice4

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As much as I like Kadabra, Abra sucks. You cannot do anything with it, and you can't fight it unless you have a really good Pokemon or level. The only chance you have is to have a one hit kill.

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Ooh, we need a new Pokemon!
How about we make a new pikachu that looks like a squirrel?


Its not very good but its evolution is cool

Eevee is retarded, Shinx is cool..!

Its stupid and looks like a clow WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS THING at lest eevees cuter!

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It's a floating sword which is retarded. - jp20652

147BlazikenBlaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

He is awesome. Whoever did this must get burned

Blaziken is the worse fire type starter. Only retards have one in their party..!


Tepig IS AWESOME. Glad he's not any higher.

Tepig is the worst Pokemon ever and he he doesn't even know to use ember correctly.It shouldn't deserve to be a fire type.It's move ember should be known as a pig sneeze. Tepig is 1/1000 compared to charmander.

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This was completely expected. Although Arceus may be sort of strong, and change types with life plates, what's so exciting and godly about a mutant goat? And Arceus is not at all the ' best. Base stats 120 all round? Yawn. I've seen better stats then that. Areceusc can learn a wide variety of moves, some powerful, but you can get a Pokémon with a higher stat of attack, defense, etc, and make the move even more effective than it already is. Who in their right mind would actually like Arceus?

Great they made a stupid DEER the god of all Pokemon. How dumb.

Why is it so low? Arceus is the stupidest Pokemon ever! We don't need a God Pokemon.

He's the dang god of all pokemon

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A trash Bag?!?!? Seriously Game Freak!

I would prefer magikarp, at least magikarps evolution is awesome

This Pokémon makes me believe that people have ran out of ideas for Pokémon. Seriously? It's a bag of rubbish!

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Whoever put kyogre on this list deserves to die a slow painfull death

Kyogre is strong I battle it with groudon. Kyogre one shut groudon with just one surf they both level 70

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