Ten Most Wanted Inventions

Inventions to make life easier or more interesting. As simple as possible in a complex world. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Has any serious thought been given to this idea? In order to "teleport" any matter it has to be converted to energy and the conversion of the typical body mass of a human being to energy in any small period if time (i.E. 1 second) would create a devastating explosion and if this could be somehow controlled, think of the complexity of the biochemical components of the human body. The reassembly into an animated and living sentient human being would require an almost unimaginably complex code that would rival all of the storage capacity of all the computers currently existing on earth. This idea is science fiction fantasy at best an in general - balderdash.
I say this is a very good idea because if there is an emergency you hav to get some where is would be good to transport there fast.
This type of Invention/Machine is needed by us for a long time. It will turn the Human Life Style. Some of our scientists are working on this project.
[Newest]This will be absolutely awesome when it comes out!

2Time Machine
If I had a time machine I would kill Hitler, and stop Abraham Lincoln from dying and give cavemen I pads, I would also try to change the world by giving Indians machine guns and I would give missiles and food to dinosaurs so they would still be alive today. Time Machine should be #1, not number 2,
Im kinda stuck between this and teleport so I voted this because it is only #3!


So if I did something bad I can go back to that time I did and change it even if I didn't know that is bad to do it. I'm SICK OF PEOPLE BLAMING ME FOR NO REASON AND WHEN THEY SAY ITS TOO LATE even if I did not learned about before. it can kill all the negative experiences.
[Newest]I don't think we should invent a time machine because if you alter time and space it could be the end of the world

3The Cure For AIDS, Cancer, and other deadly diseases
I've been looking this up and there are actually instances where cancer has been cured through VERY large doses of vitamin C (might be vitamin D I don't remember). But yeah no one believes me because I'm 13.
You're right about Vitamin C, given intravenously in it's purest form 100% not synthetic, will dissolve tumors. Don't worry what the mainstream thinkers say, they are so clued out it is ridiculous. They believe whatever the puppet masters want them to believe. There is a cure for all diseases, it's call Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade, Google the The Minute Cure. Also research Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. NEVER LET THEM TALK YOU OUT OF SOMETHING YOU KNOW IS RIGHT! 13 is a great age... Keep researching for the truth.
We desperately need cure for cancer and other deadly diseases...
I really do not think that these Medical Doctors are not being efficient and wasting time to find the cure... Therefore, I strongly agree that something needs to be done about finding this cure...
[Newest]Yeah especially a cure for ebola

4Instant Learning: Download Knowledge Directly to Brain
If this were to happen, it would add at least 12 years to a persons life to LIVE.
Spend less time training and more time doing, would make people more productive


Yes this would be fascinating, but this would require humans to have synthetic implants in side our own brains. Yet this technology is in development but being able to alter ones memory bank is harder than it looks.
[Newest]Well no need to worry about exams (just kidding ).

5Animal Communicator
We the people of today's world, really need this type of instrument. Even as an E&C Engineer, I'd love to work with, in it.
it would be so cool to talk w/ my dog!
Cool but how will we make it? We will need some kind of human-animal vocal cord thing a ma jig
[Newest]I am going to make this if I can

6Salt Water Desalinator
I can do this but nobody will listen when I try to give away the idea laugh out loud

Really sucks to have the solution to one of the most needed inventions and can't do anything about it
Water Desalinator works better.
But, this invention idea is much more useful and practical than the other ones on the list.

We have all this salt water that could be useful to countries that don't have water / clean water, but, we can't use it.

Someone needs to make this.


You guys clearly have not done your research. The 'Salt Water Desalinator' has been invented and has been installed in countries such as Australia. Ever heard of a desalination plant? Alternatively, if you guys are talking about cheap desalination plants, I'm all thumbs up.
[Newest]It's already made but if they were cheap and small they would be cool

7Alternative Biofuel That Can Be "Grown" at Home
Gas is expensive now days so I think it would be cool and amazing if I started looking into this it would be so cool what do you guys think about this idea I have?
Put the multinational oil companies out of business, get petroleum out of politics


It's called a "still" and farmers have been distilling their own fuel (legally or illegally) for decades.

8Telomere Extender Serum
Unfortunately this would also mean you're more vulnerable to cancer. (one less mutation needed) But the idea is kinda cool
This extends life for humans. Therefore we can all benefit from telomere extension.

9Battery with Long Life
True they want us to recharge our batteries but if you could find a way to change the normal batteries into long life ones or at least make it take a longer time before it has to be recharged you can have the patent and make it suitable priced


Already done. But some legal issues arose, not sure what really happened but back when I was younger there was such a thing as the "never go flat car battery". Try look up PowerBeat international and Peter Witehira, he was the inventor. For a little on that... Would be nice to have one of those...
This will never come cuz they want you to buy batteries more often so they make them last short periods purposefully.
And that sucks.

10Accurate Lie Detector
I for one feel that with an accurate lie detector it would help the criminal justice system.
Current lie detectors are unreliable.
It already exist... Its some kind of scanner.. I saw it on the discovery channel... Its in experimental process but it works... The brain can't lie... Hehe

The Contenders

11100mpg/300HP Auto Engine

12Wireless Electricity
That's already been invented, Tesla made a machine that transfered electricity wirelessly, but it was turned down because he wanted to make it free because their was no way to monitor it.
I wish wireless electricity comes as soon as possible
Good idea. Better to those who are lazy to charge as electricity is wireless

13Bio-engineered "Mealfruit" That Provides 100% of Nutritional Needs and Can Be Grown In Home Garden
Fast of all home garden is needed and required of machine that it control total system.
This might be very useful for astropioneers when they move to Mars. The plant providing this wonder fruit should also produce 10 to 20 times more oxigen than a regular plant and should grow very fast..

14Replication Device (And Product Design Database) That Can Produce Any Product Design In Database
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs people
If you have the financing, we have the know-how. Contact Fellows Research Group, Inc. Frg@suddenlink.net

15Robot Woman/Man
This is a horrible idea the United States of America is already to fat and way to lazy.
Cosmetically appealing - no intelligence required.
Imagine a robot doing everything for you
Taking care of kids, doing your homework, cleaning the house
AWESOME 😎😤😃😉 - ❕ - ❕"✅"✅

16Mind Reading Headset
See what people are imagining. If you know what I mean

17AIDS Detector

18New Use for Old Tires
It's shameful to burn or waste this
Potentially useful material.
They can barely keep up with the disposal of tires... You would make a lot of money for sure!
You can shred they tires and make tracks for schools, and collages. You can make an Adobe house out of tires.

19Nutritional Biscuit That Has 1/6 of Minimum Complete Daily Nutrition for a Pregnant Woman Per Biscuit

20Auto that runs on salt water
It is plentiful and, if it could produce energy close to that of gasoline in similar volumes, would completely rearrange a large section of the economy. It would be very interesting if this could happen.
That would be the best thing that could ever happen to the world!


Am I the only one who knows about hydrogen fuel cells

Cool I would want that

22Wishing Machine
That way we can have what ever when ever!
Its very good idea

23An Easy Way to Come Up With An Invention
I am going to invent a remote control that makes this world paradise and look rainbow everywhere and make this world last forever help people live forever.

24Restoration Appliance That Restores Objects to New Condition
This will never work. with technology racing towards building new devices in a rapid time repairing a rapidly produced product will be a major contradiction. No one would buy this


25A Device to Record Your Dreams

26Marvelous New Pot Scrubber
Probably electro-mechanical or chemical-mechanical action. Inexpensive for home use.

27Flying Car
Possible, and could revolutionize the oil crisis.
Magnetisim could be used, meaning no more reason for cars
To require the use of gasoline, saving money and the environment.
Great idea
I thought of it too
I wish we can build that
It will be an invention that everyone will be thankful for 😃😤😉 - - """

28Super Virus Protector
Something that is very much needed for now and into the future!

29Fast Elevator
That would actually be dangerous because of the extreme g forces and they would crush our bones.


30A Light-Speed Spacecraft

31Glasses That Automatically Adjust for Perfect Vision
That's good! People will not need to go to the optimist every time to get new ones.. !
This is awesome we need these
I would love this idea!

32A Device to Switch Minds/Bodies

33Automatic Rollerskates

34A Silent Suction Strong Enough to Pick Up Fleas From Pet Dogs or Cats

35Mind Reader
I would be kind of scared to have a mind reader around because anyone can read my mind at any time while I might be thinking about something embarrassing.


I want to know what people think of me
Good idea
I would really love to know that too.
I hope someday you can do it
Good luck "😉😃

36Invisibility Cloak
A material to bend light completely around the object it's wrapped around. If light doesn't fall on an object, it isn't see. If it isn't seen its INVISIBLE!

37Jet Pack

38A Device for Remembering Everything

39Artificial Intelligence

40Invisible Suit

41A Shrink-Ray
That would be cool because I want to be smaller than an atom.


42House Painting Robot
Robot that climbs the side of houses and paints as it goes. Vision or other senses implied.

43Quick Inflatable Shelter for Emergencies
Good idea... Like an air mattress one put into a tent... But one that becomes a tent inself... The door opening is a challenge... Perhaps a velcro type flap would be all that is needed here!
Inexpensive. Air-droppable. Warm. Weatherproof. Durable
I tnink its awesome

44Tesla Coil
Tesla Coils are pretty much wireless energy, that's exzactly what the inventer wanted.


45X-Ray Specs
no private things and parts can hide from this amazing glasses


You could locate so many diseased and check out lots of people if you know what I mean

46A Device That Automatically Plays Songs According to One's Emotions

47Auto Identity System for Police
Similar to IFF system in military aircraft. When electronically interrogated all autos within 200 feet automatically return their license plate numbers.

48Gun Gloves

49A Machine That Can Communicate Directly With Your Mind

50Yesterday Lens
It can be made just place a mirror 1 light year far off from earth and you would see all this that ever happened 2 years b4, you can even zoom in to see what happened in your own house
you can see what happenned in that certain thing during the past until the very beginning of the universe


This would be cool! We could learn so much and history would be rewritten. No more falsifications!
[Newest]With the right modifying this defiantly has potential.

51Universal Remote

52Wireless Vehicle Power Via Powered Roadway
I know that this is on the way!

53Life Prolonger
until the sun explodes or the continents unite again as one, I want to see that


5450GB Memory Cellphone

55100% Green Air Conditioning Unit That Costs Less Than $35.00 a Month to Run
Fantastic!. It would drive power consumption down and the world would have more power for every thing els. It would also be fantastic for economy as it would mean more power for good purposes.

56Vactrain capable of reaching 5000mph
Is entirely possible. Faster than any other mode of transport on earth. Airless tunnels underground with pressurised carriages to support life. No air means no air resistance and also no noise on the train or above ground. Powered by electromagnets so would work on any energy converted to electricity when fossil fuels run out.

57Bath with built-in storage

5810TB Hard Drive
todays computers need more memory 10 trillionbyte each drive and also a personal computer can hold that huge amount. supercomputers are okay but not commercialized


59DMV Fast Forwarder

60Space Shuttle That Can Travel In Entire Universe
I would actually just call this "faster than light travel (FTL)". If we really could travel the entire universe, that would just be WOW. I feel, one step at a time though.

Downside: Governments and people with power would want to control it for their own megalomaniac purposes.

Upside: We would hopefully discover resources to aid our planets survival long term and even discover new planets to populate. We may even find some friends "out there".


Issac and Albert were playing in the orchard. One said to the other, 'are you ready? ', 'sure' was the reply. So they both threw some apples into the air. Some landed on earth, others landed in different places. The apples felt the other places and the other places felt the apple. m/m'... This needs to be built, but not by government, gangsters, or leftist ideologues. I know how, but I can't afford it and I don't know where it will be safe. c2t1@hotmail.com

61Time Remote Control
Control every thing when you hit pause, all the perverts out there think of what you could do


62Nano Paint That Can Be Programmed to Only Paint What You Want
Thanks I'll try to invent

63Portable Bedrooms
Mm this would be called a Motorhomes, caravan, park home tent

64Solar Powered Cell Phone
You don, t have to think of charging it.

65BBQ Plant Pot

66Economical Dynamic Wall Pictures
Every living room deserves a variety of beautiful pictures. An electronic apparatus operating from CD or DVD disk provides pictures which can be changed every 3 minutes or however often you like. Probably there ought to be no external wires.

I know. I little sci-fi, but think about having a real virtual reality experience!

68Stamina Prolonger
people became tired but this is the invention that will guarantee that you will prolong everything you do, work, sex, performance, sports, etc


69Body Preservator
not just the method used by egyptians, but it preserve the whole body including inner organs, blood vessels


70Anti-Sun Explosion Device
The sun will explode after millions of years and this device will stop it


71Toilet Overflow Tray
What if you had a tray under your toilet that would catch any leaks or overflows and have a sewer backup protector, how much would such product be?

72Forever Glue

73A Video Game That You Control With Your Mind

74Without Anesthesia and Pain Surgery Equipment
how is it to move while being operated in the surgery room


75Ray Gun


76Robot Fairy Godparents

77Nano Mites That Eat Through Hardest Objects
I want something that can eat my giant dick

78Anti-radiation "Heat-Sink" for extinguishing house & forest fires, etc.
This is something that I have been thinking about as well. Water is not optimal for putting out fires. I wonder how much research has been done on this subject. It would be monumental to find a better way to fight fires.
Cavemen learned to "put the wet stuff on the red stuff. " We haven't really improved or learned much, since then, about inhibiting molecular movements.
Wall to stop fire

79Virtual Travel Gadget

80A Mirror That Takes Pictures
Because you allways look better in the mirror, even if you have a face like a rhino that's headbutted a shovel.

81Ultra Image Converter
converts the worst picture and video ever into super high quality and sound without using adobe photoshop or other equipment


82Chemical, Microorganisms, Salt, Sugar, Etc Filter
it filters all the unwanted things that can cause harm to your body and cause many kinds of diseases


83Ancient Time Clock
when was the dinosaurs live and when they died? it is known thru this watch


84Another Way of Reading That's Quicker
It already exists, check out Spritz reader

85Emergency Cut Off for Your Home's Electricity and Gas
Should a tornado be heading to you, or actually hit your home, people need to be able to turn off their electric and gas; or even when an ice storm hits and downs lines.
This one is doable in the very near future. Whoever actually does it will makw big bucks!

86Kapu Com Plantas
This Invention has to be done because we have seen certain natural disasters because of deforestation. And in this Name 'Kapu' means 'gate' in hungarian and 'Com Plantas' means 'with plants' in portugese. In this invention a Gate with be there of thick PVC transparent layer which can be concluded from each other and some space will be left in betwen we can open the gate from middle and fill soil and plants in it will have water pipes on the upper ceiling of the gate and water can be circulated over and over again which will also help in preserving water and when it is needed we can change the water.

87Device to transfer sleep; some people like to sleep and could sell their sleep; others don't like to sleep and would purchase it in order to stay awake

88Perpetuum Mobile
Each car, home, factory, ship, plane, should have their own source of energy, free and clean, unlimited, technology which is producing this energy can be very simple, cheap, it is here and now, if somebody is interesting in this - tine204@yahoo. Com

89Portable Deploy-able generator

90Edible Everlasting Cups
They would be edible and in diferent flavours and could have a tap on the handle to fill the cup with some liquid. And it would be good for you as well so it would be good for countries who don't have much.

91Method to remove gravity: nothing would hurt, you would never fall
A fat rubber costume :) it might last forever till you stop, might not, might make you feel sick, but you wont be hurt :D

92Spray That Will Make Your Shoe Laces Stand Straight-up for 24 Hours
This s crw in ny This would be a great product?

93Wet and Wash
An arch with top and side sprayers, you run your vehicle through to wet and rinse your vehicle.
If you are washing the vehicle in your driveway, I would be easier to have the arch on wheels and move it forward and back over the vehicle rather than having to move the vehicle.

94Lab-Grown Meat
It will taste exactly like the real meat. But millions of Hectares of Farmlands will be free from grazing Cattle. These Farmlands can be used to feed hungry people in Africa & Asia

95Computer With 1TB Ram
My computer has only 4 Ram and like really I am running out of space on the the Ram

96A Way to Monitor Blood Sugar Levels Without Poking Holes In Oneself
An rfid device embedded under the skin would perform the actual measurement when powered by the rfid reader and would transmit the number to the reader where it would be displayed. This would be a best seller to all those battling the disease who currently number about 1 out of 3 of our 50+ population.

97Static electric vacuum to remove dog hair from rugs and clothing.

98Bullet Proof Watch

99Soul Robots
A robot that you can transfer into after you die and you will have all the same functions and it will have life like skin, with the same facial features as the body you used to have.

1003D Closed Captions for Movies
This would really help with speech recognition problems.
Could only be seen by using glasses like 3-D

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